1. A Civilian Pointing Out That Spider-Man ”Is Just A Kid”

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In Spider-Man No Way Home, there is a scene in which a civilian says to Spider-Man ”you’re just a kid” and this same line is used in Spider-Man 2. In both films, this line was used when the civilians found out that Spider-Man was in fact a teenager.

2. Peter And MJ Stop At The Same Bridge That Green Goblin Drops MJ Off In Spider-Man

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In Spider-Man No Way Home, Peter and MJ make a quick stop off at the top of Queensboro bridge after his identity gets revealed to the public and media, which is the exact same bridge that green goblin frighteningly drops MJ from in the film Spider-Man.

3. When Happy’s Apartment Is Shown You Can See Downton Abbey In The Background Which Is His Favourite Show From Iron Man 3

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In the film Iron Man 3, we learned that Happy’s favourite show to watch on TV is Downton Abbey after Tony mentions it and in the film Spider-Man No Way Home, there is a scene in Happy’s apartment, in which you can spot a Downton Abbey DVD in the room.

4. A License Plate Says 1228 In Honour Of Stan Lee

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In Spider-Man No Way Home, there is a scene which contains a nice reference to Stan Lee. There is a taxi that is behind Spider-Man that reads a license plate of 1228, which is the birthday of Stan Lee who created Spider-Man and was born on December 28.

5. Doc Ock’s First Confrontation With Peter

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When Doc Ock first arrives and meets Peter in Spider-Man No Way Home, he says ”The power of the sun in the palm of my hand” which is what he says in Spider-Man 2 moments before he turns himself into Doc Ock for the first time. However he does not say the whole saying as Tobey’s Spider-Man finishes it for him.

6. Aunt May’s Last Words When She Dies

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In the scene where Aunt May dies in Spider-Man No Way Home, she says ”with great power there must also come great responsibility” which is a heart braking reference to Uncle Ben, who muttered the exact same thing moments before his death in Spider-Man.

7. Tobey’s Peter Referencing The Amazing Spider-Man Film

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In Spider-Man No Way Home, there is a scene in which all three Peter’s are talking to each other and Tobey’s Peter calls Andrew’s Peter amazing, which is a reference to the film: The Amazing Spider-Man, in which Andrew’s Peter is Spider-Man. How amazing!

8. Tobey’s Peter Mentions How He Fights Venom

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Tobey’s Peter mentions the fact that he had to fight an alien that was made from just black goo, which is a reference to Tobey’s film Spider-Man 3 where he fought the villain Venom. Also in Spider-Man No Way Home, in the mid-credits scene there was some black goo spotted left in the universe.

9. MJ Has Pictures From Spider-Man Homecoming

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In Spider-Man Homecoming, MJ was spotted in detention almost everyday but not because she had a detention, but because she said she enjoyed ”sketching people in crisis”. During the second detention, MJ mocked Peter by showing him thre picture she drew of him and in Spider-Man No Way Home, MJ has those pictures left up on her bedroom wall.

10. Zendaya’s Real-Life Assistant Gets A Feature

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Early on in the film, Zendaya’s real-life assistant, Darnell Appling gets a feature in a cameo where he is a crowd member outside the school wearing a blue t-shirt with Zendaya’s face on it as he is shouting and asking if MJ is going to have ”spider-babies” with Spider-Man.

11. Doc Ock Wraps His Around Spider-Man Just Like In Spider-Man 2

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In Spider-Man No Way Home, there is a scene with Doc Ock and Spider-Man, in which Doc Ock forcefully wraps his mechanical arms around Spider-Man during their fight on the bridge. This move is the same one that Doc Ock used in the bank robbery in Spider-Man 2.

12. Norman Osborn Breaks His Mask And Leaves It In An Alley Just Like Peter Did

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There is a scene in No Way Home, where Norman Osborn smashes his mask to pieces and leaves it behind in an alley as a way of escaping his evil persona. This is the same as when Peter leaves his suit behind in an alley in Spider-Man 2 after he had the thoughts of abandoning his duty as a hero.

13. Norman Osborn References His Iconic Line

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Whilst Peter is brainstorming ideas on how to his multiverse visitors by fixing the flaws and returning them back to their own universes. After Peter says that he has some advanced technology, Norman Osborn comes in with his iconic line ”You know, I’m something of a scientist my self”

14. All Three Peters Recreate The Meme Of Three Spider-Men Pointing At Each Other

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All three versions of Peter in Spider-Man No Way Home point at each other in Midtown when Ned calls their name and all three respond because they have the same name. This scene recreates iconic the meme of which three Spider-Men all pointing at each other.

15. Andrew’s Peter Saves MJ Like He Saved Gwen Stacey

Image source/ comic book

In the film The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Andrew’s Peter saves Gwen Stacey from falling by using his web-slinger to catch her as he refused to let anybody else die on his watch. Similarly, in No Way Home Andrew’s Peter saves MJ from falling by doing the same thing, using his web-slinger.

16. When Doctor Strange Opens The Multi-Verse You Can See The Silhouettes Of Past Villains

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As the multi-verse is opened up by Doctor Strange, you can begin to see the silhouettes of famous past villains such as Rhino, who appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Scorpion, who appeared in Spider-Man Homecoming. Doctor Strange closes the multi-verse before we get to see the whole of the character appear.

17. Peter Goes Visit MJ After Her Memory Is Erased And She Is Still Wearing The Broken Necklace Peter Gave Her In Far From Home

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In Spider-Man Far From Home, Peter gave MJ a broken black dahlia necklace that she always wore and you can see that she is still wearing it when Peter visits the coffee shop even though her memory of him is erased. Maybe MJ does still remember Peter, who knows.

18. When Peter And MJ Come Out From The Sewers They Stop At Delmar’s Deli Which Features In Homecoming

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Whilst swinging through the city to get back to the apartment, Peter and MJ go through the sewers, and when they pop out they stop in front of Delmar’s Deli which is a reference or reminder of Homecoming as the deli features in a scene in Spider-Man Homecoming.

19. MJ’s Interrogation By The Police Is Where We Learn Her Full Name

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When MJ gets interrogated by the police at the station we learn that her full name is Michelle Jones-Watson. Whilst we knew that her name was Michelle Jones, we never knew her real last name but now we know that her full name is Michelle Jones-Watson.

20. Protestors Holding Devil Signs That Spider-Man Is The Devil Referring To The Spider-Man One More Day Comic

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Protestors outside of Peters school hold up signs referring to Peter as the devil in disguise after his identity is revealed. They say not to go all Mephisto on us which is a reference to Spider-Man One More Day comics as in this, Peter makes a deal with Mephisto in order to bring back Aunt May.

21. When Giving Her News Report Betty Brant Says ” Go Get Em Tiger” Which Was Said By MJ In Spider-Man 2

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At the end of Spider-Man 2, MJ says to Peter ”go get em tiger” and this line is repeated by news reporter in Spider-Man No Way Home when she is reporting outside Peter’s school. However, the reporter quickly changes it to ”go get em spidey” as they reveal Peter’s true identity.

22. When MJ Peter and Ned Are Sat On The Roof You Can See Graffiti Saying Ditko Referencing Steve Ditko

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When the three hang out on the roof together in between classes, you can see the graffiti behind Peter, MJ and Ned says Ditko which is a reference to the comic artist Steve Ditko, who co-created Spider-Man. You can also see the same graffiti later on in the film on a moving truck.

23. Doctor Strange Wearing A Columbia University Hoody Which Is The University He Attended In The Comics

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When Peter goes to visit Doctor Strange to get his help, he is wearing a Columbia University. In the comics, Doctor Strange attended Columbia University which is where he got the hoodie and it can be seen again later in the film MJ, Peter and Ned work in the basement.

24. When Peter Attempts To Take Doctor Strange’s Spell He Wears His Cape Just Like In The Comics

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When Peter is attempting to steal the rogue spell from Doctor Strange in Spider-Man No Way Home, he briefly wears his cape whilst doing so, which also happens in the comics where Spider-Man wears Doctor Strange’s cape. This has also happened in What If? episode 5.

25. When Doctor Strange Walks Past A Shop A Magazine Shows Peter’s Girlfriend In Spider-Man Homecoming

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In Spider-Man No Way Home, there is a scene where Doctor Strange walks past a shop and in the window there is a People’s magazine which shows a picture of Peter’s girlfriend from Spider-Man Homecoming on the cover and there is a quote on the magazine saying ”he’s a liar”.

26. Tom’s Peter Tries Explaining He Fought With ”Earth’s Mightiest” Referring To The Comics

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Tom’s Peter attempts to explain to the other two Peter’s that he fought with ”earth’s mightiest” and explains who the avengers are before he gets cut off by Tobey’s Peter. This is a reference to the marvel comic in which the avengers have a slogan which is ”earth’s mightiest heroes”.

27. Electro Rocks A Similar Suit To The Comics

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When Peter and Electro meet at the Statue of Liberty, Electro is wearing a suit that is similar to the one that he wears in the marvel comics. As he is charging himself with electricity, you can see lightening bolts coming from his head which is a reference to the mask he wears in the comics.

28. Andrew’s Peter Takes The Name ”Peter 3” As He Is Ranked Third Best Spider-Man

Image source/ newsweek

In Spider-Man No Way Home, all three Peter’s decide on code names and Andrew’s Peter reluctantly takes the name of  ”Peter Three” and many fans believe this is because Andrew’s version is ranked third best Spider-Man after Tobey and Tom’s Spider-Men.

29. The World Forgetting Peter Happened In The Comics

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At the end of Spider-Man No Way Home, Peter must let Doctor Strange cast a spell that makes the world forge about him after MJ gets injured. A similar thing happens in the comics as Peter and MJ trade their memories together to Mephisto in order to get Aunt May back.

30. Peter’s New Suit Is A Nod To The Classis Suit From The Comics

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At the very end of the Spider-Man No Way Home, Peter saves the multi-verse gets himself a new Spider-Man suit and it is a classic, vibrant red and blue suit which is also a nod to the classic suit that Peter uses from the comics. A classy ending after an amazing film.