30 Feel Good Instagram Accounts Everyone Should Follow

By Ange Arnal 1 year ago

1. @goodnews_movement

imagesource/instagramProbably one of the most joyful pages out there, is the Good News Movement - everyone should follow this page. It's current, well researched and leaves you feeling happier rather than inadequate and full of hate for yourself like a lot of pages out there do.Followers: 4.4 million

2. @earthpix

imagesource/instagramThis Instagram account curates inspiring and stunning travel related photos from users who tag the account in their uploads or who give the page permission to use their content. Some of the material is their own and it features locations all around the globe, from small villages to urban shots in Tokyo.Followers: 23.2M

3. @dudewithsign

imagesource/instagramIn 2019, Seth Phillips, Jerry Media and Elliott Tebele, AKA, Dudes with a Sign, took to the busy streets of SoHo to hold a cardboard sign with a simple protest, "Stop replying-all to company-wide emails." The photo was originally just for Tebele's Instagram, until his second post, which stated, "Seinfeld is way better than Friends" went viral, and so begins the journey of 'Dude with a Sign."Followers:

4. @animalsdoingthings

imagesource/instagramWho doesn't to see a video of a dog dressed up as a shark, sat on a sofa eating popcorn after a long miserable day in work? Because I can't think of anyone who wouldn't! The page, Animals Doing Things, is basically exactly what you think - videos and photos which include adorable and hilarious animal content, to warm anyones heart.Followers: 5.1M

5. @shityoushouldcareabout

imagesource/instagramThis page helps you give a sh*t about things you really should. It's easy to get lost in this world full of lip fillers and Kardashian wannabes when thats all you see each and every day on social media. But this page is a lighthearted way of getting information out there to the public, that often gets missed on peoples newsfeeds.Followers: 3.6M

6. @serenawilliams

imagesource/instagramI'm not usually one for bigging up celebrities, but Serena isn't really a celebrity, she's the world's best Female tennis player, the best Female tennis player of all time to be exact and she's just announced her retirement. So if you want to see what Williams gets up to off the court (because she has quite the interesting life) then get following this absolute Queen!Followers: 15.8M

7. @tunameltsmyheart

imagesource/instagramTuna, now with the Angels, RIP, was a 10-year-old Chiweenie with an over exaggerated overbite, recessed jaw and shrivelneck. Now most people will be thinking WTF, why would I need to follow a page like this? But you do. Everyone needs Tuna in their life. Tuna is the epitome of the underdog, adored by many, he lived his life raising awareness for rescue groups through his platform. Amazing!Followers: 2M

8. @jayshetty

imagesource/instagramAward winning story-teller, podcaster and former monk guides us through life, advises us on how to enjoy meaningful relationships and lasting love in a non-preachy way. The New York Times bestseller can make anyone feel uplifted with his relevant quotes & video clips from his fantastic podcast.Followers: 11.9M

9. @beautifuldestinations

imagesource/instagramThis stunning page inspires people to connect and make positive impacts through travel. Because travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer. They exist to open new doors for the next generation of traveler who want to truly connect and experience the world we live in.Followers: 24.7M

10. @jamessmithpt

imagesource/instagramIf you're looking to change your life up a little without having to go completely cold turkey on everything that brings you joy in life, then James Smith is the man to follow. Starting off his internet journey as an online PT, he's since gone on to create content not only to make people physically healthier, but mentally as well. Go see!Followers: 1.1M

11. @parisinfourmonths

imagesource/instagramHere we have the real life 'Emily in Paris', Carin Olsson, who moved to Paris and documented every part of her experience. From the macaroons to the Eiffel Tower, Carin's Instagram page will make you want to book a one way flight to the city of lurrrrrrrrrve baby!Followers: 821K

12. @glossy_zodiac

imagesource/instagramGlossy Zodiac provides you your daily dose of zodiac memes. It's the perfect "OMG thats so me" kinda page. With images from movies, TV series & celeb scenarios, the creator of the page manages to perfectly depict each of the 12 zodiac signs making it a very shareable page amongst women and girls.Followers: 4.7M

13. @subwaybookreview

imagesource/instagramThis started out as a little thing on the Subway in New York but now it's a worldwide social media movement to connect people by discovering new literature. Subway passengers share their honest opinions and reviews on their current reads.Followers: 141K

14. @natgeo

imagesource/instagramNational Geographic has some of the most passionate fans, who access Nat Geo's powerful visual storytelling from the fingertips of the photographers who share their images and stories directly from 'the source'. @natgeo is one of the most followed Instagram accounts and shares some of the rarest and incredible sights of nature.Followers: 241M

15. @the_happy_broadcast

imagesource/instagramWhen it comes to social media, you have to find pages that will uplift you rather than depress you and this page is one of them! Broadcast is an anxiety-free news page from around the world that will fill you with warmth and happiness with the joyful illustrations and stories to keep you feeling upbeat, all year round.Followers: 638K

16. @felipepantone

imagesource/instagramThrough paintings and sculptures, Felipe Pantone gives us a view of his contemporary 3D-modelling software, which uses bold color and a mathematical appreciation of shade and shape, creating optical illusions. He's exhibited in New York, London, Paris, Brussels, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Madrid.Followers: 485K

17. @humansofny

imagesource/instagramProbably one of the most famous blogs out there, Humans of New York, was started as a photography project by Brandon Stanton in 2010. Facebook shot the page to stardom the following year and today the Instagram page has over 12 million followers from all over the world. The posts are about New Yorkers and their inspiring stories of love, compassion, loss, challengers, courage and victories - very heartwarming if you ask me!Followers: 12.2M

18. @sainthoax

imagesource/instagramSaint Hoax shares sharp witted memes that offer a humorous side on cultural and political happenings. Some find it politically incorrect, others find it thoroughly hilarious, lifting the mood on life's "you've got to laugh at it, or you'll cry" moments. And there seems to be a lot of them at the moment.Followers: 3.3M

19. @glowreel_co

imagesource/instagramNow this page is one for women out there, BIPOC women to be exact & it's the first newsletter which shares stories and achievements of BIPOC women, by women of color. You'll find informative carousels about women and what they do in business and life because there's nothing better than women supporting women, especially women of color!Followers: 1.5K

20. @thiswashollywood

imagesource/instagramNot short of Nostalgia, this page shares spellbinding video clips of Hollywood's finest moments through history. Archived footage, behind the scenes moments, clips from famous one-liners and memorable scenes from the Golden Age of film are sure to make you feel all happy and fuzzy inside.Followers: 1.2M

21. @barrysbanterbus

imagesource/instagramThis comedy account posts hilarious memes which make you feel like the person running it might just be your soul twin. Everything from travel to politics, nothing goes unnoticed with this page and it just brings everything thats depressing into a brighter light.Followers: 34.6K

22. @celestebarber

imagesource/instagram#challengeaccepted if you've seen this hashtag on Instagram then I'm sure you've come across Aussie mom, businesswoman & funny lady, Celeste Barber doing what she does best. Her photos and videos imitating celebs will have you rolling around laughing - the perfect antedote to a shitty day!Followers: 9.2M

23. @banksy

imagesource/instagramSome of the worlds most exciting cities are full of crazy street art. Melbourne, New York, Manchester, Paris, you name it - Banksy has probably spray painted every corner of the globe practically and this Instagram page shows people Banksy's pride and joys!Followers: 11.1M

24. @90s.daily

imagesource/instagramNot one of the bigger pages on Instagram, but nonetheless a very interesting one to follow. @90s.daily gives us all a throwback through the 70s, 80s & 90s - with old photos of celebrities, photoshoots, movies, places and fashion shows just to name a few, this page is a creatives paradise with a perfect mix of nostalgia.Followers: 762K

25. @voguemagazine

imagesource/instagramThe official page for Vogue magazine shows us snippets of fashion shows, celebrity style & the newest trends. It gives us an insight to see how the other half live & how ridiculous some fashions actually are, *cough* anything Yeezy related *cough*.Followers: 40.7M

26. @yoga

imagesource/instagramWhether you practice Yoga or not, most of us know how many health benefits there are from practising this art. Now, this Instagram account shows crowd-sourced photos, videos and yoga practitioners who help you learn various different Yoga postures and how to do them properly. Each photo is captioned with motivational quotes and most images show some breathtaking backdrops.Followers: 1.9M

27. @DaisyMayCooper

imagesource/instagramThis British comedian may not be a household name in the US but she's sure worth a follow. With her ridiculous TikToks, memes and video clips, she has Brits rolling around laughing out loud. She's just very real and relatable, and we need more celebs to be like that on Instagram.Followers: 1M

28. @hidden.ny

imagesource/instagramCraving a bit of nostalgia? This community on Instagram shows posts from past, present and future. Anything from footwear to cars, theres a lot on there you could get inspo from. So if you're a creative & you're having a bit of a mind block, this could be a good page to have appear on your newsfeed.Followers: 881K

29. @thegoodquote

imagesource/instagramLaunched in 2013, founder Meggan Roxanne, created the well-being, mental health awareness page to give out positive vibrations. Roxanne started The Good Quote on Tumblr in 2011, where she posted motivational quotes from famous people like Stephen King, Morgan Love, Malanda Jean-Claude, Thisuri Wanniarachchi and Nicki Minaj.Followers: 24.4M

30. @thehomeedit

imagesource/instagramFeeling like your home is a little cluttered? Wondering how you can organise your cupboards and wardrobe a little better? Need to sproose up your living area, well this Instagram page, amongst others if the perfect solution. It offers tips and trick to organise your home so everything is neatly tucked away and placed in tubes, jars, containers etc. Your pantry will be looking liek Khloe K's in no time!Followers: 6.5M

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