1. Toe Nails With Slightly Sunken Indentations

Weird Things That Can Happen To Your Toenails And Feet | Women's Health


Sunken toenails with indentations may be a sign of chronic iron deficiency or aenemia. If you find that you have concave toenails, it could be due to high altitude, trauma or exposure to petroleum products. May sure to always check with your doctor if you notice any differences in your body.

2. Hairless Feet Or Toes

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This could be a sign of peripheral arterial disease (PAD). “Signs of PAD can include decreased hair growth on the feet and ankles, purplish toes, and thin or shiny skin,” says Suzanne Fuchs, DPM, a podiatric surgeon in private practice at Luxe Podiatry in Palm Beach, FL. Around 6.5 million American over 40 are affected by PAD.

3. Frequent Foot Cramping

Foot cramps: Causes and what to do


If you’re exercising enough and drinking enough water, you might want to up your intake of potassium, magnesium and calcium. “For relief, soak feet in a warm foot bath and stretch your toes toward your nose, not pointing down,” says Dr. McAloon.

4. Sores That Won’t Heal

Foot Ulcers Guide: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options


“Many, many people with diabetes are diagnosed first because of foot problems,” says Reid. When blood doesn’t get to a wound, the skin doesn’t heal properly and that’s how diabetic blisters and ulcers start. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms then just go & see your doctor.

5. Constant Cold Feet

Cold feet: Causes and remedies


What it could mean: Hypothyroidism. If you’re over 40, you could have a sluggish thyroid without knowing it, so if you’re constantly struggling to warm your feet up, then this could be the issues. Hyperthyroidism can also cause hair loss, fatigue, unexplained weight gain and depression too.

6. Thick, Yellow, Downright Toenails

Why are My Toenails Discolored, Yellowed, Thicker? - Dr. Mikkel Jarman


Signs of a fungal infection are thick, yellow, downright toenails. People with autoimmune diseases are more at risk of developing fungal infections if they’re taking immunosuppressant medications. Other medications can also increase the risk of developing fungal infections too.

7. Numbness In Both Feet

Foot Numbness in Feet Toes Legs | Treatment for Numbness Top of Foot


Peripheral neuropathy or a pinched nerve could be the reason why you’re experiencing numbness in your little trotters. If you’re experiencing neuroma, or numbness in only one foot, you could just have a pinched nerve. likely caused by years of wearing tight shoes.

8. Stiff, Sore Toe Joints

Arthritis in Toes - Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment


According to John Hopkins Medicine, signs of Rheumatoid arthritis typically start in the small joins or the hands and feet. If you have persistent achiness or swelling, talk to your doctor about seeing a rheumatologist.

9. Dry, Flaky Feet

Scaling Skin Causes, Treatment and Prevention


“Thyroid problems cause severe dryness of the skin,” says Marlene Reid, DPM, a foot specialist at Family Podiatry Center in Naperville, Illinois. “When we see cracking on the feet, or if moisturizer doesn’t improve dryness over a few days, we usually refer patients to their primary doctor to make sure their thyroids are okay.”

10. An Painful, Enlarged Toe Nail

How To Treat Infected Ingrown Toenail


Foods high in protein ca trigger a rise in uric acid in your body, which in turn, results in Gout. “You’ll see the deposition of the uric acid in the joint, most commonly the big toe or the ankle,” says Bob Baravarian, DPM, a podiatric foot and ankle specialist. If it’s not gout, there are many other possible causes of toe pain.

11. Red Lines Under Your Toenail – Usually Small Ones

Should You Be Worried About a Red Line on Your Nail? – Cleveland Clinic


Small red lines under the toe nail could be broken blood vessels known as splinter hemorrhages but it can also be a sign of endocarditis which is an infection of the heart’s inner lining. So if you notice this little splinters and you haven’t experienced any trauma to the nail, then keep an eye on it.

12. Clubbing Of The Nail

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The symptom of clubbing is often associated with lung cancer, chronic ling infection or heart conditions caused by birth defects or infection of the lining of the heart valves. Clubbing occurs when theres a lower amount of oxygen in the blood which causes rounder, wider fingers and toes.

13. Pits In Your Toenails

What is Longitudinal Ridging?


If you find little grooves or ridges in your toenails, you may have nail psoriasis (an autoimmune disease that makes skin patchy and irritated). 5% of the population with nail psoriasis do not feel the affects elsewhere on their body. Other symptoms include white patches and horizontal lines across the nails.

14. Bunions. Bunions. BUNIONS

What Can I Do About My Bunions?: Peninsula Orthopedic Associates:  Orthopedists


This could just be an inherited faulty foot structure and are merely aggravated by inappropriate shoes. “The first foot bone drives toward the middle of the body, and you see the bump,” explains Dr. McAloon. The only way to correct this issue is surgery!

15. Yellow Toe Nails Can Be A Sign Of Fungus Or Pedicure Overloads

Why are my toenails yellow: Causes and treatment


“Yellowness can also happen naturally with age,” says Dr. McAloon. If you’re finding brittleness or flaking, you probably have a fungal infection like athlete’s foot – which is very easy to get rid of. Go down to your local pharmacy for some medication or or check out some home remedies.

16. The Inability To Lift The Front Part Of Your Foot

Causes of Chronic Foot Pain: Dan Preece, DPM & Darren Groberg, DPM: Board  Certified Podiatrist Foot & Ankle Surgeon


The paralysis or weakness of the muscles that lift the food cause the inability to lift the front part of your foot. This could be a sign of a number of underlying disorders like neurodegenerative disorders, MS, stroke, cerebral palsy, polio and ALS as well as other muscle or nerve disorders.

17. Your Toes Are Red or Blue

Why are my toes red? Causes, other symptoms, and treatments


Now we’ve all heard of Raynaud’s disease which is a disorder of the blood vessels supplying the kin and certain parts of the body like the toes and fingers become number and turn blue when exposed to cold temperatures. This can happen even when your under stress, so make sure to cover up when you’re outdoors.

18. The Dreaded Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown Toenail Shouldn't Be Neglected! – Mersin Sistem


Ingrown toenails are a common complaint and occur when nails have an excessive curve, have been cut badly or through injury and compression. Untreated toenails may require surgery to correct the condition if they end up infected or bleeding.

19. Numbness & Tingling

Tingling in Feet: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment


“One of the first symptoms of MS is often a numbness or tingling sensation, sometimes in your feet,” says Julie Fiol, RN, director of MS information and resources at the National MS Society. Numbness and tingling can be a sign of MS and Fiol explains that one foot may have a different sensation that the other.

20. Restless Feet At Night



“Restless feet and legs at night is often a signal that you have an iron deficiency,” says Arielle Levitan, MD, a physician of internal medicine and co-founder of Vous Vitamin LLC. Try taking a daily vitamin and schedule an appointment with your physician if the problem carries on.

21. Spider Veins & Varicose Veins In Your Ankle

What Causes Spider Veins? - HeartVein NYC - NY Cardiovascular Doctors


“Clusters of tiny blue and red blood vessels in the inner ankle may indicate an underlying problem [that’s] not visible to the naked eye,” says Nisha Bunke, a vein specialist at La Jolla Vein Care in San Diego, California. If left untreated, venous reflux can lead to blood clots and hemorrhaging.

22. Darkening Of The Skin Around Your Ankle

Ankle Discoloration: Causes and Treatment Options: Clement Banda, MD:  Dermatologist


Darkening around the skin around your ankle can be a sign of a chronic venous insufficiency. “This [symptom] usually occurs in the inner ankle and can worsen to involve the lower portion of the leg,” Bunke says. “Over time, the skin becomes firm, dry, eczema-like, and itchy and can even break open, causing a venous leg ulcer.”

23. Cracked Heels

7 Things Your Feet Say About Your Health | Absolute Foot and Ankle Clinic


One symptom of cracked heels is linked to the health of your thyroid. “Skin that is cracked over the heels is a classic sign of an underactive thyroid,” Platt says.  However, other symptoms can include weight gain, depression, muscle aches and fatigue.

24. Green Toenails

Green Under Fingernail or Toenail: *SECRETS shared by a Foot Doctor!*


If you’re noticing that your toenails are going green, it may be due to chloronychia – this is caused by the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa which presents itself when the foot is exposed to water or certain soaps and detergents. It can be treated very easily with medical soaking or keeping the nails dry.

25. Swollen Ankles Can Be A Sign of High Blood Pressure

MS and Swollen Feet: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment


High blood pressure has the heart working over time. Fluid builds up in the lower legs and ankles causing them to become swollen. You should go to see your doctor and get it checked out if you’re unsure of what’s going on. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

26. Never Ignore Brown Streaks In Your Toenail

Melanonychia: What Is It, Causes, and More


A black or brown toenail could be a sign of subungual melanoma which is a form of skin cancer. If you’ve not had any injuries to your feet, then get your feet checked out. If the streak increases in size or doesn’t heal, make am appointment with a dermatologist.

27. Burning In Your Feet

Do You Have a Burning Pain in Your Foot? You May Have Peripheral  Neuropathy: Podiatry Hotline Foot & Ankle: Foot and Ankle Specialists


Another symptom of neuropathy, PAD, peripheral neuropathy is to have burning feet and this can be due to diabetes or other factors. Burning feet can also be due to nerve damage in the legs from athlete’s foot, however, it’s often caused by PAD.

28. Feet That Are Really Painful To Walk On

Plantar fasciitis - NHS


Discomfort in your feet when you walk can be caused from malnutrition, including a vitamin D deficiency, a problem with absorbing calcium or anorexia. Women over the age of 55 with these pains, may need a bone density exam.

29. Black Or Dark Toenails

Do I need to worry about my black toenail? - Torbay Footcare


Black or dark toenails are usually a sign of injury, if you’ve hurt your foot and bruised under the toe nail, it can cause the change in colour. However, bruises under the toenail can cause a fungal infection or a sore that can become infected. If you do have diabetes though, you should get your discoloured nails check out.

30. Heel Pain Can Be A Sign Of Plantar Fasciitis

Heel pain: Causes, prevention, and treatments


If you get a sharp pain in the bottom of your heel when you get out of bed or stand up from your seat, it could be a strain from the ligament that supports your arch. Podiatrists will tell you to easy up on your workouts and to rethink your footwear. Make sure to stretch each day & it should ease up, but with things like this, it’s always best to consult your doctor.