1. The Redneck Games – East Dublin, Georgia

13th Annual Summer Redneck Games


This event began in 1996 and went on every year until 2012 in East Dublin, Georgia. The games were started by the general manager of radio station WQZY-FM, Mac Davies. Some of the activities participants would engage in were; toilet seat throwing, seed spitting and bobbing for pigs feet.

2. Golden Retriever Festival, Scotland

Hundreds of golden retrievers met in Scotland for 150th anniversary of breed


The festival is run by the Golden Retriever club and held in the ancestral ground of the breed. The festival was first held in 2006 and 188 golden’s showed up from all around the world. This year, over 220 goldens showed up, setting a new record.

3. Inti Raymi – Cuszco, Peru

Inti Raymi - Wikipedia


At Inti Raymi, also known as Festival of Sun, an ancient Incan tradition is brought back to life. The Son of the Sun is carried out to Sacsayhuamán to celebrate all things Inca and participants spend the day dancing, praying and chasing llamas all over the place.

4. Night of the Radishes – Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca's radish-carving festival: A slice of Mexico | CNN Travel


Each year, this festival produces some outstanding radish carvings that range from the nativity scene to replicas of famous paintings. If you’re wanting to witness this slightly bizarre festival, head to Mexico through Christmas for parads and street dances. It’s great fun & very endearing.

5. Tunarama – Port Lincoln, Australia

Something Fishy – Port Lincoln's Tunarama Festival | Travel Insider


Tunarama is basically a giant fish throwing festival created to support the local fledging fishing community. Participants engage in a tug of war, beauty contests and a talent contest – some kids also dress up as penguins for the fish parade which is on later in the day.

6. Mohácsi Busójárás – Hungary

Busójárás: Festival in Mohács


This 18th century festival involves men putting on the devil’s outfit to chase away winter. The locals believed that the scary attire would actually chase away winter to keep them all warm and safe.

7. The International Highline Meeting Festival – Monte Piana, Italy

Sleeping hundreds of feet above the Italian Alps in a hammock at this  Festival


This features 18 lines, some at 300 feet long, where there are competitions, movies, acroyoga workshops, you name it! Most of the attendees are in their hammocks, hundreds of feet in the air and every year, over 300 young high liners come from all over the world.

8. Burning Man Festival – Nevada, USA

Burning Man (USA) | Tribal Reunion


The Burning Man festival began in 1986 and the main reason for the event is to promote inclusion, self-reliance, community operation and self-expression. Participants combine their skills and talents to create buildings, sculptures, art, cars and performances.

9. The Fuji Shibazakura Festival – Japan

THE FUJI SHIBAZAKURA FESTIVAL -April 2023 - National Today


The venue of this festival is located three km south of Lake Motosuko in the Fuji Five Lakes. The festival is held in mid April through early June when its the best time to see the flowers. The festival can become quite crowded and the best time to visit would be during the week in the afternoon.

10. Rouketopolemos Rocket War – Greece

The Vrontados Rocket War - The Atlantic


This local tradition is held annually at Easter on the island of Chios. Two rival parishes of the village engage in this unusual event where the main objective is to get fireworks to hit the dome of the opposing villages parish.

11. North Carolina Merfest Mermaid & Merman Festival – USA

Mermaid Conventions, Festivals, and Competitions – AquaMermaid


North Carolina’s Mermaid and Merman festival is not for the fair-weather mermaid fan. People can spend up to $4000 on their colourful tails. Some people even attend the festival to get married as mermaid and merman, in the pool, with their fellow fans watching.

12. La Tomatina Festival – Buñol, Spain

Seeing red: La Tomatina revellers get stuck in as 'world's biggest food  fight' returns


La Tomatina happens every August in Buñol, Spain and last a full week. The festival dates back to 1945 when a rowdy group of locals took tomatoes form a vegetable stall and started a giant food fight. Thousands of participants dip themselves in the pool of Los Peñones after.

13. Baby Jumping Festival – Spain

El Colacho Baby Jumping Festival, Spain


The baby jumping fiesta basically involves a bunch of baby’s lay on blankets on the street and men dressed as the devil in red and yellow suits jumping over then, while the crowd hurls insults at him. This festival is all about culture, religion and tradition, taking place annually as part of the Catholic feast of Corpus Christi.

14. Boryeong Mud Festival – Boryeong, South Korea

Boryeong Mud Festival -


A slightly more unusual festival on this list take place in the village of Boryeong, South Korea and it started out as a marketing strategy in 1998. The festival involves mud wrestling, mud slides, mid fireworks and a lot of other mud-related activities.

15. International Hair Freezing Contest – Whitehorse, Canada

Canada's outlandish hair freezing contest offers much-needed laughs | CNN  Travel


In the town of Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, the International hair freezing contest is held annually every February. The winners are crowned in March after participants have to dip their head in water and let it freeze in cold water temperatures, creating bizarre hair sculptures.

16. World Toe Wrestling Championships — England, UK

Inside England's Annual Toe Wrestling Championship | Mental Floss


The World Toe Wrestling Championships started in the 70s in a village in Staffordshire. Toes are used to wrestle each other and the winner faces a winner from another pool. Participants are examined by a nurse and toes are evaluated, because this festival can get quite rowdy.

17. Thaipusam – Tamil Nadu

To celebrate god Murugan, TN CM announces Thaipusam as public holiday | The  News Minute


This festival is celebrated in countries like Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Singapore. A Hindu festival held in places where Tamils live, the people have to prove their loyalty to the religion by showcasing their body piercings made with oversized needles and hooks.

18. Running of the Bulls – Pamplona, Spain

Three people die during bull runs in Spain | News | Al Jazeera


The famous bull running festival happens in July, during the San Fermin Festival. People, who come from worldwide, run in front of an aggressive, angry bull though narrow streets dodging getting seriously hurt – some do however.

19. Cheung Chau Bun Festival – Hong Kong, China

Cheung Chau Bun Festival - Wikipedia


The traditional Chinese festival is a local tradition that happens on the same day that Bhudda’s birthday is celebrated. During this festival, 60,000 buns are made and stacked into towers for participants to climb up.

20. Kanamara Matsuri Festival – Kawasaki, Japan

Kanamara Penis Festival, Early Apr 2023, 2023 | Tokyo Cheapo


Basically a giant Penis festival, the Festival of the Steel Phallus features penis-shaped lollipops, glasses, statues and lots of willy-based souvenirs. The festival originates from a literal sausage party.

21. Ugadi – Kairuppala, India

AP: Huge crowds attend 'cow dung' fight in Kurnool amid COVID cases surge


Cows are sacred in the Hindu religion, so sacred that this festival involves a large group of people lobbing cow dung at each other. The cherished event takes place in this Hindu village every year.

22. La Pourcailhade – Trie-sur-Baïse, France

La réussite de la Pourcailhade de Trie-sur-Baïse se confirme - nrpyrenees.fr


The annual festival in Trie Sur Baise is all about pigs, dedicated to showing how much the French value the pink meat. Pigs are a favourite amongst French folk, they’re loyal, smart and cute but most importantly, very tasty. Visitors can enjoy a pig imitation contest, piglet racing and other piggy related games.

23. Cheese-Rolling Festival – Cooper’s Hill, England, UK

England's Most Bizarre Daredevil Event - The Gloucestershire Cheese Roll -  The View From Chelsea


The Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling festival takes place in South West England and it’s a one of a kind festival where participants launch themselves down a lumpy hill whilst they chase after a giant wheel of cheese. The objective is to catch the cheese before it stops rolling.

24. Els Enfarinats Festival Flour Fight – Spain

The Story Behind Spain's Annual Flour Festival


The tradition dates all the way back to over 200 years where the south eatern town of Ibi go into battle dressed in military clothes throwing eggs, flour and firecrackers outside the town hall. Its part of the Holy Innocents celebrations, which is a time for pulling pranks in Spain!

25. The Maiden Fair Of Mount Găina – Romania

The Maiden Fair of Mount Gaina – tradition and legend | made.in.transylvania


The famous Mount Fair is a folk festival that takes place in Transylvania, Romania and its a fair that arranges marriages. Families gather young boys and girls that are unmarried and the boys choose their future wives during the festival – it’s also a way for them to showcase their talent too.

26. Florida Keys Underwater Music Festival – USA

This Florida Music Festival Takes Place Completely Underwater | Travel|  Smithsonian Magazine


Divers, snorkelers and musicians from all over Florida, come to the Keys to play music as participants in this whimsical festival. They use special underwater instruments and the festival was started to promote environmental sustainability and responsible living.

27. Beer Floating Kaljakellunta – Finland

Beer Floating - Helsinki Finland | Thirsty Swagman


Known as “beer floating” is an annual open festival where people float down the Vantaa river in inflatable dinghies and self built rafts whilst getting drunk on beer. No one ‘officially’ organises it but each year it grows in popularity, with people from all over the world attending.

29. The Medieval Festival – Sighisoara, Romania

Medieval Festivals 2023 in Romania - Dates


Festival goers can really immerse themselves in a medieval atmosphere for a few days a year, where participants can dress up in long colourful dresses, knights fight with swords and craftsmen make leather shoes. The historical heritage in Romania is prominent during this festival in June.

30. The Grape Throwing Festival – Australia

Grape Throwing Festival 2023 - Rad Season


In the Barossa Valley you’ll find the Grape throwing festival every April, which includes wine-tastings, dinner, grape picking championships, exhibitions and the choosing of a vintage queen. Slightly bizarre but whatever right! It’s all in the name of fun.