29 Products Basically Everyone Could Benefit From Owning

By Carole 10 months ago

1. Blue Light Glasses - when you're at that screen all day

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These specs are a must to get you through all those emails without the blue light giving you a headache.  They help minimise digital eye strain due to the exposure.  When you put the glasses on, you can clearly see the change in colour and they could make a real difference if you're staring at a screen all day.

2. Magnetic Dry Erase Board - complete with magnets

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This whiteboard can take away the stress of forgetting stuff.  Simply write your notes and lists and stick to the fridge with the magnets at the back of the board.  The eraser also has a magnet attached so no chance of losing it.  With this great product you can be more organised than you have ever been before. 

3. Hello Fresh Meal Kit - delivered to your doorstep

Image source Hello Fresh

How good would it be not have to go to the supermarket and wander round the aisles, looking for some inspiration for dinner that night.  Well, sign up to Hello Fresh and get your meals delivered straight to your door.  Introductory offers mean you can get up to 50% off your first order.

4. Memory Foam Seat Cushion - protect that lower back

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Save your lower back from aching due to an uncomfortable desk chair or car seat, especially if you are making a long journey.  The memory foam seat cushion can help stop you getting backache which is painful and restrictive.  It is lightweight and can be wiped clean. 

5. 'One Ounce' Bottle Of Dry Shampoo Powder - save time and look good

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There's nothing worse than knowing your hair needs washing but you don't have time to do it.  Instead of tying it up in a ponytail and wearing a woolly hat, use the dry shampoo powder to bring back the bounce to your locks and refresh those greasy roots.

6. Set Of Colourful Bento Boxes - get organised and stop stressing

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These Bento boxes make it super easy to prep meals for a week.  There's lots of room in each compartment so perfect for both work and school lunches.  If you can't be bothered to prepare food after a tiring day, do a week's worth of meals on a Sunday afternoon and you're sorted!

7. Mini Sewing Kit - you never know when you'll need it

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There's everything you need to fix a fashion emergency wherever you are.  You can be prepared to handle rips, snags, loose buttons and more with this handy mini sewing kit.  It includes scissors, measuring tape, seam ripper, thimble, 30 needles, two premium threaders, 6 shirt buttons, 10 pins and 14 coloured threads.

8. Tushy Bidet - it's indispensable and you didn't realise it

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Once you've bought this, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it!  Besides saving on toilet paper, your tushy will be as clean as when you have showered.  This spa for your bum even features adjustable pressure which can be set by moving the dial.  Couldn't be easier!

9. Martha Stewart Cookbook - one pot and minimal washing up

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The 'One Pot' cook book has recipes that can all be made, as the title suggests, in one pot, skillet or slow cooker.  Dinner and cleaning up can actually turn out to be a treat!  The meals are quick and easy to prepare, with recipes for everyday food as well as some weekend treats.

10. Tide To Go Stick - could be a life-saver for you

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If you spill juice, coffee, wine, ketchup or anything that comes your way throughout the day, reach for the 'Tide To Go Stick' to remove the stain easily.  Keep it with you at all times as an emergency cleaner.  One of the reviews stated that it got rid of curry stains.

11. Mattress Topper - feel flexible when you jump out of bed

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If you want to improve your sleep but can't afford to purchase a new mattress, don't worry because help is on its way, in the form of this mattress topper.  It will add a layer of memory foam to assist a better night's sleep and could help with back and neck pain that you got from your present mattress.

12. Migraine Stick - pocket size with big results

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Made with therapeutic essential oils that can help relieve migraine pain and give you some relief, the migraine stick is a must.  It provides a pleasant, cool, tingling feeling, a bit like VapoRub.  It can lessen the intensity of the pain and may help dull it.

13. Oil Blotting Wipes - let it be your personality that shines

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Especially during the summer, the shiny forehead tends to appear at around 3pm.  If you suffer from oily skin, use these charcoal tissues to absorb the oil.  It doesn't remove your make up and all you have to do is to dab it on your face to feel refreshed and clean - and oil free.

14. Pack Of Stainless Steel Straws - do your bit for the planet

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With silicone tips and its own cleaning brush, do your bit for the planet by changing to stainless steel straws.  Keep one in your bag for when you are away from home so you can use it anywhere.  Easy to clean and can also help reduce staining of the teeth if you use one while drinking your coffee! 

15. Set Of Cable Clips - A tidy place is a tidy mind

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Cable clips help keep so many things tidy, from propping up your chargers (it's so annoying when they slip down the back) to storing your toothbrushes in a hygienic manner.  They are so easy to stick on and, unlike other similar products, they stay stuck on.

16. Coffee Subscription Service - try a taste from all over the world


Would you be interested in trying out different coffees from up to 50 different countries without travelling outside of your front door.  If so, get yourself signed up to 'Atlas Coffee Club.' You can choose to have your deliveries every fortnight or monthly, whichever suits your lifestyle and your coffee addiction!

17. Burst Oral Care Electric Toothbrush - get that ultra clean feel every time

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There are so many brands of electric toothbrushes on the market that you can end up spending your time checking the ratings on them all and then not ordering.  Take our tip and purchase the charcoal-infused bristle electric toothbrush, with 3 brushing modes and long rechargeable battery life.  You won't regret it!

18. Universal Socket - be connected all the time

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There's quite useful, very useful and then this which is full on next level.  The universal socket uses steel spring pins and a selection of nuts, bolts and screws so, no matter where you are , you can always be connected and not run out of charge.  It's a no-brainer!

19. Chef's Knife - cuts like butter through anything

Image source ChefSpark

It's that time when you have to get rid of those knives that won't even cut through candy floss and treat yourself to a professional chef's knife.  Whether it's potatoes, turnips or bread, this tool will make light work of slicing and dicing and save you lots of time in the kitchen.  Oh, it's also got a comfortable non-slip grip.

20. Clarifying Shampoo - be squeaky clean

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Use the anti-residue shampoo from Neutrogena once a week to remove any annoying residue from hair products that won't budge with your usual shampoo.  Simply wet hair, work from the roots to the tips, rinse off and repeat.  You'll even hear that squeaky clean noise that is so satisfying.

21. Password Book - it's worth it's weight in gold

Image source Organics.com

Although we are told to memorise PIN numbers and password details, it can be almost impossible to do so if you have quite a few different ones - the times I've put in the wrong one and lost my patience.  Be kind to yourself and keep the details in this handy password book, remembering to keep it in a safe place when you are away from home.

22. Foot Cardigan - sock club subscription

Image source Foot Cardigan

Back in the day, you'd have 2 or 3 pairs of socks and when they got a hole in the toe, you would darn then (sew the hole up).  How things have changed.  If you subscribe to 'Foot Cardigan', you can get excited about a new, funky pair, turning up every month and receive details about exclusive offers.

23. Powerful Mouthwash - fresh as a daisy

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Brushing your teeth every morning leaves them smooth and tingly and you're happy to breathe on anyone close by.  Fast forward a few hours and your breath might not be as sweet smelling so reach for 'TheraBreath Oral Rinse' and be confident that you're giving off a minty odour.

24. Automatic Pan Stirrer - for that third hand

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Whether you are a gadget person or not, this automatic pan stirrer will make meal preparation that bit easier - after all, you've only got two hands!  It is particularly valuable if you are following a recipe and concentrating on different culinary skills at the same time.

25. Glossier Exfoliating Solution 

Image source Wizard

This exfoliating solution will gently scrub away any dead skin and help reduce the appearance of open pores, redness and blemishes.  It can be useful for that T Zone, forehead, nose and chin that tends to become oilier than the rest of the face.  Be left with the 'Glossier glow.'

26. Always Pan

Image source Our Place

Everyone should have an 'Always Pan.'  It can replace up to 8 pieces of cookware - that made you take notice, didn't it!  You can fry, boil, sear, saute etc ALL in the same pan.  That equates to hardly any washing up and saves on storage, as well as purchasing different pans for each cooking method.

27. Nu-Nail Strengthening Nail Cream

Image source Livewell.com

Wouldn't it be great if you could buy a strengthening nail cream that will also condition nails and cuticles with a calcium and vitamin-rich formula, to help prevent splitting, cracks and breakages.  You can!  Get yourself online and order 'Nu-Nail Strengthening Nail Cream'.  Works well on damaged nails due to wearing acrylics.

28. Brother Label Maker

Image source Office Depot

If you purchase this label maker, you will become addicted and be searching your whole house for things to label!  There are lots of brands on the market but this one by Brother really does the job well.  You can label all your jars, storage bins and files plus all the stuff in the office.

29. Tongue Scraper - as important as brushing your teeth 

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Many people will brush their teeth meticulously, morning and evening, but they won't give cleaning their tongue a second thought.  Best to scrape away that funk and gunk and then brush your teeth afterwards.  Bad breath can be caused by a 'furry' tongue and using mouthwash will only temporarily mask it.


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