1. Trump With Jeffrey Epstein

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President Trump will have made many friends on his road to fame and fortune, but one of those friendships was a very close bromance with known sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Trump was not only in his circle, he was a close pal and they were seen on many trips out together.

2. Trump Poses With Hooters Girls

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There’s nothing wrong with posing with these iconic waitresses from Hooters, and they certainly won’t be strangers to people wanting pictures with them. The trouble is when it’s Trump, someone who has made it clears he’s a bit.. well – allegedly disrespectful, when it comes to women.

3. Leaning In For A Smooch From Pamela Anderson

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If you’re a fan of Pamela Anderson, you’d be a little bit starstruck too, if you met her, but Trump here seems to avoid the polite social norm of a cheek kiss and wants to go in for a full snog – or maybe just a quick peck on the lips, which is bad enough.

4. Strangely Close With His Daughter

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Speaking of a peck on the lips… one person you probably don’t want to kiss on the lips is your daughter, unless that’s just me. Of course, many parents give their toddlers a smooch on the lips and there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s when you get to full adult age when it becomes a bit weird.

5. Another Outing With Epstein

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Trump attended many social outings with his friend Epstein, and here they can be seen chatting with a woman – which wouldn’t be strange if it wasn’t for that expression on Epstein’s face and wondering what Trump’s thinking…

6. Trump With Ghislaine Maxwell

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In his social circles, Trump was also pally with Ghislaine Maxwell – a known convicted sex offender and partner of Jeffrey Epstein, who was apparently clued in to everything he was doing. So it looks like Trump was not only friends with Epstein, but Maxwell as well.

7. That Awkward Moment He Can’t Dress Himself Properly

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Tie pins do exist for a reason, but maybe Trump wanted something that couldn’t be seen – unfortunately for him, the wind had other plans. He made headlines – before he even officially became president – for taping his tie!

8. When He Sacked FBI Director Comey

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Trump wasted no time in a re-shuffle of staff when he became president. After his relationship with FBI director Comey went south – conveniently, when Comey investigated Trump for conspiring with Russia for his 2016 campaign – Trump wasted no time in firing him.

9. Trump’s Relationship With Vladimir Putin

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As president, Trump has had to meet the leaders of other countries, but he looks very comfortable in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin. His relationship with the man then came under the watchful scrutiny of the public after their first meeting.

10. When He Had A Kid Mow The White House Lawn

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This 11-year-old named Frank did actually write to Trump to ask if he could mow the White House lawn, saying that it would be an honour. And although it might seem like a kind gesture to let a kid live his dream, it’s still tongue-in-cheek that Trump is letting an 11-year-old do chores for him…

11. When Trump Offered Paper Towels To Hurricane Victims

What kind of help would you want from the US president after suffering through a hurricane? A supply of paper towels thrown at you, of course. Trump threw paper towels to Puerto Ricans who had had their lives affected by Hurricane Maria, and received a lot of backlash as a result.

12. When He Campaigned To Build A Border

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Trump actually took part in a tour of border wall prototypes, which he wanted to build for the US and Mexico border. When he campaigned to build the border wall, he was met with a lot of controversy – and eventually, the idea fizzled out.

13. His ‘America First’ Policy

Trump managed to strain a lot of relationships and alliances with international leaders when he was very, very committed to an ‘America First’ viewpoint for foreign policy. I think his body language in this photo just about sums it up!

14. Trump And Melania Hang Out With Epstein And Maxwell

Image Source / The Washington Post

Trump was so close to Epstein and Maxwell that they also went on double dates to parties. Here, Trump is seen with both Epstein and Maxwell with Melania there this time. Was she dragged along? Trump and Epstein were certainly out and about together a lot back then.

15. And Trump Parties With Epstein In 1992

Image Source / The Washington Post

Footage and photos were released of Trump partying with Epstein back in 1992. It looks like Trump attended parties with just Epstein, while sometimes Maxwell and Melania would join them. So Trump not only hung out on-on-one with Epstein it would seem, but also was a party pal.

16. Trump And His Kanye West Saga

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Despite Kanye’s apparent fondness for Trump at the time of this picture, it doesn’t look like Trump is all too interested in what he’s being shown on his phone… After two years from their first meeting at the White House, Kanye changed his mind, withdrawing his Trump support and running for president himself.

17. Trump And His Problematic Relationship With The Media

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When you think of Trump, you probably think of the term ‘fake news’. Trump has had a very bad rep with journalists and the media over the years, always seeming to get in verbal altercations and then Tweeting about it. Here, a White House representative is trying to take the mic from a CNN correspondent, too.

18. Trump And His Hasty Meeting With Kim Jong Un

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Trump was the very first sitting president to ever set foot in North Korea, during a meeting with Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s leader, back in 2019. This meeting took place after the pair had originally had quite a fraught relationship, with insults and nuclear weapons on the table.

19. Trump’s Impeachment

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Nobody can forget the time that Trump went into his impeachment inquiry. This came about after it was found he had ‘solicited foreign interference’ in the 2020 presidential election campaign. Here, you can see Trump’s rather heavy-handed notes, including, “I want nothing”.

20. Trump And Epstein Meet With Model Agency Runners

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Taken in 1989, this photo surfaced showing Donald Trump once again in the company of his friend Jeffrey Epstein – this time meeting with John Casablancas, who was known for running a modeling agency. This agency was a controversial time with powerful men (including Trump and Casablancas) and very young models taking part in competitions.