1. KitKat Senses

Image Source: www.goodto.com

This was one of the most popular chocolate bars back in the day, featuring a twist on the original KitKat involving crispy wafers with a hazelnut cream filling covered in chocolate. In other words, it was pretty similar to the iconic Kinder Bueno bar we all know and love.

2. Cadbury Snaps

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Cadbury’s Snaps burnt onto the scene back in 2004 and so if you were born in the 90’s you will remember seeing these at every party or event you went to! They are essentially Pringle-shaped chocolate discs which come in a variety of flavours such as mint and orange.

3. Cadbury’s ‘Nuts About Caramel’ Bar

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Name a better combination than milk chocolate, smooth caramel and crunchy hazelnuts…we thought not! This was one of Cadbury’s best-selling chocolate bars back in the early noughties but it was discontinued in 2003 and it never returned back to our shelves.

4. Rowntree’s Cabana Bar

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Most of us associate Rowntree’s with their famous wine gum sweets, but did you know they also made chocolate bars back in the day? The Cabana bar was one of their most popular which contained a tropical blend of cherries, coconut and a layer of caramel covered in chocolate. 

5. Mars Delight

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Although we all love a classic Mars bar, the Mars Delight was even better! It is essentially a lighter version of the original which replaces the chewy nougat with wafer to create a crunchy sweet delight. People were furious when they were discontinued!

6. Cadbury Dream Bar

Image Source: propermanchester.com

White chocolate isn’t everyones cup of tea, but if you are a lover then you will remember the iconic Cadbury’s ‘dream’ bar. There really was no better white chocolate on the market compared to this stuff, which is why there was outrage when it was announced they were no longer available.

7. Echo Bar

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A cross between Aero chocolate and a biscuit, these Echo bars were a staple feature in a kids lunch box back in the day. They came in a variety of flavours but the milk & white chocolate was definitely the most popular. We truly miss this iconic biscuit bar.

8. Cadbury Fuse Bar

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If you’re a fan of Cadbury Picnic bars, you would certainly love this one! Fuse bars weren’t around for long but they were certainly a hit with the general public. They consisted of a solid bar of milk chocolate containing peanuts, raisins, crispy cereal and fudge pieces.

9. Cadbury Flake Snow

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This has to be one of the most popular editions of the iconic Cadbury flake bar…consisting of crumbly flaked white chocolate encased in a layer of smooth milk chocolate, this bar reminds us of the festive season! It is a shame they never decided to bring it back on the market.

10. Fry’s 5 Centre Chocolate Cream Bar

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Fry’s 5 Centres was a chocolate bar with five different fruit flavoured cremes which was first produced back in 1934 and lasted for nearly a decade on the shelves. Some of the most popular combinations included raspberry, coffee, lime, blackcurrant and orange. 

11. The Galaxy Chocolate Truffle

Image Source: propermanchester.com

The Galaxy truffle was undoubtedly one of the best options in the box of Celebrations at Christmas time and nobody can deny it. These little gems contained a smooth creamy filling which melted in the mouth, we can’t believe they were replaced with a mini Twix!

12. Mars Applause Bar

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This unique bar was around in the late 1980s but unfortunately it didn’t last night! Featuring a wholemeal biscuit base with a layer of apple caramel, nuts and raisins covered in chocolate…it reminds of us a how a fruit shortcake would taste in chocolate form!

13. KitKat Caramac

Image Source: Alamy

We can’t imagine anything more delicious than combining Caramac with a KitKat…so why have they not brought them back on our shelves! The crisp wafer with the smooth caramel-flavoured coating is heaven in each mouthful, we hope they consider reintroducing them.

14. Cadbury’s Mint Crunchie Bar

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This may seem like an odd combination, but it actually made such a delicious treat! We all love a classic Cadbury Crunchie bar, but if you’re a fan of mint chocolate then this is right up your street…just like a regular bar there is a honeycomb centre but with a mint chocolate coating.

15. Mars White Maltesers

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There is no better feeling than the sensation of Maltesers melting in your mouth, but do you know what is even better? The white chocolate version of Maltesers! These tasty treats were sadly discontinued which was bad news for the white chocolate lovers.

16. Cadbury’s Marble Bar

Image Source: Pinterest

This one might be up for debate but we think this could have been one of the best chocolate bars of all time…the beloved Cadbury’s marble bar! Smooth milk and white chocolate are combined with a luxurious hazelnut praline centre, does it get much better than that?

17. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Moments

Image Source: www.her.ie

Sometimes you just can’t beat a classic bar of Cadbury’s dairy milk without any of the frills, it really is the best! So when they brought out these dairy milk ‘moments’ it really caught peoples attention as they could enjoy their favourite chocolate in bite-sized balls.

18. Cadbury Taz Bar

Image Source: propermanchester.com

Everyone remembers eating Cadbury Freddo bars as a kid when they were only 10p in the corner shop, but do you remember Taz bars? They were pretty much the same as a Freddo but they were shaped as the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Tunes and had a soft caramel centre.

19. Mars Banjo Bar

Image Source: www.goodto.com

If you are a fan of Bounty bars, you would definitely like the idea of a Banjo bar! These tasty treats were packaged as a twin chocolate bar, much like a Twix or a Time Out, containing a toasted coconut filling. Sadly they haven’t been around for quite a few years.

20. Cadbury Time Out Bar

Image Source: www.goodto.com

Back in 2016, the iconic Time Out bar had a makeover and people were not impressed…instead of containing two bars, they are now only sold as individual finger bars. The inside has also been changed as they no longer contain a crumbly chocolate centre – devastating!

21. Quality Street Toffee Deluxe

Image Source: www.goodto.com

Quality Street have become an iconic symbol for the festive season, everyone just HAS to have a box at Christmas! But there was uproar when they announced that the beloved ‘toffee deluxe’ sweet was being removed from the selection, being replaced with a ‘caramel brownie’ flavour.

22. Cadbury’s Amazin’ Raisin Bar

Image Source: metro.co.uk

This funky chocolate bar was available in the 70s and it contained a white nougat, caramel and raisin filling with a milk chocolate topping and a plain chocolate bottom. So, if you are a raisin fan you might want to start a petition to bring this one back…

23. Texan Bar

Image Source: metro.co.uk

Described as a “milk chocolate covered chew bar” this popular treat had a toffee and nougat centre which we can imagine would be simile to a Mars bar without the caramel. It was predominately sold back in the 1970s and 1980s before being discontinued. 

24. Cadbury’s Aztec Bar

Image Source: Leicester Mercury

A lot of you might remember the famous advert that was broadcast for the Cadbury Aztec bar in an attempt to compete with the Mars bar. Although it was pretty much the same chocolate bar at 1p cheaper, it didn’t win the battle and Mars came out on top.

25. Milky Way Crispy Rolls

Image Source: The Independent

Surely everyone remembers the iconic Milky Way crispy rolls? These things were so addictive, you could endlessly munch away on them. They consist of light crispy wafer rolls filled with a whipped Milky Way filling and covered in chocolate…delicious! 

26. Cadbury’s Wispa Mint

Image Source: www.goodto.com

You’ll be pleased to know that since being discontinued, the original Cadbury’s Wispa bar and the gold edition are both back on our shelves! This means there is still some hope that the delicious mint version might make a comeback, you just can’t beat it!

27. Terry’s Pyramint

Image Source: UK Snack Attack

We all know how popular Terry’s chocolate orange is, especially over the festive period. So you can imagine the smart thinking behind creating a mint version in the shape of a pyramid, but sadly it didn’t quite take off in the same way and it was taken off the shelves in the 1990s.

28. Cadbury Spira Bar

Image Source: Cheshire Live

You’ll be surprised to hear that the Cadbury Spira was only discontinued in 2005, despite being a very popular choice for customers in the sweet tooth community. The bar consisted of two fingers of hollowed twisted milk chocolate, putting it in between a solid bar and a flake. 

29. Cadbury Crispello

Image Source: The Guardian

The Cadbury Crispello is quite similar to a Kinder Bueno, consisting of three wafer shells filled with creamy chocolate and covered in another layer of milk chocolate. These tasty treats used to be very popular and we are sad to hear they are no longer available.

30. Cadbury Crunchie Orange Bar

Image Source: www.goodto.com

We’ve already mentioned the mint version of the Cadbury Crunchie but did you know there used to be an orange flavour too? We can imagine this being a winning combination because orange chocolate makes everything better! Sadly it was only a limited edition and it is no longer available.