30 Subtle Hints She Wants To Get Out Of The Friendzone

By David S 5 months ago

1. She compliments you

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If she doesn't want to tell you directly about her sexual attraction to you, she will let you know that she cares for you more than a friend, by giving compliments, such as how nice you smell or how good you look in those new clothes you've just bought.

2. Trying to get you to see her in a romantic way

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Whilst in conversation she may try and make you see her in a romantic way by saying things that would make you imagine her as your partner or in a relationship with someone else. This may include sayings such as “if you were my partner, then we would” or “If I had a partner, this is what I would do.”

3. Telling you how she feels

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If she is getting impatient, this is the most direct way she will try and get out of the friend zone. One day she may pluck up the courage and tell you outright that she is interested in pursuing something deeper. So the decision on what happens next is yours!

4. Not letting you talk to her as a friend.

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Another hint will be that she will not like you talking to her as a friend. She will want to avoid certain topics such as your recent love interests or dating problems, as people in a genuine relationship will never have these types of conversations.

5. She likes touching you

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Physical contact is a sure sign that she likes you. She will always look to make an excuse to hug you, always sit as close as she can to you when you're together and may even kiss or slap you when play fighting. This will be a test to see if these feelings are mutual.

6. She mirrors your actions

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Mirroring is the behaviour in which one person subconsciously imitates the gesture, speech pattern, or attitude of another. This is also usually a sign of attraction, so if you're interested in something further, don't ignore these actions and take her on that date she's craving.

7. She asks lots of questions.

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Fancy a chat? No conversations will be short-lived if you're speaking to a friend who wants to be your future wife. Her curiosity about your life will be off the scale, so no topic will be seen as mundane, she will be happy to talk late into the night about anything and everything.

8. She flirts when texting you

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Someone can act very differently over text messages than they do in person. When you're both spending time together she may act like a normal friend, however, over text she may become more confident and flirty. Possibly even using suggestive emojis.

9. Open body language

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Do you have a good eye for reading body language? If the answer is yes, does she have her feet pointed toward you when talking, or does she exude a sense of warmth? These are signs that she is attracted to you! People show this open body language when they're interested in something more.

10. She vents to you about her boyfriend

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Does she always complain about her current boyfriend and confide in you about their problems? Does she mention that she wants the relationship to end? If so, she may be trying to get a reaction out of you to see if you're jealous, which would indicate you have some feelings for her.

11. She is jealous of other girls

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Being jealous of other girls may suggest that she wants you all to herself, this could also mean that she feels threatened by others. She also might be insecure that you don’t have the hots for her and that you have your eyes on someone else instead.

12. She brags about you to others

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You the man! Does she make it known to others that you're a great guy? Even to the extent that you feel a bit uncomfortable? Her praising you in front of other people is a good sign. It means that she likes you a lot and that she wants you to feel unique.

13. Inside jokes

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Humour is an essential factor in most friendships. This is also an essential ingredient in most romantic relationships. So, if she likes you more than a friend, she will make more effort to create some inside jokes that you use on a regular basis to bounce off each other's laughter.

14. She tells you she loves you

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If she tells you directly that she loves you, then don't ignore this and assume that she is messing with you. Love is a powerful word and her expressing it to you may be more literal than you realise, especially if she makes statements like, "I love you so much" or, "I am totally in love with you"

15. She makes strong eye contact

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Humans always make good eye contact when we like someone. If she locks eyes with you often, it shows that she’s really interested in you. It also indicates that she listens to you intensely and that she’s fully invested whenever you're both together.

16. She always smiles around you

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If she always smiles when you're together, this could well mean she holds some level of feelings for you. This also demonstrates that she enjoys your company. Smiling can also be a sign of nervousness, but being nervous around someone can also indicate attraction.

17. She texts you right before bed (Or right when she wakes up)

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If she always has you on her mind, she won't follow the usual communication rules. She may send you a message in the middle of the night because she can't sleep or first thing in the morning to update you on her latest dream. She will also always message you to say night.

18. She laughs (Even when your jokes are bad)

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Laughter is an essential part of a healthy relationship. Many girls value humour in a partner and if she likes you, she will think you’re funny and may even believe you're more comical than you really are. She will likely laugh out loud even when your jokes are bad.

19. She avoids eye contact

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Even though it was mentioned previously that making eye contact is a sign she likes you, avoiding eye contact can also demonstrate her feelings, she may deflect her stare because she feels embarrassed or ashamed to look directly into your eyes for too long.

20. She doesn’t like your girlfriend

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If you're currently in a relationship, then it's certain she will not like your current partner. This may already be obvious as she could tell you directly that you deserve better, or this might be more discreet as she may be extra nice to you after having an argument with your girlfriend.

21. She posts pictures with you

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Say cheese! If she constantly snaps a selfie with you and follows up by posting this on her socials, this is a sign that she is into you. This means she wants to show you off to the world and also hopes others make assumptions that you're officially an item.

22. She values your advice

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Does your friend come to you when she feels stuck or scared for advice? Does she always follow up on what you tell her to do? If yes, this means she likely sees you more than just a friend. She also knows you can be trusted with her deepest darkest secrets.

23. She invites you to everything

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Whether she is going to the cinema, out for a nice meal, or attending a wedding, if she always wants you by her side, this shows that she is attracted to you! If you're always first on the plus-one list, then if you're interested, it might be a good idea to book a ticket for the back row at the cinema.

24. Her friends make positive comments about you two together

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Do her friends always say that you both would make a great couple? Do they always suggest that you should ask her out? If so, it's likely that she has told them that she likes you. She has probably even instructed them to try and get you to make the first move.

25. She wants you to know her family

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If a girl invites you to meet the family, then this means she wants you to be part of her everyday life. In normal circumstances, people won’t bring their partners to meet the family until they’re officially dating. So, if she’s currently just your friend and you're round for Sunday dinner every week, that's a clear indication she wants to be your girlfriend.

26.  She seems to want to make you jealous

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Is she always talking about how she always has the boys chasing her on nights out? If this is the case, she might be trying to make you feel jealous. Her plan could be that if you think she’s hot property, you might be more likely to be interested in her!

27. She tries to make you feel special

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A girl after your heart will always try and make you feel special! Whether it’s sending you a present or making your favourite dish, she will always go the extra mile. She will make this effort, as she wants you to be thinking about her in a positive way.

28. She blushes around you

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Blushing is known to be a sign of nervousness. If she always blushes when you're with her, this probably means she is feeling nervous! This could also be a sign, that she wants your acceptance because she likes you and doesn't just want to be a friend.

29. She never seems bored

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If she never gets bored and seems to be having the time of her life each time you're together, this shows she finds you spellbinding and wants to spend as much time as possible with you. This will also likely be when you're both spending time alone in each other's company.

30. She starts trying your hobbies

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If your friend wants to get out of the friend zone, she will strive to learn about what you're interested in and what you like to do with your spare time. This will mean she will try and pick up some of your hobbies. This will also mean she will be able to spend more time with you.

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