Dark Secrets From An Ex Child Actor

By Anna Collins 8 months ago

1. Corey Feldman was abused in Hollywood

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Corey Feldman opens up about his traumatic past as a child actor in Hollywood. He described how he and his friend (now sadly passed away) Corey Haim were passed around by groups of men from the Hollywood industry, using their power to s*xually abuse them.

2. Paedophilia is the worst problem in Hollywood

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Corey Feldman also declares that the worst problem in Hollywood is pedophilia “I can tell you that the number one problem in Hollywood was and is and always will be pedophilia,”. There is this dark side, very secretive, full of powerful high-status men who are using their wealth and their positions of power to routinely s*xually abuse children who are trying to make it in the industry.

3. He has to watch his abuser continue his successful career

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One of the worst things for Corey Feldman is the fact that even after the traumas of his past, not only do his abusers get away with it, but he has to watch them in the same industry continue to develop their successful and wealthy careers with 0 repercussions.

4. Naming names is impossible

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He has stated how much he would love to name their names, to get them sent down. But in reality, they are protected because if he named them it would be him facing the law suit when they sue him. So, he cannot even get any justice for what happened to him.

5. The laws are very 'convenient' in protecting pedophiles

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I would love to name names,” Corey Feldman admitted. “I’d love to be the first to do it. But unfortunately, in California, conveniently enough, there is a statute of limitations that prevents that from happening. Because if I were to go and mention anybody’s name, I would be the one that would be in legal problems, and I’m the one that would be sued.”

6. Feldman believes it caused Corey Haim's drug addiction and death

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Feldman was very close to Corey Haim. They were both starting out in the industry and they were both working closely with one another in children. They were abused together and Feldman believes Haim used drugs to try and forget about his horrors which in turn led to his tragic early death.

7. And it caused his own addiction issues and depression

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Being surrounded by abuse and s*xual abuse from such a young age, for many years by Hollywood stars took a huge toll on Corey Feldman who admits that his own substance abuse and addictions as well as his depression have developed from the traumas of his childhood.

8. CONVICTED s*x-offenders continue to work there

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According to Feldman, there are so many people in Hollywood walking free despite having committed s*xual offences. And, there are even convicted offenders working in Hollywood too. For example, Brian Peck is a convicted s*x offender who is not allowed to work directly with children but he can still work on movies which feature children!

9. Every child actor has met a paedophile!

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Anne Henry supports child actors along with their families and educated people about abuse in Hollywood. She talks about the huge problem of pedophilia in Hollywood. She said “I do not think it is an exaggeration to say that every child actor would have brushed shoulders with a pedophile”.

10. The Hollywood moguls will abuse you

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In Hollywood, the rich and the famous seem to believe that their status and power makes them above the law according to the confessions of child actors. Because they are so powerful, they believe they can take part in child abuse and get away with it.

11. It's just 'how it is around here'

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It's a disgusting thought that it is so well known, and almost so accepted that Hollywood is a place for predators and pedophiles to exploit young children. But one young and anonymous boy who was interviewed reportedly stated that it's just the way things are around here.

12. Huge, lavish and drug filled parties

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Hollywood stars, directors, talent hunters and managers to name but a few, have been accused of child s*xual abuse. According to child actors, they throw HUGE, parties fuelled with drugs and money and this is often where they 'recruit' young boys and where the s*xual abuse often occurs.

13. They recruit you using social media

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According to Feldman, one of the ain ways these abusers in Hollywood recruit so many young children is through social media. They will send out a message stating that they are a Hollywood director and from here they try and lure children in to take advantage of them.

14. The problem continues to get worse and worse

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It's a terrifying thought to think in this day and age, a problem of pedophile, so horrific, is actually getting worse and worse and it's getting a repeatedly more frequent occurrence in Hollywood. Despite the fact that some of the problems came to light, there is so much still hidden.

15. If you can imagine something bad, it's probably happened in Hollywood

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Elijah Wood, The Lord Of The Rings star stated that if you can imagine something terrible, it has most likely happened before in Hollywood. He sheds light on the darkness around Hollywood and how much crime and s*xual crime takes place, and goes unnoticed.

16. You need someone to protect you

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He also claims that he (Wood) was lucky to manage to stay safe from the abuse. He says was protected by his mother, who kept him close during his childhood acting days in Hollywood. She kept him well away from the parties where a lot of the s*xual child abuse takes place.

17. Brian Singer has been accused

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One of the people who has been outed by child actors as an alleged child s*x offender is Brian Singer. Many young actors have come out to open up about how Singer abused them and took advantage of them. There have been multiple allegations against the powerful Hollywood actor.

18. Staurman opened up about being a  victim of Singer

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Blake Stuerman was 18 when he stared a physical relationship with Singer. 'It wasn’t until I began receiving treatment specifically for abuse and PTSD that I accepted what had actually happened. I am a victim of abuse by a very powerful, very wealthy, and very sick man. I am a victim of Bryan Singer.'

19. He claims he was completely controlled and manipulated

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He said in an interview: 'If Bryan found out I had hooked up with someone without his permission — without inviting him to participate — he berated me, and dangled my future in front of me,' he went on to say 'I wasn’t allowed to date. I wasn’t allowed to have s*x with people of my choosing. He controlled me.'

20. The abusers use their careers as emotional manipulation

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These young actors are emotionally manipulated. They are given a choice of continuing to accept their abuse and situation, or losing their career. For young actors starting out, many of them did not think that they had an option as they believed their abuser would ruin them due to the threats they received.

21. Mara Wilson (Matilda) was the subject of a porn website at 12 years old

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Mara Wilson starred in Miracle on 34th Street as well as Matilda. She stated that as a child in Hollywood, s*xual abuse is just a part of it, revealing how prolific the problem is. She was never physically abused due to her parents vigilance, but she became the subject of a porn site at the age of 12.

22. A child's talent manager admitted to s*xual abuse

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Michael Harrah was a successful child's talent manager in Hollywood and he openly confessed to the abuse of at least one child. He wished to shed light on how deep the problem ran, and the fact that it happened scarily frequently - admitting that he himself was amongst them.

23. A praised and celebrated convicted pedophile

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Hollywood director Roman Polanski was convicted of the rape of a 13 year old girl. He served 42 days for his monstrous crime. And his Hollywood powerful friends all openly supported him. One even referred to the 'so called crime', showing how involved these gangs of abusers are.

24. There are no repercussions

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He continued a successful career, winning an award in 2012 for directing The Pianist. If this is how rapists are treated in Hollywood, then how will such a horrendous problem ever go away? This is the problem that child actors have and are still facing today.

25. Much of it is not even hidden away

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There is this secret, sordid and dark world hidden away in Hollywood. But there are also the same issues going on, right in the open protected by their name. But, because of Californian laws these Hollywood moguls are often untouchable, or so it seems.

26. They lure you in with messages

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Corey Feldman revealed the tactics that these Hollywood recruiters use and the methods they have to exploit and sue children. He said “They reach out to little kids on Twitter, they reach out to little kids on Facebook, and they say, ‘I’m a big producer and I can help you.

27. It's crucial for parents to be vigilant

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Michael Harrah, the director who admitted to s*xually abusing a child revealed that it is so important for parents to remain close to their child in Hollywood.  He said “Many of the kids that I worked with couldn’t have even been able to take advantage of being in the industry had they had their families move here with them.”

28. The power behind keeping things under wraps

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Ex child stars such as Feldman have also revealed the power behind these people. These monsters who exploit children use their money to provide lawyers to protect their name. They keep their names out of the media and settle cases before they go to court by offering huge amounts of money.

29. It's a way in to Hollywood

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One anonymous ex child actor talked about the s*xual abuse that takes place. He said “Well, I’m trying to be an actor and this is how it is.” He explained that it is easier than doing an audition, “Well there are 1,000 people who go to an audition, but I can just get a director or a producer’s phone number.”

30. It leads to a lot of problems with child actors when they grow up

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There have been stories in the media of child stars who have spiralled out of control, or struggled with alcohol or drug addiction or battled depression. Yet the reasons are never highlighted. According to other child actors, abuse is one of the main reasons for these occurrences.

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