The Real Life Partners Of The Emily In Paris Cast

By Kirsty 4 months ago

1. Gabriel

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Gabriel is the chef who not only charmed Emily, but us as well, let's be honest. They go back and forth with their clear mutual attraction for a whole season until they gave in at the end of season 1. It's not plain sailing for this guy, though, who's juggling a complicated love life with opening up his restaurant in Paris.

2. Lucas Bravos: Single

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Public Service Announcement: actor Lucas Bravos appears to currently be single! The actor hasn't given anything away to indicate there's a special someone in his life (so that means we have a chance, right?). He's spoken in interviews before about how he would never want to date a co-star - even better for us, because we're definitely not his co-star.

3. Alfie

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Alfie is Emily's second love interest, and our new crush, for the second season of the show. He's actually British, and meets Emily in French class where they bond over their failures to fully immerse themselves in the French way of life. Things inevitably hot up between them, but of course Gabriel is still the elephant in the Parisian room.

4. Lucien Laviscount: Single

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More fantastic news: actor Lucien is single! So if Gabriel's actor doesn't float your boat, maybe Alfie's actor will. He's very private with his personal life so there's always the chance he's hiding a love interest, but not that we've seen so far. He's definitely not publicly dating anybody!

5. Emily

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The leading lady of the show, Emily Cooper, is a marketing whizz who takes up a job opportunity in Paris for the company Savoir. Her purpose is to bring an 'American POV' to the French firm, but this becomes difficult when she doesn't really immerse herself in the culture - not to mention coming up against her French boss, Sylvie. And, of course, she has an ex she's just recently broken up with so she's on the lookout for love (enter Gabriel).

6. Lily Collins: Married To Husband Charlie McDowell

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In real life, actress Lily Collins doesn't have to worry about flirting with her downstairs neighbor, because she's happily married! She's been married to Charlie McDowell since 2021, and Charlie is an American film director and writer. They've been together since 2019.

7. Camille

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Camille is the first friend Emily makes in Paris - which would be all well and good if Camille wasn't actually the girlfriend of the guy Emily has been flirting with: Gabriel. Their friendship turns a little sour when Camille finds out the truth, but Camille later forgives Emily when she says she won't date Gabriel. Yeah, let's see how that goes.

8. Camille Razat: Engaged To Partner Etienne Baret

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In real life, actress Camille Razat - yes, she's actually called Camille! - is in a happy relationship with her partner, Etienne Baret. The pair are engaged, and they go back to 2017 when they were first romantically linked after an Instagram snap. Baret is a photographer based in France.

9. Mindy

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Fortunately, Emily has more friends than just Camille: enter Mindy Chen, the wannabe-singer who meets Emily in Paris (funnily enough). She's out trying to make a life of her own away from her business-magnate father, and she spends the show trying to help Emily soak in the new French culture.

10. Ashley Park: Single

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In real life, actress Ashley Park who plays Emily's pal Mindy, appears to be single! She's been linked to a few people in the past, including some musicians (Mindy would be proud) and some theater stars of West Side Story. She was rumored to be dating Conrad Ricamora from How to Get Away With Murder, but it was never confirmed.

11. Sylvie

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Sylvie is Emily's French boss at her new job - and boy is she hard to please (but it wouldn't be fun to watch if she wasn't, would it?). At work, she's very blunt and honest - at home, she's in an open relationship with her husband. At first, she and Emily have a rocky relationship, but they soon find a mutual understanding!

12. Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu: Single

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In real life, actress Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu doesn't need to take any tips from her character about open relationships - because she doesn't appear to be in one! Philippine looks to be single at the moment, but she's definitely got a dating history which includes French actors and writers.

13. Antoine

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Speaking of Sylvie's open relationship - Antoine Lambert is actually her ex-lover, and he's also married to Catherine Lambert (and was married at the time of his affair with Sylvie). Antoine owns the company Maison Lavaux, which specialises in nice smelly French perfumes, and is a client of Savoir.

14. William Abadie: Single

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In real life, actor William Abadie's love life is a little less complicated - not complicated at all, in fact, seeing as he appears to be single! He keeps his cards quite close to his chest in terms of his personal life, but it doesn't look like he's dating anybody. He's said that his Emily in Paris character is a much better womanizer than he is!

15. Luc

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Luc is a fellow employee at the French company Savoir, who wastes no time in making fun of our leading lady, Emily. He does spend some time trying to be nice by offering her advice sometimes, though. His main focus is making fun of Emily's 'American' ways during her time in France - but eventually they develop a friendship.

16. Bruno Gouery: Single

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In real life, actor Bruno Gouery appears to be single! But he's definitely had success in his love life in the past because he has a son, who he's not shy about posing with on social media. He does keep his love life private, which is even more understandable when you have a child to protect from the spotlight, too!

17. Julien

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Julien is another employee at the French company Savoir, who also enjoys making fun of Emily for her American ways alongside his colleague Luc. Eventually, though - like Luc - he becomes friends with her and starts to share the hot goss with her about France and Savoir.

18. Samuel Arnold: Single

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Actor Samuel Arnold, who has mainly appeared on French TV shows before his role in Emily in Paris - still linking to France, though! - currently appears to be single in real life. He's managed to keep his personal life pretty much out of the spotlight with not much known about his dating history. Looks like he's focusing on the job at the moment!

19. Madeline

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Madeline Wheeler is the woman who should have taken Emily's job at Savoir - and we could have had a very different Madeline in Paris. She's the boss at Gilbert Group, the American company Emily originally works for, before she unexpectedly gets pregnant and recommends Emily for the position instead.

20. Kate Walsh: Engaged To Partner Andrew Nixon

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Actress Kate Walsh, who we know and love from shows like Grey's Anatomy and 13 Reasons Why, is engaged to her Australian partner Andrew Nixon. The pair have been engaged since October 2022. Walsh has previously been married, in 2007 to 2010, to Alex Young.

21. Benoît

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Benoît is a very talented guitar player making pretty much everyone swoon, including aspiring singer Mindy. He even duets a song with her while they're on the Seine river together. She tries to set him up with Julien at first - before they start dating instead. He then invites Mindy to join his band.

22. Kevin Dias: In A Relationship With Partner Margot Milani

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Actor Kevin Dias is in a happy relationship with his French (of course) partner, model Margot Milani. Not only that, but the couple share a child together: a 2 year old son. He's been open on social media about his family life, and has also called his son his greatest achievement. Aw!

23. Erik DeGroot

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Erik DeGroot is a photographer - an amateur one at that - who, when he's not taking snaps in Paris, is having an affair with Sylvie Grateau, Emily's boss. While he was minding his own professional business at a Savoir event, Sylvie spotted him and one thing led to another, of course.

24. Søren Bregendal: Single

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The 39-year-old actor was born in Denmark, and one of his biggest roles has been in the hit Netflix show Emily in Paris of course, though he has many other things under his belt. He had a role in the Danish TV show '2900 Happiness', as well as spending time as a singer/songwriter for pop band C21. It doesn't look like he's in a relationship at the moment, so his music might not have seduced anyone just yet!

25. Nicolas De Leon

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Nicolas De Leon is actually a crown prince - it's always good when a TV show has an actual prince, isn't it? He's also the business exec of his family's company, JVMA. He's therefore burdened with trying to prove himself worthy of the business and not just in control because he's family. He inevitably crosses paths with our Emily!

26. Paul Forman: Single

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In real life, British and French actor Paul Forman doesn't appear to be in a relationship at the moment. He lives in London, after graduating from the Drama Studio London back in 2016, and it'll come as no surprise that he's also had work as a model, too - including for a Little Mix magazine cover!

27. Thomas

Image Source / Emily in Paris Wiki - Fandom

Thomas is a professor who Emily meets in a café in Paris - filling the 'hot teacher' quota for the show, if you're into that sort of thing. They have a fling - because of course they do - but it turns out he's a tiny bit pretentious and ends up pushing Emily away. Gabriel even tries to warn Emily that Thomas is a bit of a snob - how nice of him.

28. Julien Floreancig: Single

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In real life, actor Julien Floreancig who plays Thomas is actually single - but we hope it isn't because he's as much as a snob as his character is! He's French but currently lives in London, after graduating from the Giles Foreman Centre in 2016. His best known role is Damien in Chronicles of the Sun.

29. Timothée

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Timothée is the younger brother of Camille, Emily's friend and Gabriel's girlfriend. And when we say young, we mean young - which, unfortunately, Emily doesn't realise when she sleeps with him. After a bit of champagne, they hook up, and only after does Emily find out that he's seventeen years old. Yikes.

30. Victor Meutelet: Single

Image Source / de:BRIEFED - Tumblr

In real life, actor Victor Meutelet is a little bit older than his character on the show - born in 1998 - but he's also still single, it would seem. No doubt he's enjoying being young and single. His acting credentials include Eyewitness, Les rascals, MILF and Some Like It Rare alongside Emily in Paris.

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