What You See In These Inkblots Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

By Anna Collins 10 months ago

1. Do you see a cockroach or two dark angels

Image source/ texturefabrikIf you see a cockroach or some kind of insect in this inkblot it suggest you are a person who loves routine, a creature of habit who craves stability. On the other hand of you see a dark angels it suggests that your mind much more seeks for the adventure and unknown path.

2. Two gnomes or two dogs

Image source/ PinterestMost people in this inkblot test usually either see two gnomes or two dogs or animal figures. The gnomes points to the fact that you are an extrovert who gains energy and motivation from the people around you and socialising. On the other hand if you see the animals it suggests you are an introvert who needs alone time to restore your energy.

3. A forest or castle

Image source/ blogspotIf you look at this inkblot and see a palace, it shows you are deeply ambitious. You feel that you constantly want to push yourself out of your existing realms. On the other hand, those who see a forest are very down to earth and humble and appreciate who they are and where they come from.

4. A dark haired woman or flowers

Image source/ youneedThose who see a dark haired woman in this inkblot show that they have a very good intuition. In fact your gut is usually right. Seeing flowers in this inkblot shows a tendency to be a people pleaser. You love to spread joy to everyone - sometimes at the cost of your own happiness.

5. Reproductive organs or an antelope

Image source/ doodlesandjotsIf you saw an antelope creature or some kind of animal's bone structure it can indicate that you are fairly mistrusting. You never quite believe people's intentions are pure and you have a lot of walls up to protect yourself. If you see reproductive organs it implies you tend to see the best in people and take people very much at face value.

6. A persons head or two parrots

Image source/ doodlesandjotsWhen you see a person's head it means you are very open minded. You consider other people's opinions and base judgement upon circumstance and feelings. Whereas if you see the parrots you are more likely to be closed minded, judging off your own thoughts and feelings regardless or others.

7. A rams skull or a bat

Image source/ explorepsychologyIf you see the figures of animals it suggests you have an innocent personality, in that you usually believe what you hear and you see the world as a very positive place. If you see a skull or some kind of bone structure you are much more hardened by the world. Your experiences have shaped your world views.

8. A pair of lungs or a butterfly

Image source/ vinitzaThose people who see a pair of lungs in this inkblot may have a tendency to display traits of selfishness or aggression. You may put on a façade to others to seem confident or powerful. On the other hand, if you see a butterfly you are very comfortable with expressing your gentle and kind nature and view it as your strength.

9. A bat or two dogs

Image source/ findanythingThose who see a bat have a sadness in them, a part of their mind can sometimes be overcome with emotions of sadness or anxiety and sometimes are unable to control it. On the other hand, those who see dogs control their emotions and deal with their emotions in a more constructive way.

10. Two women facing apart or two parrots

Image source/ explorepsychologyWhen you see two women facing apart from one another it can show that you are very indecisive. You are constantly in two minds about things, you find it difficult to keep to one line of thinking. When you see two parrots, it can show that you are very set in your thinking - sometimes to the extent of being stubborn.

11. Two moving animals or a dragonfly

Image source/ businessinsiderSome people see two moving animals on all fours in this inkblot. If so, you are probably very adaptive to your environment. You deal well with change and take things as they come. But if you see a butterfly you have a very fragile sense of security and prefer things to stay the same around you.

12. An anchor or two ladies in dresses

Image source/ womenstalkSeeing an anchor can show that you are very comfortable and confident in yourself. You are unapologetically you at all times and do not feel the need to change. Seeing two women in dresses on the other hand can suggest that you prefer to impress people by constructing an identity you think fits in best with people.

13. A face or a reindeer

Image source/ behanceSeeing the face in the inkblot shows you are a mysterious person, who sometimes lies. Nobody truly knows you inside and out, or not many people and you often evade the truth. Seeing the deer suggests that you are usually very honest and see the truth as a symbol of trust.

14. A wolf or two pigs

Image source/ margaretpeotSeeing two pigs shows that you are a good person, however you are often underestimated. People put you down on a frequent basis taking a toll on your self belief. Seeing a wolf can mean that you actually have a sense of superiority. You often function alone, thinking that people are else adequate to yourself.

15. Two women or a smiley face

Image source/ youworkforthemThis inkblot tells us about how you see relationships. Seeing two women can show that your personality is very much linked with physical intimacy. You crave physical touch and intimacy from people in order to establish deep connections. Seeing the smiley face shows that you need words of affirmation in order to feel secure.

16. 3 men's heads or two poodles facing apart

Image source/ blog.nemoSeeing three heads shows you are a complex person. You have deep thoughts and a complex mind which cannot be understood easily by you or anybody else. Seeing two poodles shows that you are often an outsider. People rarely connect to you and you feel different.

17. Two profiles facing each other or the female reproductive system

Image source/ timetogodownSeeing the female reproductive system shows that you see sexual connection as a very important factor in life and relationships. Seeing two profiles facing on another shoes that you truly think that mind and mental connection is the most important thing in life.

18. Two cats or two stags facing each other

Image source/ quizdooTwo stags suggests you are always on the go. You are high energy, always moving and always planning the next thing. If you see cats you are in some ways the opposite. Relaxing at home and having you time and relaxation is something you value highly.

19. A spider or two poppy flowers

Image source/ etsySeeing a spider indicates that you are a complete perfectionist. You are hardworking and will not stop or rest until you have done something exactly the way you envisaged. Seeing two poppy flowers implies that you are much more care free. You appreciate things for the way they are and realise that acceptance and appreciation are very important.

20. The head of a ram or two peacocks

Image source/ blogspotWhen you see two peacocks or something similar in this inkblot it shows you are extremely confident and sometimes vain. You highly prize your looks tot he point where it can come across as arrogant. On the other hand seeing the head of a ram shows you are very self deprecating and often underestimate your own self worth.

21. The head of an alien or a moving vehicle

Image source/ discogsIf you see a moving vehicle in this inkblot you are probably a highly successful person and highly logical. You have probably progressed on rationality and logic. If you see an alien it suggest you have a highly creative brain, you think out of the box and see things in artistic ways.

22. A face lying sidewards or a horned creature

Image source/ explorepsychologyIf you see a face lying on its side you are a warm and open person. You are one of those people who attracts people and everyone wants to be around you. Seeing a horned creature implies you can be quite timid. It takes a lot to bring out your real personality.

23. The reproductive organs or the face of a creature

Image source/ tynoteThe reproductive organs shows that you can see people on a surface level. You are often attracted to looks at the expense of seeing the person underneath, you can be judgmental at times. Seeing the face of a creature shows you are very good at seeing beneath people's looks. You give people a chance and see them for the person they are, rather than being superficial.

24. Two women's faceless silhouettes or a serpent

Image source/ blogspotSeeing a serpent means you cannot be trusted at times. You often do things to benefit yourself, no matter then expense of others. Seeking power, status and money is your goal. If you see the faceless women it implies you are always there for everybody, you are reliable and giving.

25. A demonic face or a huge crab

Image source/ findanythingSeeing a demonic face shows that sometimes you have to work hard at being a good person. Sometimes you display negative traits and it can be difficult to keep them in check. Seeing a huge crab shows that you are have excellent self control and self preservation.

26. A giant insect or a skulls face

Image source/ allthat'sinterestingIf you see a skulls face then perhaps you dwell on things. It implies that you are an anxious person - things weigh heavily on your mind that you cannot forget. Seeing a giant insect on the other hand shows you do not overthink, in fact sometimes you do not think about consequences enough.

27. Two people in motion or a masked face

Image source/ explorepsychologyThe masked face can portray the side that you are vindictive. Not always, but you often show signs of vindictive behaviour and taking advantage of people is easy to you. Seeing two people in motion shows you are harmonious, you work with people not against them and value others as much as yourself.

28. A pair of eyes or a set of wings

Image source/ explorepsychologyA set of eyes shows that you are understanding and highly empathetic to other people - you are a great listenener. If you see a winged creature, you sometimes find it hard to consider the emotions of other people and can be quite cold and unfeeling sometimes.

29.  The tonsils inside of a mouth or a cat

Image source/ theogreenartIf you look at this inkblot and see deep inside a mouth, including a pair of tonsils, then it could mean you seek out popularity. You have a deep desire to be liked and to be popular. Seeing a cat shows that you are very unbothered by what other people see you as.

30.  A bear or two boys leaning backwards

Image source/ explorepsychologyThe bear means you are most likely quite rebellious. You love going against the grain and doing things different - you love adventure! Seeing two boys leaning back means you prefer calm and peace and you desire a relaxed and quite routine rather than anything shaking it up.

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