30 Pieces Of Undeniable Evidence That The Illuminati Exists

By Anna Collins 10 months ago

1. An Illuminati was proven to exist a long time ago

Image source/ archivedAn Illuminati once existed and was named the Bavarian Illuminati, a secret organization and a real Illuminati group initially made up of 5 people. Once the royal decree was passed, to outlaw it in 1777 many members fled the country due to the fear they would have their names exposed to the world.

2. Their agenda grew in popularity at the time

Image source/ WikimediaThe group started small but it gained popularity and the Illuminati grew. The agenda back then was pretty much the opposite now. It was very much about removing the Church's power over the state, reducing state power abuse, and creating more equal opportunities for women.

3. Many of their plans came true

Image source/ historygraphAnother piece of evidence that they are real is that back then their thinking was totally radical, but over time their mission became true.  Order Of The Illuminati succeeded in managing what they had set out to do. Possibly because they continued to exist in secret...

4. Some of the descendants still exist

Image source/ wikiThere are several organisations alive and operating today who claim to be descended from the Bavarian Illuminati. Some of it's not true, but as for some they are very real organisations. There is one Illuminati group today which exist who want to control the population and create one language and currency for all.

5. People have been discussing them for centuries

Image source/ PinterestIf an organisation didn't exist, why would they continue to be talked about for centuries? Especially considering the original Illuminati supposedly died out at the end of the 18th century. Their name continues to circulate around the world as thought they are still in existence.

6. Pop culture is full of references

Image source/ CNNThe Illuminati is so intertwined in our pop culture today. There are films, books, TV shows, songs and more which circulate ideas or revolve around the Illuminati. There lots of lyrics or shows which reference the Illuminati and their views.

7. HG Wells thought they existed!

Image source/ wikiHG Wells was a very intelligent man, yes he may have been a fiction writer, but much of what he said was true. And he thought that the Illuminati were very much real and would implement their views into the world at some point in time. This is evidence that people really truly believed there was an Illuminati.

8. Their symbols are all around us

Image source/ artmediaThe pyramid with the floating eye...this appears more often than you think. It has become very much associated with the New World Order. The pentagram is also a symbol which is associated with the anti-Christ but also the Illuminati. Strangely it features on many buildings around the world including churches!

9. The importance of cash

Image source/ RedditThe US dollar bill includes the very symbol which has become synonymous with the Illuminati. Is this a reference to the fact that they were involved with the creation of modern America? Some people think this is evidence that they are controlling more of the world than we know!

10. The Round Table Movement

Image source/ PinterestThere was a society called Society Of The Elect and it apparently functioned under the guise of a group which has been well documented, called Round Table Movement. The group wanted to encourage a closer relationship between Britain and its colonies.

11. Visiting aliens

Image source/ listverseSo it is the belief of some, that aliens have visited earth and that they are very much involved with the Illuminati. Whilst evidence of alien life exists, some believe that aliens are very much in cahoots with he elite- with the Illuminati! And, this is why it's all being kept under wraps.

12. The increasing control of celebrities

Image source/ RedditIn the modern world the power and influence of celebrities grows and grows and it permeates our entire society. They try and influence not just what we buy as consumers but also what we think about situations or who we should vote for in elections. Famous people and celebrities are thought to be much more likely to be involved with the Illuminati, used as controlling methods for the people.

13. Some people believe certain celebrities are clear evidence of the Illuminati

Image source/ glamourEven celebrities now make references through the symbols they use, such as Jay-Z's diamond hand gestures. For this reason as well as his lyrics  as well as some of his peers, there are people who believe Jay Z is a clear member of the illuminati, along with Beyonce and Rihanna who have possibly been introduced through the rapper.

14. There are continuous attempts to keep the Illuminati legacy alive

Image source/ WiredFor example, there is a website of the Illuminati Order which has a website promoting all of their original values. It sends messages such as ending global famine and poverty and improving sanitation around the world and abolishing taxes around the world.

15. The idea isn't so unrealistic

Image source/ bloombergThere's the thinking that an Illuminati group is unrealistic. Yet, all around the world the majority of the globes wealth and power are in the hands of a few. Secrets, super rich people and major influence are not something that does not happen on a day to day basis all around the world.

16. And most of the world is controlled by a small amount of people

Image source/ marketwatchIn proportion, the whole world is controlled by a very small group of people. In a sense, these people control pretty much everything from how we live and what we do - for example, how many hours we work and how much we earn. So, is this evidence that a secret group of wealthy and powerful people (maybe the Illuminati) do have extreme power?

17. There is a huge social media following

Image source/ mediageekNow not everything in social media is true, that's for certain. But there are huge numbers of people who follow Illuminati pages. The Illuminati have such a mass social media following that people believe this has to be evidence that they really do exist.

18. Surveillance is everywhere

Image source/ WIREDOne piece of evidence people use to show the existence of the Illuminati is the fact that there is surveillance everywhere! This is in their opinion the way they manage to control the earth and watch everybody in it. And now they have the control, it's easier than ever!

19. The use of the Euro

Image source/ assetsaveThe Euro now exists in many countries over the world. And, one of the well known plans of the Illuminati was to create a global currency which everybody could use across the globs. Some people think this is not far away with 'Amero' in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

20. The Agenda 21

Image source/ bloombergMany conspiracist theorists or Illuminati believers believe that Agenda 21, a public agenda and policy, is a way to cram a huge amount of people into small urban areas and take away their rights with the agenda to cull a huge section of the population.

21. Showing mass sports in the media

Image source/ FortuneTheorists also believe that other evidence of the Illuminati existing is the fact that sports now is so huge and spread all across the world through the media. They believe it is a way to distract the world from the people who are controlling us - i.e. the secret organisations.

22. The existence of new diseases

Image source/ nationalgeographicOther people think that the Illuminati are linked with the introduction of new diseases. They believe this is a way of controlling the population. The fact that there are always new diseases and viruses are a reason they think that the Illuminati exist!

23. Washington D.C is full of evidence

Image source/ WTOPThe structure and layout of Washington D.C is thought to be full of symbols of the Illuminati. It is full of symbols of the Illuminati, the founding fathers, and freemasons. In fact they believe the city is laid out as a Egyptian obelisk, reflecting the Illuminate's beliefs.

24. Public schools

Image source/ bostonmagazineIlluminati believers think that public schools are a creation of the Illuminati to teach their beliefs and ways. It is an easy way to teach the wealthy and high status individuals to then take the positions of power and recruit certain members of the Illuminati.

25. Illuminati disbelievers

Image source/ historychannelIlluminati believers are not put off by those who are sceptics. In fact, they believe that it is evidence that they do indeed exist. They actually think they are there on purpose to throw people off the scent and try and keep the organisation secret.

26. The cures for diseases

Image source/ RedditThere are lots of people who believe that the Illuminati exist and one of the pieces of evidence for this is the cure for dangerous diseases. They believe that the Illuminati withhold some dangerous diseases and sell them to huge companies to make a LOT of money.

27. The creation of certain drug laws

Image source/ CNNThey also believe another piece of evidence are the drug laws in America which make certain drugs illegal to create even more money through illegal trade, even though there are many people who believe that they would be beneficial to people's illnesses and diseases.

28. The popularity of reality TV

Image source/ arizonarepublicAnother piece of evidence they use is the production and mass popularity of it is a kind of tool of distraction. Reality TV absorbs people in to become invested with personalities and people's lives. It takes attention away from real life and things going on in the world.

29. The militarized police

Image source/ WikipediaTheorists look at how the police has become more and more militarised with weapons and guns and more spending on them than ever before. They believe that this is a way they could create a force which could at some point be used for them, and perhaps against us!

30. The use and popularity of drones

Image source/ RedditDrones are believed by some as evidence of the Illuminati as they can be used as a weapon of control and as a method of spying on people. It is more effective than cameras because drones allow them to watch people and carry information. Believers think the popularity of drones is due to the illuminati using them first.

31. Apparently Beyonce's concert was an Illuminati ritual

Image source/ RedditIt might sound a little far fetched. But back in 2018 in Dubai, Beyonce was performing for thousands of people. There were many people there that considered the show proof of the Illuminate's existence. They even thought they had witnessed a ritual where Beyonce was helped onto the stage by a masked person.

32. Everybody knows their plans

Image source/ fredkOkay, so here's the theory; how can the Illuminati exist when everybody known who they are and what their intentions and goals are? For example, now everybody associated the Illuminati with wanting to bring about the New World Order. Believers think this knowledge is proof of their existence.

33. Celebrities are acting weird have been turned into zombies

Image source/ listverseSo this is probably the whackiest of all. But, some people insist that this is proof! Celebrities have always thought to be a tool of the Illuminati. And there were viral videos of certain high profile stars staring off into space and acting a little bit odd. They believe that these celebrities have been cloned and then killed , and that the clones are doing the bidding of the Illuminati.

34. Beyonce is a clone who 'glitched'

Image source/ glamourFor example, some people think that the real Beyonce is dead and buried. What they think now, is that she is a brainwashed clone used to turn even more people into brainwashed clones. There is the video of Beyonce at a basketball game where she is staring at nothing, her head turning from side to side for a few minutes. People claim that the drone was glitching.

35. Conspiracies continue to grow

Image source/ YouTubeThose who believe in the Illuminati also use the evidence of growing conspiracy theories as proof. Because they argue that if the Illuminati did not exist, theories would start to die out rathe than gaining more and more popularity and media attention.

36. The government is very involved with people's lives

Image source/ RedditThis is the basis of many Illuminati conspiracist's theories. Because, they use the control of the government as evidence and point to how involved they are in people's lives. They believe that this is because the Illuminati have great control over the world.

37. Many different parts of the population believe it

Image source/ RedditHere's another piece of 'evidence' thrown to us by Illuminati conspiracists: so many different sections of the population believe, it's not just a certain group of people it is people from all different backgrounds and education levels. So how can they all be wrong?

38. Katy Perry's music video

Image source/ USA TodayCelebrities are often coming under fire for being accused of being a part of the Illuminati. And, Katy Perry rose to the top very quickly which theorists link with her powerful behind the scenes connections. And, she actually used Illuminati imagery in some of her music videos which made rumours grow.

39. Huge cover ups

Image source/ New York Daily TimesIlluminati conspiracists believe that huge media stories are sometimes created tot take our attention away from mistakes that the Illuminati have caused, which if discovered would of course make for a much bigger scandal - as well as the Illuminati being found out and exposed.

40. The creation of celebrity trainwrecks

Image source/ RedditEvery now and then in the media there will be a huge story about a celebrity having a huge mental breakdown. Conspiracists do not think that this is a coincidence. Remember Britney Spears and her public mental health struggles? People believe this was what happened when her mind control stopped working and the Illuminati wanted her to look like she wasn't of sound mind.

41. Monarch Mind Control

Image source/ The GuardianMonarch Mind Control is what Illuminati theorists call what they believe the control over people and their minds...for example, celebrities. So, linked with the prior point, when this does not work they instead claim mental health incident so that people do not trust what they will say, if they tried to expose the Illuminati.

42. The satanic Mickey Mouse Club

Image source/ RedditThis is not what Disney fans will want to hear. Conspiracists believe that Disney and in particular the Mickey Mouse Club are lined with Illuminati bloodlines and powerful satanic families. They corrupt young people working for Disney to corrupt young minds watching Disney on the TV.

43. LeBron James' Illuminati hand signals

Image source/ RedditConspiracists have for a long time been linking LeBron James, one of the most famous basketball and sports players in the world, with the Illuminati. They zoomed in on videos before and after games to watch his hand signals which they link to satanic and Illuminati symbols.

44. Miley Cyrus 'We can't stop'

Image source/ RedditRemember Miley's hit single 'we can't stop'? Illuminati conspiracists believe that this song had a secretive deeper meaning. Her music video shows the All Seeing Eye as well as the satanic number 666. They believe that she was sending fans subliminal Illuminati messages, despite her rejecting these claims.

45. Rihanna's lyrics and tattoos

Image source/ RedditRihanna is one of the most popular pop singers we know. She's also linked herself to the Illuminati through the imagery she's used. In one of her videos 'S&M, a newspaper says 'princess of the Illuminati, in Umbrella she is sat on a pyramid shape, and she has several symbolic Egyptian tattoos.

46. The powerful men's Bohemian grove

 Image source/ RedditBohemian Grove has been linked with the Illuminati because some of the most powerful men in the world all get together here for a few days on end. Famous Hollywood actor Clint Eastwood as well as many, many others are amongst them. They take part in ritualistic practices. The Illuminati bloodlines have also been known to come here, such as the Rothschilds.

47. Lady Gaga's speech

Image source/ The SunLady Gaga is amongst many other celebs who have been linked with being a part of the Illuminati. One of the reasons was her various speeches including some of her sogs lyrics about good and evil which people thought conveyed messages of the New World Order. She has also used several Illuminati symbols.

48. The powerful Kardashians

Image source/ amidailluminatiThe Kardashian family are also at the brunt of many Illuminati conspiracies. Their power and influence over the world has grown excessively in recent years which some believe has to do with their Illuminati links. They have also had multiple photos linked with pyramids and the All Seeing Eye. Kim Kardashian denied knowing what the Illuminati organisation was.

49. Blood sacrifice

Image source/ RedditProfessor Griff came out as a whistle-blower of the Illuminati, he claimed to reveal secrets from the organisation and claimed that many high profile celebrities were involved. He even claimed that there was a blood sacrifice, where to join an exclusive club the members had to lose one of their nearest and dearest. He claims that Jay Z lost his cousin because of this.

50. $100 Million Dollar Club

Image source/ RedditHe further claimed that the club in question was the 100$ million dollar club. Once you had sacrificed a member of your family or friends and lost someone, you could join this million dollar club - meaning that you had power and status like never before.

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