30 Ways To Make Your Ex Jealous

By Mariella 8 months ago

1. Focus On Improving Yourself

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Nothing will hurt your ex more than seeing you improve in life and becoming a better you!   Gurl, instead of binging on watching his favourite Netflix show over and over again because it reminds you of him, get yourself in the gym and honestly you will feel happy with yourself!

2. Spend Time With Your Friends

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The last thing you're ex will want you to be doing is being out and about having fun. If you're suffering from a heartbreak, personally, the best medicine for it is spending time with your friends. They can honestly let you to forget about all you're troubles and most probably will push a smile out of you without you even realising!

3. Post On Social Media About The Fun Things You're Doing

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Let's think about it, you've just broken up with your partner and then you hear or see on the socials that they are out being busy and not letting themselves mope around thinking about you! It would infuriate you! So, go out being busy and them jealous!

4. Show Off Your Accomplishments

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Showing that you can still be an amazing, accomplishing person while being single will drive your ex insane! This is because it is showing that you are strong enough to do anything without them and that they were just putting you down more than anything!

5. Go On Dates With Their Friends

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Now this point is a bit more of a cheeky thing to do but after a few weeks of your break up, slide into your ex's dms and ask to go for a coffee or even a cute cafe brunch, post your little date online so your ex knows about it. Doing this, will break your ex's heart further. This point is more for the gurls who are angry with their ex and didn't experience a civil break up!

6. Like And Comment On Their Best Friends Posts

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This point is to mess with your ex's head by doing such a small thing but means a lot. It'll make your ex question his friends, "why's she liking the post, what's going on?"; kind of like a mind game! Being social to EVERYBODY is the best way to get your ex jealous.

7. Be Around Successful People

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I know this is easier said than done but being around people who are happy and driven will really boost you up, compared to being around people that are down in the dumps and are not influencing you to be your best! Doing this, your ex will feel self anxious due to you being pushed by people that aren't them!

8. Show Off Your Talents

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Showing off your inner talents on social media will prove to your ex that because they are gone, they will never ever get in the way on your hobbies and the things your best at in life! It could be posting a video of your playing the guitar, singing, drawings the list can go on and on!

9. Change Something Noticeable About Yourself

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Gurl, you need to show him what he's missing out on! Go and get your hair done or go and get a new expensive outfit and plaster it all over your socials, it will drive your ex insane see you giving yourself a glow up and they sadly don't get to be there for it!

10. Show Independence

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Being your own man and doing better than you did before, will make your ex feel insecure about if he wasn't a good enough of a man to you and didn't provide a feeling of protection and support! Make sure to show him that you can protect yourself and find your own support!

11. Explore New Hobbies

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Don't keep yourself hidden from things in life because you may feel shy because of splitting up with your other half! After splitting up, try and expand your mind  by trying new hobbies, this is more of a mental way for you to be better then you were with your ex and showing YOURSELF your making him jealous!

12. Host A Party

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Now this point is a bit wild but if you decided to host a huuge house party, invite all of your exes friends and even family if you want to go that far but don't even think about inviting your ex! Doing this will make them feel so jealous and left out they may even try and talk to you about sorting things out!

13. Absolutely No Contact

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YOU. NEED. TO. TOTALLY. IGNORE. YOUR. EX!! I can't stress it enough, it is the simplest way to make them jealous and it takes no effort, just block them out your life! This will make them more desperate to be apart of your life and to know whatever is going on but unfortunately they cant.

14. Make An Effort On Looking Your Best

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Not allowing yourself to be looking your worst after your break up is the best thing for you! Wake up an extra 20 mins before work to really focus on yourself, allowing yourself to feel fresh and beautiful as you are! It will make you feel more confident after going through such a hard time and will show your ex what he is missing out on!

15. Add New People On Social Media

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Lets be honest, you've just split up with your ex and we all know you both will be stalking each other on social media as much as your hearts content! So, let's use this to its advantage and add lots of people on socials and start commenting on their posts and getting to know them! Your ex will find out and feel rubbish about it!

16. Kill Them With Kindness

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If your struggling to totally avoid your ex and have to make some sort of contact with them, then force yourself to smile in their face it will aggravate them so much to the point where they won’t want to speak to you anymore. This will mean that your not entertaining them and their drama!

17. Look After Your Soul!

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If your ex is told by other people or by their social media that you’re doing well and you are slowing becoming a better and stronger woman it will impress them so much! Your confidence you will be creating for yourself will make you look so much more attractive and create such an amazing profile for yourself!

18. Start Seeing Other People

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Ladies, get yourself on tinder and explore the other fish in the sea! If you ex sees or hears that you’ve been speaking to other people in a flirtatious way and have put the past behind you, you will probably get the water works going for them, they will be that jealous they will start crying!

19. Mention A "Friend" In Convo

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If you happen to be in a conversation with your ex and your feeling to be a little sly then this little tip will do the trick! Ladies, if your mention an unknown name a couple of time in the convo and then start talking about the person to your ex it will make them want to know everything, why are you guys talking, what is different about the friend to them etc!

20. Don't Reply Instantly

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Gurls, I know if he's text you out the blue you want to open that message straight away but if you also want to make the impression that you don't need him then leave the message and leave him wondering when your going to reply! To take your mind of him texting you, do something productive like clean your room or go to the gym, therefore he will be left on delivered for a good chunk of time!!

21. Let Them Know Your Having Fun

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Without being cocky and shoving in their face that you're getting on with life, you can easily sneak a few little things into conversation with your ex to show your living the best life! For example, if you were at a bar the other night, message your ex saying something like "Hey, were you at .... the other day thought I saw you". This will then leave your ex questioning what you're doing in your free time!

22. Post Any Good News

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Recently finished a degree? Or passed your drivers test? Or have bought a new home? Make sure to post it all over your socials to share to your friends (but really doing it to show your ex). Doing this will massively prove that your ex was pulling you down instead of helping you reach your dreams in life! And gurls, you do not want a man who doesn't support you all the way!

23. Try And Get Yourself On Vacation

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Getting yourself to pose in a sexy bikini on a beautiful beach with all your gurlfriends will break your exes little heart! If your wanting to make your ex jealous but without it looking too obvious? Get yourself on a flight and post every step of your vacation with your friends as it will make your ex want to be there with you!

24. Take Pics With People They Don't Know

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Think about it, if your ex posted a pic with someone that you had never seen or heard of you will use your FBI skills and stalk that person down!! So, if you post pics with people that your ex has no clue who they are, their suspicion will overcome them and they will want to know everything due to jealousy!!

25. Do Not Obsess Over Them

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The worst thing you can do ladies is end up obsessing over making your ex jealous over every little step because eventually it will just get boring for them and you will be the one who ends up jealous for everything. The best thing for you to do is to focus on your happiness and wellbeing, this is defo keep your ex on their toes!

26. Always Act Happy Around Them

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When you're around your ex, even when you're not in a conversation with them, act upbeat and set an impression that you're enjoying life, happy, smiley. Laugh at every joke, cheer on, sing to every song, you get the idea just look like you've just won the lottery about five times in a row!

27. Always Be Busy

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If your ex has text you asking to meet up or if your going to that party everyone is going to, make yourself sound as busy as possible, don't ever be available for a last min thing! This will make you look put together and determined to stay strong and to get on with filling your days out with preparation. Even say no if you have absolutely nothing on that day and ask to do a few weeks time!

28. Don't Answer In The Evenings

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If you answer your exes messages in the day but seem totally unavailable in the evenings your ex will be wondering "what is she up to?". Well gurls, this is the exact state of mind you want your ex in, on their toes, sitting at their phone waiting for that text back and wanting to ask what your up to!

29. Send Your Ex A Message That Was "Meant For Someone Else"

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This tip will really get your ex to see red, as you can see the little things really mean the most. If you just send a random text like "OMG did you see that funny thing that happened at the bar last night" or something like "Okay so see you at 3 at the cafe?" it will confuse your ex, get their hopes up because you may want a convo with them but then say "sorry that was for someone else".

30. Create A Private Story With Just Them On

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See this one is very cheeky and very sly, but it works like a gem. If you either on insta or snapchat create a private story with only your ex on, you can post pics of you looking absolutely incredible in and pics of you out and about with other people! Show him what he's missing out on gurrrl!

31. Be Polite, But Keep Your Distance

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Exes are more receptive if you're being polite and kind to them rather than angry and bitter. It's more difficult for them to comprehend why you'd be calm during a break up rather than angry, meaning they'll start to doubt themselves. Being polite - but keeping your distance - can make it seem like you're playing it cool, and they'll want to know more.

32. Always Look Your Best - Just In Case

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We get it - sometimes it takes too much energy to have a shower and put makeup on if you're just nipping to the grocery store, but this is the time you're most likely to bump into your ex when the universe is working against you. If you always look your best (just in case), if you do bump into them you'll look great.

33. Get Back Into The Dating Pool

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A good way to build your own confidence - and of course make your ex jealous once they find out you're happily dating again - is to put yourself out there. You never know - you ex might be on dating sites, too, which mean they might stumble across your live profile on dating sites looking for new love...

34. Plant Those Seeds

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The best way to get back at your ex and make them crazy jealous is to not be too obvious, but plant just enough to drive them crazy. Dropping hints and planting seeds can be a great way for them to start obsessively thinking about you, what you're doing, and what you mean when you say certain things.

35. Give Them The Impression You're Seeing Someone Else When You're Not

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Sometimes you might not be ready to start dating again after you've just split from your ex - that makes it tricky if you want to make them jealous by dating someone new. But you don't necessarily need to date someone new to get back at them - you just need to pretend that you are. Just start name-dropping a made up person loads and taking pictures with random strangers who look happy to be there.

36. Keep Mentioning A Certain 'Friend' In A Conversation

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Just mentioning one certain friend - especially if it's a friend they knew when you were together and knew how close you were - can be enough to plant an idea that they might now be more than a friend. If you have lots of friends, just pick your best looking friend out of the group and keep talking about them.

37. Keep Them Guessing What You're Up To

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It's much more likely to make your ex jealous (and much more fun) if you're subtle about what you've been up to rather than explicitly saying it. You want to keep them guessing and thinking about what you've been up to since you split up. The best way to do this is just be elusive, like saying, 'Oh sorry for the delay in reply, it's all been happening past few days!'.

38. Don't Use Names Of New People

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One great way to keep them guessing and make them jealous is to not actually say someone's name, like the name of someone you're seeing or a friend's name. It can be better to just drop vague hints without using an actual name, like, 'Sorry, I was out last night with someone new' or 'I made a new friend today'.

39. Pretend You Saw Them Somewhere Really Cool - Even Though You Didn't

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Send your ex a fun, excited message like, 'Hey, I thought I saw you at (enter name of the coolest nightclub in town) last night, I waved but I don't think you saw!'. You know they weren't really there - they know they weren't there - but now they know you were definitely there, and definitely having fun without them.

40. Make Sure Every Single Thing You Post Is Positive

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If social media has always been your outlet for everything, including rants, negative updates or when you're feeling sad and looking for support, that all needs to go out the window for the moment. You don't want your ex to see you posting about being angry or sad. Make sure that every single thing you post is happy, fun and positive.

41. Ask Your Friend To Post Or Tag You Instead

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If you want your ex to see all the super duper things you've been doing, but you don't want to make it too obvious - or seem like you're lying - by posting it yourself, you could ask your friends to do it for you. It will look more natural if your friends are posting photos of you all out partying and then tagging you in them.

42. Take Advantage Of Mutual Friends On Social Media To Comment

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If you and your ex have mutual friends on social media where they can see the friends updates and any interactions you have with them, this is a great opportunity. You should make sure you're commenting on these friend's pages, posts and photos - especially comments about the good times you're having together - so your ex can see them.

43. Find A Hot Stranger And Take A Snap

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Bonus points when you're taking a photo with a hot person your ex doesn't know, because this will get their cogs turning even more if they don't know them and wonder whether you're dating. Asking someone hot for a quick selfie in a restaurant, in the street or on a night out - and making sure they're happy to do it - is always a win.

44. Take Advantage If Your Ex Already Suspected Someone Had A Crush On You

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If your ex was insecure and accused someone of having a crush on you while you were together, like saying they think a friend likes you, or an acquaintance has a crush on you, take advantage of that to make them more jealous now. Just post some snaps of the two of you together, or tag them in stuff.

45. Change Your Bio To Something Amazing

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If you'd never put much effort into your social media bios before, especially your Instagram one, then now's the time to do it. You don't have to lie, but just exaggerate a few things and make it sound like you're doing loads of new adventures. Put something positive and inspirational that you didn't have there before.

46. Get A New Job

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Obviously this is a bit extreme if you weren't looking for a new job anyway, but if you were already wanting to look for a new job before you split up with your ex, now is the time to do it. Not only can this help you with a new start, it can help you make your ex jealous with 'oh my god, new job, met loads of new people!' posts, which is always good.

47. Find Your Self Esteem Again

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Splitting up with an ex can really give your self esteem a knock, and it's not going to be easy to make your ex jealous and feel fun and positive if your self esteem is none existent. So take the time to get feeling your best again so that it's more likely that you'll go out, do things, see new people and post new, exciting things!

48. Take Care Of Yourself On A Basic Level

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This may sound silly, or even obvious, but it'll be difficult to make your ex jealous if you're not taking care of yourself. If they notice you've lost weight in photos, are looking unhealthy, are looking tired or even if they bump into you and you look fantastic but smell awful after not showering for a week, then they're going to know you're not doing so well.

49. Update Your Profile Photo

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Now is the perfect time to take a new hot selfie for your updated profile photo. It doesn't have to be too revealing or overly sexual, just something that makes you feel good and makes you look sexy. An updated photo - especially if your ex gets a notification that you've updated it - can be a great sign that you're moving on.

50. Don't Push Too Much Jealousy All At Once

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Once you've caught your ex on your hook and start to reel them in, don't try and push it too much all at once. Don't try to throw loads of things of them when they start acting jealous, just take it slow and plant more seeds over time in a casual way. If you do too much at once, they might respond angrily or negatively and then decide not to bother. Take your time!

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