Real Life Partners Of The White Lotus Cast

By Anna Collins 10 months ago

1. Theo James (Cameron Babock)

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Theo James is a successful Hollywood actor who has starred in huge movies such as Divergent. In the series The White Lotus, he played the very successful businessman Cameron Babock. Despite looking like a devoted father on the surface it became clear he was a philanderer.

2. Theo James married to Ruth Kearney

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Theo James married his current wife, actress Ruth Kearney, in 2018. The happy couple now has a child together. They first met as students at the theatre at the age of 16, back in 2012 and they started dating not long after. The pair have also worked on the TV series Sanditon together.

3. Meghann Fahy (Daphne Sullivan)

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Meghann Fahy is a keen actress who takes each of her roles seriously. As with every role she takes she contemplated her White Lotus character deeply. She described how Daphne Sullivan, who played Cameron's wife, was a good person. She suffered an unfaithful relationship and consoled herself by doing the same and engaging in affairs herself.

4. Meghan Fahy and boyfriend Billy Magnussen

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Fahy isn't open when it comes to her love life, in fact, all she has shared publicly is one Instagram shot posted 2 years ago. Her current serious relationship is with actor Billy Magnussen. They met in 2011 working together on the movie 'The Lost Valentine' and did not start dating until a few years later.

5. Aubrey Plaza (Harper Spiller)

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Plaza, who is best known for her role of April Ludgate on Parks and Recreation, recently starred in The White Lotus. She played the very dry, no nonsense wife of Ethan Spiller. The two of them battle with their long term relationship which has stagnated and hit a rocky patch in terms of physical intimacy and connection in the series.

6. Aubrey Plaza married to Jeff Baena

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Aubrey Plaza and her husband Jeff Baena have an unbearably unique story. The pair of them were celebrating their 10th anniversary together  in 2021 when the two of them were wondering how would be best to celebrate. So, they joked with the idea of getting married. They logged onto, and later that night the know was officially tied!

7. Will Sharpe (Ethan Spiller)

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In The White Lotus, Ethan Spiller - played by Will Sharpe - has recently become super successful and acquired a lot of money. He negotiates a strained relationship with both his girlfriend and long time college friend, Cameron in which cracks soon begin to appear.

8. Will Sharpe and girlfriend Sophia Di Martino

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Sharpe has been with his girlfriend Sophia Di Martino ( Disney series 'Loki' star) since 2010. The two of then have two children together, their youngest child was born in 2021. The two of them prioritise the privacy of their family and do not share their relationship publicly.

9. Michael Imperioli (Dominic Di Grasso)

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Michael Imperioli is probably best known for his role in the Sopranos. But, he joined the cast of the second series of White Lotus as a father who faced struggles with his wife due to his inability to stay loyal and his obsession with physical intimacy.

10. Michael Imperioli married to Victoria Chlebowski

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Michael Imperioli (actor and band member) married his current wife Victoria Chlebowski (actress, director and musician) in 1995 and the pair have been together since. He has two children with his wife, as well as a step daughter to Chlebowski's daughter from a previous relationship.

11. Tom Hollander (Quentin)

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Famous actor Tom Hollander plays Quentin in the second series of The White Lotus. Spoiler alert - at the beginning of the series it seems like Quentin is a gregarious and generous man with the best of intentions. It is only at the end of the series that you discover his extremely sinister plan...

12. Tom Hollander and girlfriend Fran Hickman

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Tom Hollander and Fran Hickman, who is an interior designer, were engaged back in 2010. In 2020, after 10 years together with one another the two split with no public explanation. But, after a short break the pair then lived together during Covid lockdown and they have recently been spotted together on dinner dates.

13. Jennifer Coolidge (Tanya McQuoid)

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Jennifer Coolidge has been acting since the 19900s. However, since starring in the first series of The White Lotus in 2021 her career has had a major boost. She stole the show with her hilariously engaging character Tanya, and since then has had a series of roles such as the Netflix hit series The Watcher.

14. Jennifer Coolidge's love life remains a mystery

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She has been linked with a couple of men. In the 200s she was dating Chris Kattan and more recently she was romantically linked to Tom Mahoney. But, whether that has progressed into a relationship or whether she is currently single or with a different partner...she has stayed totally shtum on the topic!

15. Brittany O'Grady (Paula)

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Paula, along with bestie Olivia in The White Lotus made the show's pair of antagonists. One of two teens with attitude problems, Paula had a very misguided idea on how to help her love interest in the show - helping him break into her best friend's mom's room and steal her jewellery.

16. Brittany O'Grady Boyfriend Ben Huyard

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Brittany O'Grady has had a number of roles, of which her most famous has been White Lotus. She has been with her long term boyfriend Ben Huyard since teens, the two were childhood sweethearts and after claiming they were just friends the two accepted they were destined to be more.

17. Connie Britton (Nicole Mosbacher)

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Connie Britton is a very recognisable and established actress with a long and successful career. She played the successful business woman Nicole Mosbacher In The White Lotus and despite looking like she had it all on the surface she actually had a very dysfunctional family dynamic underneath.

18. Connie Britton and boyfriend David Windsor

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Connie Britton used to be married to John Britton who was an investment banker. The two married in 1991 but divorced 4 years later. But now Britton is with her new love interest David Windsor, the producer and writer of This Is Us. Britton also has a son, whom she adopted from Ethiopia.

19. Haley Lu Richardson (Portia)

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27 year old Haley Lu Richardson actually started out on the Disney channel starring in Shake It Up. She then starred in a couple of films and now her biggest project to date was The White Lotus where she played the lost soul Portia. She is eager to see where her new found fame will lead her in the near future.

20. Haley Lu Richardson ex-fiancé Brett Dier

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Haley Lu Richardson had been with her partner Brett Dier (Jane the Virgin star) for several years. Then, Dier proposed one night and the two were happily engaged. However, before the two got married they actually called quits on their relationships. But thankfully the two remain very close friends.

21. Leo Woodall (Jack)

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Leo Woodall is 26 years old and before his breakout role on The White Lotus he had appeared in very small TV roles such as a single episode in Holby City a small Apply TV film called Cherry and he also had a role in the Vampire Academy. In The White Lotus he appears as a cheeky chap from Essex. Yet, as the series continues and unravels it becomes apparent he is deeply troubled and it is later revealed that he is being exploited by Greg.

22. Leo Woodall 'girlfriend' Meghann Fahy

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Now this is where things get interesting. According to Fahy it seemed apparent she was dating someone else. However, Leo Woodall appears to be dating Meghan Fahy. The to of them are not in a public relationship however it is apparent that there's more than friendship here - there is a definite connection and attraction.

23. Alexandra Daddario (Rachel Patton)

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American actress Alexandra Daddario is 35 years old. So far she has taken on many supporting roles. In The White Lotus she played the newly wed who quickly came un-enamoured by her boyfriend as she very quickly realised that the two of them were not well suited and felt completely trapped by the situation.

24. Alexandria Daddario husband Andrew Form

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Just last year Alexandria Daddario tied the knot with her husband and film producer of The Purge, Andrew Form. The two of them started dating during the Covid pandemic. They passe done another on a  street and he asked her out to dinner. From here the love story blossomed!

25. Jake Lacy (Shane Patton)

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Jake Lacy is an American actor who has starred int he likes of The Office. He played Shane Patton in The White Lotus where his performance earned him a Primetime Emmy nomination for supporting actor. He played the very entitled and unlikeable newly wed.

26. Jake Lacy wife Lauren Deleo

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Jake Lacy married his wife Lauren Deleo back in 2015. The two of them have a very loving relationship and Lacy has discussed his wife despite her not being in the industry and in the ;public eye. He commented: “It feels like you got a person who always has your back, even more so than when you’re boyfriend and girlfriend”.

27. Adam DiMarco (Albie Di Grasso)

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Adam DiMarco is a Canadian actor with Italian background, who has starred in series such as The Magicians and The Order, as well as more recently, the second series of The White Lotus. He plays an unlucky in love recent graduate whose exemplary morals get taken advantage of.

28. Adam DiMarco is currently single

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Adam DiMarco is currently single and is not rumoured to be dating anyone. That being said, since the finished of The White Lotus his career has gained much traction as well as a whole host of admiring fans! DiMarco was previously dating Kacey Kohl however the two parted on good terms a few years ago

29. Murray Bartlett (Armond)

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Australian actor Murray Bartlett played hotel manager Armond in the first series of The White Lotus for which he won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor. Armond is a very likeable character, with his own person struggles, and sadly he meets a very tragic end in the series due to conflict with guests.

30. Murray Bartlett and partner Matt

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Bartlett has been with his long-time partner Matt for some years now. Bartlett continues to keep Matt's identity under wraps without exposing him to the limelight. However, in every award speech he always mentions how important his partner Matt is in terms of being his support system.

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