What Your Body Odor Suggests About Your Health

By Ange Arnal 8 months ago

1. Bellybutton

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Research shows that there are around 70 different types of bacteria in our navels. So a bit of soap and water may be all that you need but odor can also be a sign of infection and if you have diabetes, it's easier for you to catch infection. Always keep an eye on it and if any discharge shows, go and see your pharmacist.

2. Ears

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Ear wax is normal, we all get it from time to time, some more than others but if its starting to smell or you can see discharge, it could be a sign of infection or that something is stuck in your ear. Children with smelly ear wax are very likely to have infection as well so keep an eye out.

3. Bad breath

Bad Breath

We all know about morning breath, we all suffer from it, we all need a good teeth brushing first thing before we start the day off, because your body puts out way less saliva or spit when you're asleep. But you can also suffer with it when you're dehydrated or hungry & foods like garlic and onions can lead to a stinky trap too...

4. A sign of something serious

Does Your Mouth Smell Fishy??? Here's the remedy...

Changes in your breath however, can point to something more serious. Infections, gum disease and acid reflux as well as Sjorgren's syndrome which attacks the glands that make tears and saliva can all affect your breath too. While diabetes can make your mouth smell quite fruity.

5. Poop

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Poop is smelly before of the bacteria and compounds found in it, and it normally smells worse when you have diarrhoea, belly cramps or nausea. But certain bacteria, viruses and parasites can lead to bad stomach bugs. Giardiasis is a type of diarrhoea which causes bad smelling poop which is found in untreated water and foods. So be careful with what you're eating and drinking.

6. Armpits

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After a good, sweaty gym sesh we all smell a bit funky. Sweat itself doesn't have an odor but when it's mixed with the bacteria on your skin, that's when it gets a bit meh. Antiperspirant can fix the issue but if not, prescription strength antiperspirants may be a better option if you're struggle with the stench.

7. Pee

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Pee is actually just a mix of water and leftover wastes from your kidneys and pee that is mostly water, doesn't have a smell - this is a sign that you're drinking plenty of water. So keep doing what you're doing. But if your pee does have a smell, add water, stop with the caffeine and add supplements to your diet!

8. What the smell of your pee means

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If you're really struggling with the smell of your pee then you should consult a doctor because it could be a sign of a UTI, bladder infection or uncontrolled type 2 diabetes which can trigger unusual smells. Metabolic disorders and gastrointestinal bladder fistulas can also cause bad smelling pee.

9. Groin

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Errrrr, well, this one might seem like a more obvious one that others. Some people, especially men, sweat a lot in their groin - especially after any sort of sports or workout. Testicles can rub against the skin and trigger sweating which we all know can then cause an odor but it really usually is nothing to worry about.

10. Penis

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All the men out there should be making sure that their dinga lings are clean and tidy. If you're uncircumcised, dead skin cells and fluids can build up on your foreskin and can become smelly. The cheese like smell - 'smegma' - can easily be washed away though. UTIs can also cause odor.

11. Funky smelling feet

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Washing your feet with antibacterial soap and drying them properly can stop the odor. Sprinkling them with powder or antiperspirant will also help, along with Epsom salts or vinegar. There are plenty of ways to stop your feet from smelling and most of the time, it's usually due to a bit of sweat or your shoes smelling bad. Nothing to worry about!

12. Va jay jayyyy

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Everyones va-jay-jay has it's own unique smell, sex, your period and sweating can all change the smell of it and people often 'over clean' themselves which can really alter the PH balance. This can cause it to smell badly by using soap in this area - all you need is a little water. It's as simple as that!

13. When you should go & see your doctor about your v

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A foul and fishy smell can be a sign of infection - itching, burning and discharge are caused by too much bacteria. STI's like trichomoniasis also causes odor, however, chlamydia and gonorrhoea don't have odors. It's always good to keep an eye on any changes to your genital area, especially when you're sexually active.

14. Pregnancy

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Many pregnant women experience a heightened sense of smell, but their own odor might change as well. Hormonal changes can increase sweating, as their body tries to keep cool while all of the extra blood pumps through their body to carry nutrients to grow the baby.

15. Diabetes & high blood sugar levels can lead to you smelly fruity

Many diabetics needlessly test blood sugar at home

The main function of sweating is to regulate the body's temperature by helping it to cool down when it's too high. If you're sweating excessively, it could be a sign of an underlying health condition including; obesity, hormonal changes, infections, diabetes or thyroid issues. All of which can cause your body to smell fruity.

16. Metabolic disorders can lead to you smelling fishy


Trimethylaminuria is a metabolic disorder where the body is unable to breakdown trimethylamine which is found in eggs, fish, liver and legumes. When trimethylamine builds up in your body, it is released through sweat, breath, urine and reproductive fluids.

17. After pregnancy

You WILL get your body back. (Me at 16 months postpartum, after a LOT of self-hate for my lumpy post-twin-carrying body. I feel moderately good about myself again AND SO WILL YOU) :

For a few weeks after giving birth, your body may keep sweating more than usual, especially at night because your body decreases the levels of estrogen and progesterone you needed when you were pregnant. After pregnancy, it's important to keep hydrated and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

18. Breastfeeding can affect the way you smell

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Smell is an important part of the bonding process between mother and child. Glands in the nipple secrete a fluid after the woman gives birth and scientists believe that newborn babies respond to the smell. Breast milk odor can calm premature babies and provide them any pain relief they need.

19. Stress can cause you to smell a bit funky

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Stress and certain medications can cause you to sweat more than usual, leading to bad body odor. If you're sure that you don't have any underlying health conditions, but you're feeling stressed and rundown from work or life in general, then it could be affecting the way you smell.

20. You are what you eat...literally

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We all know how bad our breath can smell when we've been eating garlic, but what some people don't know is that certain foods can actually change the way you smell. Broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower produce gas and are released from your pores.

21. When is body odor more prevalent?

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Body odor becomes more evident during puberty as our hormones and sweat glands become more active at this time. People suffering with underlying health issues or obesity are more susceptible to having body odor and just like most things, everybody is different. Some people have skin that can cause more noticeable smells.

22. Where is body odor most likely to occur?

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The feet, the groin, armpits, genitals, pubic and other hairy areas, belly button and the anus and all of these areas are affected by the persons diet, natal sex, health conditions and medications they're taking at the time.

23. The glands in your skin can really determine whether you smell or not

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Our skin contains both eccrine and apocrine sweat glands. Apocrine glands start to function at puberty and are associated with hair follicles in your armpits and groin - they produce protein rich sweat. When bacteria break down the proteins will produce molecules in greater concentrations causing that body odor that nobody wants really.

24. The other glands in your skin..

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Eccrine glands however, regulate body temperature through perspiration which means it isn't as strongly linked with body odor. Having large amount of apocrine glands in your armpits and groin is the top reason for the stinky smell you're experiencing and not that you don't wash properly!

25. There are treatments out there! Don't worry

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If body odor is something that you really struggle with then don't worry yourself too much. If it's really starting to affect your self confidence, there are plenty of ways for you to avoid smelly...well, off. Try some natural home remedies before going further, but remember always consult your doctor before trying anything.

26. Aluminium Chloride

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Your doctor or dermatologist may recommend you prescription antiperspirants which are absorbed into the skin and reduce the amount a person sweats. A lot of these prescription antiperspirants can contain between 10-30% aluminum chloride which can really help with your body odor.

27. Botulinum Toxin (Botox)

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Now, this has become a much more popular way to stop excessive sweating, especially in the armpit area. Botox can be injected directly into the skin, which blocks the release of chemicals that trigger sweating. Botox injections can reduce sweating by 82-87%. Amazing really!

28. Surgery

Skin Concerns] Body odor not going away even bathing 2-4x a day. : r/SkincareAddiction

When medicines are not effective at treating your severe body odor, a doctor can perform a surgical procedure called endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) which severs the sweat controlling nerves under your skin. 90& of people who underwent ETS reported an improved quality of life after their surgery.

29. When to contact your doctor...

How to Remove Body Odor Naturally in 7 Days

An overactive thyroid or menopause can make people sweat more than usual - while liver disease, kidney disease and diabetes can also change the consistency of your sweat. If your sweat starts to smell differently, then consult your doctor. A fruity smell indicates diabetes and high levels of ketones in your bloodstream.

30. When to contact your doctor

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You should contact your doctor if you start sweating at night, more than usual, you get bouts of sweating irregularly or at excessive levels, begin to experience cold sweats or if your sweating is starting the impact your daily life.

31. Allergies to food can cause extra odour


As we well know, eating strong and stinky foods can make us smell, because it literally secretes right out of your pores. But when this smells really bad, it may be because you do not tolerate the food and so it could be a sign that you have a food allergy.

32. Meat and carbs can make you a little stinky


Studies have shown that eating meat can make you smell more than other food types. After meat the next culprit is carbs. And, studies also found that eating lots of fruits and veggies can keep you smelling the freshest. So if you have a very meaty and carb loaded diet, maybe add some veggies.

33. Menopause can affect body odour


This doesn't mean that the odour has suddenly got unpleasant, it may just be that you have noticed a little change in your odour. Hormones are often responsible for our body odours - especially down THERE. But when its linked with the menopause it may be completely natural.

34. Smelling like bread can be a sign of infection


Have you ever noticed a yeasty kind of smell emitting from your skin? In fact, the most noticeable times will be when you have sweat a lot. And, it can be most noticeable in your groin area as well as your feet. This can be a sign if a yeast imbalance or infection.

35. Are your feet smelly AND itchy?


If you've noticed a rancid kinda smell from your feet, and they're also mega itchy then it may be a sign that something's up. Most commonly, it could be what is called Athletes foot. It's super common and easily treatable. You may also notice a white substance around the toes.

36. Bad circulation can make you more sweaty


Bad circulation, in your hands and feet for example, can make you sweat more. This is because the body struggles to regulate its own temperature as well as somebody with good circulation. It can also produce a damp environment on your body which could cause odour.

37. Bad vaginal odour can be serious!


When your vagina smells bad you might know it's because of a certain reason. But if it's suddenly started smelling strongly and you don't know the reason, then its always better to get it checked out. There are more serious things such as tumours which have been known to make a strange smell.

38. Do you smell funky with a hangover?


Think about all of those toxins sweating out of your body from the poisonous alcohol that was in your system. And, probably the takeaway you grabbed after the big night. Well none of these things smell great, so when you wake up in the morning (after probably not showering when you crawled in at 4am) it's no surprise.

39. Does your SKIN seem to smell?


We can expect certain places on our body to smell occasionally. But our skin is usually something that doesn't really seem to have a scent. If your actual skin itself seems to smell then it could perhaps indicate that you have some kind of bacterial skin infection which can usually be cleared up easily with treatment.

40. Hair


There is a condition called seborrheic dermatitis, which is sometimes referred to as smelly hair syndrome. It happens when there is too much yeast growing and it is linked with the sebaceous glands which secrete oil. It can cause yellow, dry and itchy patches which also might smell.

41. You could be mineral deficient


Having a general whiffy body odour may not just be a you thing. It might really be a sign that something is not quite right. Perhaps you are not getting all the minerals or vitamins that you need from your diet. When you are mineral deficient it can cause mild body odour.

42. Typhoid can make you smell like a bakery


Typhoid is no longer a common disease in the US, but that's not to say that it does not exist still. It also has a very distinct smell. A person who has typhoid may find that they have a very distinct body odour where they smell like a bakery. This is a tell tale sign!

43. Yellow fever can make you smell like a butcher shop

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And on a similar note, yellow fever (again not super common anymore in the US) can make you smell like a butcher shop. Which sounds pretty rancid. So if you have either one of these very distinctive smells it really is better to get it checked out as body odour is a sign.

44. Bacterial Vaginosis smells sour


Sometimes it's hard to keep things feeling fresh down there! After all, it's hard to get any air when you're wearing tight pants all day. But noticing a sour kind of smell is something to check out as it is a symptom of bacterial vaginosis which is a common bacterial infection.

45. There's ways you can help your vaginal odour


One way to really help with this kind of issue and try and keep things as fresh as possible  is to wear the right clothing. Cotton pants, and loose fitting trousers will really help give your vagina some air! Otherwise the heat and moisture is all trapped. Plus, try going commando when you sleep.

46. And leaving things up there won't help!


While we're on the topic, another thing to look out for if you have a funky smell coming from your vagina is to check if you haven't left anything up there! For example, leaving tampons in for a long time can cause bacterial infection and in extreme cases it can even cause toxic shock syndrome!

47. Everything smells worse when you're dehydrated


Keep your body hydrated. It's actually a great way to help with general body odour. If we are dehydrated then everything coming out in our wee or sweat is more concentrated - so naturally, it will smell more. If it's watered down then the scent will be more diluted.

48. Notice when your smell changes


Often the thing to note is that it is normal to have body odour. We can't smell like roses all of the time, right? But the thing to look out for is when your body odour changes. This could be at a time when your body is changing. But if you can't understand the reason it could be a sign of a medical problem.

49.  Check your smell with your partner


According to doctors, it is often the partner who tells if something is wrong first. This is because often our partner pays more attention to you and your body that yourself. And, they will notice when something has changed. It's good to be open and honest so that these changes can be checked out.

50. Remember what smells bad to someone can smell good to someone else!


And remember, body odour (if not caused by a medical issue) is all personal. What may smell bad to you may smell amazing to someone else. Take perfumes for example, everyone likes a different scent. So people can be attracted to a variety of scents and body odours.

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