How Much Is The British Royal Family Really Worth

By Anna Collins 9 months ago

1. The royal family's art collection

Image source/ Wikipedia 
The royal family have an art collection worth at least 10 billion dollars. It is one of the biggest collections in the world. It consists of some of most famous artists in the world including Da Vinci, Warhol, and Michael Angelo amongst many other world-renowned talents, and many of the pieces are priceless. The collection has been growing over 350 years.

2. Buckingham palace

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Buckingham Palace is the main residence o the British royal family. The palace is worth $7 billion dollars. And, despite it being the main residence of the family, it is one amongst hundreds of properties owned which gives us a little glimpse into the worth of the British royals.

3. The Imperial State Crown

Image source/ The Telegraph
The Imperial State Crown is worth an impressive $5 BILLION. The artefact that was recently laid beside Queen Elizabeth's coffin. It is made up of 2,868 diamonds, 17 sapphires and 11 emeralds as well as hundreds of pearls. It was made in 1937 for the coronation of King George VI.

4. The Sceptre

Image source/ The Scottish Herald
The royal sceptre is only used on very special occasions, such as for special royal ceremonies and coronations and it is worth around $500 million in total. It contains the largest, clear cut diamonds in the entire world and alone it is worth £400,000.

5. The Bentley State Limousine

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The Bentley State Limousine owned by the British Royal family is the second most expensive vehicle in the WORLD, and the most expensive car owned at the royal estate. The car is used for formal meetings and official state business and it costs around $12,324,070,00. It has been built with the very best safety and security features in preparation for each eventuality such as gas attacks, as well as exterior features which would protect against any bullet or explosion.

6. Kate Middleton's Necklace

Image source/Harper's Bazaar
Kate Middleton's necklace, Nizam of Hyderabad, is worth a huge $121 million. The necklace is cartier, and it has around 50 diamonds in different shapes. The necklace used to belong to Queen Elizabeth and was then given to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

7. Princess Diana's Emerald choker

Image source/ Tatler
This is the iconic choker made of emeralds which was first seen worn on Princess Diana, who used to wear the necklace as a head accessory. It was then passed down to Kate Middleton. It is worth £20 million and one of the pieces stored in the royal vault.

8. Prince Charles's watch

This is one of Prince Charles's favourite watches from the Swiss watch houses. This watch is a rare $15,500 Parmigiani Fleurier Toric Chronograph watch. Prince Charles is also partial to a Patek Phillippe and Cartier watch which he also has in his collection.

9. Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's mansion

Image source/ Celebrity Land 
Prince Andrew, The Duke of York, is the eldest of the royal children. He and his wife, Sarah Ferguson, are currently living in their $30 million dollar mansion. The grade two listed building has 30 rooms and 21 acres of private gardens. This is one of a few luxurious properties owned by the couple.

10. Kate Middleton's most expensive dress

Image source/ metrouk
Kate Middleton has an impressive array of outfits. Her wardrobe compared to Meghan Markle was more modest in terms of the price tags. However, this is her $8,000 Alexander McQueen dress which she had custom made for the BAFTA awards in 2017. She has been seen wearing the dress on two occasions.

11. King Charles's Aston Martin DB6 Vantage Volante

Image source/ cheatsheet
The British royal family enjoy cars and they have an extensive collection. One of King Charles's personal favourites is his Aston Martin DB6 Vantage Volante. He had the car converted to electric as a huge advocate for the environment, he felt he couldn't drive a gas car.

12. Prince William and Kate's Honeymoon Yacht

Image source/ Irish Examiner
Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton hired this luxury yacht for the duration of their honeymoon. Despite the royal couple not owning the yacht, they still paid $3.2 million for their stay. The yacht was named the Sea Stream, and they stayed on it for a trip to the Seychelles.

13. Princess Charlotte's white gold rattle

Image source/ Reddit
The extent of the royal family's wealth is really put into perspective when you consider that Princess Charlotte owns a $44,000 white gold rattle. It really is a wild thought to imagine owning a small baby's toy that is worth more than the majority of most people's yearly earnings.

13. King Charles's Scottish home painting

Image source/ Reddit
As we now know, the royal family own a HUGE art collection. But, one of King Charles favorite's is his $6,000.00 painting of The Scottish Home painting. It comes from bonham's collection, and is named 'The Scottish Home'. This piece represents a favorite home of the royals.

14. Prince George's orb from Pope Francis

Image source/ New York Daily News 
Prince George was gifted an Orb from Pope Francis himself. This gift is one that cannot be summed up with a price tag. A gift like this is completely priceless, and it emphasises the huge amount of assets and worth that is owned by the British royal family.

15. The late Queen Elizabeth's brooch

Image source/ wiki
The late Queen Elizabeth owned hundreds and hundreds of brooches. each made of expensive and quality material. One the most expensive brooches in the Queen's collection was this diamond brooch. It has been kept in the family to pass down. It is made of two huge diamonds and it is worth a huge $100 million

16. Camilla's Festoon necklace

Image source/ The Court Jeweller 
Camilla can sometimes be seen wearing this extremely expensive and grand Festoon necklace which was given to her by the late Queen. The necklace is made up of 5 strands, each which are made up of hundreds of diamonds. The necklace has been priced at around $8.2 million dollars.

17. Balmoral Castle

Image source/ Reddit
Balmoral castle was the late Queen's favourite place to stay, in fact this is where she spent her last days as she died here in 2022. It is situated in Scotland, in the beautiful countryside. The castle, one of many properties the royal family own, is worth $140 million.

18. The Crown Estate

Image source/ Reddit
The Crown Estate is one of the biggest assets that the royal family own. The Crown Estate includes many different things, including; Ascot Racehorse, Regent Street London and the seabed of the United Kingdom. Understandably, it is priced at $17.5 billion and is a large aspect of their wealth.

19. Prince Harry's custom made suit

Image source/ good housekeeping
Prince Harry (despite now not being associated with the crown), used his royal wealth to wear an impressive array of outfits. He had this suit custom made by Dege and Skinner and wore it as his wedding uniform. The uniform represents the Blues and Royals which is the regiment that he served in in Afghanistan. It is worth $10,246.

20. Kate Middleton's Vacation home, Anmer Hall

Image source/ Reddit
Anmer Hall is Kate Middleton's project. It is worth $1.7 million dollars after doing a lot of work to make the hall what it is today. The hall at first was used as their vacation home. However, it now serves as the family's permanent residence as well.

21. Kate's Diamond sapphire ring

Image source/ The Daily Mail
Here is the ring which was given by Prince William to the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) to mark their engagement. The ring is made up of a huge sapphire which is surrounded by diamonds. The beautiful ring is worth $500,000 dollars and can be seen regularly worn by Kate.

21. Clarence House

Image source/ The Scottish Sun
Clarence House is the estate which was given to King Charles and Camilla, before the became king and moved to Buckingham palace. Three stories Clarence house is worth $105 million, it was built in 1872 and it is now occupied occasionally by the couple, rather than being the permanent residence.

22.  Princess Charlotte's Givenchy Bridesmaid dress

Image source/ Reddit
Princess Charlotte may be young but she's just as stylish! This is the bridesmaid dress she wore to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding. The dress was custom made and designed and it was worth around $3,000, she had matching shoes and a white flower tiara.

23. The Oriental Circlet Tiara

Image source/ The NZ Herald 
Queen Elizabeth had one of the most impressive collections of jewels and accessories ever. One of them, was her Oriental Circlet Tiara as is shown here. The tiara is made of silver, diamonds and rubies and it is worth around $6 million pounds - one of her more expensive jewels.

24. Prince William's Omega watch

Prince William is a watch collector. His personal favourite which he is seen wearing on the majority of occasions is this Omega Seamaster Diver 300M. It is the very same watch that James Bond wears in the movies and it is priced at around $3,100 dollars.

25. Kate's Polar Bear Brooch

Image source/ The Scottish Sun
The polar bear brooch belonging to the Duchess of Cambridge was gifted to Kate Middleton during her Canada tour in 2011. It is worth $7,000 and is made with diamonds mined in the local area to the town she stayed in Canada. After wearing it on the tour, she has not been seen wearing it since.

26. Meghan Markle's Wedding Dress

Image source/ glamour
Okay so Meghan Markle is no longer a part of the royal family. But, at this point she was and so it has to be included on the list because if it's expense. The dress was a custom made Givenchy dress by designer Clare Weight Keller and it cost the royal family $265,000.

27. Prince Andrew's Bentley worth $220,000

Image source/ Reddit
Prince Andrew has in recent years been distances from the royal family due to accusations which link his to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. This is his Bentley which he can be seen using for royal meetings and events. The car is worth $220,000.

28. Princess Beatrice

Image source/ Reddit
Princess Beatrice is the daughter of Prince Andrew. Here Princess Beatrice wore a stunning dress to an outing to the national gallery, where she was accompanied by her husband Eduardo Mapelli Mozzi and friends. The dress, by designer brand Markarian, cost $5,000.

29. Prince William's Audi R8

Image source/ Reddit
Prince William enjoys both modern and classic cars. One of the more modern in his collection is the Audi R8, a $165,450 dollar car. This was the car he used on the day of his wedding. This is also one of the cars used and shared with his wife the Duchess of Cambridge.

30. Windsor Castle

Image source/ Reddit
Windsor Castle is one of the most visited monuments by tourists. Not only is it a historic and beautiful structure, but it also has close links with the royals. It is one of the primary residences for a variety of the royal family members. The castle itself is worth around $326 million dollars.

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