30 Of The Weirdest Phobias Around The World

By Ryan 3 months ago

1. Arachibutyrophobia

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The fear that peanut butter will stick to your mouth's roof. While some people can manage a small quantity, others steer clear of foods made with peanuts, such as ice cream and sauces. It might develop on its own or be connected to a larger phobia, such as a dread of choking or sticky textures.

2. Alliumphobia

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Alliumphobia is the fear of garlic. People with alliumphobia may experience more symptoms than just a distaste of the potent vegetable's flavour, such as shaking or difficulty breathing when around garlic or other strong-smelling plants like onions and chives.

3. Phobophobia

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People with this fear are afraid of developing phobias. The fear of developing a phobia is unfortunately a losing struggle for those who have it. They presumably wouldn't be interested in finding out more about phobias, but if you do, see what your fears reveal about your personality.

4. Sesquipedalophobia

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Sesquipedalophobia is a phobia that people have where they are scared of really long words. Not sure this phobia would go well in a writing exam. Sesquipedalophobia is the contorted ironic phobia of long words. Even reading the name of this phobia would scare theses people.

5. Ablutophobia

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This phobia is a dread of cleaning and taking a bath. One of those phobias that can result from a traumatic previous experience and cause social isolation is ablutophobia. Ablutophobia is the morbid fear of cleaning, washing and bathing, so these people really hate showers and baths.

6. Dextrophobia

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Fear of having things to your right is what this is. Some people who suffer from an obsessive-compulsive disorder subtype find it difficult to tolerate having things near the right side of their bodies, which could make it challenging to travel in the fast lane with cars to the right. Levophobia, on the other hand, is the dread of things on the left side of the body.

7. Siderophobia

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On a bright night, many people take would pleasure in stargazing, but not everyone does. People who have a fear of the stars, known as siderophobia, may keep their curtains drawn to prevent being overwhelmed by how big and uncontrollable the universe actually is.

8. Arithmophobia

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Actually, this phobia originates from a dreaded fear of numbers. Some people's dread of numbers extends beyond their struggles with geometry and equations. The dread of numbers in general is irrational in those who suffer from arithmophobia. Not sure this would come in handy in a maths exam.

9. Logophobia

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The fear of reading or learning is the source of this phobia. When presented with written words, those who have a dread of words may experience breathlessness, trembling, or paranoia. The majority of those who suffer from logophobia are illiterate and may even be unwilling to attempt to learn.


10. Plutophobia

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A fear of money is called plutophobia. This is one of those phobias where the symptoms include fear of money, the prospect of becoming wealthy, or wealthy individuals. If you don't worry about money, be sure to acquire these money advice from the most prosperous people in the world.

11. Ideophobia

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Ideophobia is a peculiar aversion to reasoning or fresh ideas. This particular type of phobia affects people who have an intense mistrust or dread of reason or ideas. If you want to start your own business, I don't believe it would be a good thing to have this phobia.

12. Geliophobia

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People who are afraid of laughing—not to be confused with gelotophobia, the fear of being laughed at—might find it offensive to laugh or hear others laugh if they suffer from one of these phobias. Some people might just feel a little uneasy, while others might start to hyperventilate.


13. Omphalophobia

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This one is a bit of a weird one. Omphalophobia, also known as a belly button fear. People who are afraid of belly buttons try to avoid touching them, even when bathing, and may bandage them or stay away from public areas where there are lots of exposed navels, such as the seashore.

14. Xanthophobia

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Xanthophobia, or fear of yellow, is one of the weird phobias on this list. Someone who suffers from xanthophobia, a dread of something that is yellow or even the word itself, might feel extremely uneasy in a yellow school bus or taxi or anything else which is yellow.

15. Eleutherophobia

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The dread of freedom is known as Eleutherophobia. Freedom-phobic individuals are typically unable to act independently and are therefore much more likely to follow rather than lead. They might be afraid of the added obligations that come along with more independence.

16. Chaetophobia

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Those who suffer from chaetophobia are afraid of hair, whether it be their own or someone else's. They may loathe having their fingertips run through their hair or even become paralyzed by a pile of hair on the floor. I'm not clear how people will avoid touching their own hair.

17. Octophobia

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Experts speculate that octophobia, or the dread of the number 8, may have its roots in superstition because it is unavoidable—if you turn the number on its side, it resembles an infinity sign. The item in groups of eight or the symbol for eight may be the source of this phobia.

18. Symmetrophobia

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A symmetrical phobia does not make a perfect circle a buddy. They might perceive symmetry as absolute purity or as being so beautiful that they should not be in its presence. On the other side, those who suffer from asymmetriphobia fear asymmetry. Not sure these people are the best of friends with most shapes.

19. Kathisophobia

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After a long day, you might be looking forward to sinking into a comfortable chair, but for some individuals, sitting down is terrifying. There is something to be said for not sitting for extended periods of time, despite the fact that phobias can occasionally seriously disrupt daily living. Long-term inactivity increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, deep vein thrombosis, and metabolic syndrome, according to experts who caution against its dangers.

20. Aurophobia

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Some people are not impressed by a fancy necklace, particularly those who are afraid of gold. When they notice someone else donning the metal, they might experience panic attacks along with nausea, perspiration, or an irregular heartbeat. Here are some additional odd sources of anxiety outside of wearing gold jewellery.

21. Nostophobia

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Although some people believe that home is where the spirit is, others are afraid to go back there. There may have been abuse committed against these individuals. They might also worry that people will think poorly of them for coming back. Sadly, going back home might actually exacerbate pessimism and family strife.

22. Caligynephobia

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The dreaded fear of attractive women, also known as venustraphobia, extends far beyond being uneasy or intimidated around someone attractive. When near a lady they find attractive, people who have phobias may experience chest pain, numbness in their limbs, or even fainting.

23. Nomophobia

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The fear of being without a cell phone is known as nomophobia. Going without their phone causes extreme anxiety and dread for those who have nomophobia. But if you go without a phone for a while, it might not be so terrible. I think this phobia may be increasing nowadays.

24. Kinemortophobia

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Kinemortophobia is the dread of zombies or other fictitious frightening entities. The dread of death and the social stigma against cannibalism are combined in kinemortohobiacs, who have a phobia of the fictional creatures that are typically only seen in horror films.

25. Somniphobia

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One phobia that can be especially troublesome is this one: Sleep anxiety is known as somnophobia. Numerous health advantages of sleep have been reported. For instance, according to the Mayo Clinic, getting too little sleep raises your chance of getting the flu. Even worse, persistently getting insufficient sleep is linked to a higher chance of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

26. Neophobia

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Neophobics worry about trying new things in life. For instance, they might object if their usual meal of cereal is changed. Another unsettling thought might be meeting pals somewhere other than the typical corner café. No matter how big or tiny, new experiences can cause severe fear and anxiety.

27. Kakorrhaphiophobia

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People with kakorrhaphiophobia have a sometimes crippling fear of failure and feel extremely anxious and scared at the idea or reality of failing at something, whereas most people would prefer to succeed at something rather than fail as I think most people in this world do not like failing.

28. Linonophobia

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Another strange phobia on this list is linonophobia. People with linonophobia have an unrelenting fear of string. These people will become anxious in the sight of any type of string. I think it's safe to say that people with linonophobia are not the biggest fans of knitting.

29. Aulophobia

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Anybody who has this unusual phobia should avoid certain acts. Flute phobia may affect some individuals, but it may also be calming for others. For instance, the University of Nevada, Reno, emphasizes earlier studies about the uplifting effects of music. They specifically state that "...drums, flutes, and stringed instruments are very effective at relaxing the mind even when played moderately loud."

30. Ostraconophobia

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Ostraconophobia is the fear of shellfish so people with this phobia become anxious around shellfish and sometimes other types of seafood. So foods like shrimp, crab, lobster and oysters all strike fear into people with ostraconophobia. Safe to say they aren't the biggest fans of seafood.

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