Unseen Images of Lisa Marie Presley

By Sarah Jones 9 months ago

The last we saw of her...

(Image/ Source: instagram.com)
Lisa Marie’s daughter Riley Keough shared this snap on Instagram days after her mother’s death – the last photo that was ever taken of the star. Riley and Lisa Marie had been enjoying a meal at a restaurant when they had this picture taken, and all seemed fine. However, on 12th January 2023, Lisa Marie went into cardiac arrest.

Happy childhood moments

(Image/ Source: nytimes.com)
This picture captures Lisa Marie Presley in her early years with her dad Elvis, but she was already famous by that point. Being the only daughter to one of the biggest singers on the planet meant that Lisa Marie’s entire life was played out in front of the cameras, from beginning to end. This photo is thought to be from the late 60s to early 70s.

Marriage to Michael Jackson

A woman wearing tight black pants, black heels, and a cream shirt walking holding hands with a person in black pants, a red jacket and a hat. The woman is looking back towards the camera.
(Image/ Source: nytimes.com)
This secret snap was taken of Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson as they headed into Michael’s Neverland Ranch in 1995 – the same year that they married. The couple were together for just two years before they filed for divorce. Director Wayne Isham spoke about the pair: “They had [an] innocent, playful relationship that I felt was a real relationship.”

Early years

(Image/ Source: dailymirror.co.uk)
Back in 2020, several unseen pictures of Elvis Presley were unearthed, and immediately put to auction. One of the snaps in question was this one of the singer and a teeny tiny Lisa Marie, who had only just been born. This photo is thought to be taken in 1968, and was sold over in Merseyside in the UK. It’s unclear whether Lisa already had a copy of this picture.

Troubled teens

(Image/ Source: elvispresleymusic.com)
This photo was taken in February 1986 of Lisa Marie Presley and her mom Priscilla. Lisa Marie had just turned 18, and was struggling with her fame. She was falling into the drug scene, and abused everything from sedatives and marijuana to cocaine. She finally gave up her substance abuse after she joined a Scientology community.

Short marriage to Danny Keough

Lisa Marie Presley and Danny Keough during Performance of "10 Inch Men" at Club Lingerie in Hollywood, California, United States. (Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)
(Image/ Source: people.com)
This photo has been studied by body language experts over the years, who predicted that Lisa Marie’s marriage to Danny Keough wasn’t going to last. The photo was then quickly buried, but it resurfaced during Lisa Marie’s later life. Her time with Danny was the first of her dramatic love affairs, and they split after just six years of marriage.

Her fiery relationship with Nicholas Cage

(Image/ Source: usweekly.com)After her marriage to Michael Jackson ended in disaster, she quickly moved on to Hollywood A-lister Nicholas Cage. This photo was taken during their early relationship, which saw the pair partying pretty frequently! They broke up and got back together a LOT, and eventually decided to get married in Hawaii in 2002. However, they filed for divorce just 107 days later.

Hanging out with David Bowie

(Image/ Source: reddit.com)
Back in 1990, Lisa Marie and her mother Priscilla were snapped hanging out with David Bowie at a swanky celeb party. And Priscilla was always keeping a close watch on her troubled daughter. In an interview, Lisa said: “She [my mom] always watched me closely. After I read her book, I realized why. She'd done things that weren't what your average 14-year-old would do. And I was doing the exact same things.”

Proud parents

(Image/ Source: elvispresleymusic.com)
After being born to mom Priscilla and the king of rock n roll, her parents were keen to get some cute family snaps. This was taken in 1968 at Baptist Hospital in Memphis, Tenn. Priscilla once said Elvis looked 'petrified' the first time he held his daughter, but it didn't take long for him to fall in love with her.

Spending time in Graceland

(Image/Source: elvispresleymusic.com)
Oh dear. Lisa doesn’t look too happy here, does she? Her parents had divorced four years previously, and Priscilla took most of the responsibility for bringing Lisa Marie up. However, she still occasionally spent time with her dad at Graceland. Here she was attending the 'Children's Premiere' celebration for the Thalians Community Mental Health Center in LA in 1977.

Her dad's funeral

(Image/ Source: pinterest.com)
A few months after the Thalians Community Mental Health Center event in LA, Lisa Marie tragically lost her father Elvis, who had gone into cardiac arrest in the bathroom of his home. Lisa watched her father die in front of her, and later spoke about how much this has shaped her life. This photo was taken at his funeral on the 18th August 1977.

Family memories

(Image/ Source: ultimateclassicrock.com)
The few photos of Lisa Marie and her parents have become even more precious to mom Priscilla Presley. After her daughter tragically passed away, she released some photos that she had tucked away for many years, which show the family enjoying time together at Elvis’ home, Graceland, when Lisa was just a toddler.

Her pal Johnny Ramone

(Image/ Source: guardian.com)
Lisa Marie Presley was always hanging out with music royalty (as the daughter of Elvis, we think that’s fair). Here she is with Johnny Ramone, guitarist of The Ramones, and her then-husband Nicholas Cage at an A-list party in Los Angeles in 2002. Johnny and Lisa were friends for decades, and he was even the best man at her wedding to Nicholas.

Testifying in court

(Image/ Source: theguardian.com)
2002 was a big year for Lisa Marie. This photo was taken of the star as she testified against over-medicating children with ADHD before a committee in Washington DC. She happened to be a Scientologist at the time. She was the international spokesperson for the Citizens’ Commission on Human Rights, a psychiatric watchdog group founded in 1969 by her Church.

The release of the Elvis biopic

(Image/ Source: theguardian.com)
When the Elvis biopic was released, everyone wondered how the Presley family would react. But they were fully on board with Baz Luhrmann’s new hit movie! This photo was taken at The TCL Chinese theatre in Hollywood, which hosted a handprint ceremony for the Presley family and the film’s cast members in 2022.

Say cheese

(Image/ Source: theguardian.com)
Another photo released by mom Priscilla Presley. And we have to admit- this snap is pretty adorable. While most people knew Elvis as the king of rock n’ roll, it was clear he was a family man at heart. The family were keen to get some cute photos together when Lisa was turning three years old, and it seems like she was feeling a little camera shy at the time.

Growing family

(Image/ Source: theguardian.com)
It looks like Lisa Marie and mom Priscilla Presley decided to get together for a cute family photoshoot! Taken in 1990, this photos shows a very happy Lisa with young daughter Riley (who was born during her marriage to Danny Keough) and Priscilla’s son Navarone Garibaldi, who was born to Priscilla's then-partner Marco.

Performing with Billy Idol

(Image/ Source: theguardian.com)
Lisa Marie had a pretty successful music career during her time. She released three albums from 2003 to 2012, and would often take to the stage with a wealth of famous singers. Here she is with rock legend Billy Idol at Radio City Music Hall, where they were raising money for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Partying with Quentin Tarantino

(Image/ Source: theguardian.com)Lisa Marie looks a bit worse for wear here. No stranger to a glitzy celeb party, the starlet decided to attend the 2005 Grammy Award after-party with cult director Quentin Tarantino, and it seems that they really made the most of the free bar! The two were good pals for years, and he even offered to direct the music video for her 2005 hit Dirty Laundry.

Family home

(Image/ Source: theguardian.com)
Elvis and Priscilla Presley were pretty keen to show their new daughter off at any given opportunity, so they had a few more photos taken of their cute family moments a few months after she was born. These candid photos were taken at the Presley family home of Graceland in Memphis, where they lived until Elvis and Priscilla’s divorce in 1973.

Meeting the fans

(Image/ Source: pinterest.com)
The Presley family have always been happy to meet their dad’s fans, and they really pushed the boat out for what would have been Elvis’ 80th birthday. At an event at Graceland, the family celebrated with some singalongs on the lawn, and even had a glitzy eight-tiered cake – one for each decade of Elvis’ life. Here you can see Lisa chatting with some fans, who seem VERY excited about meeting her!

Holidaying at Disneyland

(Image/ Source: theguardian.com)
A lot of questions were raised about Lisa Marie Presley’s marriage to Michael Jackson. They were in a relationship while Michael was on trial for molesting a 13-year-old boy, and many wondered why Lisa was choosing to stand by him. He had known Lisa Marie since she was aged seven, and they had stayed in touch ever since. Here they are at Disneyland during the early months of their marriage.

Struggling with fame

(Image/ Source: theguardian.com)
This photo was taken of Lisa Marie two years after her dad passed away. It was a hugely difficult time for her, and she and her mother Priscilla were continuously hounded by the press. Her behavior became increasingly erratic, and she became addicted to drugs at 16. This photo was taken of the starlet as she left her mother’s house in 1979.

With son Benjamin shortly before his death

(Image/ Source: entertainment.ie)
During her marriage to Danny Keough, Lisa also had a son called Benjamin. Just like her, Benjamin was troubled, and struggled with his mental health over the years. He committed suicide in 2020 at the age of 27, and was found with self-inflicted gunshot wounds. Lisa said she never got over losing her son. “I already battle with and beat myself up tirelessly and chronically, blaming myself every single day.”

Performing in London

(Image/ Source: theguardian.com)
Lisa spent a lot of time performing in the 2000s, and it served as a great outlet for her mental health struggles. Here the star can be seen looking fairly cast down during her performance in London in 2003, but she was happy for fans to see her “as I really am”. She had just released her debut LP, To Whom It May Concern.

Marriage to Michael Lockwood

(Image/ Source: wonderwall.com)
Lisa married her fourth husband, producer Michael Lockwood in 2006. The couple got married in Kyoto, Japan, and had twin daughters Harper and Finley two years afterward. However, just like her previous marriages, things went south fairly quickly. She filed for divorce in 2016 after she alleged that she had found hundreds of inappropriate photos of children on his electronic devices.

Spending time with Riley and Benjamin

(Image/ Source: insider.com)Here’s a snap of Lisa Marie and her kids Riley and Benjamin in happier times. The star would often take her kids from her marriage to Danny Keough to celeb events and parties – and it was clear how much her children meant to her. Speaking in 2008, Lisa said: “Riley and Ben are my favorite people in the world. We love to travel together”.

Launching her music career

(Image/ Source: townandcountrymag.com)It took a while for Lisa Marie to take the plunge into music. Being the dad of Elvis Presley, she definitely felt some pressure, but she finally decided to give it a go in 2002. “First I had to overcome a pre-speculated idea of me. I had to sort of burst through that and introduce myself… and I’m the offspring of — you know, who I’m the offspring of — I had a few hurdles to get through”.

Engagement with John Oszajca

Lisa Marie Presley's Marriages: Everything She Said About Love and Relationships(Image/ Source: people.com)After her divorce from Michael Jackson, Lisa Marie wasted no time in getting herself back on the market! She quickly hit things off with Hawaiian musician John Oszajca, and they were joined at the hip for a fair few months. Here they’re pictured at Park City in Utah shortly before the couple got engaged. Things ended in a few months though.

Hitting the town with mom Priscilla

(Image/ Source: dailymail.com)
Towards the end of her life, Lisa Marie Presley was seen spending increasing amounts of time with her mom Priscilla. They would attend tons of celeb events, and would often be spotted enjoying cozy drinks and meals together. Here they are ready for a night out in 2006 in their home of Memphis, Tennessee.

Newborn Lisa Marie Leaving The Hospital

image source: theguardian.com
Here in 1968 pictured as a bundle of joy - quite literally - where you can see her face poking out is Lisa Marie being escorted from the hospital with her mother, and her father Elvis Presley, of course, planning to take their new baby daughter home from Baptist hospital.

Time In The Garden With Her Parents

image source: theguardian.com
Graceland must have been the perfect place to grow up in terms of the sheer amount of garden space a young toddler would have had to run around! Here's Priscilla and Elvis relaxing in the garden on a sun lounger with baby Lisa Marie, who wouldn't have known at this age how much of a big deal her father was!

A Visit To A Hospital With Michael Jackson

image source: theguardian.com
Michael Jackson apparently had a thing for posing on balconies, but for this one he's joined by his then-wife Lisa Marie Presley. The pair are shown during a visit to a hospital in Budapest in 1994, waving at fans and paparazzi. Let's hope the veranda isn't too high up!

A Serious Photoshoot

image source: theguardian.com
Lisa Marie had her fair share of professional photoshoots, too - naturally, seeing as she was sort of a big deal. This one was taken back in 2012, where she can be seen in a bright coral dress, her foot tattoo on shoe and topped off by a seriously professional expression.

 Austin Butler And Lisa Marie At The Elvis Screening

image source: theguardian.com
Lisa Marie must have felt very proud to walk the premier carpet with her mother, Priscilla, for the release of her father's biopic, Elvis. Here's she's pictured with Austin Butler himself, who played her father in the movie. That must have been very strange for her, to say the least!

2 Days Before Her Death

image source: theguardian.com
This photo was taken of Lisa Marie just two days before her untimely death. She's pictured here at the 2023 Golden Globes ceremony, which she attended with her mother. She suffered a sudden cardiac arrest, and although her heart was actually restarted, she died later that day.

The Perfect Family Portrait

image source: elvispresleymusic.com
Despite the fact that Elvis first looked "petrified" the very first time he held his daughter, Lisa Marie - according to wife Priscilla - it didn't take long for him to warm up to his daughter and take amazing family photos like this one. Here Lisa poses with her parents when they were still together.

Like Mother Like Daughter In Leather Jackets

image source: elvispresleymusic.com
Taken in 1992, this photo shows that both Lisa Marie and Priscilla know how to rock a leather jacket - and there's nothing wrong with matching your clothes to your mother's! During this time, Priscilla was being very watchful of Lisa Marie, especially seeing as her daughter had a 'drug phase' for a few years.

Lisa Marie Kisses The King

image source: elvispresleymusic.com
The King of Pop, of course, and not a kiss on the cheek from her father the King! Lisa Marie seems to always be surrounded by music royalty, after all. But if you'd never seen a PDA of Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie before, here it is, from the days they were married.

A Year Before Presley And Cage Married

image source: elvispresleymusic.com
Lisa Marie was known for her brief marriage to actor Nicholas Cage, and this photo of the couple - looking happy - was taken a year before they officially tied the knot. But, as we know, their marriage didn't last very long - but least they have pictures like this for their memory bank!

Lisa Marie Backstage

image source: elvispresleymusic.com
As well as being invited to a whole load of important gigs, ceremonies and awards shows, Lisa Marie could also be found backstage at big events, too. Here she's backstage at the VH1 Big Awards back in 2002, which took place in Los Angeles at the Grand Olympic Auditorium.

Lisa Marie Sings On The Tonight Show

image source: elvispresleymusic.com
But with a budding music career, she obviously wasn't found backstage for long - and front and center, like this performance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, back in 2003. A lot of people were critical of her vocal talents, and her father's name obviously helped her get forward, but there's no doubt she had musical talent and success!

Mother And Daughter Pose With Fashion Designers

image source: elvispresleymusic.com
One of the many exciting events Lisa Marie attended was fashion shows, and here she's seen with designers Stefano Dolce and Domenico Gabbana at the The Fashion Group International's 20th Annual Night of Stars Awards Gala. To her left is her daughter, Riley Keough.

The Japanese Prime Minister Shows Off Elvis's Sunglasses

image source: elvispresleymusic.com
Lisa Marie and her mother, Priscilla, can here be seen laughing as the Japanese Prime Minister of the time, Junichiro Koizumi, shows off a pair of Elvis sunglasses which he'd gotten as a gift! Being a huge Elvis fan, Koizumi was happy to be able to do his Elvis impression to the king's own wife and daughter.

Lisa Marie With Blonde Hair

image source: elvispresleymusic.com
Living a rock 'n' roll lifestyle and having enough money to experiment has meant that Lisa Marie's style has changed a lot throughout the years. She's most notable for blonde hair, but she's also rocked a variety of looks including red hair, brown hair and streaked hair.

Another For The Family Album

image source: elvispresleymusic.com
Although very sad that Elvis himself can't pose on this family picture with them, this is still a nice shot of Lisa Marie surrounded by her family. On her right, her mother Priscilla and grandmother to Lisa's two children, on the left and to the bottom of the photo. They all look alike, don't they?

The Body Language Says It All

image source: elvispresleymusic.com
Lisa Marie's relationship with musician Danny Keough was one of many of her exciting love affairs over the years, and Danny was father to her two children. But this picture perhaps gave a hint that their relationship wouldn't last the long haul based on the rather distant body language!

She Looked At Ease In Michael's Company

image source: thenewyorktimes.com
There were a lot of critics when it came to Lisa Marie's marriage to the King of Pop, but there's no denying that she looks relaxed and happy in the photos of the pair together! Not to mention her style was to die for back then! And Michael looked pretty chill with her, too.

Mother And Son Buried Together At Graceland

image source: bbc.com
Despite the family tragedy of Lisa Marie losing her son, Benjamin, at such a young age, and then dying at a young age herself, the huge estate of Graceland means that the family can be laid to rest together, as well as close to their father and grandfather, Elvis, in Memphis.

Those Mother And Daughter Moments

image source: thenewyorktimes.com
Priscilla and Lisa Marie once again proving how photogenic they've always been! Even without their famous father in the frame, these two make for an adorable and memorable family photo, with Lisa Marie's bright blonde hair from when she was a child and her mother's auburn locks.

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