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1. Lady Dai Xin Zhui

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Lady Dai Xin Zhui is THE  best-preserved mummy...ever. Not so much for the physical appearance of the body, but in terms of her body as a complete entity. The internal organs, even the brain is all completely intact. Her limbs are still soft and flexible and her hair is totally intact. But best of all - there's actually still blood in her body!

2. Eva Peron

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Eva Peron was the first wife of the president of President Juan Peron from Argentina. She died in 1952 due to cancer. Eva Peron was considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. All of these things led to the decision for her body to be embalmed by a famous professor Dr. Pedro Ana. Her body was displayed and it looked so lifelike that it even drove one man mad.

3. Vladimir Lenin

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Vladimir Lenin is often referred to as the father of Communism in Russia. Of course, when he died in 1942, the beginning of Stalin's rule began. The Russians had no historical reference on how to embalm, so decided to invent their own embalming process to preserve his body. His body remains one of the best preserved.

4. John Torrington

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John Torrington was a part of the Franklin Expedition to the Arctic Circle. At the age of just 20 he died of pneumonia and lead poisoning. He was completely buried in the snow, as were three others of his group. 150 years later his body was uncovered and scientists found that he had been perfectly preserved in a block of ice - everything exactly the same as when he had died.

5. The child mummy Rosalia

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Rosalia Lombardo is now known as the child mummy, her body can be found inside the catacombs in Sicily. She died in 1918 and her father was so grief stricken that he ordered her body to be embalmed. Her body was perfectly preserved and only within the last few years did any decay start to appear. As such, they moved her body to a drier area in the catacomb. The new surrounding had a strange effect on the body and her eyelids actually opened. Her body is visited by millions of people.

6. La Doncella's sacrifice

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La Doncella was just 15 years old when her and two other children were left on Mount Llullaillaco to freeze to death as a part of a sacrificial ritual. She was drugged and left to die. She had been chosen from birth as a 'sun god', raised for sacrifice. In 1999 the bodies of the children were found. Her body was in perfect condition and she was used to acquire knowledge of the past.

7. A Ming Dynasty Mummy

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In 2012 a construction worker was digging and he amazingly stumbled across the Ming Dynasty mummy. The body had been inside a coffin which was sunk inside the water. The lady inside was well preserved, her jewelry and clothes even still in tact. The body was shipped to a museum.

8. The Greenland Mummies

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Eight mummies were discovered in 1972. They were found frozen in Qilakistoq tomb. The bodies had been so cold that they had frozen, in dry atmosphere meaning that they did not decay. Because the bodies were so intact, a lot could be learned about the family such as the physical disabilities of the boy and how the family were dressed.

9. The Beauty of Xiaohe

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In 2003, China's Xiaohe Mudi Graveyards were excavated and mummies were discovered - very well preserved! One of the mummies known as the Beauty of Xiaohe was found with everything perfectly in place, even her eyelashes. After 3,800 years, her beauty was still clear to see.

10. Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov

Image source/ New York Daily News
A Buddhist Monk, Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov died in 1927. The body is now held in a shrine. When he was exhumed, people were astounded by how well preserved his body had remained. The monks believed his body to be 'incorrupt' and it was then declared a sacred body and relic.

11. St. Zita

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St. Zita was the maid of a very rich Italian family who died in 1272. She was religious and charitable and would often feed stolen bread to those who needed it. She died at the age of 60. Her body was recovered 300 years later and it it had naturally mummified. Her body has now been on public display for over 700 years.

12. St. Bernadette

Image source/ Reddit
St. Bernadette was a millers daughter who reported seeing the Virgin Mary on several occasions. One of these apparitions helped her discover a spring which has since been claimed to cure illnesses and provide miracles. She dies aged 35 from tuberculosis and her body was mummified. Her body has some signs of decay however the insides of the body were very well preserved.

13. St. Virginia Cneturione Bracelli

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She was the wife of a wealthy nobleman who lived 350 years ago in Italy. She gave her life to service, helping those in need, and even set up an organisation and charity. Her body was preserved and in 1985 her body was exhumed and put on display. In 2003 she was officially declared a saint.

14. Elmur McCurdy's Mummy

Image source/ Reddit
Elmur McCurdy in life was a thief whose plan to steal one day went wrong and cost him his life as he was shot to death. His death is even more remarkable. His body wasn't claimed. So, the undertaker mummified his body and the started charging people to see it. Then, a man claimed to be his brother and took the body. He then put the body on a public tour to be displayed at carnivals and wax museums. Nobody at this point knew it was a real body, it was repeatedly bought as a wax figure. Then, in 1967, a film crew were using the body on display. One of the arms was broken and bone was found inside. From here on the body was discovered to be McCurdy and he was finally buried to rest.

15. Juanita, Ice Maiden

Image source/ Reddit
Juanita was used as a sacrifice at the age of 14 years old to appease the Gods. For almost five centuries her body was frozen inside a volcano. When climbers discovered her body, she remained incredibly well preserved and life like despite being around 500 years old.

16. The Iceman Otzi

Image source/ Reddit
Hikers were exploring through Italian glaciers when they discovered a five hundred year old mummy. And the preserved body sill had an arrow stuck in its chest. After some research, allowed by the preservation of the body int he ice, the body was discovered to be a man who lived 53 centuries ago.

17. Ramesses the Great

Image source/ Reddit
Ramesses the Great has become one of the best known Egyptian mummies. He was, according to historians, in the 20th dynasty he was one of the most brilliant Pharaohs. A huge laceration to his throat was discovered when he body was exhumed and experts assume he was murdered by his own sons.

18. Ho Chi Minh

Image Source/ RT
Communist leader Ho Chi Minh passed away September 1969, his embalming followed shortly after to preserve his body. To keep the body safe from American troops, he was hidden in an underground chamber in a Vietnam jungle. Routine maintenance is needed to help preserve his body; once a year, his body is sent to Russia for a three month stint where they re-embalm him to maintain his features.

19. Lindow Man

Image source/ Reddit
Lindow man is the nickname given to Pete Marsh who died in a bog in Cheshire England. His body must have sank into the bog in the Iron Age. The peat bog naturally preserved his body perfectly so that he was re-discovered in 1984 and remains the best preserved Iron age man ever found.

20. Tollund man

Image source/ Reddit
Here is the body of a man who was hanged 2000 years ago, and one of the oldest hanging victims bodies ever. In fact, when the body was discovered in 1950 somebody assumed he had recently been murdered. In actual fact he came from the pre-iron age.

21. The Ukok Princess

Image source/ Reddit
The Ukok Princess was a woman who belonged to the Siberian tribe, 2500 years ago.  Her body was found in 1993 and we cans see from the tattoos how well preserved her body is to be able to depict certain features and skin markings without too much decomposition and decay.

22. George Mallory

Image source/ Reddit
George Mallory attempted to climb Mount Everest in 1924 with his climbing partner. The two tied themselves together and tragically fell and died on the mountain. The bodies, were perfectly preserved by the ice. Even after 75 years of never finding the two men again.

23. The Saltmen of Iran

Image source/ Reddit
Six salt miner's bodies were found in the years 1993-2008 in the Chehrabad salt mines in Iran. They had been killed inside and the naturally occurring salt had acted as a preserved of the bodies which were eventually recovered very much in tact.

24. The Inuit Baby

Image source/ Reddit
Around eight bodies were discovered in Qilakistoq, Greenland. A little baby boy's body was found alongside a woman whose body had a malignant tumour found within it. The baby appeared to be around 6 months old and the body was exceptionally well preserved. It was found that the boy had been suffocated due to his mother dying.

25. The Clocycaven man

Image source/ Reddit
In Ireland, a man's body was found which had come from somewhere between 392-201 BC. The body had managed to survive due to the material found in the bog which protected it from full decomposition. Because of the body remaining, scientists and historians learned more about that period of history such as the fact that he wore products traded from Europe.

26. Tutankhamun

Image source/ Reddit
We couldn't complete the list without Tutankhamun, Egypt's most famous pharaoh. He lived around 1341-1322 BC. And when his body was exhumed his tomb was so well preserved that it made the worldwide media. And, his well preserved body showed historians that he was born from an incestuous relationship which had led to many birth defects.

27. The Tocharian woman

Image source/ Reddit
Here is a woman who lived 1000 BC. Her body was found, and still is, in exceptional condition. In fact it is not difficult to image what she once looked like. Her blonde hair is even preserved exactly as it as left, in neat pigtails. She must have been around 40 years old at the time of her death.

28. The Cherchen Man

Image source/ Reddit
Ur-David was one of many mummies found at the start of the 20th century  in China. Historians found that the bodies must have been from around the time if 1900 BC. He was so well preserved that his red hair was visible, as well as his tunic.

29. The Loulan Beauty

Image source/ Reddit
In 1980, Chinese archaeologists found the Tarim mummies from 1800 BC. One of the best known was The Beauty of Loulan. She was buried just 3 feet deep into the earth. The cloths she was wrapped in, the salt from the earth, and the dry climate all helped preserve her body. Her beauty was still evident, hundreds of years after death.

30. Grauballe Man

Image source/ Reddit
This body was discovered to be from the third century BC. It was found in Denmark in 1952. The preservation of his body in a peat bog meant that his hair, teeth and facial stubble were all evident. It was evident that he had suffered from starvation throughout his life.

The Torajans Of Indonesia Have Some Fascinating Death Rituals... A Close Up Of A Deceased Family Member

Image Source / All That's InterestingThe Torajans of Indonesia are known for their death rituals, which involve celebrating the dead by preserving them and digging up relatives to re-dress them, clean them up and celebrate with them. Here is a close up of a Torajan who had been brought out of his grave.

The Corpses Are Cleaned

Image Source / All That's InterestingThe Torajans take a lot of time and care to clean the corpses of their loved ones after exhuming their body. They use cloths to gently clean up the body and clothes of their loved one with great care and attention.

Caskets Are Carried In An Elaborate Ritual

Image Source / All That's InterestingThese celebratory death rituals also see caskets of dead loved ones being carried along roads and pathways, by all those who want to pay their respects and by loving family members. The carrying of the casket and journey of it is an important part of these rituals.

The Deceased Are Also Given New Clothes

Image Source / All That's InterestingWhen the caskets are opened, family members - often a group - will not only clean their deceased loved one, but they will also make sure to dress them in new, fresh clothes before the loved one is returned to their tomb.

The Deceased Can Be Posed For Photographs

Image Source / All That's InterestingAnother aspect of the death ritual is for deceased loved ones to be brought out of their graves so that family members can spend time with them. This includes living loved ones posing for photographs with their ancestors, some of which have mummified.

Some Tombs Are Actually Built Into The Side Of Cliffs

Image Source / All That's InterestingRather than a more traditional gravesite like on a flat plot of land, some Torajans are actually buried in tombs which are dug into the sides of cliffs. This means that, for the death rituals, the coffins have to be lowered down from vertical cliff sides.

The Buffalo Horn Symbolism

Image Source / All That's InterestingIn this culture, buffalo horns are a common feature outside of houses in the community. The more buffalo horns that are attached to the front of a house, the bigger the status that family has - and, as you can see, this one has quite a lot!

Relatives Grab As Many Photos As They Can

Image Source / All That's InterestingThis is a time for celebration and for taking photos of ancestors during this time that they're out of their coffins, cleaned and groomed. Family members may take photos with their relatives, or take snaps only of their relatives during this funeral ritual.

Some Of The Deceased Have Photos Of Them Placed Next To Their Head

Image Source / All That's InterestingIn further celebration of their ancestors' lives, family members will place a photograph of the deceased next to their head, the photo taken from when they were alive. This can be placed in the casket with them alongside their body, as shown with this deceased Torajan.

The Deceased May Also Be Offered Food And Drink

Image Source / All That's InterestingAs part of the funeral ritual and celebration, deceased relatives once taken out of their coffin and placed in the social setting, may also be offered food and drink as a gesture from loved ones. They may also be offered cigarettes, too.

The Bodies Are Cleaned And Given New Clothes

Image Source / All That's InterestingIt's customary for a completely new and fresh set of clothes to be given to the deceased as well as having their bodies cleaned up. Older clothes won't simply be cleaned and left on. Here, this relative has been dead for 30 years and is seen being cleaned by a loved one.

Relatives May Also Touch The Deceased In Respect

Image Source / All That's InterestingHere you can see a loved one touching the face of his dead relative after he has been taken from his crypt, and also seen here with a photograph from when he was alive. Relatives may spend time laying hands on their relatives as a sign of love and respect and taking this opportunity while the body is out of the grave.

Sometimes Bodies Will Be Brought Out Together

Image Source / All That's InterestingDuring this funeral ritual, it's not one body of a relative brought out at a time. Often, more than one can be brought out - especially if they were a couple - to be cleaned, groomed and celebrated together. Here the bodies of two family members stand together after being displayed by relatives.

The Celebrations Include The Impact Dead Relatives Have Had

Image Source / All That's InterestingWhen the deceased family members' mummified remains are brought out, cleaned and dressed, part of the celebration is to remember the impact these relatives have had on the living, and live on in their loved ones memories.

Bodies May Be Lain Out Side By Side

Image Source / All That's InterestingMore than one family member can be taken from their tomb and lain out in the same celebratory funeral ritual. Here shown side by side, these two mummies are dressed and cleaned, with fresh flowers and each displaying their portraits from life.

Some Relatives May Also Be Dressed In Uniforms

Image Source / All That's InterestingThis deceased relative on the left was an army veteran, so when his family members retrieved his body from his crypt to groom and redress, he was dressed in army uniform in respect of his service. Alongside him is a another deceased family member for the funeral ritual.

Some Exhumed Bodies Are Close Relatives

Image Source / All That's InterestingThe ages of the deceased and how long they have been dead can all vary, and you may have very young loved ones seeing the bodies of their great ancestors, whereas some may be close relatives. Here, this is the mummified body of this man's grandfather.

The Mummified Bodies Can Also Stand And Hold Things

Image Source / All That's InterestingAs shown in this photo, the exhumed bodies aren't always simply displayed lying down in their caskets. They can be made to stand, but also be made to hold things, like these fresh flowers, as shown with the grandparents of this man grooming them for a family photo.

A Decade-Old Army Veteran

Image Source / All That's InterestingA closer look at the body of L Sarungu, the army veteran who was exhumed by his relatives. By this time, his corpse is a decade old, before being taken out of its tomb to be cleaned by his loved ones.

The Bodies Can Be Cuddled And Swarmed By Relatives

Image Source / All That's InterestingWhile the bodies are out displayed in the communal areas with families, after being cleaned and having their clothes restored and cared for, the bodies of deceased ancestors can be cuddled, touched and have family members flocking around them.

Bodies Can Be Posed For Huge Family Photos

Image Source / All That's InterestingPhotos of the deceased are a big deal during this funeral ritual, but it's also taken very seriously in terms of opportunities for huge family photos. Relatives can get together in big groups to pose with their deceased relatives, who have been propped to stand as they would in a family photo in life.

Not All Deceased Ancestors Still Look Like Themselves

Image Source / All That's InterestingAs you can see in most of the photos so far, a lot of the deceased relatives still have some recognisable facial features in their mummified state. But as seen in this photo, with relatives gathering around a few bodies, it may be that there is only a few bones or a skull left.

Dead Relatives Can Also Be Kept In The Home

Image Source / EscapeThe custom of the Toraja people is actually to keep their recently deceased relatives at home, displayed as normal on a bed or sitting down, until a time when they're officially buried. During this time the family members can spend time with their deceased relative around the home.

The Torajan People Believe The Soul Remains In The House After Death

Image Source / EscapeThe reason that this culture takes care of the dead in the home by still offering them food, drink, clothing and even cigarettes is because they believe the soul is still around after the body has passed. They also keep dried plants beside the bodies to mask the smell of the decay.

There's A Reason They Make Such Effort To Preserve The Bodies: Good Fortune

Image Source / EscapeThe community believes that good fortune can be brought by a well-preserved body, which is why they put so much effort and care into keeping their relatives' bodies in the best possible shape and keeping on top of it every year for the ritual.

Relatives Can Even Spend Time Outdoors With Their Deceased Loved Ones

Image Source / EscapeHere you can see a relative spending time with their loved one outdoors, as his exhumed body is placed in the sun and tended to with a cigarette and a glasses change. While this ritual may seem strange to other countries and cultures, the Torajans would be equally as shocked about retirement homes and having other people responsible for the graves of their relatives.

Bodies Can Also Include Those Of Babies And Children Who Have Passed

Image Source / EscapeAs seen here, it's not only the bodies of adult or elderly loved ones that are taken from their graves and cleaned. There are also bodies of babies and children who have passed. This ritual is a time of celebration rather than mourning the dead.

For Some Torajans, They Have Only Ever Seen Their Loved Ones Dead

Image Source / EscapeSome people of the community, like this young girl, may never have had the chance to meet their relatives while they were still alive. Here she gets to spend time with the sister she never met in life by holding her exhumed body.

There May Have Been A Lot Of Infant Death In The Community Due To Lack Of Proper Roads

Image Source / EscapeHere three cousins meet their infant relative who died 10 years prior due to an illness. The reason the baby died from sickness was because there were no proper roads at the time within the mountain area of Toraja, so the baby couldn't get to the hospital.

Tourists May Even Be Able To Witness The Ritual Taking Place

Image Source / EscapeThese days, with so much tourism about and more knowledge about the rituals becoming known outside of the community, tourists can actually mingle with the local people during the time these rituals take place - which also makes sense when it's a celebration and not a private family grieving process.

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