23 Foods That Will Give Every British Kid Intense Flashbacks

By Ange Arnal 6 months ago

1. This after school meal.

I think we can all agree that this was a classic. Potato smiley faces made any meal a million times better instantly. Back when you were younger, you didn't mind having peas with most meals but now you probably couldn't think of having anything worse than that.

2. Turkey Twizzlers.

We still can't get over the fact Jamie Oliver banned turkey twizzlers from schools. They were the perfect lunch time meal, full of grease and you definitely knew there was about 1% of turkey in them, but you still loved eating them anyway. BRING THEM BACK!!

3. Spaghetti hoops on toast.

Spaghetti hoops on toast could brighten up anyone's day. Even looking at a picture of spaghetti hoops on toast make me starving. This meal is one of those that you'd still have today on your lunch break. It's one of the most easiest dishes to make and brings back a lot of memories of when you were younger.

4. Sponge cake and custard.

I think we can all agree that sponge cake has a special place in all of our hearts. If you absolutely drench your sponge cake in custard then it is absolutely dreamy. We used to get offered sponge cake and custard for the dessert portion on the majority of our school dinners and we never got bored of it.

5. Bananas and custard.

We can all agree that we thought this used to be healthy because it involved bananas. In reality, because you drenched your banana in custard it lost any remote health benefits.

6. Arctic roll.

This was one of those treats that you got given if you had packed lunches at primary school. We can all agree that this was divine... a mixture of sponge cake, jam and ice cream.. unreal.

7. Viennetta.

I hate to admit it, but we could each probably finish a full one of these in one sitting. There is nothing more delicious than the creamy ice cream and cracking chocolate.

8. Potato waffles.

You could add these to any meal and the average rating for your overall meal would triple. These are the absolute best when they're drenched in beans!

9. Turkey dinosaurs.

We loved these turkey chicken nuggets, but the main reason we were obsessed with them was that they were shaped like dinosaurs. You didn't even have to be into dinosaurs but still got excited over the thought of having turkey dinosaurs as kids.

10. Party rings.

No birthday party was complete without party rings. We can all agree that we would be seriously disappointed if these weren't brought out at your birthday party. I haven't had party rings for years but can still imagine exactly what they taste like.

11. Mr Kipling cakes.

Mr Kipling has blessed us all with some of the best treats in the world. We are lucky to have these in our lives... they're a British classic, aren't they? These kids take you straight back to your childhood. Even though they're still very much available for us today, we don't tend to buy them half as much.

12. Chicken nuggets.

Chicken nuggets can make any meal amazing. But, the big question is whether or not you decide to dip your nuggets in ketchup or in mayo! A big plate of chicken nuggets went down a treat when you were younger and to be honest, it still would today.

13. Sausage, peas and some form of potato shaped letters.

We can all agree that we used to make ridiculous words out of the potato letters we had. But, our parents used to get so angry at us when they were naughty swear words. The only thing this plate is missing, is some tomato ketchup.

14. Cheese string.

There is only one logical way to eat your cheestring and that's the peel it off slice by slice. I think it's weird that we used to sit and eat a full block of cheese, but there was honestly nothing more delicious than this, was there?

15. Anything Dairylea.

Lunchables were the best of them all. There was nothing we use to show off more about than when we were lucky enough to have been given a lunchable for our lunch! There was nothing better than the classic ham and cheese ones.

16. Fruit winders.

The thought alone of fruit winders is making my mouth water. They were so delicious, but you still couldn't pass them off as fruit or one of your five a day, could you? With fruit winders, you never teared a little bit off like other people did. Instead you unrolled the whole winder and then shoved the whole thing in your mouth!

17. Fab.

If there was one ice lolly that was guaranteed to hit the spot, it was a Fab lolly. I think we can all agree that this is one of a kind and is truly FAB. In my house, there was only one way that you could eat a FAB, and that was by sucking the chocolate off the top first before taking a bite.

18. Zap ice lollies.

These were another ice cream van classic that we used to be obsessed with. Divine...

19. Crisps butties.

If you had a bag of crisps and some bread, then the only logical thing to do is the put the two together and have a carb overload. What flavour crisps are your favourite to have on a butty?

20. Pizza and chips.

A classic meal that is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face. You were a bit gutted when it was an Asda frozen pizza, but you weren't going to complain! It was one of the easiest after school meals to have but you didn't care because you'd be straight back out playing on the street once you'd finished.

21. Jacket potato and beans.

Jacket potato, beans and an unhealthy amount of cheese = happiness on a plate. When you were told you were having this for dinner, you knew you were onto a winner.

22. Sponge cake from school.

There was nothing more delicious than the sponge cake you used to get with your school dinners! There was something much different about the sponge cake from school than any other sponge cake you had had before.

22. Lasagne and chips.

Lasagne is a gift from the gods. Pair this with chips and you have a plate full of dreams (and carbs). Might sound heavy now, but when you're a growing child, carbs are very important. That's what you used to tell yourself anyway.

23. Cornflake cakes.

These were SO easy to make, but the end result was something like no other! I used to always put myself forward to eat the remaining cornflakes and melted chocolate at the end if there were any left.

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