Craziest Things People Have Found Inside Their Bodies

By Ange Arnal 8 months ago

1. A belt inside the chest

What Do Chest X-Rays Show?
image source: e7health
After being involved in a serious car accident, Anuj Ranjan required extensive surgery to save his life. Whilst on the operating table, doctors somehow missed the eight-foot long belt that was lodged inside of his chest. Years later, after developing TB he was admitted to hospital where doctors found the bizarre object in his chest.

2. A fish inside the lungs

Live lungfish fish surgically removed from lung - Practical Fishkeeping
image source: practicalfishkeeping
Indian boy, Ranjan accidentally swallowed a nine-centimetre fish whilst he was playing in the river by his home. It stayed in his lunged and remained alive whilst it was in there. Years later it was removed through operation....gross and crazy at the same time.

3. A worm inside the eye

Take care of your eyes! Here's my good right eye and my left eye which I have had 4 detachments in, half my retina removed, and my lens removed. Looks trippy. :
image source: reddit
It is quite common for people to get worms in their eyes. Whilst some catch them whilst diving, others develop an infection followed by the worm. John Matthew from Cedar Rapid almost went blind when doctors told him that a racoon worm was growing in his retina.

4. Maggots in the scalp

23F what can cause reoccurring itchy scalp? (more info in comments) any remedies? : r/HaircareScience
image source: reddit
Aaron Dallas from Texas found random lumps on his head one day, which he ignored and put down to bumps from where he's injured himself at work on his building site. But as time went by and he could feel these bumps moving around, doctors told him that maggots had been living in his scalp.

5. An eel in the anus

Saving Ottawa River's endangered eels a slippery subject for conservationists | CBC News
image source: CBC
You know those stupid guys you see on the internet who pull pranks on each other for views? Well, this was one of those times...a guy once inserted an eel into his own anus and the eel then swam up his anus, escaping into his body. After going to the doctors to get it out, he had to then explain to them how and why it was up there in the first place.

6. Fish in the urethra

Transparent fish : r/interestingasfuck
image source: reddit
This one is a slightly confusing one, but this fish managed to somehow swim up a mans penis and escape. A young man who was in the sea felt a fish nibbling away at his private parts, when he tried to move it, the fish swam up his bladder and he had to go to hospital to get it removed with a tool thats usually used on people with bladder stones.

7. A nail in the head

Toothache' was an 8cm nail up my nose | London Evening Standard | Evening Standard
image source: eveningstandard
Prax Sanchez was complaining about terrible earache when his family finally made him visit the doctors. Upon arrival, he was taken straight through to an MRI where they couldn't complete the process as it was too painful for him. Later that day, he sneezed out a nail through his nose that had probably been there for years.

8. A tapeworm in the brain

Cannabis use associated with abnormal brain structure in region involved in processing facial emotion, suggests a new brain scan study, which found that teens and young adults who use cannabis weekly have
image source: reddit
Rosemary Alvarez developed a tapeworm in her brain after she ate food that was tainted with human faeces. Urghhhhh! Doctors were thankfully able to clean her brain and completely remove the tapeworm without it affecting her. She managed to make a full recovery.

9. A pea plant in the lung

In 2009, a 75-Year-old-man from Massachusetts, Ronan Sveden, got running to his doctor complaining about fatigue and frequent coughing. The X-ray made a shocking revelation of a live pea plant growing inside
image source: reddit
Remember when you were little and your mom would tell you that whatever you eat grows in your stomach? Well, this actually happened to Ron Sveden who initially thought he had developed cancer in his lugs only to later find out that a pea-plant was flourishing in his lungs after it had somehow gone down the wrong pipe.

10. Dentures...inside the body

Our first, fully functional, fully 3D printed Denture! This will be out economy level denture. Both the Gingeva and the Teeth are printed with their Denture Base resin and their A1 Teeth
image source: reddit
A 75-year-old lady from Essex, England who suffered from Parkinson's, lost the top half of her dentures at around the same time she was diagnosed with a lung infection. One thing that doctors missed was that her dentures were partly missing...they were actually inside of her body causing her to feel really ill.

11. Cobblestones in the stomach

These tracks worn into the stone road in Pompeii by wagon wheels thousands of years ago. : r/mildlyinteresting
image source: reddit
In 2006, a young Chinese girl swallowed 20 cobblestones. She thought they would pass through her body naturally, however, they just got lodged in her stomach which was unable to break them down. The stones then started to knock against each other which caused her some serious pain before she had them removed.

12. Cutlery...

This spork is made out of stainless steel and has a jagged knife edge on the side. : r/mildlyinteresting
image source: reddit
Wait for this one...because it is pretty unbelievable. Back in the 70s, doctors removed 78 pieces of cutlery from a woman's stomach. After being questioned how they got there, she admitted that she had been eating her cutlery and that the only pieces she was not eating we're the knives in her drawer.

13. An engagement ring

A good belly laugh': Woman swallows engagement ring during nightmare - National |
image source: globalnews
A man in the UK who really couldn't afford the expensive engagement ring that his girlfriend wanted, decided to swallow the piece of jewellery in the hope he could just walk out without paying. He was caught when the police were called after the ring was reported missing and his body was scanned by a metal detector.

14. A door key

image source: dailynotion
A college student from Bournemouth, England decided that rather than going home he would swallow his house key to avoid the night ending. This obviously didn't end well and the key had to travel down his system and make its way out naturally before his landlord found out and fined him for a replacement key.

15. Needles, coins & necklaces

Has anyone ever seen anything like this? Mass on Xray- vet stated he hasn't seen anything like it. Bloodwork is all normal. Eats drinks plays has plenty of energy. But there's this
image source: reddit
French doctors treated a man who had a thing about eating coins. Now, we all know people have their own strange habits and fetishes, but this ones completely confusing? Coins were his favourite delicacy and he was found to have over 5kg of mass that had forced his stomach down between his hips.

16. Magnets

This is my X-ray after I ate a quarter after stealing it from my brother when I was 5 : r/KidsAreFuckingStupid
image source: reddit
Eight year old American girl suffered with punctures to her stomach when she was found with over 20 marbles and 10 magnets in there. She later admitted that she had swallowed them because she thought they looked like candy...I mean, it does make sense a little.

17. A fork in the va-jay-jay

25 revolting things that Americans got stuck inside them in 2016
image source: theirishsun
An ER doctor in Vancouver went to Reddit to explain how he had just come home from a twelve hour shift at hospital where he and another nurse had to remove a fork that was lodged in a woman's you know where. The patient told them she didn't know how it got there...

18. A 12-inch d**do named Luther lost in the anus

X-Ray prior to surgical removal : r/WTF
image source: reddit
Another ER nurse explained how he had a girl come in with "abdominal pains" which turned out to be caused by the 12-inch d**do that was stuck in her anus. She let the nurses and doctors ask her questions until she caved and told them that she had lost it after a rampant swingers night.

19. Jewellery in the upper small bowel

DO NOT BUY MEJURI : r/jewelry
image source: reddit
While having an examination at the doctors after suffering with stomach pain, the middle aged woman went for an x-ray, only to find that her upper small bowel was littered with jewellery. It turned out this woman was swallowing jewellery to hide her pieces from her husband and his mistress.

20. A toothbrush

I broke my ankle and the surgeon left his toothbrush in my leg : r/funny
image source: reddit
A 55-year-old man waited two weeks before visiting the ER after swallowing his toothbrush. When he showed up at the hospital with stomach pain, surgeons were surprised he had gone so long without reporting the incident. The toothbrush was finally removed and the man was discharged without injury.

21. Razors in the appendix

So I found a razor blade in my food yesterday. Yes. A razor blade. And the restaurant confirmed it came from a tomato sliced used to make pico. They handled it just
image source: reddit
A 25-year-old inmate was taken into hospital due to pain in his abdomen. The X-rays revealed the razor blades had migrated to his appendix which is an extremely rare occurrence. Things might have been different if the razors had gone straight down to the stomach as the acid in there is strong enough to dissolve razor blades!

22. Toothpicks in the small intestine

Artisanal Toothpicks for the Discriminating Gentleman
image source: reddit
A 50-year-old man turned up to ER with an abdominal and urinary tract infection after swallowing a toothpick. The doctors sent him for an ultrasound where they spotted the toothpick in his small intestine - considering someone went two weeks with a toothbrush inside of him, it's crazy to think that such a small object could cause so much jip.

23. A vibrating you know what in the large intestine

A large "still vibrating" dildo that is beyond the point of self-retrieval in the rectum and sigmoid colon of a patient. [SFW] : r/pics
image source: reddit 
ER doctor in Texas wrote on Reddit, that when he and radiologists x-rayed this person, the radiologist reported, “There is an approximately 15cm cylindrical foreign body in the large intestine extending proximally from the rectum. Judging by the indistinct outline of the foreign body, I suspect it is still on”

24. Power tools

Two burned out Dewalt XR tools and one snarky dewalt rep later…and I'm finally in the Milwaukee rabbit hole! Wow these things have power! : r/MilwaukeeTool
image source: reddit
Physicians found that a 58-year-old man had a serious abscess in his rear ear which turned out to be caused by the insertion of his screwdriver in his rectum. The Danish man survived thankfully because he had gone straight to the doctors - things could have been different if he had left it longer.

25. A fish bone in the Thyroid gland

Deep Fried Fish Bones Recipe
image source: seriouseats 
Fish bones can cause a lot of issues but when a bone got stuck in a 31-year-old woman's thyroid gland, doctors were baffled. “Fish bones are not easy to be found as a foreign body,” the doctors note. The fish bone had made its way to the ladies thyroid gland after she swallowed it.

26. Plastic gloves

A little gross.. Does anyone else's gloves look like this after a long day? : r/labrats
image source: reddit
Surgeons were puzzled when they found ten plastic gloves trapped inside of a 55-year-old mans body. Unsure that it was because of an eating disorder, the surgeons removed the gloves and educated the man on what was right to and what definitely was not right to eat.

27. A 'mole'

This tick with its own tick : r/mildlyinteresting
image source: reddit
An elderly lady went to visit New York Dermatologst, Joshua Zeichner when she found a mole on her skin. When Dr Zeichner took a closer look, he found the mole was actually a tick that was lodged under her skin which was promptly removed.

28. Bullets

My box of bullets came with a suprise! : r/reloading
image source: reddits
ER doctors must see the strangest things and this one doctor told Reddit that her patient came in with a live round of ammo stuck in his rectum. The man had been suffering with painful and itchy hemorrhoids and had been using a 50 mm bullet to scratch can guess how the rest of this story went.

29. Sponges

What is the zero waste solution for this? (Kitchen sponge) : r/ZeroWaste
image source: reddit
Another Redditor explained how he had heard a doctor talk about a time when he was treating a woman who had a sponge lodged up inside of her cervix. A car washing sponge to be exact that she had somehow got stuck up there...the Redditor never found out how this had happened unfortunately.

30. Notes

Two arrested for using counterfeit money: Taoyuan police - Focus Taiwan
image source: focustaiwan
A young boy from Taiwan was taken to hospital after he started choking out of the blue, when he got to the ER, doctors found that he had swallowed over ten notes of cash. Thankfully the doctors said they would dissolve in his stomach once they've passed down.

31. A Christmas tree in the lung

image source:
If you thought the pea plant in the lung was weird, apparently that's not all the crazy stuff this particular organ has to deal with. One man went to hospital with severe chest pains, and it turned out a fir tree measuring 2 inches had grown in his lung from a seed he'd accidentally inhaled!

32. A sea snail in the knee (ouch)

image source:
If there's anywhere you might think would be a difficult place to get something stuck, it'd be the knee, surely? That didn't stop this determined sea snail. A four year old fell on the beach and ended up with a scrape on his knee - the doctors thought it was infected, but after the boy's mother later squeezed it, out popped a sea snail - which the boy then kept as a pet!

33. A dandelion in the ear

image source:
Dandelions are a pretty bright color, so how this one went unnoticed for so long is pretty weird in itself. But a full grown dandelion was found in an 18-month-old child's ear, after it had set root inside the ear and then grown to about 2cm, filling the whole ear canal!

34. Spider in the stomach!

image source:
This is absolute nightmare fuel for anyone with arachnophobia (so all of us then, yeah?). A man was enjoying his vacation in Bali when a spider managed to burrow inside him through his appendix scar, and lived in there for three days before doctors got it out!

35. Maggots in the ear

image source:
If they can get in the scalp, they can certainly get in the ear! And let's be honest, maggots can get wherever they darn well please. When this young boy when to the doctors complaining of earache - how all these horror stories start - twelve, yes TWELVE, maggots were found in his ear!

36. A hairball in the stomach!

image source:
We humans out here living our best cat lives, apparently. A teenage girl was finding it really difficult to drink normally without feeling sick. With investigation - and surgery - doctors ended up finding a huge hairball in her stomach. It was her own hair, which she had been eating due to Trichophagia (compulsive hair eating).

37. Larva in the eye

image source:
Well nobody could've seen this coming. A five year old boy had to be put under in order to have a larva removed from his eye. The larva came from a botfly, which skilfully uses the mosquito to spread its eggs. The mosquito bites a person, and the botfly larva drops to burrow where the mosquito landed - even if it's an eye...

38. Spider in the ear

image source:
Yes, you heard that right! Anything to do with a spider anywhere near the body is just a NOPE from us, thanks. But in the ear?! A woman in China went to the doctors complaining about a very itchy ear - well, it turns out a spider was the culprit. They had to flush it out with saline solution.

39. How about a cockroach in the ear instead?

image source:
If a spider in the ear really made your skin (and inner ear) crawl, how about a cockroach instead? We don't know which is worse. But this one gets more interesting because the man who realised he had a cockroach in his ear actually took matters in his own hands and killed it by spraying pesticide inside. Unfortunately, it then became infected with the dead cockroach stuck in there.. so he had to get it removed, of course.

40. The woman who became 'pregnant' in her mouth with squid babies

image source:
Yep. Just read that again. You might need to. This poor woman was casually enjoying a plate of calamari when she ended up being 'pregnant' - in her mouth - with 12 of the squid's babies. Apparently she'd eaten the sperm sacks, and then 'impregnated' her teeth and gums - which luckily doctors were able to remove.

41. Coke bottle... up the butt

image source:
We know they say 'taste the feeling', but we don't think they meant up there. This is a classic case of 'it's better to just be honest'. A Chinese man had a coke bottle - and a hook - stuck up his rectum, and told doctors he had no idea how it got there.. until he admitted he put it up there himself and thought he'd be able to get it out with the hook. Alas.

42. Maggots in the skin

image source:
They'll really go anywhere, won't they? In this particular case, an Australian couple were on vacation in South America when they ended up with pustule wounds on their skin... which they turned out to have maggots feasting inside of them. You can thank that dratted botfly again for this one!

43. Parasites from eating fish

image source:
A 76-year-old woman apparently had the misfortunate of eating some badly cooked fish. What resulted was bad stomach pains that she went to hospital for - only to find out that she had parasites inside her bladder and kidney as a result. While doctors managed to get the parasites out, she sadly didn't survive the procedure.

44. A medical instrument in the stomach

image source:
That's not where it belongs! This has to be a surgeon's worst nightmare (or sloppiest behavior) when they leave a metal medical instrument inside a person before closing them up! One woman complained of severe abdominal pain after surgery, and was first dismissed as it being 'normal' - but then they x-rayed her to find the metal instrument in her stomach.

45. A man's twin!

image source:
A man named Sanju Bhagat began to have a seriously enlarged stomach - to the point where he looked heavily pregnant. He went to hospital after serious breathing problems, only to find out that he had a living person - his twin - living inside him and feeding off him like a parasite!

46. A fingerling potato.. in a woman's uterus

image source:
When this woman went to hospital complaining of pain in her stomach, it turns out that she had a fingerling potato not only entirely inside her uterus, but it had actually sprouted a leaf! It turns out that the potato had been used as a sex toy when she and her partner didn't have contraceptive.

47. A moldy ham sandwich that had been trapped under a woman's boob!

image source:
Have you ever dropped a piece of food and tried to find it for ten minutes only to give up? Well, this is kinda like that, except this woman dropped a whole ham sandwich and it was trapped under her boob for so long that it had turned moldy. She was obese, so it wasn't hard to get things trapped under the skin!

48. Swimming pool noodle... up the an*s

image source:
This brings a whole new meaning to the 'I tripped and fell' excuse. I mean, seriously? Apparently this man had been lounging by the pool when he slipped - although it is believable, because those pool tiles can be slippy - and had a pool noodle rammed so far up his behind that it was about 7 inches deep!

49. A yankee candle up a guy's butt

image source:
Okay, seriously, how many things are we going to have 'accidentally' shoved up a butt? A yankee candle?! Why does it need to smell that nice up there anywhere? And they're so expensive, what a waste! To make it worse, this guy claimed that - you guessed it - he slipped while getting out of the shower.

50. Potato salad in a woman's... you know

image source:
Apparently we've been doing potato salad wrong this entire time! This young woman went into hospital because her boyfriend had decided to stuff her vagina with... potato salad. Whether this was consensual we don't know, but we imagine so. Maybe it's like the other potato incident all over again.

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