Crazy Things You Missed In ‘Friends’

By Molly 8 months ago

The One With The Introduction

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In the pilot episode of the show, Monica introduces Rachel to Chandler as if they have never met, however later on in the show we find out that Chandler and Rachel had already met whilst they were all in high school. Did you catch that one or did it slip through your radar?

The One With The Same Actress

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June Gable makes many appearances as Estelle (Joey's agent), but only eagle-eyed fans will have picked up that the same actress makes an appearance as a nurse in the episode "The one with the birth" which is the episode where Ben is born. Did you spot that one?

The One With The Changing Flat Number

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As the seasons go forward, the numbers on the flat doors change from 5 (Monica's apartment) to 19 and 20 (Monica's and Joey, and Chandlers). Many people think this is to make it seem like the characters live higher up in their building. How many of you spotted that one?

The One With The Name Arquette

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To celebrate Courtney Cox getting married to David Arquette, the show decided to not just change the name of Courtney Cox in the title sequence, but instead, they changed every one of the main actors and actresses' names to Arquette. With being able to skip past the intro now you may have missed this one!

The One With The Doodle

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In Joey and Chandler's apartment, they have a Magna Doodle which you may have noticed, but did you notice how the doodles change each episode? They often have secret messages, jokes, and themes that link with each episode that was being filmed at the time.

The One With The Monkey

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Marcel is a certified fan favorite, however, did you know that the monkey that "acted" as Marcel is actually a female monkey? Nope... Me neither! If you knew this secret about the very talented capuchin already you certainly qualify as a super fan and get all the brownie points!

The One With Different Actors

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We all know that in 10 years of filming, anyone would need a break, but I bet you never noticed that in just a few scenes throughout the show, the actors are replaced by what seems to be random people! In the image above the person on the right is supposed to be Monica...

The One With The Creators Of The Show

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As the creators of the show David Crane and Marta Kauffman decided that they wanted to chance their hand at acting. So that's what they did! They would both play extras and supporting roles throughout the filming of the show. Did you know this one already or did it slip through your clutch?

The One With The Couch

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Ever wondered how the six of them seem to have free reign over the now infamous coffee shop 'Central Perk'? There never seems to be anyone else on the couch where so much of the show is filmed, but have you ever noticed the subtle reserved sign on the table in front of the couch?

The One With The Brother

Image Source: thelist
We find out a couple of seasons into the show that Phoebe has a brother, and she then goes on to carry and deliver his baby... ok sure... but only superfans would have noticed that in Season 2 Episode 6 (15 episodes earlier) Phoebe met her brother who dropped a condom in her guitar case!

The One With The Spelling

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Ross and Rachel's love affair is a huge part of the storyline of the show, however, in one scene we briefly see a letter that Ross is sending to Rachel. Only very sharp-eyed viewers would have noticed that Ross has spelled Rachel's second name 'Greene' where everywhere else in the show it is spelled 'Green'.

The One With The Baby

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In the final season of friends, Chandler and Monica decide to adopt. However, in real life Courtney Cox was pregnant. The producers had to hide this as best as possible, by asking her to wear baggy clothes. There are, however, certain scenes where you can spot her baby bump.

The One With The Window

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Monica takes great pride in her apartment being immaculate but also being exactly the same all the time. There is though, one exception, throughout the show the window in the kitchen of her apartment keeps changing! The window goes from different backgrounds and sometimes, it's just a wall!

The One With The Birthdays

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Celebrations are a huge part of the show with many birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and more, however, Ross seems to have double the reason to celebrate (and no it's not because of his marriages). Ross throughout the show has two birthdays! Bottoms up!

The One With The Same Age

Image Source: IMDb
Not only does Ross have two birthdays, but he also doesn't age... I wish! In seasons 8, 9, and in season 10 Ross stays 29 years old the whole time! I'm not sure how Ross manages that, but whether it's time travel, magic, or a straight-faced lie, as soon as I find out, I wouldn't mind staying the same age for a while!

The One With Insomnia

Image Source: Digital Spy
Insomnia Café... Doesn't quite have the same ring, does it? Well, this is what the creators of the show originally wanted to call the show. After scrapping that they wanted to name it 'Friends Like Us'. They then decided that was too long and shortened the name of the show to 'Friends'.

The One With The Familiar House

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In the final season of the show, Chandler and Monica are looking to move out of their apartment in New York and into a house in the Suburbs. The house they eventually buy seems very familiar... It is actually the same house as the McCallister family home in Home Alone.

The One With The Changing Name

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In a crazy rush to find a minister to marry Monica and Chandler, Rachel finds this Greek Orthodox minister. But did you notice the name on the wedding invitation "Anastassakis"? This used to be Jenifer Annistons name before her dad changed it to Aniston to sound more American.

The One With A New Actress

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Ross' first wife Carol played a role in the show and was played brilliantly by Jane Sibbett. However, did you know that Jane Sibbett wasn't always the actress behind Carol! For the episode where Ross finds out that Carol is pregnant with Ben, she is played by Anita Barone.

The One With The Pin Number

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As loveable as Joey is, he's not the sharpest tool in the shed. So much so that he doesn't remember his own pin number for his card, even when it spells his own name! In 'The One In Vegas: Part One' we find out that Joey's pin number is 5639... Which spells out joey.

The One With The Fountain

Image Source: Insider
In the brilliant and famous title sequence, the six of them are seen dancing, playing, and messing around in a water fountain. But, did you know that that water fountain isn't in Manhattan, and it's not even in New York at all! The water fountain is actually on the Warner Brothers Ranch.

The One With The Barista

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Gunther is a loved part of the show, but did any of you Friends fanatics know that James Michael Tyler (who plays Gunther) was working as a barista when he was cast in the show? If you knew this one you qualify as the best of the best of friends fans!

The One With The Casting

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Jenifer Aniston seems like the perfect casting for Rachel Green, however, she was not always the first choice casting! As the story goes Tea Leoni was the casting director's original idea for who could play Rachel. I wonder how different the much-loved Rachel Green would have been with Leoni in the role.

The One With No Name

Image Source: Heart radio
Gunther... a good question! Did you know that Gunther was never given a second name? Seems a bit harsh, doesn't it? Well, that's not the end of it, as a matter of fact, Gunther didn't even have a name at all until halfway through season two! seems harsh for such a fan favorite!

The One With A Famous Dad

Image Source: IMDb

Throughout the show, Rachel is a huge fan of the soap opera 'The Days of Our Lives' in which Joey stars as Dr. Drake Ramoray. But, did you know this is a subtle hint to the fact that in real life Jenifer Aniston's father John acted in 'The Days Of Our Lives' as 'Victor Kiriakis'!

The One With The Bleach

Image Source: The Mirror
As a natural brunette, to stay in character with his role as Gunther, James Michael Tyler supposedly dyed his hair every week for 10 years straight! That's dedication, to say the least! I am definitely not jealous about the damage that would've caused to his hair!

The One With Courtney Cox As Rachel

Image Source: TODAY
We've already read about how Tea Leoni was going to be Rachel, and as it would seem, they wanted anyone other than Jenifer Aniston to start off with! They also thought Courtney Cox would play the role of Rachel before she turned it down to play Monica!

The One With The Potato

Image Source: Buzzfeed
This one is a very subtle, but very random one! I bet none of you noticed that in the cake display in Central Perk, there's a potato on display! As good as potatoes are, I'm not sure how well a raw potato goes with a cappuccino. Either way, if you spotted this one you are a super fan!

The One With The Fake Passport

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In the episode where Rachel is jetting off to Paris, obviously, she has to show her passport to get onto the plane, and although she does show a passport, we really can't tell if it's her passport. In the image above, you can see how much it looks like Monica's passport. Either way, very fishy Rachel...

The One With The Jar

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Last but certainly not least... We all know Monica can be a bit... well let's say uptight. But did any of you Friends fiends notice that in her restaurant Monica has a 'yelling jar' that she puts money in every time that she shouts at one of her employees?

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