Times the Royal Children Were Caught Misbehaving

By Sarah Jones 1 week ago

1. Teasing from Princess Charlotte

(Image/ Source: gettimages.com)

Princess Charlotte might seem well behaved these days, but it wasn’t always this way. She was snapped poking her tongue out at someone in the crowd when Prince William and Kate took part in the King's Cup regatta on the Isle of Wight back in 2019. Luckily it turned out that she was pulling faces at her grandfather, Michael Middleton.

2. A teeny tiny Prince George

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Look at those chubby cheeks! While Prince George tends to be fairly quiet and dignified, he had no qualms in bawling his eyes out when he was a tot. During the royal tour of Australia in 2014, an eight-month-old George was pictured sobbing as the family departed Canberra airport. The then-Prime Minister Tony Abbott tried to shake hands with Kate, but George wasn’t having any of it.

3. Prince Louis being Prince Louis

(Image/ Source: usatoday.com)

When is Prince Louis NOT pulling faces? During the Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations in 2022, the young prince stole the show thanks to his very expressive faces. He made it clear how he felt about the Trooping the Color showcase that took place on the Buckingham Palace balcony, and it seems that the rest of the royal family were not amused.

4. Prince Harry pushes it too far

(Image/ Source: cafemom.com)

It seemed like Princess Diana didn’t know where to look when a very young Prince Harry decided to play up to the cameras. He was snapped sticking his tongue out at the crowds during an appearance on the royal balcony at Buckingham Palace. William was much more well behaved, but he too had his moments…

5. Sly Prince William

(Image/ Source: hellomagazine.com)

Prince Wills was a sly one when he was a child. He was pretty good at public events, but when he thought everyone’s backs were turned, he got quite cheeky! Here he’s giving his teacher a pinch on the bum while playing around with one of his friends at school. The royal was taking part in a tennis lesson when he decided to play a bit of a prank on his unsuspecting teacher.

6.  A very upset Mia Tindall

(Image/ Source: gettyimages.com)

Oh dear. Little Mia’s not looking too happy here, is she? A very young Mia was papped not looking exactly thrilled when her mum, Zara, carried her towards her dad, Mike, while they were at a royal sporting event. We’re not sure what’s got the youngster so upset, but at that age, it could be any number of things!

7. Princess Beatrice vs Sarah Ferguson

(Image/ Source: hellomagazine.com)

Of course a young Princess Beatrice would want to try on her mom’s hat during a prestigious balcony appearance. Why not? Sarah Ferguson hilariously leaned back as her young daughter tried to steal her style, while Princess Diana looked on. A young William also turned around to get in on the balcony drama.

8. Savannah Phillips lays down the law

(Image/ Source: hellomagazine.com)

In June 2018, a young Savannah almost broke the internet when snaps of her at a Trooping the Color ceremony went viral. She was pictured shushing her cousin Prince George in an effort to get him quiet, and even put her hand over his mouth at one point. Prince William didn’t seem too pleased about this.

9. Tantrums from Prince George

(Image/ Source: hellomagazine.com)

It might look like the young Prince is having a harmless boogie, but he’s actually kicking off in style at the Royal International Air Tattoo. After wearing headphones for a fair amount of time, he decided he’d had enough. Prince William was on hand to give his son a stern talking to, but it didn’t seem to make much difference!

10. Prince Louis goes platinum

(Image/ Source: news.com.au)

They were the infamous photos that went viral in seconds. Not content with playing up on the balcony, Prince Louis was also on hand to cause a stir as he watched the platinum jubilee celebrations for the late Queen Elizabeth II. Unable to keep himself still, he stuck his tongue out at his mom and waggled his hands in her face. We don’t know how Kate kept calm…

11. Sassy Mia Tindall

(Image/ Source: hellomagazine.com)

So did Mia get less cheeky as she got older? It doesn’t seem like it! Here she is sticking her tongue out at a friend at school, who doesn’t seem to know what to make of it. Her dad Mike Tindall seems aware of just how cheeky his daughter is, and claims she even stole the show when the Queen was having her 90th birthday portrait done.

12. Pageboy Prince William

(Image/ Source: themirror.co.uk)

Being a page boy is a tough business. And it seems like the duty of sitting politely still during Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's wedding in July 1986. Dressed as a sailor, the then four-year-old pulled funny faces at the bridesmaids, poked his tongue out, and turned his little straw hat into a pair of binoculars. As you do.

13. A tearful Princess Charlotte

(Image/ Source: hellomagazine.com)

It looks like Princess Charlotte needed a nap during a visit to Hamburg airport. The Cambridge family paid a visit to the airport to view helicopters, but it was all a bit much for the little Princess, who took a tumble on the runway and immediately burst into tears. Kate was on hand with lots of cuddles though.

14. Princess Leonore of Sweden

(Image/ Source: gettyimages.com)

It’s not just the British royals that have their moments. A young Princess Leonore of Sweden was completely unconcerned as her mom, Princess Madeleine, tried to get her to stand up and behave during a prestigious event. The little princess was sat on a rug playing with a friend, and giggled as she was pulled up by her tired mom.

15. Princess Beatrice's breakdown

(Image/ Source: hellomagazine.com)

It’s not clear why a young Princess Beatrice was having such a horrible time during a fundraising polo match back in 1991, but it seems like the royal bodyguards were quite amused! Despite looking the picture of sweetness and innocent in her cute pink and white dress, she was ready to have the mother of all tantrums.

16. Flower girl Princess Charlotte

(Image/ Source: ok.co.uk)

Remember how much the royal kids played up during Harry and Meghan’s wedding? Apparently they behaved so badly at the wedding rehearsals that they drafted Will and Kate in to help. Princess Charlotte wasn’t having any of it though. The young flower girl stuck her tongue out and waggled her legs around while she was snapped by the world’s press.

17. Tears from Prince George

(Image/ Source: hellomagazine.com)

More tears from Prince George. He was a little overwhelmed by fans and well wishers when the family were on their way to his sister Princess Charlotte’s christening. The poor prince broke down in tears as he walked with his parents and baby sister, but he soon cheered up when he arrived at the church.

18. Prince Louis' coronation drama

(Image/ Source: time.com)

It seems like Prince Louis REALLY doesn’t like royal air shows. At King Charles III’s recent coronation, the young prince was not impressed with the Trooping the Color display that took place on the royal balcony. It seems the noise got a bit much for him, much to Kate and Charlotte’s amusement!

19. A very naughty pageboy

(Image/ Source: themirror.co.uk)

Back at Pippa Middleton’s wedding in 2017, Kate’s attempts to get the children to behave didn’t go as well as she’d hoped for. While organizing the many page boys and flower girls, one particular page boy decided to make some charming v signs at the awaiting cameras, which Kate was said to be furious about.

20. Prince Christian of Denmark

(Image/ Source: hellomagazine.com)

Prince Christian of Denmark is now in his late teens, but it seems like he wasn’t a fan of public photoshoots when he was a tiny tot. His dad, Crown Prince Frederik, was keen to stage a shoot with his small son, who looked super cute in a smart checked blue shirt and shorts. Christian didn’t seem very keen though!

21. A very tired Princess Charlotte

(Image/ Source: gettyimages.com)

The Maserati Royal Charity Polo caused a few problems for some of the royal children back in 2018. It seems that the lavish event became a bit too much for the young princess, who needed some cuddles from mom Kate Middleton to get her through. And it wasn’t just Princess Charlotte who needed some support…

22. Cuddles for Prince George

(Image/ Source: gettyimages.com)

Prince George also needed a bit of TLC from Kate at the charity polo event. His cousin Savannah Philips had jokingly pushed the young prince down a hill, and he was a little bit teary. While Savannah got a swift telling off from her mom, Autumn, the Prince was given a few cuddles and words of comfort from the Duchess of Cambridge.

23. Princess Alexia of the Netherlands

(Image/ Source: hellomagazine.com)

It doesn’t look like Princess Alexia is a fan of photoshoots. While she’s now blossomed into a relatively well behaved teen, she would often have meltdowns when she was little – especially when it came to family photoshoots. Her parents, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima, would try and smile through the pain though!

24. A 'boisterous' Prince William

(Image/ Source: gettyimages.com)

It turns out Prince William was a ‘boisterous’ tot – which earned him the nickname His Naughtiness. The royal author Robert Lacey claims that the young prince would often stick his tongue out at everyone, and would often run amok with a water pistol and soak all the royal staff. And the late Queen Elizabeth was NOT impressed with his behavior.

25. An unimpressed Prince Louis

(Image/ Source: thenews.com.pk)

Prince Louis doesn’t look too happy here, does he? After King Charles’ coronation, the family decided to take part in a ‘Big Help Out’ day, which featured fun activities like finger painting, archery and marshmallows by the fire. However, Prince Louis played up throughout the day, and was caught giving some serious side eyes after Kate after another round of scolding.

26. Cheeky Prince George

(Image/ Source: gettyimages.com)

It seems that the royal children really don’t do well at weddings. At Auntie Pippa’s wedding, Kate Middleton was pushed to the limit with her pack of pageboys. Prince George was given a few cross words after he was caught playing when he shouldn’t have been. He briefly shed some tears before perking up and playing with some flower baskets, much to Kate’s annoyance.

27. Prince Harry misbehaves

(Image/ Source: timesofindia.com)

What is it with these young royals and sticking their tongues out? A very young Prince Harry couldn’t resist making a few faces as the paparazzi chased after their mom’s car in the late 1980s. The family were on their way to visit the hospital after his cousin, Princess Beatrice of York, was born in 1988.

28. Michief from Mia Tindall

(Image/ Source: dailyexpress.co.uk)

Mia’s always had a cheeky side – which dad Mike Tindall knows all too well. At the Wellington Horse Trials in 2016, her mom Zara decided to give her daughter a riding crop. A young Mia immediately decided to start whipping her dad across the back of the legs with it before being frogmarched inside. She doesn’t seem too bothered though!

29. A meltdown from Prince George

(Image/ Source: gettyimages.com)

Prince George had quite the emotional day as he welled up while seeing a helicopter pilot. The third-in-line to the throne rubbed his eyes and had to be comforted by mom Kate during the day out, while the pilot looked on and tried to give the toddler a reassuring smile. It didn’t seem to make much difference though…

30. A grumpy Prince Louis

(Image/ Source: grazia.com)

Prince Louis has been practicing his range of facial expressions since he was a baby. Back in 2019, the teeny tiny prince was already showing his distaste at the royal balcony at Buckingham Palace. The crowds were just too much for him, and the prestigious Trooping the Color ceremony really didn’t go down well.

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