Here Is What Harry And Meghan Are Up To Now

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Meghan Does Hollywood Glam

Image source: People

Meghan Markle showed exactly how to turn up the style with Hollywood glam in New York City.  The Duchess of Sussex attended Ms Foundation's Women of Vision Awards.  Prince Harry and her mom Doria Ragland accompanied her as she received a Woman of Vision Award.  Not sure exactly what that is!

She Was Dripping In Gold And Jewels

Image source: People

For fear of not being the focal point after the Royal Coronation of King Charles a few weeks earlier, Meghan stunned in a gold, glitzy, strapless quilted dress dress by Johanna Ortiz.  Her jewelry and shoes complimented her outfit beautifully but the look came at a price - over $20,000!

A Near Catastrophic Car Chase?

Image source: The Telegraph

The most recent story about Harry and Meghan has to be the car chase they were involved in, after leaving the awards ceremony.  They apparently got caught up in a 2 hour paparazzi incident which saw their bodyguard flag down a cab and shuffle them in the back.  Hmmm, you couldn't make it up or could you?

High Court Battle For Harry

Image source: CNN

Harry (formerly known as Prince), is currently waging four separate legal battles against three different newspaper groups.  They involve obtaining illegal information by phone hacking years earlier and one story he says is libellous.  The jury is still out on that one but we wait with baited breath.

Harry Can't Get His Own Way

Image source: BBC

Harry has lost his bid for the second time to allow him to pay the Metropolitan Police for security when he and Meghan are in the UK. (Are they planning on ever stepping foot in the UK again?)  The Met said they are not "guns for hire" and as Harry is not a working Royal, it's a no from them.

We Get A Glimpse Of Their Home

Image source: The Irish Times

After moving into their new home almost 3 years ago, Harry and Meghan tease us all with a glimpse of their house in Santa Barbara.  Apparently, it cost $14.5 million and the couple obtained a mortgage for $9.5 million.  The "wannabe" private couple showed us the stunning decor of the property in Montecito.

Harry Blames the Press for Meghan's Miscarriage

Image source: Sky News

In their recent Netflix documentary, where they scooped $100 million for telling all, Harry leaves it unambiguous as to what he thinks may have caused his wife Meghan's miscarriage in 2020.  Devastating as it was, Harry had to find someone to blame and he chose the media attention.

The Couple Said Royals Were Jealous Of Them

Image source: The Telegraph

Early into their relationship as a couple in the royal family, Harry and Meghan say they understood their popularity was creating issues for the rest of the royals. After a Buckingham Palace event, only Harry and Meghan's photos were splashed across the tabloids, a sure sign of the nation's approval of them.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion!

Meghan Blames The Media

Image source: The Sun

Meghan's letter to her father was certainly one of the biggest stories in the tabloids.  That's why she blames them for the rift between her father and herself.  She says the two of them were extremely close until he conducted interviews about her to the Press.  The late Queen had advised her to write to her father to patch up the relationship but she didn't.

That Oprah Interview

Image source: Today

Whilst that interview was conducted back in 2021, details of the couple's conversations and views regarding the royal family are still being "nitpicked."  We already knew the couple wanted to lead a quiet, private life but they did get paid a fortune for taking part!  Many of their allegations have either been swept under the carpet by them or investigated and found to be untrue. Was the actress acting?  How did Harry feel?

Harry Is The Spare

Image source: The New York Times

Well, we know everything how Harry felt, from growing up, losing his virginity and getting frostbite in a place not recommended!  He told us open eared listeners and readers about private confrontations with his brother and father and his dislike for the future Queen Camilla.  His book "Spare" shot to the top of the bestsellers but maybe for the wrong reasons.

Meghan Won't Reconcile With Father And Sister

Image source: Perez Hilton

Samantha Markle is now "past the point where there is any hope" of reconciliation with her half-sister.  Samantha was reunited with her father Thomas Markle Sr and brother, Thomas Jr, to speak about their past and it was the family's first onscreen reunion since Meghan and Harry married.  Meghan's father suffered a major stroke and is a very unwell man.

Harry And Meghan Don't Appear Happy

Image source: Daily Express

When photographed by Royal snapper Arthur Edwards recently, he said the couple looked downcast and "frazzled."  Arthur had been photographing the royals for well over 40 years and got to know them well.  He had previously enjoyed a good relationship with Harry but that now appears to have disappeared.

Bethenny Frankel Gives Her View

Image source: Page Six

Bethenny Frankel urges Meghan Markle to join the women on "Real Housewives" after she alienated fans.  Meghan caused an outburst when she and Harry demanded the photo agency who apparently hounded them for over 2 hours, hand over the footage.  American law dismisses these types of requests.  Bethany went on to say that Meghan should get used to be infamous and just join "Real Housewives because viewers love to hate members of the cast - that's entertainment!

$100 Million Netflix Deal May Not Renew

Image source: Variety

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (the private couple) have been on a frenzied PR blitz in recent times.  Because Harry has dropped bombshell revelations, in his book "Spare" and on late night American chat shows, Netflix feel he has little more to divulge to attract an audience and they may not renew his deal.

Plans To Purchase Private Island

Image source: Vogue

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly considering snapping up a private island.  They were kicked out of Frogmore Cottage some time ago and "need" somewhere else to hang out when they are not at home in Santa Barbara.  Of course, they are looking for privacy!

South Park Mocks The Couple

Image source: Sky News

The episode of South Park that mocked the couple was almost excruciating to watch but somehow we managed. The characters based on Harry and Meghan attend the funeral of the Canadian Queen, and as they arrive, they saunter past a candle which is identical to the one that became the source of social media attention last year.  We see the couple embark on a world wide privacy tour!

Archie's Fourth Birthday

Image source: Elle

If ever there was a good excuse to leave your father's Coronation, barely minutes after the crown was placed on His Majesty, The King's head, then Harry had the perfect one.  He HAD to get back to the States for Archie's 4th birthday party.  Worlds away from Meghan's baby shower with Archie, homemade lemon cake and recycled party bags were the order of the day.

Focussing On Archwell

Image source: Meaww

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex want to build a better online world, to promote gender equity and challenge harmful gender stereotypes.  This is what their Archwell charity is all about.  There was a slight issue where a huge amount of money disappeared wih no answers as to its whereabout.

King Charles Mentions The Grandchildren

Image source: InStyle

During his Coronation speech, King Charles mentioned his grandchildren, those with him and those who were not, namely Archie and Lilibet.  The King has yet to meet Lilibet (now Princess Lilibet of Sussex) and it must hurt him.  Even his youngest son, Harry, couldn't get away from  the Coronation quick enough.

Where Was Meghan During The King's Coronation

Image source: People

The Duchess of Sussex decided to go on a hike whilst husband, Harry, reluctantly attended his father's Coronation.  She joined friends Markus Anderson and Heather Dorak near her home in Montecito. She wore a hat and sunglasses for the outing, tying a jacket around her waist, looking very understated.

Meghan's Podcast

Image source: Page Six

Meghan Markle officially launched her long awaited podcast, named Archetypes, after son Archie.  The Duchess conveniently interviewed all her friends who were very gushing about her.  When we say interview, that's a little off the mark as Meghan did most of the talking herself.

Meghan Changes Her Appearance

Image source: Hello Magazine

You can't help but notice that Meghan has changed the way she looks and the consensus is that she means business.  She has gone from being photographed barefoot with her hair tied up in a loose bun to a new sleek hairstyle and coated in designer wear.  She made a point of wearing Harry's late mom's watch when she was being "papped."

The Brothers Are Still At War

Image source:

Harry made no attempt to speak to his brother, Prince William of Wales, when they were at their father's Coronation.  As they were sat nowhere near each other during the ceremony, it made it easier to stay apart.  When interviewed recently. Prince Harry admitted he hadn't text or contacted his brother for "some time."

Harry Isn't A Fan Of Queen Camilla

Image source: Us Weekly

Prince Harry has not been shy in speaking his mind about his father's wife, Queen Camilla.  He says in both his book "Spare" and on the late night chat shows he appeared in (which he seemed to really enjoy)  that she had a hidden agenda, was "a villain" and was "dangerous."

Harry Keeps In Touch With His Cousins


Image source: Daily Express

Even though Harry has alienated himself from pretty much all of the royal family, he has, however, stayed on good terms with his two cousins, Eugenie and Beatrice, daughters of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.  Harry actually went to the Superbowl with Princess Eugenie and the two have an especially close bond.

Harry And Meghan Intent On Making Money

Image source: Harper's Bazaar

Prince Harry may still receive an allowance from his father, although that has never been confirmed.  Because of the lifestyle they wish to have and their plans going forward to possibly purchasing an island, they are taking up every opportunity if the dollars are high enough.

Meghan Wants to Be A Star

Image source: NY Breaking

Hot off the press - Meghan is trying to land a role worth $30 million in an upcoming US production. This claim was made after Harry and Meghan dined with Hollywood celebrities Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow.  Remember that Paltrow's husband, Brad Falchuk, is a producer.  Very convenient!

Meghan Is Happy Her Kids Have Titles

Image source: The Mirror

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (especially the Duke) didn't want to keep their royal titles.  In fact, Prince Harry said he wanted to be known as purely "Harry."  When the late Queen of England passed away and Prince Charles became King, their kids were automatically awarded the titles of Prince and Princess, just as Meghan had wanted all along.

The "Race" Card Is Brushed Under The Carpet

Image source: Jacaranda FM

Anyone who watched Harry and Meghan's interview with their close friend, Oprah, will have been as shocked as Oprah herself when the couple dropped a bombshell - that someone in the Royal household had been racist by asking what color their unborn child might be.  Fast forward and we hear it had all been a misunderstanding and they didn't want to discuss it further.

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