The Most Heavily Guarded People Around The World

By Aaron Love 4 days ago

Vladimir Putin

Image Source: Reddit

Vladimir Putin is probably the most protected person on the planet, and as the leader of Russia that's probably for the best. He's probably the most powerful person in the world at this point thanks to the nuclear arsenal that Russia have available to them. The government don't release much but he has his own guard.

Donald Trump

Image Source: Forbes

Not only is Trump a former president of the United States, but he is obviously a billionaire with businesses making money around the globe. He wasn't the most well-liked president we've ever had and unsurprisingly it cost the US a lot of money to keep him safe ($29,000,000 to be exact) every year.

Joe Biden

Image Source: Reddit

From one former president to the current, Joe Biden is obviously a very well protected man. He is very important now in the world of politics thanks to the power the US has available to them. The secret service are always on task to protect the president, so that's 7000 members all looking after one man.

Kim Jong- Un

Image Source: Reddit

We all know that North Korea is a very secure country and one that prides itself on being so secretive. They also place a massive amount of protection on their leader and Kim Jong Un is an extremely popular man in the country. He has over 120,000 troops dedicated to his protection alone.

Pope Francis

Image Source: Reddit

As with all religions, there are always characters who are revered and adored around the world. In terms of Catholicism, the global leader is the Pope. The Vatican City is is one of the most fortified towns in the world and he is protected by the Swiss Guard who have some of the most modern weapon technology available to them.

Xi Jinping

Image Source: Reddit

Xi Jingping is the communist leader of China, selected by their security Beareau and not the public which causes some local problems. In fact, it has been reported that Jingping is the man with the most assassination attempts made to him. He is permanently watched by a large number of bodyguards ad helicopter drones.

King Charles III

Image Source: The Mirror

These days, the new reigning monarch of the UK, King Charles III is one of the most well protected monarchs ever, following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. He is followed 24/7 by the royal protection squad supposedly made up of 185 SAS trained soldiers alongside security guards within and around his residence.

Mohamed Bin Salman

Image Source: Reddit

Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman is one of the richest men in the world, in a country full of the richest men in the world. He essentially controls everything that goes on within the country, and he has become infamous for having people who oppose him assassinated. No wonder he needs protected.

Mark Zuckerberg

Image Source: CNBC

It is believed that the money spent to protect Mark Zuckerberg each year is the largest of any CEO. Since 2015 he has spent over $20,000,000 on security, including payment to his special group of bodyguards that watch his house and himself when he's out and about.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

Image Source: Reddit

Their wedding was one of the most secure weddings ever known, with over $12,000,000 being spent to ensure nothing went wrong. Including snipers on the roof, undercover police and hours of searches. Since they've given up their titles their need for safety has only increased.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Image Source: Reddit

Floyd Mayweather seems a little out of place in this list, however he is the most protected sportsman on earth. You will always see him being trailed by a number of huge bodyguards that tower over him. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't try my luck with Mayweather, never mind his bodyguards.

Vladimir Lenin

Image Source: RT

Vladimir Lenin, for those of you that don't know has been dead for nearly 100 years and he was the founder of Soviet Union; he is the man responsible for the one party communist state developing. His body is still protected 24/7 to this day by Russian forces. Why go through all the trouble?

El Chapo

Image Source: Reddit

El Chapo or Joaquin Guzman is a former drug lord and leader of the Sinaloa Cartel. He was responsible for billions of dollars worth of drugs entering the US and he was captured (for the final time) in 2016. He is now imprisoned at ADX Florence and is definitely hevily guarded after his previous escapes.

Theodore Kaczynski (The Unabomber)

Image Source: Reddit

Ted Kaczynski, more commonly known as the Unabomber, is a domestic terrorist who was responsible for the deaths and injuries of over 20 people, sending bombs via the mailing service. The investigation to find him was the longest and most expensive. He is imprisoned alongside El Chapo at ADX Florence.

Johnny Depp

Image Source: Reddit

Following his divorce from Amber Heard and the subsequent, well-documented trial, Johnny Depp has had to increase his security. In fact, his home is essentially a castle; it contains battlements, security systems and guards and there is only one entrance in or out of its grounds.

Elvis Presley

Image Source: Reddit

Elvis obviously passed away decades ago, but during his peak he had to be protected everywhere he went. When he wasn't on TV or on stage he was being protected by what came to be known as the Memphis Mafia. They were his friends as well as his bodyguards and they were with him at all times.

Rahul Gandhi

Image Source: Reddit

Rahul, isn't a relative of the Gandhi we all know, but he plays a big role as an Indian politician. Unlike the US where only the president is given protection by the secret service, India's federal security will watch over anyone with a high status.

North West (And Kim Kardashian)

Image Source: Glamour

Yes, North West is the child to two of the most favourite celebrities in the world in Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. This fame has forced them to become even more protective of their children and they have guards at all times. North even has her own $1,000,000 vehicle to keep her safe.

Blue Ivy (Jay Z And Beyonce)

Image Source: People

From one famous couples' child to another, Jay Z and Beyonce's Blue Ivy is also well protected. During her preschool days she was dropped off by a whole motorcade of cars featuring security; outside of being physically guarded, they have even also trademarked her own name, protecting her from any unnecessary use.

Barack Obama

Image Source: New York Magazine

Although it shouldn't matter, Barack Obama's position as the first African-American president meant he was targeted unnecessarily by some people of opposing views.  In fact Barack Obama received Secret Service protection around a year before the election even took place.

Connor Kidman Cruise

Image Source: TODAY

Kidman Cruise was adopted around 5 years after his new parents were married and following their divorce he remained a part of the Church of Scientology. During his training he was heavily guarded only allowed to to consume vitamins and juice in order to keep 'suppressive people' away from him.

Salman Rushdie

Image Source: Reddit

Salman Rushdie caused outrage within the Islamic community following his book about their God Muhammad where he essentially referred to him as the devil. The supreme leader of Iran took this as blasphemy and instructed Muslims to kill him. He was forced in to hiding for over 9 years under heavy guarding; he has since lost an eye in an assassination attempt.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Image Source: Reddit

Turkey's President Erdogan doesn't have a huge guard, however they are some of the most hardcore group, known as 'The Mustacheers'. In fact, you might have seen them in the news following an interaction with some US citizens who were protesting Erdogan in 2017. 7 of them were charged with assault although they were later dropped.

Shinzo Abe

Image Source: BBC

Shinzo Abe wa the leader of Japan's Lib Dem party between 2012 and 2020 and was always very heavily guarded. These guards were willing to do anything, even stop the traffic with their bodies on the highway when the vehicle containing Abe was merging. He was unfortunately assassinated in 2022 due to someone's opposing views.

Alpha Conde

Image Source: The Guardian

Alpha Conde was put through a heck of a lot of dissidence in his opening months as the first ever democratically elected president of Guinea. Two attempts at his life, within his own home, were made in the space of one day! His guards were seen to be quite over the top with their power and were often hostile towards anyone, including reporters that got to close.

Queen Elizabeth II

Image Source: Reddit

Queen Elizabeth was undoubtedly a treasured monarch to the world, not just the UK, possibly due to her lengthy reign before her unfortunate death in 2022. She was protected by the Queen's Guard (now the King's Guard) and her own protection squad for 24 hour surveillance.

Kylie Jenner

Image Source: Reddit

Just as with all the other members of the Kardashian reality group, Kylie is often found to be at the center of issues regarding stalkers. And she is always seen to have at least one bodyguard with her at all times making sure that no one with ill intentions can get within a few meters of her.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Image Source: The Mirror

Cristiano Ronaldo has obviously made a name for himself as one of the greatest soccer players of all time, and this means he is often surrounded by guards to ensure that no fans or idiots try and get too close to him. After all, who knows what kind of things people will be trying to do.

Emmanuel Macron

Image Source: ABC News

Emmanuel Macron initially came across as a good leader for the French people, and as with all presidents he had a wide number of guards keeping an eye on him at all times. However, tensions have increased in recent months, with protests all over France so his guard have had to be on increased alert.

Cyril Ramaphosa

Image Source: Reddit

Ramaphosa had a major part to play during the negotiations to end the South African apartheid. He was elected as the president of South Africa in 2018 and seemed to be a popular choice. However, tensions have risen thanks to his conduct during a group of miner strikes in the country meaning his security has had to be improved.

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