Natural Ways To Stop Feeling Tired All The Time

By Aaron Love 6 months ago

Simply, Eat Enough

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Food is a great way to keep your energy up, especially on days when you're either up and moving about or if you're having a lazy day.  Make sure to stick to a regular meal schedule and eat healthy snacks instead of going for a large meal less often. Maybe introduce some light snacks too.

Get Some Exercise

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Exercise might be the last thing on your mind when you're feeling tired, however it will actually make you feel less tired in the long run. Just a small walk even might be enough to give you a small energy boost. Around 2 and a half hours a week is the recommended amount of aerobic exercise necessary.

Lose Some Weight

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If you're carrying around some excess body weight then this might be one of the reasons you're feeling overly tired. Fortunately, healthy eating and some exercise, the two prior points will all be able to help you with reaching this goal. Essentially the weight can put extra strain on your heart.

Follow A Sleep Schedule

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Sleep is obviously a huge part in the cause of you feeling refreshed or feeling tired during the day. One way to ensure you get a good sleep is by ensuring you follow a sleep schedule, so getting up and going to sleep at around the same time every day.You should notice differences within a few weeks.

Avoid Taking Naps

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The temptation to have a nap can be overwhelming at times especially when we're having a long day. And although you might feel briefly refreshed once you wake up it actually won't do you any favours in the long run. You'll feel even worse by the time it comes to going to sleep at night.

Relax Before Bed

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This might seem quite obvious, but if you take the time to relax before bed then you're more likely to get yourself a good sleep. And of course, with better sleep comes a lesser feeling of being tired and you'll ultimately feel much better. Maybe just chill out with your partner of friends.

Do Some Yoga

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Yoga has long been a way for people to relax, and this is also expected to be a great way for you to feel less tired during the day. Fortunately, it also doesn't take a lot out of you, nor that does it take up much of your time. In fact your mood on the whole will improve with just a small amount of yoga a day.

Listen To Music

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Just as with Yoga, it has become more and more known that music, your favourite kind, will likely keep you energised and therefore more awake during the day. Unless, of course, your favourite genre of music is slow piano ballads, then you might want to avoid being put to sleep!

Be Social

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If you haven't noticed already, finding ways to keep yourself relaxed can be a great way to improve your energy levels. Obviously, by being social, I don't mean that you should go out drinking, that won't help! But by spending time with your friends, you as a person, will feel socially refreshed.

Talking Therapy Might Help

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Some experts currently believe that talking therapies can be of great benefit to fighting fatigue and beating tiredness that comes down to stress or depression. Your local doctor should be able to set you on the path to therapy, although there are more natural ways to try and improve your sleep.

Stop Drinking Coffee, Cola and Tea

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All of these drinks contain a high amount of caffeine and as well all know, caffeine can be used as a way to energise ourselves and keep ourselves going. You have to be careful when cutting back however as you could get withdrawals that might cause shakiness or even heavy migraines.

Avoid Using Painkillers

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Yeah, sometimes we need painkillers and I'm not suggesting you should choose to suffer in pain rather than actually taking painkillers. However, some of these drugs actually contain caffeine which is obviously not going to do you any favours when it comes to trying to get to sleep.

Lower Your Alcohol Intake

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We all like to have a good drink every now and then, maybe a glass of wine after work, or a beer in the bar. However, even if it helps you feel tired on the night, by morning you'll be tired AND feeling the effects of what you drink. Definitely consider cutting down on alcohol in the hours before bedtime.

Drink More Water

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It might seem boring, especially when you go from drinking alcohol to drinking water, but this could quickly fix your tiredness. Often the reason for us feeling tired is thanks to our own dehydration; one simple glass of water during the day or after exercise might instantly make you feel better.

Balance Your Diet

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Not only should you follow a sleep schedule, you should also be eating a healthy and balanced diet. Make sure you get enough nutrients from your meals; mix your carbs and your proteins and you'll probably feel that your energy levels are sustained for longer periods.

Buy A Comfortable Pillow

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This might seem an obvious way to improve your sleep, but the conditions in which you sleep in play a huge part in how tired or refreshed you might feel. If you're unsure, just research what it is you need, some pillows come with antibacterial qualities and even your duvet might need changed.

Address Your Allergies

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When you're suffering from an allergic reaction your body releases chemicals to try and combat them. These chemicals make you really tired via affecting the way you sleep. For example, if you have a congested chest or nose, or you get headaches, then you'll sleep poorly.

Stop Sitting Down So Much

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This seems like a stupid one, but if you simply spend less time sitting down and start moving about a little more you'll feel the energy start flowing through you again. Start making some changes in your day to move about more like parking your car further away or using the stairs instead.

Consume More Iron

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People who suffer from anemia will find that they are probably tired very often. Iron levels affect your blood cell levels which ultimately means that it can be difficult for oxygen to travel round your body. Therefore, you'll feel even more tired as your body is pushing to keep you awake.

Stop Smoking

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Smoking is a sure fire way to make yourself feel ill in the future and it'll also make you feel exhausted. Smoking does this by reducing oxygen levels in the same way being anaemic does. Smoking is obviously an addiction it can be extremely difficult to beat, so don't go cold turkey straight away.

Eat More Fish

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It turns out that fish and the omega-3 within them can be a great way to combat the tiredness and fatigue you might be feeling. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to consume omega-3 as you can also take fish oil tablets which you might find easier to consume than a sea bass!

Eat Some Spinach

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Yep, you need to go full on Popeye, although it probably won't make you as strong as him. Spinach has been used as a fatigue recipe for years and it can be a great way to increase your levels of potassium which is great for boosting your metabolism and such your energy!

Avoid Eating Refined Carbs

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Refined carbs are probably not your best choice when it comes to feeling fatigued. You'll get a rush of blood sugar and then instantly crash when you eat breads and spaghetti and other such foods. You'd be better off eating whole-wheat breads and vegetables to stabilize your sugar levels.

Take Ginseng Supplements

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Ginseng has been used in medicine for hundreds if not thousands of years and has been proven to be a great way to tackle fatigue. It has been shown to improve your nervous system and can therefore decrease the chances of stress which can cause you feel exhausted.

Use Peppermint Oil

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Peppermint oil is another substance that has been used for years in order to cure a number of issues. In this case, peppermint oil, if inhaled through the nose can drastically reduce your fatigue. You can also pour some oil in to your bath and this can make you feel refreshed too.

Stop Snoozing Your Alarm

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Snoozing are alarms can be a very tempting thing to do, especially when we've had a tough sleep. However, snoozing is an awful way to try and keep yourself refreshed as your body isn't fully asleep when your alarm goes off again. Essentially your body isn't benefiting from sleep.

Be Grateful

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This seems a little stupid, but there is some evidence to prove that if you combine a sense of happiness with your exercise then you'll feel better in yourself. This will flood your bodies with endorphins and neurotransmitters that have been known to combat the fatigue you might have felt.

Turn Off Electronics Before Bed

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We all struggle putting our phones down before we try to go to sleep, something is always on our mind about playing on our phone, messaging someone or watching some stupid video. But if you can avoid electronics in the hour before your bed then you'll have higher melatonin levels.

Rose Oil

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Rose oil, alongside other oils like lavender and chamomile have been proven to elevate people's moods and in turn combat any tiredness people may feel. It has also even been proven to combat issues like depression and anxiety which can also affect a persons ability to get a good sleep.

Epsom Salt Bath

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You might already know what an epsom salt bath is, but essentially they are great for soothing your muscles and also easing your mind. Baths in general can be a great way to feel better within yourself and an eased mind is a sure fire way to force yourself in to having an even better sleep than before.

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