Rare Uses Of Banana Peels No One Knew About Today

By Aaron Love 3 days ago

Use Them For Compost

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Banana peels are actually great for use when gardening, since they contain so much methane gas. This methane gas will release into the soil once they've either been placed atop the soil or mixed in to the soil instead. This can be a great boost for the efficiency of your composting!

You Could Polish Your Shoes

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This might seem a little bit out the box, but if you've ran out of shoe polish then you can actually use your leftover banana peels to polish your leather shoes. It isn't just shoes either, you could actually even polish any other leather items in your house like furniture or your bags and purses.

Lessen Your Scars

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This is another way to use your leftover banana peels that you might not have known existed. There is some evidence to believe that if you use the softer side of the peel that it can actually remove your scars. Just leave the banana on your skin your face for 10 minutes and you'll see your scars fade.

Just Eat Them!

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Banana peels are often the parts of a banana that we all tend to disregard, but it actually might be worth your time digesting them as well! These peels are absolutely full of nutrients and antioxidants which are great for the body. You don't have to eat them straight you could...

Make Smoothies With Them

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Yep that's right, Banana peels on their own can have quite an insufferable texture to try and swallow so you might be better off trying something like this. Boil them for 10 minutes or so and then you can blend them with your favourite fruits and milks to make a great smoothie or milkshake.

Fighting Against Germs

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As mentioned before, banana peels are absolutely full of antioxidants; they are also actually full of germ fighting properties that have been proven to help fight off a variety of microbes that can cause infections. Maybe start trying to insert these banana peels you'd usually throw in the bin in to your diet.

They Can Increase Nitric Oxide Activity

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The antioxidants found within banana peels can be great for a whole range of things, one of which is that they can cause nitric oxide activity to increase. Nitric oxide can be great in working to play an important role in the certain bodily functions that will make you feel better within yourself.

They Can Support Your Liver and Prostate

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Banana peels, as it turns out, contain a wide range of things to support your body. Two parts of your body that can be supported are the liver and the prostate. The peels have been seen to reduce inflammation in liver cells and also support the health of the male prostate.

To Purify Your Water

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It is currently being explored, and is believed, that banana peels have the ability to purify your water. It has been found that they are actually able to remove pesticides from water and also bind to heavy metals. This might even be able to work within the body by eating the peels.

It Can Help You Sleep

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Another way consuming banana peels might work out for you in the long run is by helping to improve your sleep. Both the banana itself and its peel contain amino acids that are body require in order to make melatonin. And as you might know, melatonin is essential for getting a good sleep.

They Can Help With Plants

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Another way that you can use the banana peels in your garden is to help feed any young plants you're attempting to grow. Not only are they full of nutrients that can help us but they can also help our plants. All of the nutrients can be used to act as a food for your seedlings.

They Can Deter Aphids

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Evidently, banana peels do a heck of a lot when it comes to working in the garden, one of which is having the ability to keep aphids from getting to your plants. Cover your peels with a small amount of soil and these little aphids will avoid sucking the sap from you newly growing plant.

They Attract Butterflies

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Now, you might just enjoy attracting beautiful wildlife to your own garden, or you may have developed your own butterfly garden, either way the banana peels will do just this. They are great pollinators for within our food supply and they also help remove aphids from our gardens.

You Can Make Garden Tea

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So this is unlike any form of breakfast tea, green tea or fruit tea you might be used to consuming for yourself; instead this form of tea can be used in the garden to help water your plants in a more nutrient efficient way. Just leave your peels to steep in warm water for a few days first.

They Can Be Used In Animal Feed

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Thanks to their great nutritional values, banana peels have become being used in a wide range of products or ideas. Some researchers even believe that banana peels can replace the entirety of a rabbits diet, yep their whole nutritional diet could come solely from our leftover banana peels.

You Can Make Banana Flour

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Now, when it comes to consuming a banana peel its best to use the organic options as there are less chances pesticides were used on them. Ground banana peel can make a great flour that you can used to make breads, pancakes and other sweet treats like muffins and cookies.

Banana Peel Bacon

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This might throw you off a little, but for those of you inclined to avoid eating meats you might be looking for some ways to try alternatives. I'm not suggesting that bacon is going to replace any meat but you can make a very sweet and smoky banana bacon to add to your breakfast meals.

Banana Peel Chutney

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Yep, we are currently going through some very obscure ways to use your banana peels within your diets. However, a banana chutney has been common within tropical cultures for a hundreds of years. It's both a great treat to have on the side of your dish and a good way to lessen your food waste.

You Can Moisturize Your Feet

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Not only can banana skins be used on your face, but they are also great for working wonders on any dry and cracked skin upon your feet. Just rub the peels on the various parts of your feet that are affected and they'll be back to good in no time at all. No need for expensive foot creams.

Help Make Your Eyes Look Better

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You might have realised a number of skin products are made using banana or some form of banana extract. This is because they are great for softening your skin due to them containing loads of vitamin E. Cut the peel and cover your eyes and after just 15 minutes a day for a few weeks they'll look less puffy.

Banana Face Masks

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As we have already discussed, bananas are great for brightening and softening skin so, people put two and two together and began creating banana skin face masks. The vitamin E will do wonders when it comes to protect your face and skin from any oxidative damage and refresh any darker spots.

Cure Bug Bites

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This one is more of a home remedy, but one that has been said to work for years! As banana peels are full of something called polysaccharides which are great when it comes to reducing any swelling and inflammation. This is also great when it comes to refreshing any insect bites you might have.

Treating Acne Problems

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Another beauty type issue that banana peels can help with is the removal or lessening of acne on your skin. Thanks to a peel's antibacterial traits it can remove acne spots from your face and even potentially prevent any new ones from appearing after its been used.

They Can Remove Warts

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As we now know, banana peels can be used to remove pain and inflammation and this is stepped up a notch when you find out some people have removed their warts with them. Apparently, placing the banana peel on your wart overnight for 3 weeks will lead to you saying bye bye to the wart.

Fertilize Your Plants

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We all forget to water our plants indoors sometimes, we all make mistakes. However, a rub of a banana peel on your plants leaves can be a great way to remove dust and also bring your plants back to life. You can also use the peel as a fertilizer whilst its outside to help your plants grow.

Help Remove Splinters

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Splinters can be a real pain when it comes to removing them, but fortunately you now know of a new way to fight back against the pain. Banana peels are full of enzymes that can be used to painlessly coax the splinter from your skin. Place over the splinter for half an hour and then remove together.

Whitening Your Teeth

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Some of us might have struggle with slightly yellowed teeth, and we definitely don't all have the thousands of dollars to whiten our teeth ourselves. Thankfully, banana peels contain potassium, magnesium and manganese which are all great for removing stains from the enamel of your teeth.

To Keep Your Meat Juicy

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Do you often struggle with keeping your meat moist? We've probably all had that issue! But there is actually a great way to avoid this and that is by adding a banana peel to the bottom of your roasting pan, they will steam, meaning that your meats are even greater at retaining any moisture they have.

Make Your Hair Healthier

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Not only can banana skins be used for the health of your skin, face and teeth, but they can also be just as good for the health of your hair as well. By creating a hair mask using your leftover banana peels you'll be able to add a new depth to your hair, with a greater shine and more moisture.

Getting Rid Of Headaches

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Banana peels have been used in medicine for a while, but a newer way people have discovered to use them is via freezing them and using them to reduce headache symptoms. The way it is suggested they are used is by placing a frozen banana peel on your forehead and one on the back of your neck.

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