Celebrities You Did Not Know Had A Genius Level IQ

By Lauren Mccluskey 4 months ago

1. I.Q. Test Scores Explained

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I.Q. stands for Intelligence Quotient and the score is a way that has been developed to measure how intelligent a person is.  There are different methods of classification but, generally speaking, an I.Q. score of over 109 is above average with 90 - 109 being the average score.

2. Quentin Tarantino

Image Source / NME.com

Writer and director, Quentin Tarantino, is not only the genius behind Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and Django Unchained, but he also has a very high I.Q score of a whopping 160!  And surprisingly, this is all despite Tarantino apparently dropping out of school in the ninth grade and admitting that he just cannot spell!

3. Natalie Portman

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With her I.Q. score of 140, Natalie Portman is known for her various roles in big movies, including Star Wars and Black Swan, but there's more to Natalie Portman than acting.  In fact, she is fluent in not two but FIVE languages and according to some sources was an honor roll student since she was young.

4. Mayim Bialik

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You might recognize Mayim Bialik as the biggest genius scientist character on the US sitcom, The Big Bang Theory.  And there's a reason she's so good at playing this character and it's because she's a scientist herself, with an I.Q. score of 149 and a Ph.D. in neuroscience!

5. Snoop Dogg

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Snoop Dogg has a really high I.Q score of 147, which is considered to be the score of someone who is very gifted and has a genius status!  But you don't have to look far to find the proof, because just by looking at the lyrics in his music, you'll find that his words are beautifully crafted.

6. James Franco

Image Source / themirror.co.uk

James Franco has an I.Q. of 130 and is known for playing characters that are probably far from geniuses, take The Pineapple Express for an example.  But in truth, James Franco does have a passion for education and has even published his own book of poetry.

7. Michael Jordan

Image Source / 7news.com.au

Michael Jordan has been often reported to be highly intelligent and it is said that he absolutely excelled in Mathematics all the way through school, until his junior year at college.  And many sources have reported and confirmed that Michael Jordan's I.Q. is as high as 154!

8. Matt Damon

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Matt Damon is mostly known for his action movies, such as The Bourne Trilogy.  But it was his role in Good Will Hunting that thrust him into the public eye and began his successful career as an actor.  And his I.Q. test score stands at a whopping 160!

9. Lady Gaga

Image Source / Vogue.co.uk

Lady Gaga's I.Q. score is absolutely astonishing, and it's no wonder that it is so high given her talent and success, and ability to create beautiful works of art that both shock and amaze.  In fact, her I.Q. test score of 166 actually puts Lady Gaga in the top 0.1% of the world!

10. Brian May

Image Source / musicradar.com

Brian May is not only the lead guitarist of Queen, but he is also a champion in maths and physics.  In fact, when he attended Imperial College, in London, he studied them both.  And before his big break in Queen, according to some sources, apparently he did actually want to be a maths teacher!

11. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Image Source / Yahoo

This might be a surprise to you considering his huge muscles but Arnold Schwarzenegger has an impressively high I.Q. score of 135!  So despite the fact that he has spent the majority of his time in the public eye showing off his muscular strength, he proves that you can also have big brains too!

12. Jodie Foster

Image Source / learnopoly.com

The Silence of the Lambs actress, Jodie Foster has an I.Q. of 132 and has been on the screen since she was just three years old!  And as well as acting in various commercials and later on blockbuster movies, according to sources, she also taught herself how to read and she is fluent in French.

13. Nicole Kidman

Image Source / Dailymail.co.uk

Nicole Kidman comes from a family of intelligence, with her mother once being a nursing instructor and her father a clinical psychologist.  And as one of the most celebrated actresses on the planet, she also has genius-level brains with an I.Q. of 132!

14. Cindy Crawford

Image Source / Dailymail.co.uk

Before she began modeling, you might be surprised to hear that Cindy Crawford was studying Chemical Engineering at university along with Mathematics.  Her I.Q. has been reported to be as high as 154 and according to Vogue, she believed that she would become a teacher if her modeling career didn't take off!

15. Dolph Lundgren

Image Source / filmmagic.com

You might recognize the actor Dolph Lundgren from various movie roles including Rocky III and perhaps other action movies.  And Lundgren is not only a talented actor, but he is also an expert martial artist.  He is also highly intelligent with an I.Q. of 160.

16. Dolly Parton

Image Source / Scrolller.com

The legendary Dolly Parton has often been asked if she was a 'dumb blonde' in the past.  How rude!  But she had a great reply, stating that she know she wasn't dumb AND she knew she wasn't blonde either!  An excellent response.  In fact, her I.Q. score is high too at 145.

17. Alicia Keys

Image Source / Entertainmenttonight.com

Alicia Keys doesn't only have an amazing musical ability, but she also has a high I.Q. of 154 too!  And Alicia Keys was another celebrity who left school in order to pursue her successful and astonishing musical career.  And the truth is, we are glad she did because look at what she's done since then!

18. Madonna

Image Source / Dailystar.co.uk

Pop queen, Madonna grew up getting really high grades as a youngster, and it has clearly transferred into her adulthood with her high I.Q. test score of 140.  In fact, because of her intelligence, she was offered a scholarship to study at a prestigious university.  But she declined to focus on her musical career - good move!

19. Steve Martin

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Actor Steve Martin is known for his hilarious comedy roles such as the brain surgeon, Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr in the 1983 movie, The Man With Two Brains.  And it turns out that he too can give even a brain surgeon a run for their money with his I.Q. score confirmed at 143!

20. James Woods

Image Source / Radaronline.com

Once Upon A Time In America actor, James Woods, has the highest I.Q. on this list at a whopping 180!  And this is despite dropping out of his MIT scholarship to pursue his acting career which later became incredibly successful!  He is also a star poker player which must've come in useful when he starred in Casino!

21. Reggie Jackson

Image Source / Wordpress

Baseball player, Reggie Jackson was once named as the 1973 World Series's 'Most Valuable Player'.  And it's not only baseball that Jackson is talented in.  In fact, he is also a celebrity with an impressively high I.Q.  In fact, it has been reported that the star's score is as high as 160.

22. Sylvester Stallone

Image Source / Thehollywoodreporter.com

Rocky Balboa actor, Sylvester Stallone might be famous for his muscle, his brawn, and his physical toughness.  But what you might not know is that he also has a strong brain too.  In fact, multiple sources in the press and on the web have confirmed that he has been tested at 160 I.Q.

23. Nolan Gould

Image Source / Facebook

If you are a Modern Family fan, you will probably recognize the actor Nolan Gould for his depiction of a rather goofy, but loveable, character, Luke Dunphy.  But despite his genius portrayal, Gould is actually highly intelligent as sources have confirmed his high I.Q. of 150.

24. Shakira

Image Source / Glamour.co.uk

Shakira's hips don't lie, and neither does her mind!  In fact, like Madonna, the pop royalty also has an impressively high I.Q. score of 140!  And that's not all, she is also completely or partially fluent in seven languages and writes all of the interesting lyrics to her own songs!

25. Kate Beckinsale

Image Source / themirror.co.uk

Underworld actress, Kate Beckinsale is not only a brilliant actress, but she is also highly intelligent too with a high I.Q. score of 152.  Like many of the stars on this list, she too attended a prestigious school, Oxford University in England, and can apparently speak four languages!

26. Ashton Kutcher

Image Source / USweekly.com

Ashton Kutcher usually plays goofy but loveable characters but in truth, he could not be more different.  Especially from his character in That 70s show, Kelso!  Multiple sources have confirmed that like many of his fellow actors, his I.Q. score is 160!

27. Lisa Kudrow

Image Source / thelist.com

Now Lisa Kudrow is best known for playing the lovable, quirky, and not-so-sharp masseuse, Pheobe, in Friends.  But as much as we all wish Pheobe was real, Lisa Kudrow is seemingly as far away from Pheobe as you could get in the brains department with her I.Q. of 152!

28. Kesha

Image Source / Cosmopolitan.com

Singer Kesha said once in an interview that has recently resurfaced on TikTok that she absolutely loves math.  And with an impressive I.Q. of 140, Kesha admitted that she really enjoys solving really difficult math problems, as if they're interesting mysteries.

29. Conan O'Brien

Image Source / Pinterest

Conan O'Brien is perhaps one of the lesser-known celebrities on the list if you like an early night.  But if you like to stay up a little later, you'll probably know him as one of the most popular and hilariously witty hosts of late-night television.  And his impressive I.Q. of 160 probably helps him with his intelligent humor.

30. Sharon Stone

Image Source / E!online.com

Despite leaving school at an earlier age than most to pursue her modeling career, Basic Instinct actress, Sharon Stone is more than just her looks.  In fact, she has an extremely high I.Q. of 154 and, interestingly, according to some sources, she was boosted to second grade when she was only 5!

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