The Craziest Car Parks From Around The World

By Rio Dennis 2 months ago

Spiral car park, Singapore

Image Source: Reddit
Car parks are a key part of modern living, and they come in all shapes, sizes and designs. Some of them are crazier than others, like the Spiral car park (located in Singapore). This car park gets its name from its spiral design, that allows for efficient parking within a small space.

VW Autostadt, Germany

Image Source: Reddit
The VW Autostadt (located within Germany) is a car park that uses robotic arms to retrieve the cars. The cars parked here, are stored in towers which the robotic arms navigate around for retrieval. Its design allows for a multitude of cars to be parked there at one time.

Cardok underground garage, Worldwide

Image Source: Reddit
Cardok undergoing garages are located worldwide, as they are garages that can be installed into your home. The garage lifts your vehicles underground, so they can be stored securely below your driveway. This is great for people with limited parking space, and for people that want increased security of their vehicles.

Fisher Street car park, Australia

Image Source: The Loop
The Fisher Street car park (located within Australia) is commonly known as: 'The Multi-Storey Car Park of the Future'. This is due to its striking geometric facade, overall size and slick appearance. It definitely stands out in comparison to more traditional multi-storey car parks.

Parkhaus Engelenschanze, Germany

Image Source: Arquitectonica GEO
The Parkhaus Engelenschanze (located in Germany) is a unique car park, as it has a stunning green facade that is covered in ivy. This gives the building a 'living' appearance, and makes it stand out against its natural surroundings of grey buildings and roads.

1111 Lincoln Road, Miami

Image Source: Reddit
The 1111 Lincoln Road car park (located within Miami) is unique due to its architectural, open-air design. This car park was designed by Herzog and De Meuron, which explains its interesting structure (especially in comparison to the buildings that surround it).

Civic Center Parking Structure, Santa Monica

Image Source: Ongreening
The Civic Center Parking Structure (located in Santa Monica) is another car park, that brings nature into the focus of a bustling landscape. It is a colorful parking structure that features an abstract design, and a rooftop garden. This garden is open to the public, and allows nature to thrive within the city.

Kleiburg car park, Netherlands

Image Source: Arch Daily
Kleiburg car park in the Netherlands is also reminiscent of nature, but through its general design. This car park has a striking honeycomb-like facade, made of precast concrete, which reflects honeycomb shapes seen within bee-keeping. Its design makes it easy to spot within the typical cityscape.

The Porsche Museum, Germany

Image Source: Reddit
The Porsche Museum (located within Germany) is probably the most car-focused car park on this list, as it contains Porsche branding, and features a rotating platform that displays various cars to its visitors. This unique feature, makes it a stand-out building within Germany.

ParkBee, Worldwide

Image Source: Parking Network
ParkBee has various locations worldwide, and it is a great parking initiative that maximises the use of corporate spaces. ParkBee transforms underused office parking spaces, into accessible parking for the general public. This allows the space to be utilized effectively, without the need for a completely new building.

Green P parking, Toronto

Image Source: Reddit
GreenP parking (located within Toronto) consists of various garages that are known for their vibrant, artistic facades. They add some color to the city of Toronto, and they are a popular area of interest among tourists, and fellow Canadians. They blend pretty well into their surroundings.

The Cube, UK

Image Source: Reddit
The Cube car park  is a great piece of Birmingham's (UK) architecture. This particular car park features a futuristic design, consisting of a colorful glass facade. It is definitely a unique part of the city's architecture, and has become a popular spot for visitors.

Binghatti Stars, Dubai

Image Source: Reddit
Binghatti Stars (located within Dubai) is a stunningly luxurious car park, that features a unique facade, which resembles stars shimmering within a night sky. It is able to stand out within the busy setting of Dubai, and its mesmerizing architecture etc.

Gardens By The Bay car park, Singapore

Image Source: Reddit
Another unique car park located within Singapore, is the Gardens By The Bay car park, which is located beneath the (iconic) Supertree Grove. The car park is actually integrated into its lush garden surroundings, which gives it a much more natural feel/overall appearance.

The Ark, Russia

Image Source: Archello
The Ark (located within Russia) is another eye-catching piece of practical architecture, as it is in the shape of an enormous ship, and also features maritime decor. It is located in Moscow, and has become a popular tourist attraction, due to its unique design and size.

Hosier Lane car park, Australia

Image Source: Reddit
Hosier Lane car park (located within Australia) is a car park that is popular with street art enthusiasts and young people, due to its graffiti-covered walls. It has become a unique form of art installation over the years, with its ever-growing collection of Melbourne's street art.

Q-Park, Netherlands

Image Source: Presseportal
Q-Park (located within the Netherlands) is a unique car park, due to its colorful exterior. The exterior is covered with thousands of LED lights, which create a mesmerizing light display within the evening. Despite it not looking like much within the day, the park transforms when nightfall occurs!

The Scotts Tower, Singapore

Image Source: Archello
Heading back to Singapore, we come to The Scotts Tower car park, which is favored by the wealthy population within Singapore. The car park's design allows its users to display their range of luxurious vehicles, via glass-walled display spaces. This may seem risky, but it has 24/7 security in place.

The Helix car park, Singapore

Image Source: CNN
Adding to the list of crazy car parks within Singapore, is The Helix car park. This particular car park features a double-helix spiral design, hence its name, which makes it a visual masterpiece. Its structural engineering is something that is truly amazing, and it a popular spot within the area.

Parkhaus Meiderich, Germany

Image Source: Arch Daily
Heading back over to Europe, we come to Parkhaus Meiderich (located within Germany), which is commonly known as 'The Waves'. This name comes from dynamic facade, which resembles ocean waves. During the day, the car park's facade gives the illusion of waves ebbing and flowing.

Fonte Nova parking garage, Brazil

Image Source: Reddit
Brazil is home to the Fonte Nova parking garage, which has a stunning facade consisting of colorful squares, in a grid formation. Although it is not as luxurious as some of the other car parks on this list, it is still a vibrant and exciting piece of architecture.

City Museum, St. Louis

Image Source: Reddit
City Museum (located within St. Louis) is a converted shoe factory, which includes a surreal rooftop sculpture garden. The garden features a traditional yellow school bus, that hangs off of the edge of the building. It is definitely an eye-catching car park, and it brings tourists from far and wide.

Silo Park, Denmark

Image Source: Dornob
Denmark is home to Copenhagen's Silo Park, which is a repurposed silo grain. The silo was converted into a multi-storey car park, and is definitely one of the most unique car parks on this list. It just goes to show, that repurposing buildings etc. is entirely possible, and can save a loss of space from new buildings.

China Central Television (CCTV) Headquarters, Beijing

Image Source: Wikipedia
China Central Television (CCTV) Headquarters (located within Beijing) is not primarily a car park, despite it including this service. Its unique design features a gravity-defying, cantilevered structure, which gives it an eye-catching general appearance.

Parkhaus Borse, Switzerland

Image Source: C:lynk
Switzerland is the home of Parkhaus Borse, which is commonly known as: 'The Mirror Cube'. The park's name is derived from its mirrored facade, which blends (almost) seamlessly into its surroundings. This unique design allows the surrounding nature to thrive, without being overshadowed by a traditional high-rise building.

Kilbirnie Recreation Centre car park, New Zealand

Image Source: Royal Wolf NZ
Kilbirnie Recreation Centre car park is a colorful car park. It features a playful design, which resembles stacked shipping containers. This particular car park is definitely a great example of a simple, yet effective building design, which adds some character to the area.

Smart Park, Poland

Image Source: LinkedIn
Smart Park (located within Poland) is another high-tech car park, as it uses technology to aid drivers in finding parking spaces quickly and efficiently. This technological aspect of the space, makes it one of the most popular car parks to use, with locals and tourists.

The Shard car park, UK

Image Source: The Shard
The Shard car park (located within the UK) is yet another technologically advanced functional space, as it is located beneath London's iconic Shard building. The car park is used by a range of business professionals, and offers stunning views of the city around it.

Sinking Ship, Washington

Image Source: Wikipedia
America is home to a range of wild and wacky car parks, and Washington's Sinking Ship is no exception. As you can guess from its name, this space is shaped like sinking ship, which (surprisingly) blends pretty well into its surroundings. It is located at the cross-section of two sloping streets, hence its unique shaping.

Parc Des Celestins, France

Image Source: Building Construction Design
Going back over to Europe, we come to France's Parc Des Celestins. This particular car park is located within Lyon, and is cylindrical in shape. At its centre is an air shaft with a rotating mirror, which reflects the geometrical style of the internal space, as well as reflective displays of light against the walls.

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