Revenge Stories That Will Leave You Feeling Ice Cold

1. Snowed in.

“Due to the recent snowstorm in New Jersey, I thought I could make some quick money by shoveling driveways. Let’s say I do a couple of houses and make about $80 (pretty good money for me). This lady tells me she’ll pay me $50 for shoveling her driveway and sidewalk, so I start and finish about 20 minutes later.

I knock on the door, but she won’t answer. Even after knocking on the back door, she won’t open. Through the window, I saw her look at me, but she quickly turned away and pretended that nothing had happened. Now that I realize I’m not getting paid, I realize that I’ve been tricked into doing a lot of work. I start to walk home all angry—until it hits me.”

“One of my friends down the street owns one of those machines that clear snow. Let the revenge begin. After borrowing the machine, I run down to her house. Then I blast the snow that I shoveled and some more on her lawn. She starts yelling at me outside, so I return the machine to my friend’s house and go home.”

2. Keep Out.

“My wife is a wonderful person. She’s smart, funny, and kind. Most of the time, her mother is very nice and has a great attitude. She may be a bit prude, but she’s still generally enjoyable. She can, however, be a bit of a snoop. My wife will pick up her phone if it is left lying around and go through it right away. In the past, my wife has kind of laughed this off as a remnant of her mother’s control as a child. My wife and I sometimes text about things that don’t concern her mother, and I don’t think are her business. I saw my wife put her phone down on the kitchen counter over Christmas, Then I had a brilliant idea. I sent my wife a racy, depraved text about all the things I was going to do to her when everyone left.”

“Actually, most of them are things we haven’t even done, but I had to make them more painful. Here’s the text I sent from the bathroom. Maybe it was just my imagination, but I swear I heard an audible gasp shortly after her phone went off. Her mother never looked me in the eye when I went out. Then, not so discreetly, she invited her daughter to come talk with her in the other room. When my wife came back into the living room, I thought she had been crying, but upon closer inspection, she was actually laughing. Her mother had questioned her about me “harassing” her and asked if I always spoke down to her. She had been told kindly that what we do between us and us is private. That was probably the best Christmas gift this year.”

3. Everything glitters.

“I work for a construction company that remodels homes. Behind the walls, we get to keep anything we find hidden. (We desperately needed a worker), but he was a jerk from day one. I’ve been working for this company for five years and he has only been doing construction for one year after being fired from his accounting job.”

“Anyway, he was always making fun of my clothes and my accent, and one day he told my boss about my private Instagram account pictures. On my phone, he checked my Instagram page and showed my boss pictures of me smoking weed. Joke’s on him; this wasn’t a surprise to my boss, who I’ve known for eight years.”

“I was still furious that he violated my privacy-so I devised a plan to get even with him. He used to be the kind of person who was always late because of traffic and trains. One day, I heard him say that if he won the lottery, he would quit his job because he does not get the “respect” he deserves.”

“Because here, you have to earn your respect. I bought some fake gold coins online a few days later and placed them in a metal box I found at an antique store. When I had the chance, I hid it behind a wall. I didn’t have to wait long. His best day ever seemed to have been the day he found the coins.”

“When he opened the box, the first thing he did was call my boss a loser and quit immediately. He told me, “screw this place, I’m rich.” Little did he know, that was the best day of my life. After he quit, my boss told us that he was going to fire him anyways for always showing up late…I wish I could see the look on his face when he finds out the gold coins are fake. Best $40 I spent in my entire life.”

4. Enough room for us both.

“I’m at Costco, in search of dog food, and it’s ridiculously busy for a Monday. There are hardly any parking spots, until I spot one at the end of the lot. On my way down the aisle, I’m about to turn into the parking spot when a lady RUN OVER THE CURB and almost hits me. My bumper would have been taken off if I hadn’t tapped the brakes in time.”

“She shakes her head and wags her finger at me in a “no” gesture. What’s going on? I was like okay, I’ll just wait for her to back up since I’m obviously turning into the spot. She doesn’t. My girlfriend was so angry when the woman refused to budge. So I gave her my Costco card and we just sat in the aisle in a face-off.”

“After my girlfriend goes inside, she gets the dog food, comes back out, and loads up the car. Afterward, she pushes the cart into the spot where we were waiting and gets into the car. The look on the woman’s face was enough to satisfy me for a week. Once I reversed through the entire aisle, she had to get out and move the cart. It was worth it.”

5. Selfish drivers.

“One day I was trying to find a parking space at my Uni. The lot was always crowded but my campus didn’t have a lot of options, so I just had to hope for the best. While searching for a spot, I saw a Corvette taking up 4 spots near the front of the lot. Selfish to say the least. After about 10 minutes of waiting and looking for a spot, one opened up towards the back of the lot finally.”

“Furious at the nerve of the Corvette driver being so inconsiderate and selfish, I then wrote a note saying, “Sorry I hit your car, you probably won’t even notice the damage,” and left it on their windshield. When I got out of class and went back to my car, I saw a very stereotypical college-aged Corvette owner stressing out, searching their all over their vehicle while yelling into their phone.”

“I don’t know who they were talking to, but whoever it was, I felt sorry for them.”

6. Priorities.

I am 5’4″ male who looks less muscly than I am. I was in the line at the airport for priority boarding and it had just started to move when the woman behind me said “Excuse me, this is for priority boarding. You need to wait with everyone else.” I ignored her and presented my boarding pass with my active duty ID. My only revenge was when the attendant said “thank you for your service.”

I turned around to the obnoxious woman behind me, smile and said “thanks!”.

7. Have your cake & eat it too.

My ex college roommate didn’t know how to cook or do dishes and didn’t go food shopping much. Basically must have had everything done for them growing up. This led to him eating my food, especially my leftovers I used to leave in the fridge. I told him to stop as it was expensive as well as annoying. He didn’t stop & if anything ate my food more and more just to be spiteful.

So to get him back, I baked a chocolate cake with habanero peppers and mixed the frosting with wasabi. I left it out & waited for him to eat it. About two days later, he & his friends were drinking while I was at work and decided to root through my stash of food.

Somehow, they ate about a third of it before realizing it. When he asked me why I made such a terrible cake. I told him I found a chocolate habanero recipe online that I wanted to try. He stopped eating my cooking after that.

8. Copy Cat.

As a high schooler, there was a boy who constantly teased me and basically bullied me. We were sitting right next to each other during a final exam, and he dares to tell me, “Put your test close to the edge so I can copy your answers.”

He thought I would let him copy, so he thought he was going to ace the final. Little did he know I was well aware that I could fail the final and still get a decent grade, and that’s exactly what I did.

9. Sublet nightmare.

Here’s a story for you that’ll put you off subletting your place to anyone. Especially a friend! In the past, I sublet my apartment to a friend who had given me three days’ notice she was moving out early and no longer paying rent.

She tried to get me to sell her disassembled bed for a week before finally coming by to pick it up. My response was to remove all the screws from her bed. Screw her for screwing me over.

10. Coin master.

Despite the fact that the debt was not even two days old, she started pestering me, implying I might forget to pay it. I spent the time before class going around the city to different corner stores and asking cashiers for change until I got her €8.42 in small coins.

I handed her several fistfuls of coins when I arrived at class that evening, and told her, “Here’s your money. Enjoy!”. I can’t stand pettiness. But if someones going to treat me like an idiot, they’ll get the same treatment back.

11. Pee perfume.

My college roommate drank my expensive cologne all the time, using the whole bottle in under two months and never listening to my advice. I poured out almost one-third of the bottle of cologne, which had a screw-on cap you just dab on and proceeded to fill it back up by peeing into it.

He did douse himself in pee for the rest of the semester. And before you ask yourself, did he really deserve it. How would you feel if someone you didn’t even really like used all of your cologne? Expensive stuff!

12. Log In.

At the mental health clinic where I worked, I found out they employed a lot of practitioners who would not see people in the LGBTQ community. I needed the job at the time, but this really bothered me.

We were always told not to log in to the insurance company website unless it was absolutely necessary. So I happily wasted every spare minute logging in and out to waste their money.

13. Beeping button.

One day, I came across a magnetic button that beeped loudly once every 30 seconds. The teacher I used to work with was horrific — horrible to the kids, racist, sexist, etc. He hated a lot of noise, so one day, I came across a magnetic button that beeped loudly once every 30 seconds.

Basically, it sounded frequently enough to be heard, but not often enough for me to figure out where it was coming from. I put it in the back of his desk drawer and watched him go crazy for weeks.

14. Disneyland Gate.

One spring break, I was in central California during spring break, and some friends wanted to meet up at Disneyland. So I got up at 4 a.m., drove four hours, bought lots of tickets, only to have them disregard my calls and texts. After that day, I joined the cast of a TV series that my friends were obsessed with, and we hung out for hours.

When I told them a few years later that I had visited the set, they were shocked. “Oh, remember that spring break trip where you all ditched me at Disneyland? Yeah, I went later that day. I would have invited you, but you didn’t seem like you wanted to hang out with me. Oh, well.” The crushed looks on their faces were delicious.

15. Childish behaviour.

“I felt so unbelievably clever after doing this. I was 15 at the time.

So one day I log in on Facebook and apparently I have 80 mutual friends with an account someone had created that was my last name, but had turned my first name into a mean, sexual reference. It was obviously meant to make fun of me. After going through all the friends that this person had friended, I noticed 2 that I didn’t know at all. I clicked on their names and looked at the mutual friends that we had, and I had 1 with both of them. Let’s call him Joe. He went to my school, but we kinda didn’t get along.

So now it was pretty obvious that Joe had made this fake account of me. I went to his profile and looked up his email. I then went to yahoo, clicked forgot password, and entered his email. It then asked me for his birthday and address. I found these on his profile as well. Then it asked me his security question which was “what is my father’s middle name?”. I shit you not, I googled popular American middle names, and I went down the list. Number 3 was right. It now allowed me to set a new password. I now logged onto his email and saw he had emails from game sites. I clicked one of them, and it said “Congratulations on making an account! Your username is joerocks and your password is joerocks (I made up the username and password). I then went back to Facebook, looked up the email under which my fake account was created, and logged into it using the same password from the email. I then deactivated the account. I now took it a step further and logged onto Joe’s Facebook account.

I totally fucked it up. I started talking to all the hot chicks at our school and flirted with them all, with no shame. I changed all his info, his profile pictures, and his status. Everything. I made him sound like a really horny, messed up, desperate kid. I also changed the password to his Facebook so he couldn’t get back on. I then went back into his email, where he had emails from his teachers. I sent them all extremely snarky e-mails. Content, I logged off and went on with my life. I tried going back on them 3 days later, but his Facebook account was deactivated, and he had recovered his email. I think he learned his lesson. He didn’t bother me anymore after that 😀 We never talked about it.

In retrospect, it was a very immature way to handle the situation. Oh well.”

– 9aunv : Reddit

16. Nightmare neighborhood.

“Not revenge for myself exactly. Some years ago I lived next door to a horrible, feral family in Sydney that made everyone else around them miserable with theft and damage and threats of violence. This was in a row of what we call terrace housing here. The houses were just down the street from a metro station and at 5 pm there would be a lot of people walking past. One afternoon I was standing on the verandah on the top floor eating an apple and watching the passing parade. Next door, two of the girls from the feral house were sitting on their front step and one of them was eating an apple. The neighborhood had a bad reputation and people were often wary. A very timid-looking girl walked by carrying her briefcase and when she was a few meters past, the girl eating an apple threw it really hard and hit her in the middle of the shoulders. The poor thing screamed in terror and ran off down the street. I looked at my half-finished apple and thought, what the hell, and threw it as hard as I could at the idiot chick sitting on the steps. Got her right on top of her head and the apple just exploded. Then I quickly jumped back so they couldn’t see me and laughed my head off as quietly as possible while she and her sister totally freaked out about where that apple came from.”


17. PUNCH.

“In fourth grade, I was really into paper plane making. I even bought this book of all the world record-holding paper planes and would read it every day. I had just moved to America and wore very tacky clothing so I was made fun of a lot. So one day I copied the design of the paper plane that had the record for the longest time in the air (13.2 seconds or something) and threw it around the playground. It was in the air for 14 seconds! As I rushed to pick it up though, this asshole 5th grader came out and stepped on it. Now I was a tiny brown Indian kid and he was a big hockey-playing 5th grader but the anger took over me. I punched him in the face, he bled and I ran away thinking I was in trouble. He never mentioned it to anyone though and was always nice to me throughout middle school and high school.

TL;DR Punched in respect”


18. Lost property.

“I was living with a friend of mine and a girl I didn’t know too well. We became friends and started hanging out a bunch. I ended up getting into a car accident on the freeway and had to move home. It took me a few days to get back to pack and when I did most of my stuff was missing. I was furious and upset about it. The girl told me my friend had a few people over and that maybe they had taken the stuff. Well, I went to grab some boxes and pack some more while she was gone and went into her room to snoop and sure enough, this girl had taken over half my closet and hid it in her room, including my CD’s, old antique perfume bottles my grandma had given me…down to socks and bras. WTF?

So anyway I was livid, packed all my stuff and took all my stuff out of her room that she was trying to steal…. then went back with some black garbage bags and took all of her clothes she had hanging up and anything else I could find. Took it all to BFE and lit it on fire.

She called me frantic and said she was missing all her stuff and I told her the people that took my stuff must have taken hers too. Once she knew she’d been caught she threatened me and told me she was going to call the cops. I told her to go ahead. ( They wouldn’t have found anything anyway)”

19. Lousy lice.

“In eighth grade, the class b**ch spread a rumor saying that I and my best friend were lesbian for each other and that I’d contracted head lice from her. Coincidentally, the kids we babysat at the time had a bad case of lice. In a moment of ingenuity, me and my friend swiped a few off their heads and put them in an envelope.

The next morning in homeroom, we saw her asleep on her desk and dumped the lice on her head when no one was looking. They made themselves at home and she had lice for a month. Four lovely weeks of giggling uncontrollably every time we saw her hopelessly scratching her infested head during class. Payback’s a b**ch.”

20. The ex-wife.

“My ex-wife kidnapped my Daughter and went to Germany to live with her parents.

After $50,000, 5 lawyers (in 2 countries), the State Department, Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and lots of anxiety, I got my Daughter back and had a lethal court case against my ex.

I chose to drop the charges because I didn’t want my daughter to have a Mom that was in jail. (The County decided to drop the kidnapping charges if she agreed to return to the USA).

I could have had anything I wanted from that court case, but all I asked for was a 50/50 influence on custody, education, health, and life decisions. That’s all I was asking for originally before my ex flipped and left in the first place.

Now my ex is married and has become super-religious. I have taught my daughter to be accepting of others’ beliefs, but to question EVERYTHING. She thinks her Mom is nuts.

My Daughter is awesome.”

21. Revenge is a dish best served by a bouncer.

“I was a bouncer (still am, different bar) at a club in college. We went through an epidemic of girls getting roofied because they would A. Leave a drink somewhere, B. Take drinks from strangers, C. Leave it with the ‘friend zoned party dude’ who took things a little personally.

To me, none of those reasons matter. That’s jacked up and very very seriously angered me.

Well, I found him. It took some detective work (aka bouncer not wearing a security shirt so as not to be noticed) and found that b***ard using a powder in a girl’s drink while she was gone. We also just happened to have this quaint little back alley through a back door. I spent about 15 minutes befriending this man, (or douchebag if you prefer) and told him if he really wanted to party I had some blow in my car outback. I let him lead the way out.

And promptly face slammed his head into a wall and knocked him out in the alley. Made sure his ‘pill bottle’ was easy to find, and left him there (cops patrol the alley fairly regularly. I went back inside, made sure that the drink had been dumped (called it in on the radio before I started talking to douche), put on my actual security clothes, and went back to work.

Revenge not for me, but for all the girls that should know better, but don’t.”


22. Japanese revenge.

“This happened to me when 3 months after I graduated from high school. So, there were these two girls that always bullied me since junior high. They would spread fake stories around, made me quit from being one of the school’s club leaders, and basically just being The Plastics spreading hate so people won’t hang out with me. But I never do anything about them because of many reasons.

Anyway, these two girls love everything related to Japan and both of them have always been dreaming of moving to Japan so they could eat thousands of Pocky and married to their dream Japanese man. But these two are too lazy to do something with their dreams. On the other hand, I too was fascinated with Japan as a whole country and had been dreaming of studying there so I worked my butt off so maybe I could get the chance to win a scholarship.

And I did. Right in front of one of the girls. I was visiting my classmate’s house with her and other friends to do something, and then while we got bored and decided to order something to eat, my dad called to tell me that the Japanese government have been trying to call me but apparently they can’t contact my number, so I have to call them back. And after I called, I found out that I won the 3 years scholarship program to Japan.

The look on her face was unforgettable. I could taste the sweetness of revenge I almost got diabetes.”


23. The milkshake doesn’t bring all the boys to the yard.

“Not me, but my older brother. He and his friends were in high school and there was some b**ch of a girl that would come and steal his friend’s milkshake every day at lunch. This had been going on for a while and it was really annoying all of them, so my brother came up with a way to get back at her. The next day would be like any other – his friend would get his lunch and milkshake – but, they would cut up some ex-lax and stir it into the milkshake.

The next day rolls around and they proceed with the plan. Well, the bitch comes in in all her b***hiness and takes the milkshake, laughing while she snatches his drink (and I think called him some rude name or something). The joke was on her though, because she apparently didn’t show up for school for the next 3 days. ”


24. Car park revenge.

“I was in a local mall’s indoor car park and was about to leave. It was peak hour and traffic inside was crawling. I side parked and was at the end of the row so all I had to do was drive forward to join in the crawling traffic. This guy that saw me getting into my car obviously being a dick decided to “stick” really close to the car in front so as to not let me join in. Bare in mind, the traffic now was not moving.

I started my engine and waited for the dick to pass before going joining the queue. He then got so close that he rammed into the bumper of the car he was sticking close to. That felt real good. I smirked to myself and reversed to exit the other way. Karma’s a bitch.”

25. The affair.

“Found out my then-wife was fucking a lawyer/politician. She was 32, he was 50. Being a politician, his home phone number is public. I calmly called his wife and told her that her husband was banging my wife. Needless to say, she took him to the cleaners.

The best part was he was steaming mad at me and said “You had no right to call my wife”. I said, “I had every right, you scumbag politicians have public phone numbers”. Apparently, he didn’t know that.”

26. Glue revenge.

“In 4th grade, this girl was being mean to me. The next day I brought nail glue (for the cheap nails girls can get at the store) and glued two of her fingers together.

And if anyone knows what I’m talking about, that glue is a b**ch to get off.”

[deleted] – Reddit

27. Never annoy your store cashier.

“I work in a grocery store as a cashier in a small community. I deal with the regular bull***t you’d expect from the job, but this one regular customer was particularly rude towards me and another employee.

She generally buys lots of fresh produce, most of which needs to be weighed on the scale. For each item, I push down on the scale just enough to add a few cents to each item. So far I’ve probably cost her an extra $10 over a few months. Yup, that’s all I’ve got.”


“I caught my husband cheating on me, so in the course of a week, I found a place to live, hired movers, and planned for all of the utilities (gas, water, electricity, cable/internet) to be transferred to the new house, it was convenient that they were all in my name. I made all the arrangements to occur on Friday, I scheduled for the movers to come after he left for work and they packed up the furniture (I did leave his clothing and absolute personal things) and moved it to my new place. So, he came home from work around six pm to an empty house with no utilities. I don’t imagine he went to stay at his new girlfriend’s house since she was a college student living with her mom and dad. Also, it just happened to be April First.”

“Every April Fools Day I giggle just a little for the biggest fool I’ll ever know.”

[deleted] – Reddit

29. Best of Friends.

“My “best friend” since kindergarten would always date the guys I liked. She even went as far as to be my “wing-woman” when I didn’t want her to be and make me look desperate while slowly winning over the guy. There was one guy specifically that I had a major crush on that dated her and later confessed to a mutual friend after they broke up that he liked me from the beginning but didn’t do anything about it because I was so standoffish (I was at the point that if she declared she had a similar interest in a guy I would just leave it alone and give up.)”

“I eventually got tired of this and decided I wouldn’t let her put me down. I’m now in a very happy long-term relationship and she just recently discovered she’s pregnant after the baby daddy (?) cut off contact because she was cheating.”

30. Exes.

“I had a douche bag neighbor with a massive great dane that always brought the bugger to poo in my lawn every day. I confronted him about him and he said that it wasnt his dog. The poos were short of passing for a tree log, and unless all the smaller dogs in my neighborhoods had an extraordinary capability of releasing turds larger than themselves, he was lying. He said if I had seen him and his dog on my lawn. I hadn’t. He smiled and walked away.”

“So one day, after I had expended all my patience, I took my revenge. My friend and I went out at night turd collecting with a pair of gloves. We took every piece of poo we could find and put it in a bag. After we had collected as much as possible, we went to this man’s house and put them all in his car. He had a very nice car. The next day I got a knock on my house. It was the guy blaming me for the prank. I asked him if he had seen me do it. He said he hadn’t. I smiled and closed the door.”

“I went into my room and watched from my window as he cleaned the poo off his car. Cleaned the neighborhood of poo. Got revenge. He never let his dog shit in my lawn again.”

31. Creative revenge.

“I still pat myself on the back for this one. I was sitting in my car and a guy parks beside me. He slams his door into the side of my car and just walks off without checking it. It wasn’t a windy day and he had ample room to open it carefully. I get out of my car to check and there’s no dent strangely enough. However, I am still peeved. Instead of keying his car or defacing it to extremities, I get creative!”

“I like to keep packets of sauce like ketchup and mustard in my car and I even had toothpaste that day. I squeeze a load of toothpaste and ketchup onto a napkin and smear it on the underside of his car handle, packing the shiz out of that little crevice. I write a small note and hide it under his wipers so he won’t see it until he enters the car. The note just told him to be more careful of others’ belongings. Not as cool or great as the other stories but for a wimp like me, it was greatness.”

32. Bully!

“Subtle, and not really by any of my own direct actions but hey.”

“This girl in high school crushed my self-confidence. She was skinny and not super pretty, but confident enough that attracting people’s attention wasn’t difficult. She put me down regularly because I was a little chubbier and had pretty bad acne. She was my “best friend” but I think really she wanted someone around to make her look better.”

“Six years later, post-high school, she calls me from rehab to tell me that her therapist told her that she should tell me she was always secretly jealous of me because while she was begging for the attention of anyone who’d look at her, I was off making lasting friendships. I win.”

33. Eyebrow missing.

“Who needs enemies when you’ve got friends like this? I went away with some mates to a town about 300 km away for a weekend of drinking partying etc, we decided to have a weekend away, full of fun and alcohol.”

“I passed out and woke up with an eyebrow missing I laughed it off packed my bag got in the car and drove back without them. It’s safe to say they didn’t take it as well as I took my missing eyebrow. 300km, $100 later and a very angry group of friends, they finally got themselves home.”

34. Bully boy.

“A guy that I was friends with for a long time decided to start taking advantage of the fact that I was a nice guy. He would pick on me, we’d get to a point of butting heads, then he’d back off. we’d be cool again blah blah whatever.”

“But see, whenever you start messing with a guy that knows everything about your life because you hang out with him a lot, it kinda sucks when I told everyone we both knew that he still had to wear diapers at night because he had bladder control issues. Have fun the rest of the year, a**hole.”

35. Apartment nightmares.

“I was moving out of my old apartment, but two of my roommates were staying, I was supposed to mail my key to the new girl but had been avoiding it because I still had a bunch of stuff there. Anyway, it was the summer and she was 3 states away and had no need for the key but was being a little bitch about it and kept sending me nasty texts about how it she HAD to have the key and I was being ridiculous.”

“So I went to home depot and bought a lot of duct tape. I put her precious key in a velvet box and wrapped that up real good and continued this process for about 8 boxes. By the time I was done it was in a box that could hold a microwave. Anyway shipped it to her and never heard a peep from her again.”

36. School revenge.

“At my school, we had a douchebag who liked to stand next to his locker talking to one of his friends, and when someone got too close to it he’d slam it open into their face. As there were no cameras near this hallway, it was always dismissed as an accident.”

“Anyways, one day he felt the need to open it into my best friend’s face. Gave him a bloody nose and almost broke it. Now, as I’m sure you all would be, I was pissed off. So the day my friend got back, the douche felt the need to approach him to “apologize” about hitting my friend. Luckily, my locker was located between my friend and the other kid. When I saw I could do it, I casually unlocked my locker, waited for him to get close to it, and slammed it into him.”

“Broke his nose and dented the locker. Revenge is sweet.”


37. The Ex-Wife.

“(Now Ex)Wife was cheating on me, threw me and the kids out. We had to move 6 hours away, when I drove back to get mine and the kid’s stuff, I caught her and her new b/f…well…you know.”

“She had SWORN there was no one else (Yeah…right), I told her that when they left for work I was taking everything in the house, and I did, right down to the broom and vacuum cleaner, which made it hard to clean the cigarette ash stains out of the carpet and all the broken glasses off of the linoleum. Also…p**sed in the milk.”


“Lived in a rented house for 7 years next to a psychotic lawn worshiping lady. Hated us for renting, hated us for not having as much money as her. Made our lives hell. The night before we moved, loaded Uhaul waiting patiently at the curb…”

“I emptied 100$ worth of round up in nice p**is-shaped patterns on her perfectly groomed lawn. Haven’t been back, never saw it, but I take comfort from her pain, as I perceive it.”

39. Revenge in the workplace.

Worked in an office with this a***ole that used to make noises on conference calls with his headset mike. Extremely annoying. So one day I borrowed it and used the mike to clean the bottom of the urinal in the men’s room.

From then on when he sucked on it to make his annoying sounds, several of us on the call were amused rather than annoyed.

40. Revenge on a bully.

I was married to an aggressive bully for 15 years, I put up with the frequent hits and put me downs for the sake of the 2 children, his favorite thing to do was to leave me short of money so I had to clean peoples houses just to get by so when the tosser left me for another woman I was of course over the moon.

I kept in contact with his mother and on a Friday went round to see her, did a bit of shopping and cleaning just to help out, 7 years later she left me £65,000 in her will and her son got £5,000, money does bring happiness 🙂

41. Revenge at school.

“Hey, flying textbooks. Fun story: I went to a ghetto high school. In Spanish class, a fresh out of college Spanish teacher took to picking on my friend. Made subtle racist jokes, made him seem stupid, etc.”

“We had a grand commons staircase in the middle of the school. Towards the end of the school year, my friend got tired of her being a bitch and lobbed a textbook at her. It hit her in the face and she fell down the entire staircase. He got sent to an alternative school and I think was charged with assault or something. She never came back to school.”

42. Savings.

“My friend and I made a $2.00 bet on the exact phrasing of a movie quote. He was irritated that I was right, so he gave me the $2.00 in pennies. About a year later I snuck into his house and left the pennies EVERYWHERE.”

“In shoes, CD cases, spice jars, inside toilet paper rolls. Between plates, he only uses a few times a year, etc. It will take forever to find them all. This kind of “revenge” is my favorite because it’s silly, fun, and doesn’t actually cause harm.”

43. Stupid man.

“This wannabe euro trash restaurant owner (who wore white plastic-rimmed glasses and paisley) client would be really demanding about getting design projects from me (within hours of asking for them) but would wait three weeks to pay me. after so many polite emails asking for him to pay him…I called the city on him because I knew he had done some building adjustments to his restaurants without a building permit.”

“The city shut him down for 2-3 days. it was anonymous. he didn’t know it was me…Needless to say, if you’re planning on hassling a person, don’t tell them about the illegal things you’ve done.”

44. Facebook.

“I screen capped photos from my wife’s lovers Facebook and sent them to the school administration because he was a teacher and posting pics of your student’s test then making fun of them is not cool at all. He was fired at the end of the year.”

“Edit: After his dismissal, I divorced her and got her removed from her position at daycare because it was a church-based facility with morality clauses for employment. All it took was a conversation with the pastor and she was phased out at the first available opportunity.”

45. Car crash.

“A woman rear-ended me pretty badly. Told me not to call the cops because she was on the way to an A.A. meeting and she would lose her license. She called her boyfriend, who was a lawyer and He told me to let her go, told me to come to his office and he would pay cash for all repairs if I brought in an estimate. Did as requested, the lawyer laughed at me and said there was no proof and I wouldn’t get a cent. I was completely broke and knew I could not afford the repairs and furthermore, the car was not legally drivable as it was. Late on another night, I went to the A.A. meeting via bicycle (she had said where it was in passing and I checked the schedule). I confronted her on her way out. She confessed her license was suspended and she had been driving without a license that day. Since it was summer I had days free from class and rode my bicycle to the lawyer’s office for a few days to learn his schedule from across the street.”

“Slowly a plan for revenge took shape in my mind. When I knew his beautiful car would be unattended for a while I filled his gas tank with sand and sugar-LOADS OF IT! At the time I lived in a bad neighborhood and there were always abandoned cars around. I had taken the rear plate off on one with an expired tag and put that on his car. Next, I slashed all four tires with a small slit so the air would slowly be gone by the time he was leaving. Now I was only able to see the first part of my plan from my perch. He came out from his office, saw the car sitting low to the ground, and started screaming like a banshee. And this is how I imagined the rest: He pays to get the car towed, they replace/patch the tires he drives off, the engine fails eventually because of the sand, etc. Tows it again, pays for repairs, (or new /rebuilt engine?) drives off, and is pulled over for expired plates. Since he arrogantly never took my information and never even looked at the repair estimate he didn’t know the name of his saboteur. I actually didn’t tell anyone about this when it was going on (my girlfriend would not have approved) and very few since, but about a year later I drove by the office and saw it was no longer his. I feel like the woman probably would have done the right thing but she was just mixed up with a jerk. Hopefully, the events I started made it clear to her. Sweet Secret Revenge.”

46. Retail nightmare.

“First job in retail, and I was really close with the rest of the team. Some newcomers were hired for the summer, which gave us some healthy competition (we were on commission). One girl kept stealing everyone else’s sales and when she was confronted she gave absolute no f***s, and continued taking everyone’s sales.”

“Our schedule was always done on paper, and it is everyone’s job to read their schedules properly for the following week. In the case you can’t physically come into the store to write your schedule, you had to call and speak to a manager to read out your schedule over the phone. Anyways, she ends up calling and didn’t ask for a manager to give her her schedule. I gave her all the wrong shifts, which was followed by termination due to job abandonment (missing work 3 shifts in a row).”

47. Revenge at it’s finest.

“I worked in an office once, and the boss was a real idiot. If you used any of your sick days, he would hold that against you at your yearly review… but if he was sick at all, or even just felt like it, he would stay home or go golfing.”

“Well, there was a terrible flu going around. I was sick, a coworker was sick and throwing up in his trash bin, but none of us were allowed to leave. So when my boss went home super early (again), I went into his office and coughed and sneezed all over his mouse and keyboard. He got really sick a day later.”

48. Broken bones.

“When I was 11 years old, I injured both my arms in a biking accident. My mom, being the skeptic that she is, didn’t believe and waited 2-3 days before taking me to the hospital to get them looked at. Turns out my left humerus was completely broken and my right radius was fractured. Because she waited so long my left arm is now slightly crooked from being set wrong, but it wasn’t set bad enough to get rebroken and reset.”

“I still haven’t forgiven her, and for the next month after it happened I would keep hiding her keys in different places in the morning and watch her get confused when she would look for them, wondering where she last put them. To this day she still doesn’t know that I hid them. Needless to say, she was late to work a few times.”

49. Neighborly revenge.

“I’m biking my dog around my neighborhood. Some guy almost runs me over with his SUV while laughing and turning onto his driveway. I have to jump off my bike to avoid him. I get really p***ed off and start punching and kicking his car like a meth addict and a wall. He gets scared and stays inside his car.”

“I walk to the back and pull out my pocket knife and put a huge gash along with his back door with a huge grin on my face just to freak him out more. I go back to my bike with my dog waiting patiently because he’s never seen me that mad and we bike home together towards the sunset.”

50. Perfect.

“When I was a little kid my single mother would take us to the theme park and every time we would ride a new ride she would buy the picture of us. We would hang them all at the top of our stairs so everyone could see them, there had to be like 20 of them.”

“One night I was mad at her for something and I decided to take a pin and poke a hole in her face in every single picture. Every time I think about this I feel terrible. The worst thing is, I don’t even remember what made me do it.”