1. Making conversation with the ‘floating white lady’

I noticed that once my oldest son kept talking when he was tucked up in bed, many hours past his bedtime. This was unusual as he has a bedroom on his own, so me and my husband decided to ask him who exactly he was talking to in the late hours of the evening.

He said that he was talking to “the floating white lady“, which naturally shocked us both. I can’t remember exactly what description he gave us of the woman. But, eight years later I remember that the same thing started happening again with child number three…

2. My child telling me about his past family

When my child was seven years old, he told me that his he died in a fire with his old family. He went into the specifics of what his old siblings were called and even described what his parents looked like from his old life and even described the house he once lived in.

There was so much detail in the story, that I decided to write down everything he had to say and look it up on the internet. The bit that shocked me was that everything he had to say matched an old news story about a fire that happened about a year and a half before he was conceived.

3. The monster in the corner

Like a lot of children, my nephew went through a phase of not being able to sleep in his room at night. This was because he was absolutely terrified – to the point that my sister had to sit beside his bed and wait for him to fall asleep. I even had to do this on the occasions that I would babysit.

Once he was asleep, we’d leave the room but he’d usually wake up shortly afterwards and start crying his eyes out. After this went on for so long, we asked what was preventing him from sleeping and he said: “The big dark scary man standing in the corner with red eyes doesn’t want me to sleep.

4. A phone call from beyond the grave

My sister died in a car accident quite a few years ago. A short time had passed from the incident, and I was working from home when the phone started ringing. It was someone who was asking to speak to my sister, but since she had passed away years ago so I started wondering who could be ringing and who didn’t know the news.

The man on the other end of the line identified himself as ‘Tom’. I decided to ask my sisters best friend who this person could be and she went white as a sheet when I told her the name. She told me that ‘Tom” had just died weeks before the incident also in an auto accident, so there is no way that he could have called.

5. Premonition

My father was in hospital and my mother was staying at my apartment as it was so close to the hospital and a lot easier for her to get to. I had a really vivid dream one night where I heard my mum answer the phone. It was a phone call from my uncle, who worked at the hospital, to tell us that my dad had passed away.

The dream woke me up and I went to go and get a glass of water to calm myself down. Just as I settled back down in bed, my mums phone actually started ringing and it was actually my uncle calling to tell us that my father had just passed away at the hospital.

6. In your dreams

I was just 15 years old when my father passed away. In my freshman year of college, I had only been there about a month so me and my roommate didn’t really know a lot about each other, all that she knew was that my father had passed away when I was younger.

One night she woke me up and she asked me “Did your father used to call you (pet name)?” which he did and it sent shivers down my spine. She had no idea about this name, but she had a dream that my father had asked her to take care of me and called me by this pet name.

7. Be my mummy

My little girl is just three years old and there’s been numerous occasions where we have had a few creepy incidents in the house that we haven’t been able to explain. But, about a few weeks back things turned a lot darker and hit a new level of creepy.

She kept pointing near the bedroom window and talking about this boy that was there just waiting. She then went on and described him as having no eyes. To make things even worse, she said that he was just there crying because he really wanted me to be his mum.

8. Songs from above

I remember being sat in the living room at home just minding my own business and reading my book. Then, all of of a sudden I could hear the most magical and beautiful violin melody. I put my book down and just sat there quietly and listened to the whole thing.

After a few minutes I then got up and walked into my brothers room because I wanted to compliment him and tell him how beautiful it all sounded. It was only then that I realised that there was no one else in the house and I was just completely alone…

9. Singing from the grave

I was having tea with my sister, her husband and my two year old niece. We were all talking about our lost loved ones that were no longer with us because my father had just passed away. So, to comfort us my brother in law went and got a picture of his mother who has died in a car crash when he was just six years old.

We were all talking about old memories, but when my niece saw the picture she started laughing out loud. We said to her its not something to laugh at and asked her what’s so funny about the picture. She said: “that’s my special friend who sings to me“.

10. Seeing things on the bus

I was about nine years old, this was back in the 1970s, and I was doing what every kid does at that age – I was out playing football in the street with all of my friends. Then, a bus came along, so I quickly got off the road and jumped onto the pavement.

As the bus passed me by, I noticed that my auntie was sitting on it and she smiled and waved at me from the window! When I got home a few hours later, my mum sat me down and had some horrible news to tell me… that my aunt had actually passed the night before.

11. My grandfather’s haunted house

When I was a really small child, we used to go round to my grandfathers house and stay over. Me and my mum used to share a bed when we went over to stay there. My mum woke up one night in the middle of the night, and I wasn’t in the bed next to her.

She immediately got up and walked round the house to try and find me. She said she found me standing in the living room with my hand in the air, looking like it was holding the hand of someone. Then I said: “I can’t go with your because my mom didn’t say I could”. We didn’t stay at that house for another decade…

12. Hanging out

When I was younger, I was out playing football with my brother and my friend in quite a remote park. We were under the impression that we had the whole park to ourselves, but then we saw three or four people making their way over to the field all wearing Victorian-style clothes.

They put a box underneath one of the threes in the park, one with really big branches. They then tied a huge rope around the biggest branch on there and one of them was stood there with it around his neck. His friend then kicked the box that he was standing on so he was hanging from the tree. They took it in turns to each do this so each other so we quickly left. I have to check in with my brother whenever I thin about it to make sure it actually happened.

13. Noisy hospital rooms

On one floor of the hospital near me, there’s one room where a lot of patients can hear noisy children playing at around 1am-4am every single morning. The room is away from where the nurses are stationed and only has one room that is positioned next to it.

There is nothing else on the floor that could be making the noise and the television in there doesn’t work. Visiting hours are over at 21:00, so it couldn’t be anyone else in the hospital. People think that it must be something a little bit more ominous than noisy children playing.

14. Dad to the rescue

I was always interested in the paranormal world, but have never really had any experience of it myself. That was until this happened. I live in quite a rural area and one evening I was driving home late at night when my dad shouts ‘STOP!!‘. So I slammed on my brakes and this huge deer then runs into the road.

But, what is so creepy about that happening? Well, my dad actually passed away a few years ago. I am not that tall so I do have to sit as close as I possibly can to the steering wheel, so I am certain that I wouldn’t have made it if I had hit the deer.

Close up of a White Tail Deer buck with full antlers crossing a country road

15. Haunted school basement

I was once subbing at my child’s Catholic school that is over 100 years old. There’s a basement that is underneath the gym area that wasn’t used for anything other than storage. One day I was subbing and one of the balls rolled down the stairs and I saw a little girl yelling “just throw it up” at the top of the stairs.

I asked who she was talking to and she replied “That big man at the bottom of the stairs“. Nobody was down there when I went to check and there was no other entrance to the basement. I asked the other kids if they had seen this man and their response was “Yes, but sister told us not to talk to him”. I asked them to tell me who this ‘sister’ was and they described her as a nun. There’s not been any nuns at the school for over 40 years.

16. Two people having the same dream

I was around 16 years old when I was with my first girlfriend, and I have this dream that I am running a huge drug operation. She’s really against drugs and in my dream she saw me holding up a bag of drugs that I’d made and I ended up shooting her out of panic.

A few days pass from this dream, and then she wants to have a chat with me. It turns out, that she had also had a dream a few nights ago which was identical to the dream I had but it was all from her point of view. I was so stunned that we had both had the same dream, just from different perspectives.

17. Imaginary friends

My daughter had an imaginary friend when she was little. Her name was Elizabeth and my daughter described her as having dark hair and a bloody messed up leg which causes her to limp because she was run over. She then asked to have a sleepover with Elizabeth, we said she could do. But then she packs up a backpack and starts heading into the woods.

We stop her immediately and say that she is not allowed into the woods which really upset her because apparently this is where they agreed to have the sleepover. Fast forward a year, the road into the woods was getting repaved. When talking to the project manager the road was actually the end of the ‘Trail of Tears’, which was the site of an ambush that ended in the death of lots of children and adults who were crushed by wagons.

18. Final goodbyes

When I was a bit younger, I had a dream about my grandma being sat on a bus on her own. The bus came to a stop where me and my grandfather were standing. I wanted to go onto the bus but my grandfather said that I had to stay here and I couldn’t go with her.

The bus carried on and was on the way to ‘the big casino in the sky’. Which was really fitting because she used to love the casino! Anyway, I woke up the next morning and I had a phone call to let me know that my grandma had actually passed in her sleep.

19. Sleep walking nightmare

My son got himself into the pattern of waking me and my wife up at around 5:00 every morning. One morning I thought I would take him downstairs to see if he can get a bit more sleep on the couch in front of the television. We both fell asleep, then I woke up a bit later and saw my son was pointing in the kitchen and laughing, he then said: “Mommy is floating in the kitchen”

We went back to sleep because I didn’t actually think much of it. When my wife finally came downstairs from being asleep, she said that she had one of those strange dreams where she actually flew out of her body, she went all the way downstairs and was floating in the kitchen.

Multiple exposure of sleeping girl getting up

20. Clowning around

The summer after I graduated high school, I spent a lot of time at my best friend’s house. We lived in the same neighborhood so it didn’t take me too long to get back from my house from hers – it was about a five minute drive with all the stop signs.

Anyway, one night when I was on my way home from her house at around midnight I was in the car and I was coming to a stop at one of the stop signs on the journey home. As soon as I stopped, this enormous guy leaped out of the bushes in a clown mask and bright red hair and starts running at my car. I put my foot on the gas otherwise I had no idea what was going to happen. I called the non-emergency number and they’d been having similar reports all week.

21. The ceiling

When my little sister was about three years old, we were getting ready to go over to my uncles house for dinner that evening. She was being quite difficult and was refusing to get ready to go. After her objecting for so long, my dad asked her why she didn’t want to go to Uncle Dan’s house.

She responded saying “No, I don’t like the man in the ceiling”. We didn’t really give it a second thought at the time. Until a few years later when my uncle was selling his out and found out that someone had died by suicide in the attic in the early 90s.

22. Creepy phone call

I once received a phone call from a distressed woman who was demanding to know where her son was and assuming that I knew where he was from. Apparently, he’d been missing for two weeks and I didn’t know who her son was, so I decided to ask her how she got my number.

She said that my number was written down on a piece of paper, along with my name on it, in her sons desk. I was really creeped out that someone had my name and number and I didn’t have a clue who they were. I couldn’t be of any help to the woman so I ended the call.

23. The flying picture

I was having a sleepover at my best friends grandma’s house as she had just had her attic renovated. We were just having a classic 15 year old sleepover, painting our nails and talking about all the gossip from our high school. It was 3AM by the time we managed to get to sleep.

A few moments after we fell asleep, we both sat up as we heard scratching and a huge bang coming from the other room. One of the paintings was lying on the floor four and a half yards away from where it was hung on the wall. It wasn’t a direct fall from the wall, it was as though someone had moved it that far away from the wall and pulled it straight out!

24. Followed on my way home

I was on my way home from school and the last part of the walk I am on my own as I lived furthest away from school. There was a white pick-up that was going back and forth round the neighborhood, but I just assumed that they were lost. I ran home when the pick-up turned into my street and I felt uneasy.

I got home, but as soon as I settled I heard the car door slam. I looked through the window and it was parked on the drive way. The guy got out the car and knocked on my door – and I stupidly answered. At which point, he tried to force his way in. I managed to lock the door and he then tried to go through the back door and force his way in and I was begging him not to kill me. I rang my grandpa has he lived down the road and then the police. As soon as I did this, the guy ran off but I could still see the van making its way round the streets. I was never allowed to go back home to my house after school on my own, I always went to my grandpas.

25. Retreat!!

My daughter was going through the classic ‘monster under the bed’ phase when she was three years old. Every night we had to stay with her for at least 30 minutes until she managed to get herself to sleep. This went on for a while until it became quite frustrating.

One night I grew so frustrated that I decided to tell me daughter once and for all that there simple weren’t any monsters underneath the bed. She responded: “I know. Now they’re behind you”. After that she was allowed to sleep with us for a full week!

26. My fake mommy

My oldest son when he was about three years old once said to me: “Mommy, I like you better than my fake mommy“, not really knowing what to respond to this I began wondering what he meant by ‘fake mommy’. I couldn’t think of anyone else he would refer to as mommy.

So, naturally I decided to asked him “Who’s your fake mommy?”. It was his response that got me seriously worried. He said to me: “You can’t see her. She tucks me in after you do.” After that I was so distressed and hated when he was sleeping on his own.

27. Digging up the past

I used to live in a lovely rented house that faced a park. On quiet evenings I used to sit on the porch and take in the peaceful world and look at the stars. One night I was sat looking at the park and I saw a man standing on his own in the deserted park. He was dressed in all black and wearing a Halloween skull mask.

He stared at me for ages, then hid away into the darkness. This was creepy, but the worst bit was that a few months later I was digging up my yard to the side of my house. I pulled out a huge tangle of weeds and buried in the soil was the mask that I saw that night.

28. Being followed

My wife was on her way home from a 6 hour drive from Vegas after seeing some family. She rang me from the car and said “Just so you know, this car has been tailgating me for about an hour“. We decided that she needed to pull into a well lit gas station to see if she was continued to be followed. The car pulled in and left at the exact same time as her.

She was switching lanes and noticed this car was doing everything she was doing right behind her. So, she decided the next time I see a cop car I am going to get pulled over. When she does the officer asks why she was speeding, my wife explained what she was doing and the cop escorts her the rest of the way home. Apparently my wife was the fifth person to report this in the last couple of weeks and some of the times they ended in sexual assaults and/or robberies.

29. You aren’t alone

It was a couple of months ago that I woke up at around 3am, I needed the bathroom so I headed downstairs to go. When I opened my door up and looked over the stairs I could see that there was a really bright light that was coming from my living room.

There was no one on the couch but the telly was on all fuzzy, so I yelled out to get my mum and as soon as I made a sound the television set turned off and the bathroom door just slammed really loudly. I checked everywhere for anything in my house but couldn’t find anything.

30. Neighbor problems

Approximately three years ago, my elderly neighbor died quiet suddenly in her house. It took them five days to find her body lying in the kitchen. 5 months after her death I was just sat in my house watching television when I hear and see lots of police cars appear out of nowhere and park by the empty house of my neighbor.

I walked outside to see what was going on and a police officer came up to me and asked if I had seen anything strange happen in the last five minutes. I said that I hadn’t seen anything and asked what was going on. Apparently, the police department had received a call from the house that no one was living in and then they hung up. Weird.

31. The purple girl on the ceiling

Me, my husband and my 3 year old daughter were on a family vacation in a state park lodge. The lodge was beautiful and had exposed wood ceiling beams. We were all relaxing together, my daughter was sat playing by herself and talking away. Whilst me and my husband were reading on the bed.

From nowhere my daughter asked for a piece of rope. When we asked why she responded “It’s for my friend. The purple girl on the ceiling.” When we questioned what friend she replied: “I’ve been talking with the little purple girl hanging from that wood up there”. Safe to say we very quickly exited the room.

32. Passing through darkness

I was driving through an odd, small town when I was on my way home, the town was in Arizona. As soon as me and my friend entered the city limits we were overwhelmed with an extreme sense of heaviness, it was just so surreal and dark and almost felt evil.

When we left the limits, we both said “did you feel that?”. Both of us had felt so uneasy in this small time. About one month later, I was doing some reading on my phone and there was an article about how this small town was known for its cult-like polygamy and child marriage. That explained how we felt.

33. A believer

I had a really odd dream about my late grandmother a few months back. We were in a casino together and we were playing blackjack. She looked really young again and was wearing this gorgeous black dress. We drank lots, played lots of blackjack and spent the whole dream laughing.

One week later, at my sisters birthday party, one of my cousins brought up that she had a dream about our late grandmother. It was exactly the same as the dream that I had, detail for detail, but I hadn’t told anyone before this to know. The only difference was that she was playing poker with my grandmother, not blackjack!

34. Only children can see

There’s a house near an Air Force based that was abandoned because a man killed himself and his family in it. It was said to be haunted and it became part of the ghost tours that they gave on the base. Creepy things would happen and apparently a woman could be seen washing her hair in the kitchen sink through a window.

The worst bit was that this house shared a chain link fence with the building next door which was a daycare building. Apparently, children aged four to five would throw their toys over the fence and when questioned they said that they wanted to play with the kids on the other side. All of the children at the daycare could see people on the other side of the fence, but none of the adults could.

35. Who was it?

A friend of mine from college had to do an astronomy project where he needed to take progression pictures of a constellation throughout the course of a whole night. He decided he was going to set up his phone in a field, without any light pollution, and slept in his van whilst the camera was set up on a timer to take pictures throughout the night.

When he woke up the next morning to look at the pictures that were taken his blood ran cold. He sees a picture of the constellation, a pictures of the constellation, a picture of him sleeping in his truck, a picture of the constellation. Creepy or what?!

36. Working after hours

I used to work at a public pool, I would be in charge of working after hours and getting the cleaning done for the pool and the building. One night, around 2am, I am cleaning the changing rooms and I hear the sound of child’s laughter and bare feet running across the side of the pool.

I run out to scan the area, as this could be so dangerous, but there is not one person in sight. All the doors are completely locked and there isn’t anyone hiding anywhere. I decide to check the CCTV and still couldn’t see anything. I was all alone in the building which was very unsettling.

37. Don’t let me go back there

My mum worked as an ER nurse and one night she had a patient come in who had been in a really serious car accident. He was rapidly losing a lot of blood and they were doing everything in their power to resuscitate him or else they were going to lose him.

During the resuscitation, the man who couldn’t even respond to anything before, jolts up and says “Don’t let me go back there! Please, please, please don’t let me go back!”. They did everything they possibly could, but sadly a few moments later they lost him.

38. A private tutor

When my son was only about two or three, he wouldn’t go to sleep one evening so I said as a one-off he could come and sleep in our bed. My husband was fast asleep, so I told my son we had to be quiet and off he went to go and get a book to sit and read.

He began reading the words out loud, and this was a book that we hadn’t read to him before so I was really stunned that he could read the words. When I asked him how he knew what the book said he replied with “my friend John is telling me“. It scared the hell out of me.

39. Needing to hear a comforting voice

Back in 2010 my brother sadly took his own life. His wife was the only person that lived with him, and they were about 100 miles away. She drove to the hospital before he passed away and locked the house. His phone was in the home office the whole night they were at the hospital.

The next morning, I receive a phone call that came from his cellphone. I answered, but there was no response on the other end. I said ‘hi’ quite a few times, but because there was no one on the other end I said “everything is okay” and at that point the line immediately disconnected.

40. Abandoned buildings

There used to be this abandoned school turned World War I militarily hospital that was near my friends house. We used to break into it on a regular basis and look around at all the stuff that got left there since it became out of use. One day, we were having a look on the third floor.

We saw an envelope which was in the bottom of a closet which we decided to open. It was a really old letter and all that was on there was a name. The name on it was exactly the same as the friend that I used to break into the old school with. It wasn’t a common name either.

41. Mum, is that you?

I was around twelve years old and my mum left me at home on my own when she had to go out of town for a few days. I had family that lived nearby so I felt safe, but she refused to leave me with a mobile phone and just said I can use the landline if I needed her. The day she was supposed to come home finally arrived.

I heard her knowing on the front door shouting my name. My dog ran to the door in excitement because he missed her, but when my dog got to the front door he freaked out and ran back upstairs. I refused to go downstairs because this was a really unusual response. Then, the phone started ringing and it was my mum saying she was going to be home a day later.

42. What was that on the telly?

I was at my friends house with another friend and we were just watching the television. When the commercial break was on the screen really abruptly cut to static out of nowhere. The static was making that fuzzy noise and then white subtitles appeared on the screen.

The subtitles started saying things like “help me” and “i’m trapped”. This was back in 2006, so I can’t fully remember what else was said on the screen but we were all so freaked out and shut the television off as quickly as we could do. No one believed us though.

43. Dragged away by water

I went on a family vacation when I was younger and we all took a trip to Mexico. I was playing in the ocean, as any child would be doing on a family vacation, but then I felt myself being dragged out to sea. I was trying to get anyones attention but my parents were distracted.

I started going further and further away, screaming as my head went underneath the water. I can’t remember fully how long I was under the water, but it was terrifying. Then, out of nowhere, two guys came and dragged me out of the water and rescued me. As quickly as they appeared, they were gone… I never got the chance to thank them.

44. Protection from someone unknown

When I was younger we used to live in a battered women’s and children’s shelter because my father was on the look out for us – he was dangerous. At night, there was a kind looking man who appeared at the end of my bed – I just knew he was a ghost. He would stand there all night and protect me, but be gone in the morning.

We never spoke, but he was there for months. Then, one night, he talked and said “He’s coming. Get out now”. I quickly woke my mum up and explained what had happened. We quickly packed up our stuff and checked into a hotel for the night. The next day, we went back to the shelter and found out that someone had broken in and gone from room to room looking for someone.

45. Visitors on the balcony

Me and my three year old son were eating dinner together one night and he told me that he could see a man stood on the balcony with red eyes and his mouth gaping open. It almost sounded like the scream face. We live on the third floor, so there is no access to the balcony than from inside.

The apartment block that we live in is really old. I personally don’t believe in ghosts but he says some stories quite a lot. He has also mentioned that there is a little boy that hangs upside down and just scratches the ceiling. This really scared me.

46. My cat saved my life

When I was growing up I had a cat called Naruto and he was my best friend. Sadly, he passed away when I was in my teens but I always used to have dreams about him for many years afterwards and it still felt like he was present in my life.

I was having a nap one day and he came to me in my dream and scratched my face, which woke me up as this wasn’t typical. When I woke up the whole of my room was covered in smoke as my roommate had forgotten to take some food out of the oven and left the house. The fire department managed to get there in time to put it out, but it was a huge fire by this point. I still believe that my beloved cat saved my life that day.

47. Scary emergency call

My uncle works for an emergency call dispatch in my town and said the weirdest phone call he ever got was from a landline one night. This call was made and when he answered it there was nothing but static on the other end. The call ended, then the number rang another TWO times.

He decided to get a squad to go and check the location that the call was coming from and when the cops arrived at the house they could see a dead body lying on the floor. They identified that this body had been there for five months. The weirdest part was that there was no electricity or utilities working in the house, so how was the phone call made?

48. Not alone

The house next to mine is abandoned and the previous owner just moved to California without ever selling it. One time I decided to go and have a look around the house, so I got a flashlight and pushed the window open. I started by going into the based and had a look at what was there.

The stuff downstairs was so cool, WW2 memorabilia, a signed Elvis poster etc. Then after discovering all this cool stuff, I decided to walk upstairs but then my excitement turned to dread. I could hear the most vivid sound of crying from one of the side rooms. I haven’t been back since.

49. Nosy neighbours

In the back yard of the house that I used to live in there used to be a cemetery that dated all the way back to the 1800s. It was a common local attraction for visitors to come to and a lot of the graves were of children who died from Flu etc back in the 1800s.

One day, I was playing outside with my sister and this elderly couple approached us. They started getting closer and closer to us and we got really scared so we quickly ran inside. Only one week later there was a story on the news that this elderly couple had approached and abducted a teenage girl. It was the same couple that approached me and my sister the week earlier.

50. Check on your friend

I was working one day and my wife rings me out of the blue, I do day shifts and she does night shifts so it was unusual that she was ringing me. She told me that I needed to ring my friend Danny as she had a dream about him in the night, that she couldn’t remember, but it involved him and she wanted me to check on him.

I rang him up and he was amused because there wasn’t actually anything for her to be concerned about, so I let her know that nothing is up but that I did contact him. Then, i found out that within half an hour of me ringing Danny he got a phone call from to tell him that his son had just committed suicide.

51. Guardian Angel Or Death?

When I was younger, my best friend told me about a really creepy situation. It involved him, his younger brother and a man seen through the window. My friend and his younger brother shared a bedroom when they were kids. The reason for this was that the younger brother had a multitude of health issues that meant he needed to be kept an eye on.

One night, my friend woke up unexpectedly. Instead of seeing his younger brother, he noticed the shape of a man in a top hat through the window behind his brother’s crib. My friend panicked and jumped up to run for his parents in the next room, and when they returned, his brother was having a seizure. Was the man in the window trying to issue a warning? Or was he merely waiting?

52. The Persistent Caller

My brother used to get a call on his cell every night at 2-3am. When he answered, all he could hear was the sound of static and screams. He changed his number (understandably) and the calls stopped. After a week of his new phone, it started again. The same noise, at the same time. Eventually, he decided to call the number back. An old man answered – and he had no clue what my brother was talking about. But the calls continued.

In the end, he ended his contract, got a new phone again, as well as a whole new number. After a while, the mysterious calls started up again. When he called back this time, he got a different person. When his phone was disconnected, our mom tells us about a weird message left on the house phone: static screaming. When my brother called back this time, it said the number was disconnected. He never got the calls again.

53. Ghost Writing On The Wall

My family moved into a new house in Texas when I was in high school. We were going through a lot of family issues at the time, but we wanted to make the new house nice. So we decided to paint to get the house ready. My mom was busy painting the wall on the far right, while my sister was painting the wall on the left. There was a blank wall in the middle between them.

While I was downstairs unpacking, my sister comes to get me, looking terrified. On the blank wall between where they had been painting, weird, ghostly writing had appeared. It looked like it had been made by human hands, but not by my mom or sister. When it was clear nobody was playing a prank, we got freaked out. Still don’t know what it means to this day.

54. Ghostly Children In The Nursing Home

I used to work night shifts as a nurse in a nursing home. The building was very big, and very old. This institution was also under investigation in response to the abuse of children in the past. It used to be a children’s home. Older nurses who had worked there for decades used to tell the younger staff about how they buried children who had died there.

Apparently children who had died were buried in the rose garden. This area was now under what was the new wing that had been built over it. During my time of working there, there was at least four instances of close-to-death patients who awoke in the dead of night to tell us to please ask the little girl to leave their room, or to please move the little boy from the corner because he was looking at them.

55. Always Lock Your Car

My mom told me about a time she was driving at night down a forest road, it being pretty dark outside, when a stranger ran out into the road. At this point, she’d locked the car doors after getting in and setting off on her drive. She naturally braked to avoid hitting the guy and brought the car to a stop.

After she’d stopped, 3 other men suddenly appeared from out of the trees at either side of the car. They immediately tried to the car’s door handles to try and get inside – but luckily, she’d locked them. She put her foot down and sped off to the nearest town. I dread to think what would have happened to her if she hadn’t locked the car doors.

56. Fatal Accident

The boss of my friend bought a new Audi convertible. The car had those pop-up hoops that come out if you roll your car, so you can stay protected if you flip. A few months after buying it, he lost control of the car and skidded down a bank – and the hoops did their job. He managed to get out with just cuts and bruises. He even managed to completely get out of the car and walk to safety up the bank, where he called the police to report his accident.

Another driver who had seen the accident came over to where he was standing to check on him. When my friend’s boss turned his head to speak with the other driver, he dropped dead. It turns out his neck had been fractured in the crash and the turn of his head caused it to severe his spinal cord.

57. A Stranger In The Attic

A friend of my mom’s lived alone, and she started noticing weird things like missing food, used towels that she wasn’t responsible for and extra plates in the dishwasher. She thought maybe she was just being forgetful. Until she heard banging in her attic. She went to investigate, and found makeshift living quarters, complete with sleeping bag and food wrappers.

She called the police, who ended up catching a man trying to sneak into the attic window. He was a homeless man who had been living in her attic and waiting until she went to work to come downstairs and help himself to food. Turns out, she decided to help him get back on his feet and let him continue to live there until he found a job.

58. It Doesn’t Hurt

I work at a maximum security prison. A lot of the inmates there have severe mental health problems. If there are any prisoners prone to self-harm, they wear a heart monitor so that we can rush to their cell if there’s any change in their heart rate. A co-worker of mine was doing normal cell checks when they found an inmate with blood on their face.

There hadn’t been any change on the heart rate monitors to alert us that there was something wrong. My co-worker called out to the inmate to ask if they were okay, and they kept repeating “it doesn’t hurt”. When we went into the cell to investigate, it turns out they’d plucked both their eyes out. Their vitals were normal, and they’d never made a sound.

59. Old Red Tom

My dad told me a story about when he was in Vietnam, where he and some other fighters had to place sensors within the jungle. He and two others split off from the main group, when my dad saw a Black Union Cavalry Soldier from the Civil War just lying near the trail. The soldier had full battle gear on and armed with weapons.

The soldier looked at my dad and smiled before placing a finger to his lips and gesturing for my dad to get off the trail. 10 seconds later, Vietnamese soldiers appeared right on the trail, and had my dad stayed there, he would have been killed. When he later told his grandmother about it, she said he’d seen Old Red Tom. Red Tom was my great great grandfather.

60. A Train Disaster With No Human Passengers

The Neishapur train disaster is something that scares me about how death can come at any time. The freight train was carrying over 50 wagons full of sulphur, petrol, cotton wool and fertiliser. There were no human passengers on board. The train somehow managed to break loose of the track. It continued to roll on the track until it eventually derailed.

It derailed straight into the town of Khayyam in Iran. It began to leak chemicals and fires broke out until the train completely exploded and demolished the entire town, whilst also damaging 3 nearby towns. It continued to explode for several days, and killed 300 people, injured others and even caused an earthquake.

61. Trust Your Gut Feeling

My aunt worked in a grocery store when she was 16, and she had a boss who was young, in his mid-twenties. He decided to call at her house one day to ask my aunt to sneak out with him and hang out. She didn’t want to say no because he was her boss, but my mom had a gut feeling that night that something was wrong, and begged my sister not to go out.

Luckily, my aunt listened to my mom and told her boss no. He got really angry. He left and ended up meeting another girl that night. He took her out to some cliffs, abused her and then pushed her off. Amazingly she survived the ordeal and managed to get him sent to prison for what he’d done – and was presumably going to do to my aunt.

62. A Bloody Woman At The U-Haul

When I was 18, I used to work for a U-Haul moving and storage company. It was based infront of a club that had a reputation for being a bit sketchy. When I started work one morning, there was a knock on the door. I was used to people knocking early to try and get their truck early. This time, though, the knocking was really frantic and it scared me, seeing as I was alone at the time.

When I looked outside, there was a woman covered in blood, naked. I grabbed a blanket to go outside and cover her up after calling the cops. She was a mess, and smelled awful. I found out later that she’d been drugged at the sketchy club and left blacked out in the alley after being attacked. It was completely surreal.

63. Never Leave Your Motel Window Unlocked

I was staying in a really awful motel – the room was so bad it had bed bugs. I was too tired to go to the front desk to complain as I just needed the room to get through the night, so I ended up sleeping in the bathtub to avoid the bugs. I woke up hours later to hear someone coming into the room through the window.

Luckily, I had a knife with me, so I took it with me back into the room. There was a man halfway through the window, and we just stared at each other. He eventually asked me if this was my room, and when I said yes, he was angry at me for leaving my window unlocked and not expecting him to break in. Then he left.

64. Too Close A Call

When I was about 12 years old, me and my friends went exploring near a train track. One of my friends ended up tripping and falling onto the tracks. He face was lying on the 3rd rail when he fell. We all stood there in shock and didn’t move. We actually thought he was dead, but he was just lying still in fear.

Eventually he asked if he could move or if he would be electrocuted. We quickly told him to move right now, and he did. We managed to get him off the tracks before a train came a minute or so later. The 3rd rail where my friend’s face had been turned on a few seconds after he moved. If he’d waited a few seconds longer, he’d be dead.

65. The Hitchhiker

In 1978, Mary Vincent was hitchhiking. She was 15 years old, and her story always scares me. She was picked up by a man called Lawrence Singleton, and was undoubtedly relieved to be picked up and thought nothing of it. Lawrence went on to attack her and then forced her to get out of the car. When he noticed she was about to run, he cut off both of her arms.

He then threw her into a ditch to leave her to die. Mary was forced to stop the bleeding of her arms by packing mud onto the wounds. Then she spent all night crawling out of the ditch. When she made it to the highway, covered in blood, cars sped past in fear. A couple of their honeymoon eventually picked Mary up and she managed to survive the ordeal.

66. Trapped In A Cave

When you think of caves, most people would think of the horror of being trapped in tight spaces. It’s enough to set anyone on edge. A man named John Jones was spelunking in Nutty Putty Cave in Utah in 2009. The cave has since been sealed up following the fatal accident that occurred there.

John became trapped upside-down in a tight crevice while exploring the cave. By the time rescue teams finally arrived to help, he had been trapped upside-down for so long that his legs had been drained of blood. The only way to get him out would have been to break both his legs, but the shock would have killed him. John died in that position after being trapped for 28 hours. His body is still in the cave.

67. The Pay Phone

I was working as an on call technician, and I had a pager I used (before the time of cell phones). A pager would beep with someone’s number and you would call them back when you reached a phone. One afternoon, my pager went off with a number I didn’t know, followed by ‘911’. I pulled into the next small truck stop I found to use the pay phone. The call rang out and nobody answered. I then noticed that the pay phone I’m calling from is ringing with another phone on the wall next to it. When I hang up the call, the ringing stops.

I check the phone number of the phone on the wall. It’s identical to the one that called my pager. I checked with the girl at the counter and she said nobody else had used that pay phone apart from me. When I got back on the road, I came across a 4-car pile up on the route I was going to take. If I hadn’t have gotten the mysterious phone call, I was convinced I would’ve died in that accident.

68. Don’t Climb Over Your Gate

In my hometown, there are some big houses in the woods with gates outside. The owner of one of these houses went out drinking with his friends and forgot the key to the gate. When he got home, he decided to just climb the gate to get inside. Drunk, he slipped and his leg ended up being pierced by one of the spikes on the gate.

He was hanging there helplessly and couldn’t even call for his wife in the house because he was sure she’d press the button to open the automatic gate. If she did, the gate would slide to the side and his leg would have been pulled off. So he just hung there all night until his wife saw him in the morning and called for help.

69. Escaping Death

When I was a baby, my dad was part of a softball team. He was friends with 2 other couples who also had kids. The 2 other couples had a babysitter one day and asked my parents to go back for some beers. I was being fussy, so my parents declined. When they got back to the house, two men had broken in and taken the kids and babysitter hostage.

They made the parents drive to the bank to clear out their account. When they went back to the house, they murdered everyone, including the kids and babysitter. If I hadn’t have been a fussy baby that day, we would have gone, too.

70. The Man In The Basement

When I was 8, my family lived in a big house on the edge of town. I was usually the last person to leave in the morning, and first person to get back in the afternoon. I noticed the basement door was open one morning with the light on. I turned off the light and closed the door, but when I got back home, the light was back on and the door was open. When I went to the top of the stairs, there was a shadowy male figure standing at the bottom.

I ran and hid in my closet. I didn’t tell my family because I didn’t think they’d believe me. About a year later, my mom realised that small amounts of money had been going missing. It turns out that a man had been climbing in through a crawl space into the basement. I’d been alone with him in the house more than once.

71. The Break In

I was at Walmart one day when my wife called me. She was at home with a broken ankle and she’d just had surgery, so she barely had any mobility whatsoever. It was during this time someone tried to break in while she was home alone. She called me but shouted out to the intruder that she was on the phone to the cops.

I quickly made my way home and I passed a guy who looked identical to the description my wife had given me on the phone. I swerved to bring him off his bike and held him down until the cops arrived. It turns out he had a gun, rope and lock tools. It could have been bad if he’d decided to stay with my wife instead of running.

72. The Boiler Murders

I used to work in a DOE building running the boilers. At some point in the 80s there had been three people murdered: one shot dead, and two others had been incinerated right in the boilers I was operating before they were buried elsewhere. There were three boilers I worked with, and I didn’t know which one was the one which had incinerated the bodies.

When you’re firing them up, you’re usually the only person in the building. When you clean the interior, you have to do a thorough job and climb right in. I spent a lot of time in those burners wondering what the panic would feel like. When I was in the boiler cleaning one time, another was running, and I suddenly began to panic when it got hotter and hotter before I managed to climb out.

73. The Wrong Way On The Highway

Judy Kirby decided to pick up her ten year old nephew on the day she chose to drive on the wrong side of the highway. She also put her own three children in the car and told them they were going to pick up a gift for her nephew’s birthday. Instead, she went on to drive at high speed down the wrong side of the highway.

In this attempt at suicide, Kirby and the children made it a minute down the road before colliding head on with another vehicle. The other car was driven by a father with his two children and their friend. The only survivors of the crash were Kirby and the children’s friend in the other car. Pieces of the children were scattered all over the highway.

74. Noises From The Yard

My friend’s neighbour was a retired mechanic who lived in a house with a large lawn and driveway. He had a couple of out-of-action cars parked near his garage so he could use them for parts. When sitting in his living room one day, he started hearing noises from his front yard. At first, he thought it was just an animal, but he kept hearing the noise, so he went out to look.

He couldn’t find anything, yet the noise persisted. He then started thinking he could hear whispers and voices coming from the yard, too. But he still couldn’t find anything when he went out to check. The cops couldn’t find anything when he called. But one evening he heard voices again, and managed to see one of the doors to a derelict van moving. He called the cops, and turned out people had been living in there.

75. Drink Driving Tragedy

My dad and his friends got drunk and went for a drive in their truck. My dad wasn’t as drunk as the others and eventually asked to be let out. They pulled over and he and another girl got out and started to walk to town. Less than a mile up the road was a very sharp turn. The van flew off the road and hit a tree.

Two of the friends died on impact, and another managed to survive in the hospital for months, paralyzed, before dying. My dad took me to that corner when I was learning to drive to explain how close he’d been to being in that truck, too. The dad of the driver of the truck hung up the remains of the truck in town as a warning.

76. Planning Your Family’s Murder

John List decided to kill his whole family, and planned every detail of the event. When he chose to murder his wife, mother, daughter and two sons, he cancelled all deliveries that day, made excuses for his children to be off school and then turned down the air conditioning to prepare to preserve the bodies for as long as possible.

After he killed them, List placed all the bodies in sleeping bags in their home in a row, and wrote a letter of confession to his pastor. 18 years later, he remarried. He only got arrested after a tip was given to the FBI. Due to his extensive planning, the bodies of his family weren’t discovered until a month after the murder, giving him a head start.

77. Stranger In The Laundry Room

In the early 90s in my town there was a killer on the loose. My wife’s mother (before I knew them) was home alone one day while her husband was away. She was busy in the laundry room when a man walked up from the basement. She freaked out and demanded what he was doing there. The man said he was friends with her husband.

He said he’d come over to see if her husband was here, and that he’d said he could just let himself in. My wife’s mother knew this was a lie, and told him that her husband was at the store and would be back any minute. He said he would wait outside, but he was long gone by the time she called the police. Two weeks later, the killer was caught, and his mugshot on TV revealed him to be the man in her house.

78. The Newborn Baby’s Body

My husband worked for an industrial laundry company many years ago in their head office. The company collected laundry from large hospitals and places like care homes to clean them. A laundry cart went through one day for the usual heavy-duty bleaching and boiling cycle. It dropped out onto the conveyor belt to be sorted for drying. That’s when someone screamed.

A newborn baby’s body was tangled in the sheets, after going through the cleaning process. It turns out that the baby had been stillborn and had been left in its cot, waiting to be taken to the hospital mortuary. After the baby had been covered by a sheet, the nurse hadn’t realised, and collected all the linen up for washing with the baby’s body unknowingly inside.

79. The Tragic Truck Bunk Bed

The sleeping area in one of the semi trucks we took in on trade one time was a bunk area with a mattress. The mattress can be flipped up or down, with a seat and a table underneath. This is so the driver can use it as a dining area during the day, and pull the bed down to sleep in at night. While the driver was sleeping one night, something happened to make the bunk flip back up against the wall.

The bunk pinned the driver against the wall. He couldn’t get the bunk to push back down and ended up suffocating. He was stuck trapped there for 12 hours until someone noticed that the truck had been parked for too long a time.

80. The Woman Pinned By Her Own Car

I was leaving work late one night, from the small office building I worked at. Mine was the only car left in the lot apart from the car of the property manager. She was a very sweet elderly lady, and she was getting out of the car next to the dumpster with a bag of trash as I was leaving. I drove past her and turned the corner to drive home.

It turned out that she never put her car into park while she got out to dump the trash. On the news I found out that she’d been pinned between the dumpster and her car for two days. She had been found alive but, being elderly, she didn’t make it. I think about what would have happened if I’d left 30 seconds later.