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By nick hadji 1 year ago

1. He COULD Have Survived

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There's a seriously haunting fact about Steve Irwin's death (besides the fact that his life was tragically taken in a freak attack by a normally docile animal). This is the fact that he actually could have survived. A US doctor has claimed that if Irwin had not removed the stingray barb from his chest, he could have lived. It was acting as a plug, and once this was removed there was nothing to stop him from bleeding to death.

2. His Last Words... 'I'm Dying'

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Justin Lyons is the sole man that can account for what happened in those terrible moments. When the attack happened, the stingray started attacking Irwin by stabbing its tail hundreds of times over and over. Irwin's last words were 'I'm dying'. He knew exactly what was happening in his last moments. Lyons was with him telling him to try and hang on and to think of his family to pull him through but Irwin looked up to his face and told Lyons he was going to die.

3. A Premonition Of Death

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There was something really odd in the way Steve Irwin had acted in his last few days. John Stainton, his best friend, and work partner also that he had had a premonition of his own death and felt this sense of foreboding of something about to come. It actually prompted him to write a will and have a thorough health check just days before he died. It was as though he could sense a death arriving, but it turned out to be his best friend instead.

4. Going Through Hell

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To come to the terms with your husband's early death is something incomprehensibly heart-breaking. And, to discover there was a way to avoid losing the love of her life has added extra turmoil. When his wife discovered that he could have survived by keeping the sting in his heart, she spoke out about how she was going through hell and could not come to terms with it.

5. His Final Speech Was Like He Knew He Was About To Die

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In the days running up to the filming of the Ocean’s Deadliest, Irwin made a speech that made everyone feel like something was wrong. He did a speech thanking them all for their hard work and for being there alongside him on their mission. But, even at the time, it felt to the crew like a final speech, as though he was saying goodbye. Looking back after his death it ominously feels as though this is even more true. What seemed at the time out of place, actually ended up being the final speech after all.

6. He Didn't Realise The Damage At First

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We know that before his death he realised that he was dying. But straight after the attack, he had no idea just how badly he had been hurt. He didn't realise the irreparable damage to his heart. He at first told Lyons that the stingray had punctured his lung, he thought this was the extent of the attack.

7. He Was Struck 100 Times

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Steve Irwin's death was brutal. The stingray reacted extremely strongly, exactly as it would if it was reacting against a natural predator for example a lion shark. The stingray did not strike Irwin once, but around 100 times over and over. It happened so fast, the tail was piercing him faster than anyone could do anything about it.

8. Was He Under The Influence?

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We sincerely hope this is not the case, but a source has claimed that Steve Irwin was under the influence of mushrooms whilst he was filming on this particular day. In a career that takes meticulous concentration, it would have been very important that Irwin had his full focus. This claim is not something that can be solidified as there is no evidence.

9. Revenge Of The Fans

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Everybody around the world was shocked and heartbroken at the loss of the legend. In Queensland, there were numerous stingrays found with their tails cut off. This was the revenge of angry fans who took out their anger of his death on the creatures in general, they had hunted them down and severed off their tails which hold the poisonous sting.

10. Fateful Footage

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Justin Lyons was the only person with Steve Irwin when he was killed. He was the cameraman who was shooting the footage. He was asked about whether some of the footage which caught the fatal attack on camera would be leaked. He was adamant for the sake of his family that it would never ever be shown.

11. The Evidence Was Destroyed

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Irwin's family agreed with the decision, despite being given the rights to the footage. They fought to keep it private and away from the eye of the public. The only people to this day to have seen the tragedy on camera are the Queensland State Police Department. The rest was then permanently destroyed.

12. He Died At The Scene

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After the attack, the crew acted fast to try and help Steve. They got Steve Irwin out of the water and into the boat. Despite all of their efforts to save him, Steve Irwin tragically passed away right there at the scene. There was no time left after the fatal attack.

13. His Toxicologist Blamed Himself

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There was no fault of Steve Irwin's death...it was a tragic, freak, accident. But, when Steve Irwin was pulled out of the water the toxicologist did his best to save his life but at this point, it was pretty much impossible - the damage caused by the stingrays was irreparable. But, he blamed himself for over a decade for not being able to save him. It's haunted him ever since.

14. Lyon's Firsthand Account

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As we all know, Lyon was the witness to Irwin's demise, he saw the whole thing. Afterward he came out and did an interview and talked openly about what had happened that awful day. Yet, because Lyons included a lot of detail, there were a lot of people who criticized him for it and who thought he should not have spoken about it publicly at all.

15. He And His Wife Planned For Another Baby

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Steve Irwin and his wife Terri had two children together already. But, they had planned to try for another baby in the hopes of having a third child added to the family. Sadly, of course, this never came to fruition. Terri opened up about their plans in an interview when the couple had excitedly been talking about the future of their family together.

16. A Letter To His Parents

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After Irwin's death, his parents brought out an old letter that he had written when he had just turned 30 years old. The letter was heartfelt and thanked his parents for their love and support and declared that they were his best friends. The letter is something  that they will continue to hold on to forevermore to remind them of their unbreakable bond, even in death.

17. He Saved His Friend's Life

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Mannion was Irwin's best friend, the two of them were as close as could be. And, Mannion also has Steve to thank for allowing him to live another day. There was an incident during filming where a crocodile bit Mannion's leg. Steve jumped in with a safety stick that allowed Mannion to escape. They were bonded by even more than friendship.

18. Life-Long Love

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Most children at the age of six aren't doing what Steve Irwin was. At six years old he got given his own python for his birthday present. And, by the age of ten, he was dealing with crocodiles (with the help of his father) which quickly became his favorite creature. His passion was ingrained in him from birth, he was born to do what he did and follow his dreams of working with wildlife.

19. A Snappy Honeymoon

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Honeymoons often bring to mind romance, relaxation, and luxury...not crocodile catching. But, that's exactly what the couple did on their honeymoon. The pair of them were meant to be together, and Terri was also enthralled by the mission of helping wildlife. Together they spent the holiday observing and studying crocodiles.

20. A Sentimental Service

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The news of Steve Irwin's passing had rocked the world and there was mass heartache. The funeral had to be special in order to honor his legacy. It took place at the Australia Zoo and Irwin's gear truck was driven around the arena to mark the end of the ceremony. The workers had spelled out crikey (his trademark catchphrase) in yellow flowers to pay tribute to Irwin.

21. 'Together Forever'

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On the anniversary of her husband's death in 2018, Terri paid a touching and heartfelt tribute to her late husband. She stated that she could never get over the grief of losing him and that she felt lonely for Steve. She wrote that the two of them would be together forever beside an image of the couple crouched next to a crocodile.

22. Hoaxes

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Some people cannot even respect death, and after Steve Irwin's death, there were hoaxes posted online. These hoaxes were fake videos of his death. None of them were real because the real footage has long since been destroyed - before anybody from the public could see it.

23. He Helped Save Missing Divers

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Back in 2003 Irwin and his filming crew were filming a documentary about sea lions. When he heard that there were missing divers in the sea, he paused the production of the show so that he could help search for the missing divers. Together, they managed to save one of the divers.

24. He Bought A Large Piece Of Land In Fiji

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Steve Irwin purchased some large pieces of land in Fiji, Australia. Not for himself as a kind of holiday place. But, to be able to protect the species there. With it being his land, he could leave it as a space solely for animals, where nobody can build or destroy the land and therefore destroy the species.

25. He Sparked Controversy

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Irwin was very rarely in the media for a negative reason - but this time he certainly sparked some controversy. In 2004, he was holding his baby son in his arms whilst feeding a crocodile. There was some outcry at this and the whole thing sparked a new law to be put in place. After the incident, the Queensland government banned children from being in close proximity to crocodiles.

26. He Discovered A New Species

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There are not many people in the world who discover a new species - but Irwin did exactly that. During a fishing trip with his father, they discovered a strange kind of turtle on the end of his fishing line. When they sent it to a herpetologist, they told them that it was a species that had never been discovered before.

27. Running The Zoo

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In 1991 Steve Irwin started running the Australia Zoo - the zoo where his funeral was later held. When Irwin started this journey, he had no idea that in less than 10 years he would be famous. During this time he gained experience with animals and his love and passion for wildlife grew.

28. The Modern-Day Noah

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Steve Irwin's wildlife preserving mission was renowned all over the world. To this day, everybody knows Irwin and his legacy. The CEO of the RSPCA actually named him the 'modern-day Noah'., after the story of Noah's Ark when Noah saved the animals from the flood. Which, really is a name fit for a legend like Steve Irwin.

29. He Was Afraid Of Parrots

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The crocodile hunter was known for loving and dealing with some of the most dangerous species on the planet. Did this scare him? No. But what he was in fact afraid of were parrots... The man who chose to hang out with deadly predators was afraid of the red mimicking bird.

30. Ambassador Of Australia

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In 2001 Steve Irwin was awarded the Australian Centenary Medal. This honored him for his services for global wildlife conservation aswell as his contribution to Australian tourism. It was much deserved as Irwin devoted his life to the cause of wildlife welfare.

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