1. Walkers with £20 in.

It’s always a good day when you crack open a bag of crisps and find 20 quid in there.

2. Bigger Mars’.

Because why the hell would they make Mars bars smaller?

3. Penguin Flipper Dippers.

Everything about Penguin biscuits is perfect.

4. Cadbury’s Snowflake.

Bring them back! Bring them back!

5. Cartoonies.

ARGHHHHH the best snacks you could get your mits on!

6. The vast array of Wotsits flavours.

There were just so many flavours….

7. Giant sized Smarties.

Because Smarties can NEVER EVER be too big.

8. Wispa Mint.

Ahhhhh, Wispa’s are divine, but Mint Wispa’s were just perfection!

9. Crunchie Orange.


10. The Monster Munch that turned your tongue blue.

Why did these Monster Munch get stopped?!

11. Frufoo.

That little toy you got in the middle of it!!! Remember it?

12. Citrus Polo’s.

They were like marmite. You either loved them or hated them.

13. Chewits Ice Cream Flavour.