1. Shine Your Silver Jewels With It!

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Is your silver jewellery looking a bit dull? Well, just as some toothpaste can brighten up your teeth – it can do the exact same for some pieces of your jewellery. Simply apply a generous amount to your silver to get that shine back. However, maybe leave your antique pieces to the professionals!

2. Make Your Own Anxiety Stress Ball

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There are endless amount of new things coming out to help up deal with anxiety and stress – and a lot of them come with a hefty price tag. Well, why not DIY your own stress ball at home with two simple things: toothpaste and a balloon! Fill an empty balloon with toothpaste, tie securely and voila! The perfect stress reliever.

3. Clean up the Soles of your Trainers

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Buying yourself a brand new pair of white trainers seems like a great idea at the time – that is until you are lumbered with the mess of actually wearing them. It may seem impossible to keep them shining bright, but all you need is some toothpaste and a toothbrush to scrub off the dirt. Easy peasy!

4. Remove Stubborn Smells From Your Skin

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We’ve all experienced the dread after cooking with onion, garlic or even fish – we know that our fingers are going to smell for days. Well, fear not – because all you need to do is pop upstairs and grab the toothpaste from the background. One wash with this and the scent will completely go!

5. Whiten Your Fingernails

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This really isn’t an attractive quality – and can actually be quite dangerous if there’s dirt and other bacteria in your fingernails. Why not try avoiding this by scrubbing your fingernails with toothpaste on a regular basis and you will see them slowly start to whiten over time!

6. Getting Food Stains Out Of Clothes

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We’ve all been there- cracked out our new shirt out for dinner and managed to spill more on it than went in our mouths. Anything from chocolate to pasta stains are thought to be vanished with a bit of toothpaste and scrubbing action! Make sure to steer clear of whitening toothpaste on coloured clothes though!

7. Get Your Taps Gleaming Again

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Is there anything more off putting than a grimy bathroom tap like this one? You’ll likely have some toothpaste in close proximity so grab it and get scrubbing! This trick works well with most chrome plated surfaces, so save on your cleaning products with this 2 in 1 hack!

8. Clean That Filthy Iron!

image source: tipsandtricks

Does the bottom of your iron resemble this? Burnt to a crisp and ready for the bin in all honesty. Toothpaste saves the day once again, supposedly pulling the residue from the iron so it can’t stain your precious clothes! Why not try this instead of wasting money on a new one?!

9. No More Scratches On Your Screen

image source: macrumors

There’s nothing more annoying than a nice, new phone with scratches ALL over the screen. Screen protectors aren’t worth the money – especially when they get those annoying little air bubbles underneath. You might not think it, but toothpaste might just be able to save your back. Take note, though- it only works on plastic surfaces and make sure to thoroughly wipe your screen dry.

10. Make Your Headlights Beam

image source: popsugar

Toothpaste, by nature, contains abrasive material to do the job of fighting plaque and keeping your mouth clean! Thanks to this, it makes for an excellent cleaning solution, especially for your headlights! Make sure those lights are beaming with a little help from your bathroom essential!

11. Great For Popping Pimples

image source: bebeautiful

The ingredients in toothpaste work to dry out the area around the spot, therefore reducing the oil that causes the formation of the blemish in the first place! Pop a generous amount of toothpaste directly on the pimple right before bed and let it work its magic overnight!

12. Freshen Bottles

image source: krazycoupon

Are you baby bottles getting that sour-milk smell the more times you use them? Sometimes boiling water and liquid soap aren’t going to be tough enough to get rid of that milk smell. Well, instead put some toothpaste on the brush you wash the bottles with, scrub away and then rinse thoroughly. The smell should disappear!

13. Vanish Wooden Surface Stains

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Yes, this one is a little bit daunting but it has been said to work absolute wonder. So, instead of throwing away your furniture and replacing it – why not try this little hack and see if it can work wonders on your furniture too! Try wiping the stains with a bit of toothpaste on a cloth and see them disappear right before your eyes!

14. Stop Your Goggles Misting Up

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This one might sound a bit random, but it’s probably happened to you if you’re one of those who can’t bare going underwater without eye protection! The insides of goggles easily mist up, so before your next wear, try covering the inside of the eye pieces in toothpaste and leave for a few hours or even over night. When you wash it off, you’ll find they won’t steam up!

15. Whiten Up Your Piano Keys

image source: pixabay

Okay, I know not many of us own a piano, but for those that do- toothpaste does a marvellous job of whitening the keys which can often yellow after being poked and prodded by dirty hands! Another tip- clean the excess toothpaste off with whole milk for that extra shine!