Here’s 30 National Dishes From Around The World…

By Lou 1 year ago

30. Italy: Pizza

image source/alor italyI don't know about you, but when I think of Italy, I think of pizza. They're known for their thin, crispy bases with every topping you can imagine possible. Personally, you can't beat the classic margarita in my eyes though! What's your favorite pizza topping?

29. Turkey: Doner Kebab

Image source/the spruce eats
Doner kebabs are an absolute staple across the country in Turkey, and also in a lot of takeaways across the world. Nothing beats an indulgent kebab after a long night on the town, but the OG ones have a lot more class about them. Usually served with salad and mint sauce, these are a lot better for you than the greasy takeaway ones.

28. America: Hamburger

Image source/little sunny kitchen
Simple, yet very effective. Hamburgers scream America to me, served with fresh lettuce, sliced tomato and a slice (or two!!) of American cheese. The question is: which is your choice of condiment? For me it HAS to be ketchup, although I am partial to a squeeze of bbq sauce every now and again!

27. Middle East: Falafel

Image source/tori avey
Falafels are a big part of a lot of vegetarian and vegans' diets, and they originate in the middle east. Made with a thoughtful blend of chickpeas and spices, these little balls of goodness are not only delicious, but actually quite nutritious when you think about it.

26. Greece: Gyro

Image source/real greek recipes
There might be a debate on how to actually pronounce this classic Greek dish, but there's no debate on the taste of it! The main bulk of a gyros consists of meat cooked on a rotisserie (usually lamb), but halloumi has become a popular veggie alternative. Stuffed in a pita bread with chips, salad and tzatziki, these are to die for!

25. Middle East: Hummus

Image source/serious eats
For me, hummus is one of those simple pleasures in life. It's so simple, yet so effective. Simply made up of blended chickpeas, lemon juice, tahini and garlic this dip serves as the perfect partner for everything from pita bread to carrot sticks.

24. Iran: Caviar

Image source/theindependent
Caviar is often associated with a delicacy of the rich and famous, but don't let that put you off. It's essentially fish eggs (that's the bit that could put you off), and is often served as a garnish or spread. We can't imagine you'll be spreading this on your toast for breakfast, but we recommend tasting this delicacy for the novelty!

23. China: Peking Duck

Image source/culturetrip
This dish originates from Beijing, and is served as a thin meat with crispy skin (very often served with little meat, and lots of skin). The dish has been adapted overtime and is now often seen being served with pancakes as a savoury option. We love duck in pancakes, mmmm!

22. Chia: Dim Sum

mage source/spruce eats
Dim sum is a large range of small Chinese dishes (think, Tapas), that first originated in China and are commonly associated with Cantonese cuisine. Dim sum offers an array of colors, textures and flavors and is a very popular dish particularly served at brunch time across China.

21. Italy: Spaghetti

Image source/favourite family recipes
Pizza and pasta were both born and raised in Italy. There are hundreds of pasta shapes that found their start in Italy, but one of the most popular and classic ones is spaghetti. Th9is versatile and tasty pasta can be enjoyed equally with both tomato and cream based sauces.

20. Italy: Lasagne

Image source/my foodbook
Another Italian classic. This staple dish is a popular one in households across the world and there's on surprise really with how good it tastes! With the perfect mix of mince, pasta and cheese this is ULTIMATE comfort food and one we think you just can't get bored of.

19. Middle East: Baba Ganoush

Image source/simplyrecipes
A similar dip to hummus, but instead made with blended eggplant, rather than chickpeas. It also consists of olive oil, lemon juice, various seasonings and tahini. The eggplant is typically baked or broiled over an open flame before peeling, so the pulp has that soft and smoky taste.

18. India: Biryani Rice

Image source/dinner, then dessert
Biryani rice is basically a spiced rice, that is basmati rice cooked with the chef's choice of spices and finished with usually some fried onions, nuts and fresh herbs. You can also mix it up and add coconut milk or yoghurt (aka, curd), but if left without that's typical Biryani rice.

17. India: Chicken Tandoori

Image source/palatable pastime
Tandoori chicken is a dish prepared by roasting chicken, marinated in yoghurt and spices in a tandoor clay oven. It originated from Indian, but is of course caught on around the world. You'll see this dish on the menu of your local Indian restaurant- it might not be as sublime as it is in India, but we're sure it'll come close.

16. Spain: Paella

Image source/the spruce eats
Another rice dish, but this time from Spain. Paella actually originated in Valencia, and is commonly viewed by non-Spaniards as their national dish. However, if you speak to a Spanish person, they'll actually just associate it with a Valencian region dish, not a Spanish one.

15. France: Escargots de Bourgogne

Image source/epicurious
Escargots de bourgogne, AKA., SNAILS. Who's tried one? This classic French delicacy is prepared tastefully with garlic and parsley butter. Those who have tried them often compare the taste to chicken. ave you tried them, and if so, what are your thoughts?

14. France: Garlic Soup

Image source/kevin lee jacobs
Soups are a very popular menu item in France, including onion and garlic soup. Served with classic French baguette in a large bowl, the French know how to do a soup. It might sound boring, and unappealing, but nothing quite hits like a French garlic soup!

13. Mexico: Burrito

Image source/the spruce eats
A Mexican CLASSIC. Usually consisting of mince meat, beans, guac, sour cream, cheese, lettuce and rice the beauty of the burrito is there are no limits! You can more or less stuff what you like in one, and it'll taste amazing! Thanks to the Mexicans for this one, it's a TREASURE!

12. Mexico: Tacos

Image source/myfoodbook
Another one from Mexico, that we all couldn't live without. With similar fillings to burritos, tacos offer a crispy shell instead of the soft tortilla of a burrito. Picking between a burrito and a taco would be like choosing between our kids, we just can't do it. Which would you pick?

11. Japan: Sushi

Image source/the government of japan
Sushi is either a love or a hate with a lot of people. Those that love it, LOVE it and those that hate it, well HATE it. You can get everything from salmon to tuna, to vegetable sushi rolls, there really is something for everyone. You just need to be a bit open minded with this one, and it might just surprise you...

10. Japan: Sashimi

Image source/olive magazine
Basically sushi, without the rolls, rice or added vegetables. Sashimi is basically just the core of sushi- slices of raw fish. Served often with soy sauce, and of course chopsticks, this one isn't for the faint hearted! Give it a whirl and let us know how you get on!

9. Japan: Ramen Soup

Image source/taste
Ramen generally consists of chicken or pork stock, combined with pork bones, tuna flakes, beef bones, shiitake, onions and often a boiled egg served on top! Some modern ramen broths can actually be vegetable-based, therefore vegan friendly!

8. Vietnam: Pho

Image source/wiki
Pho is a Vietnamese soup consisting of bone broth, rice noodles and thinly sliced meat (which is typically beef). Chefs usually add bean sprouts, fresh herbs, limes, chillies and other garnishes. It might not look the most appealing, but this is packed with some serious flavor, and its definitely one to try!

7. Vietnam: Spring Rolls

Image source/manilla spoon
These are a lighter take on the classic, crispy spring roll. Vietnamese spring rolls are made with rice vermicelli (very thin rice noodles). They can be stuffed with basically whatever you like- from seafood to meat, to just vegetables if you're wanting to make it veggie friendly.  Dip them in satay sauce and you have yourself a winner!

6. Thailand: Pad Thai

Image source/recipetin eats
Stir-fried rice noodles with eggs, vegetables, fish, dried shrimp, garlic, red chilli pepper and sugar make this traditional Thai dish. Often sprinkled on top are peanuts, red chillies and a wedge of lime. You will see this dish on every menu in Thailand!

5. Poland: Pierogi

Image source/wiki
These half-circle dumplings usually made form noodle flour or pasty dough are filled often with potato, cheese, quark, ground meat, mushrooms and fruits. You can serve them either sweet or savoury, so therefore can serve as a starter or a dessert! Very versatile!

4. Hungary: Goulash

Image source/kaataa
This traditional Hungarian dish is a soup/ stew usually filled with tender beef and onions, and spiced to perfection with paprika. There are many different takes on it, but the traditional usually is packed with carrots, celery, onions, potatoes and tomatoes.

3. Turkey: Moussaka

Image source/ 196flavors
Moussaka is a popular dish particularly in Turkey and Greece. Both countries make a perfect moussaka, and word has certainly caught on with it being recreated around the world. Thin slices of potato, aubergine and lamb is topped with a creamy sauce and lots of cheese! Basically a lasagne, but with a twist!

2. Canada: Poutine

Image source/wiki
Poutine is basically what you see- fries topped with a really generous amount of cheese curds and gravy! Very simple, but this dish has also travelled across the world and can be found in a lot of takeaway restaurants, especially in the UK! 'Chips, cheese and gravy' has become a simplified take on Canada's classic.

1. England: Fish & Chips

Image source/ Bristol post
The old classic, fish and chips! You can't walk very far in England without seeing a fish and chip shop, AKA, a 'chippy'. If you go, you have to get the classic- battered cod with chips and LOTS of salt and vinegar. You won't believe how simple but tasty this dish is.
Let us know what your favorite national dish is!

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