Rare Uses Of Baby Oil You Probably Didn’t Know

By Sarah Smith 1 year ago

Getting Paint Off Your Skin

Source: Jackson's Art SuppliesAnyone who's ever been lucky enough to have their own space knows the problem: when decorating, no matter how careful you are, you will have paint on you somewhere. If you're using a particularly stubborn kind, latex etc, use a few drops of baby oil on a cotton pad and it'll glide right off.

Removing Earwax

Source: North Shore Hearing
Much better than ramming cue-tips places we all know we shouldn't, tip your head to one side and carefully drip a few drops of baby oil into the ear canal. Then, put a cotton wool ball in to prevent any unnecessary mess, and repeat for the other ear. Leave in for an hour, then clean out the softened wax out with tissue. If this doesn't work, try gently heating the wax first.

Scaring Off Head Lice

Source: Readers Digest Canada
Pesky blighters. For a non-chemical option for treating the gross little creatures, saturate hair with oil, wrap in a towel to protect furniture/pillows and leave for at least 8 hours (or ideally over night.) Then, simply wash out the oil and the bugs should follow.

Removing Eye Makeup

Source: beautylish
Another budget, skin and eco friendly option, add a few drops of baby oil to a cotton pad and sweep over eye lids to remove even stubborn make up. An added bonus, even sensitive skin will be nourished and protected by this option. Nice one.

Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Source: Glamour UK
Sticking with the make-up theme, no one likes the job of cleaning brushes (in fact,
reckons that 22% of us never have. Grim.) Breakouts, blending issues and even cold sores and conjunctivitis can all be caused or exacerbated by mucky brushes. Baby oil to the rescue. Pop a few drops on your hand or a plate, swirl the brush around, rinse and lie flat. Make sure to repeat every 8 weeks or so!

Bath Oil

Source: National Today
No need for fancy concoctions in our baths. Simply mix baby oil with a few drops of your favourite essential oils and swirl into hot water, light some candles and voila! Please do be careful getting out though, it can be slippery! Maybe dry your hands before attempting it.

Extending the Life of your Razor

Source: raisingwhasians
Regardless of where or how often you shave, there's nothing quite like smooth skin. Even if you're still using disposables, you can still save pennies and the planet by soaking your razor in baby oil between shaves. Not only will this prevent rust, but it will also stop any remaining hair from dulling the blade.

Shaving Gel

Source: raisingwhasians
Especially in the winter, dry shaving your legs can be an absolute killer. So, don't! Replace your usual shaving gel/foam/bar with baby oil and your dry skin will thank you for it. Smooth as you like, cost effective and deeply moisturising. What's not to love?

Shining your Golf Clubs

Source: WikiHow
Much cheaper than any bespoke cleaner (or a caddy to do it for you), baby oil is perfect for buffing up your golf clubs and getting a good shine on the links. Again, make sure you don't use too much. A couple of drops on a microfibre cloth will do the trick.

Keeping Warm

Source: iStock
Hard to remember the feeling as I sit writing this in 82 degree heat, but baby oil is perfect for protecting those parts of you which you can't practically cover in scarves and gloves. A thin film on your nose, ears and cheeks can help prevent frost-bite, wind burn or other winter nasties.

Softening Cracked or Dry Heels

Source: SkinKraft
Rather than spending your evenings pumicing and scraping, treat your dry heels by rubbing in baby oil thoroughly in the evenings. Make sure you wear socks though, especially if you're planning to walk around on any hard wood floors. We don't want you to slip, ok?

Reducing Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Source: The Independent
Pregnancy is a magical, if exhausting, time. One of the downsides however, are those pesky stretch marks which inevitably come from your amazing body growing to accommodate another tiny human. Just as effective as it's pricier alternatives, baby oil will help prevent them by making your skin extra supple, so you can focus on looking after the rest of you.

Polishing Wooden Furniture

Source: Homedit
As lovely as the smell of wood polish is, the aerosol nature of some of them isn't great for all of us. Also, let's save more money! Again, everything in moderation, a few drops on a microfibre cloth will do the trick. Get the elbows involved for a really good shine.

Detangling necklaces

Source: Today
Perhaps the most infuriating job when it comes to accessories, tangled necklaces are the worst. (Hands up, who's seriously considered getting the scissors out at times?) Help is here. Either dunk the mass of chains into a bowl of baby oil, or rub it on when your hands, then - carefully please - use an open safety pin to work out the knots.

Removing Bubblegum, Wax, or Bandaids

Source: babyccinokids.com
It's not just kids who get all the above stuck in unfortunate places! But it is probably them who complain the most about removing plasters. If you've got a stubborn plaster (on a stubborn kid), rather than spending hours soaking them in a bath, give baby oil a try. It breaks down the sticky bits and that sucker should slide right off.

Lube (not that kind - seriously, not that kind ok?)

Source: YouTube
Baby oil works a dream when you've run out of (or have lost in the depths of the garage/messy drawer) the trusty WD40. A couple of drops on the offending hinge and it'll close as quietly as you like. But while it's great for lubing up hinges, please, please do not use it in the bedroom. It's for external use only. Seriously. Don't try it!

Drawer Smoother

Source: Home Improvement Stack Exchange
The same is true of stubborn drawers. Assuming it's not totally jammed shut, a couple of drops of baby oil in the runner should have it back to gliding open as new. If you've committed the cardinal kitchen sin of getting the potato masher stuck in there however, 'aint no amount of baby oil gonna help you.

Tattoo Removal
 (well, at least the temporary kind!)

Source: Temporary tattoo store
Another use for the parents of bigger kids. The minute after you've caved and let them stick on that tattoo which boasts it'll last for weeks, they turn around and say they hate it. It can't just be me who's had that problem! You'll know the answer by now: BABY OIL! Cotton pad, plus a few drops and tantrum averted.

Making Kid-friendly Mosquito Repellent

Source: Bob Vila
There are a lot of products out there which claim to keep the little blood suckers at bay; most of them are aerosol based or full of chemical nasties. They're probably not something we want to be spraying all over our kids but equally we don't want them turned into a pin cushion. While baby oil can't claim to hold them at bay for as long as the chemical counterparts, but it'll do in a short-term emergency for sure!

Nail Painting Edger

Source: Indy100
While most of us try and save up our dosh, hitting the nail bar is probably going to have to take a back seat for a bit. Here's a top tip for keeping the polish off the surrounding skin (so you don't have to do that oh-so-fiddly blot with the polish remover afterwards and smudge the whole thing.) Use a Q-Tip dipped in baby oil to draw around the edge of the nail, paint, allow to dry, then wipe off with a cotton pad. Ta dah, perfect nails.

Stainless Steel Cleaner

Source: Appliances Direct
Stainless steel might not stain but boy does it look soooo awful when it's not cleaned properly. Scuffy, dull, smudgy: not the Pinterest worthy look we're after. Again, whip out the baby oil and your microfibre cloth and get buffing in circles. Good as new in no time.

Mildew and Soap Scum Cleaner

Source: How to clean things
Be honest now, anyone else's bathtub look a bit like this? Come on, this is a safe space! I wouldn't never have thought to try this, but I certainly will this weekend (I know how to live.) Soak a sponge in baby oil and give those areas of mildew or soap scum a good scrub, then rinse with warm water. It should also prevent future build up as well.

Leather Softener and Shiner

Source: Handbags, love to know
If you have a slightly sad, scuffed looking leather handbag, shoes, briefcase, belt or jacket lying around, give it a new lease of life by polishing it with baby oil. This is not a long term solution as petroleum can, if used for long enough, damage the stitching or leather itself, but there's no reason you couldn't use it for a quick fix before walking into that job interview.

Colour Blending

Source: Jae Johns
A bit more niche maybe, but a good tip. If oil pastels or colouring pencils (love a mindfulness colouring book) are your jam, here's an idea to give you a sooth colour blend. When you'd finished, get out your Q-Tips again (admiring your perfect nails as you do so), dip it in baby oil and rub it along the parts you want to blend. Don't overdo it though, or you'll reck the paper.

Lubricating a Keyhole

Source: Bob Vila
No one wants to see this! You can easily prevent this however by popping a couple of drops of baby oil onto your sticking key before putting it in the lock and turning it a few times. Same yourself the trouble of being locked out/in and having to call out a locksmith.

Boosting your Body Cream

Source: Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong
If you'd like your moisturiser to go that little bit further, why not add a few drops of baby oil to your favourite cream in your hand before you apply? It'll help absorption, make it glide on even easier and save you a few pennies. What's not to love?

Releasing a Stuck Zip

Source: Make your own jeans
Let's hope the offending zip is on a jacket or coat rather than your favourite jeans, ey? A little less awkward all round. As with the cupboards, necklaces etc, the baby oil should lubricate that sucker enough to help it slide back the way it's meant to go.

Cleaning shower curtains

Source: Daily Express
Now this is a good one! Not only will the baby oil remove offending soap sum, grime and any other unsavouries lurking on your shower curtain, it will also deter repeat offenders, allowing the water from your shower to glide off it with ease and stopping anything else from sticking.

Dust Busting

Source: servicesutra
When dusting, especially wooden furniture (which seems to cling on all the more don't you think?), apply a small amount of baby oil to your favourite cloth (we know you have one) and wipe in a circular motion. Go over the area again with a second cloth for that insta-worthy look.

Massage Oil

Source: Holland and Barrett
Ok so this one is probably quite obvious, but with the global economy in the state it is, no money saving ideas should be ignored! Perfect for baby massage and adult, make sure you use it sparingly or you'll be incredibly slippery for a while. Oh, and make sure you warm it to room temperature first!

To Moisturise Your Skin

Image Source / Live Science
It goes without saying that baby oil is a great moisturiser, so using it as a general moisturiser on your skin can be a great alternative to normal body lotions if you already have some baby oil. For best results, apply baby oil over your body straight away after getting out of the bath or shower.

To Unstick Those Stuck Rings!

Image Source / Calla Gold Jewelry
There's nothing worse than getting a ring stuck on your finger, and it can easily happen if your finger swells up due to the heat or for any other reason. Getting it off might seem impossible, but with baby oil, you can rub a bit around your finger and use it to ease off the ring.

Degrease Your Hands

Image Source / iStock
If you often work with your hands + grease (such as a car mechanic) then you don't want to go round with grimy hands all the time. Baby oil can help with that, as it will not only remove the grease and grime, but it'll also keep your hands moisturised at the same time.

Use As A Lubricant For Wood

Image Source / Lushome
If you've got a whole load of wooden furniture that just won't stop squeaking, whether it's the doors, legs or drawers, then baby oil is here to stop you going crazy from the noise. Just use a couple of drops of baby oil on whatever is squeaking and let it work its magic.

Enjoy A DIY Pedicure

Image Source / Scratch Magazine
Nothing beats a DIY beauty treatment you can easily do at home and save some money! If you have a busy lifestyle and can't always fit in a pedicure appointment, don't worry - you can do it yourself at home with a few drops of baby oil. Simply apply on top of your polish to help it dry a lot faster, and avoid smudging!

Create Moon Sand For Your Kids

Image Source / EatWheat.org
Keeping the kids entertained at home (and on the cheap) can be a challenge, but with baby oil and sand, you can bring the beach right to you! All you need is flour, powdered pain (in a colour of your choice) and baby oil, to mix together and enjoy at-home sandcastle creations.

Enjoy A Streak-Free Self Tan

Image Source / Teen Vogue
Self tanning is always a risk, especially when it comes to streaks. Even if you get the shade exactly right, you can still risk an uneven application. But with baby oil it's a lot easier! If you notice any streaky spots when you're applying your self tan, put a small amount of baby oil onto it (before it dries) and leave for ten minutes before wiping away. This will let you start afresh in that area.

Enjoy Softer Cuticles

Image Source / Hand & Wrist Institute
Due to its softening and hydrating properties, baby oil is also perfect if you're looking for softer cuticles. Instead of buying a specific nail treatment, you can simply apply a little bit of baby oil onto your cuticles to let it do the job for you.

Create Your Own Baby Wipes

Image Source / BBC
If you can save money (and the environment) on creating your own baby wipes, then you can do so using some paper, baby wash, shampoo (or soap shavings) and - of course - a little bit of baby oil. You can look for guides online for creating the perfect DIY baby wipe for you!

Use For A Smoother Wax

Image Source / BuzzFeed
If you like to enjoy a little wax job at home, whether it's your legs, underarms or smaller areas like your eyebrows, then baby oil is a key component for a smooth finish. It will help to get rid of any left-over wax, as well as hydrating the skin.

Make A Great Lip Scrub

Image Source / Sites at Penn State
Your lips need taking care of, too, especially in the winter if they're feeling cracked and dry. You can make your own lip scrub with baby oil by mixing 1 teaspoon of it with 1/2 teaspoon of sugar and a couple of drops of lemon juice. You can then rub this on your lips to remove dead skin (probably best at night when you've finished eating!).

Soften Those Dry Feet

Image Source / Aubrey Podiatry
Baby oil isn't just good for cracked heels specifically - if you find that your feet constantly look dry, shrivelled or scaly, especially around the skin on the toes, then you can rub some baby oil into your feet before bedtime and then put on a pair of socks. This will help the oil to work on your feet overnight.

Remove Those Pesky Price Stickers

Image Source / ingeniovirtual.com
There's nothing worse than a price sticker that just won't come off, especially when it's stuck right in the middle of an ornament or other precious item. If you have a sticker on an item made of glass, plastic or china, then you can rub in some baby oil and let it settle before peeling off.

Keep Your Paper Shredder Nice And Oiled

Image Source / WFLA
Great for those home offices, if you have a paper shredder you regularly use, then you naturally need to keep it in good working order. You can do so using baby oil, by putting a few drops on a sheet of baking paper and then running through the shredder once the oil has soaked in.

Getting Smudgy Finger Marks Off Stainless Steel

Image Source / POPSUGAR
Clean up your grubby, finger-marked stainless steel appliances, whether it's your kettle, milk frother, kitchen taps or anything stainless steel that your kids want to get their (dirty) hands on. Apply some baby oil to a damp cloth and rub against the steel. You can finish off with another clean cloth to buff to a shiny finish.

Avoid Soap Scum On Your Shower

Image Source / TripAdvisor
You don't want a build-up of soap scum on your showerhead (or any other shower parts) any more than you want soap scum around your bathtub. To avoid a build up, apply a light layer of baby oil on to your shower head or other areas, like the neck or the taps. It'll make it easier when you're cleaning!

Use As An After-Shave Balm

Image Source / Reddit
Shaving can be painful, and even if you have a smooth shave, you can be left with sore and stingy redness on the area of skin. Baby oil is perfect for an after-shave treatment (for any area that isn't the face, that is) if you apply it as a layer over the top of your original moisturizer to give it a soothing boost.

Mix Oil And Water For Simple Kid's Entertainment!

Image Source / Science Sparks
If you're struggling for new ways to entertain the kids, then you can do a simple mix of oil and water for a homemade toy. It'll also give them something to do in the kitchen! You can use a clear bottle (or cup) to pour in some baby oil and add some water. You can then mix with food colouring and watch it swirl!

Get Rid Of Cradle Cap

Image Source / Water Wipes
Cradle cap can be very common amongst babies, and even though it's not harmful, that doesn't mean you don't want to get rid of it as soon as possible to stop the irritation. You can put a few drops of baby oil on to your baby's head and use a gentle brush to brush their scalp.

Bonus Tip: DON'T Use Baby Oil As A Lube!

Image Source / Refinery29
We've spoken about all the amazing things baby oil can do, but there's one thing that many people (wrongly) think it can be used for - lube for sex. This isn't the case, as baby oil should never be used as a lubricant this way. There are many safe and official sex lubes you can use instead!

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