1. Jaycee Dugard felt like she was married to the man who kidnapped her

Image source/ intouchweekly

Jaycee Dugard was just 11 years old when she was captured by an older man and was only found when she was 29. She was raped continuously during this time, and she fell pregnant and ended up having two children. One at just the age of 13 years old. When she was found she claimed that he was great with her kids and felt as though she was married to him.

2. Chloe Ayling, pledged to always sleep with her captor

Image source/ SkyNews

A recent kidnapping incident involved Chloe Ayling who is an Instagram model. She was captured by a gang called ‘Black Death’. She was then held captive for 9 days where she was sold for sexual services to whoever bid the highest. But during this time, she admitted to getting close to her captor, sleeping in his bed and promising him that if she was released, they would continue to sleep with one another.

3. Mary McElroy killed herself when her captors were imprisoned

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Mary McElroy’s case was one of the most well-known cases of Stockholm syndrome. She was the daughter of a wealthy judge, and she was kidnapped for a ransom and held captive for four days. But when they were arrested, she passionately campaigned for their release and when they were imprisoned, she struggled with guilt for years before killing herself.

4. Elizabeth Smart still empathises with her captors

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Elizabeth Smart was involved in a horrendous situation when she was abducted whilst on a family visit to Salt Lake City. She was taken by a man to live with him, and his wife and she was raped repeatedly on a daily basis. Even when she had the chance for example when a policeman asked her, she kept it a secret. She now reflects and thinks she came to terms with her situation at the time and even to this day she empathises with her captors who abused her.

5. Natascha Kampusch grieved for her captor’s death

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Natascha Kampusch from Austria was abducted at just ten years old by a middle-aged Austrian man. She was kept in awful conditions and made to do horrible things like clean the house half naked or bathe him. But, as time grew on, he would let her out into the yard unsupervised and she made no attempt to escape and when he killed himself, she publicly mourned the news of his death.

6. Patty Hearst partaking in a terror group

Image source/ NewYorkDailyNews

19-year-old Patty Heart was unlawfully taken and abducted from college by a radical right wing terror group. She ended up being held captive for 19 months. Yet when she was there, she admitted to willingly partaking in activities such as robberies, radio broadcasts and even sexual relations with those in the group.

7. Yvonne Ridley converted by the Taliban

Image source/ YouTube

Yvonne Ridley was a news journalist from Britain, and she wanted to gain entry into Afghanistan to do a journal report. She was denied and tried to sneak in by wearing a Burka. But members associated with the Taliban captured her and forced her to read the Taliban to be released. but by this time, she had totally converted to Islam.

8. The original ‘Stockholm syndrome’ story

Image source/ Allthat’sinteresting

There was bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden when a man named Jan-Erik Olsson walked into a bank armed and took several bank employees/ customers captive. But, after some time had gone on the captors trusted their captor more than the police and their fear was actually directed towards to authorities instead.

9. Treated better by her captor

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A woman in Mumbai was captured and kept hostage by a man. She had a husband and actually ended up choosing her captor over her husband. The reality of the sad situation is that her captor abuses her less than her husband did and so she refuses to let the authorities do anything to help her.

10. Tad Cummins and his underage lover, Elizabeth Thomas

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Tad Cummins was a schoolteacher who fell in love with his student Elizabeth Thomas who reciprocated the same feelings. They ran away together but because she was so young it was classed as kidnap instead. A huge search was conducted, and she was found in a cabin where it turned out she had willingly gone along with the plan.

11. Aisha Yerima returned to her kidnapper

Image source/ listverse

Aisha Yerima was captured by one of the most awful terror organisations in the world called Boko Haram. She was forced to be with one of its leaders. But, when she was eventually freed along with other women who had been captured and forced, she ended up returning willingly to him. She had heard he had captured another woman and felt jealous.

12. Frida Farrell was lured into a trap with a fake modelling job

Image source/ intouchweekly

Frida Farrell was offered a modelling job which was a guise for a gang kidnapping her and luring her into their country. Once they captured her, they would drug her until she was unconscious and gang rape her repeatedly. She now realises that she shows some empathy to them by trying to come up with reasons as to why they committed such heinous acts.

13. The Cleveland Kidnappings

Image source/ Orlandosentinel

The Cleveland Kidnappings involved three women being kidnapped by Ariel Castro and held hostage for many years. He would rape all three women frequently and beat them so badly that some of their facial features had to be reconstructed. The women faced pregnancies where he would beat them into having miscarriages. Only some were allowed to be born. But it turns out that they had a phone and never tried to escape, and all forgave him and expressed sadness when he died.

14. Held in a cellar

Image source/ extra.ie

Kampusch was captured at the age of 10 years old by a man in a white van and held for eight years in a cellar. The two of them had a facade of normality where they would eat together etc. but he frequently raped her and beat her and told her the doors were fitted with explosives so that she wouldn’t escape. She eventually got out by answering his phone. Yet, years later she continued to carry a photo of him in her wallet.

15. Kamiyah Mobley and her fake mother Gloria Williams

Image source/ insideedition

Kamiyah Mobley was taken from hospital when she was born, by her captor, Gloria Williams. She was given a false name and Gloria Williams went undetected for 18 years before being discovered. But Mobley was distraught at the fact the woman she now loved as a mother was being sent to jail.

16. Bride kidnapping

Image source/ CNN

Wife kidnapping is actually a scarily common practice in certain countries around the world. Men will capture their intended wife and force them. It is frightening to think that this actually still occurs to this day. The husband sometimes rapes his wife, making her fall pregnant so that she feels forced to marry him.

17. Colleen Stan held in a coffin

Image source/ TheMirror

Colleen Stan was hitchhiking intending to travel a friend’s party. A couple stopped and offered a lift with a child in the back, luring her into a false sense of security. He then held a knife to her, took her to a deserted spot and raped her. She was then held captive for several years being held in a coffin for 23 hours a day and being released to be raped.

18. Shawn Hornbeck living alongside his kidnapper

Image source/ TheDailyJournal

Shawn Hornbeck was taken by a middle-aged man who had driven into him purposefully and then bundled him into the car. He was taken and eventually found when another missing boy was found in the same house. Hornbeck revealed he had never escaped despite having a phone and going shopping (under the eye of his kidnapper).

19. 7-year-old Steven Stayner

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Steven Stayner was 7 years old when he was taken by a man whilst walking home from school. They would move continuously, and Steven would go to school sometimes and have somewhat of a routine whilst they settled in each place for a short space of time. But he would be assaulted every night and told his parents abandoned him. Steven admitted later that he was eventually happy with his situation. But when the kidnapper took another boy Stayner finally fled.

20. Mackenzie Phillips and her father

Image source/ HuffPost

Mackenzie Phillips was 18 when she woke up after being drugged to find her father raping her. Her father continued to ply her with drugs and the two carried on a consensual relationship. Once she was free of this abuse, she realised that she had been affected by Stockholm syndrome, even by her own father.