Cleaning Gadgets That Everyone Should Have

By Anna Collins 1 year ago

1. Window vacuum

Image source/ gadgetreviewWindows aren't an easy thing to clean, inside or outside. No matter how much you scrub, those annoying streaks don't seem to go. This window vacuum is basically an electric squeegee. It leaves the window totally streak-free, and it can get rid of any moisture, so it is fine to use it after heavy rain.

2. Makeup brush cleaner

Image source/ PinterestCleaning your makeup brushes is time consuming - it's surprising just how much makeup comes out of them. Then you have to wait for them all to dry. But this makeup cleaner does it all for you in minutes. It cleans them by spinning them rapidly in the liquid and then spins around and dries them for you too.

3. Robot mop

Image source/ goodtobuyIf you are not a fan of moping and pushing your stick around the floor, then this one is for you. It is perfect for your bathroom floors. And it does it all for you. Just set it down on the floor press go and let it mop your floors squeaky clean with no effort at all.

4. UV Sanitising Box

Image source/ PinterestA UV sanitising box is just a small box which uses UV lights to clean the object inside it. You can place any small items inside and leave it in for around 10 minutes - for example, it is perfect for phones which can carry lots of bacteria. It will remove 99.9% of bacteria or any other dangerous microbes.

5. A barracuda cleaner

Image source/ AmazonA barracuda cleaner will only be relevant to those lucky people who have a pool. It is a device which glides along the bottom of our pool eating up any bugs or dirt so that your pool will never be left with horrid piles of things collecting in the bottom of your pool. It is selling for $244 on Amazon.

6. Robot vacuum

Image source/ aliexpressNow there are robots out there for pretty much every cleaning method. But one of the first gadgets around was the standard vacuuming robot. They may have been around for years, but the technology is developing all the time to make them even more efficient. Just put it on the floor and watch it do the hoovering for you.

7. Cordless vacuum

Image source/ vacuumideaNow, a cordless vacuum may sound pretty unremarkable in comparison to the other devices on the list. That being said, they are amongst the best cleaning devices you can use. Because, they have the power of a normal vacuum (unlike some other vacuum devices) but they are SO much easier to manoeuvre without a cord.

8. Air purifier

Image source/ gadgetreviewYou assume that the air in your home is clean, a refuge from outside pollution. But you can have air pollution inside too. The air can carry germs and bacteria and the air purifier works at removing bacteria as well as viruses and dust. Then, you can know that your home really is thoroughly clean.

9. Robot window cleaner

Image source/ amazonIf you do not want to mess around with cleaning your windows by hand, then just let a robot window cleaner do it for you. You just pour in some cleaning fluid or water and the robot will go. It cleans your windows in around 3 minutes and it's a perfect way to reach both the inside and the outside.

10. Steam mop

Image source/ blogspotThe steam mop cleans your floors only using water, so that you don't have to use any harsh chemicals or products and have anything nasty in your home. Instead, you'll clean everything with the steam. They are currently retailing at around $80 online.

11. Bacteria and mite removing robot

Image source/ AmazonIf you think about it - how often do you clean your mattress? We use them every single day, but they never get properly cleaned. These bacteria and mite removing robot can be used on surfaces like mattresses. It uses UV-C light technology to zap away the nasty stuff.

12. Power scrubbing brush

Image source/ gadgetreviewThis power scrubbing brush is perfect for getting into those awkward spaces that you just can't reach with your hand. Plus, it removes dirt WAY faster than when you scrub yourself by hand. And it's small and light weight which makes it really easy to use.

13. Bathroom floor scrubber

Image source/ review2youThis bathroom floor scrubber is exactly what it says it is. It's a handheld device, but then the rest is done for you. So just hold the scrubber down onto the tiles and it will remove the dirt by moving electronically. All you have to do it watch the dirt lift off.

14. Mini vacuum

 Image source/ aliexpressThese mini vacuums are very cute and come in different animal designs such as cows and owls. They are perfect for using them on a table with little ones who are eating and making crumbs, or if you've been baking or you have an art table with little bits to clean up and you don't want to get the big vacuum out on your table. They cost around $15.

15. A small electric blower

Image source/ overstockThis small electric blower is very handy for cleaning things you cannot get with a big vacuum, and what you may not be able to clean by hand. One of these is perfect for little electrical devices or home appliances such as a laptop, which can be tricky to clean.

16. Ultrasonic jewellery cleaner

Image source/ thegadgetheadWouldn't we all love sparkling jewellery every day? Well, now we can. The ultrasonic jewellery cleaner is selling for $39.99 on Amazon, and it scrubs up your jewellery without you having get it professionally cleaned. Which is more time consuming and to keep your jewellery gleaming you would have to go frequently.

17. Handheld cordless scrubber

Image source/ auctions.transitionsThis handheld cordless scrubber is retailing at $50 online. It is perfect to use in the bathroom to be able to get into the nooks and crannies of toilets or tiles or the sink for example. And it's much easier and more efficient than scrubbing away with a cloth or a sponge.

18. Automatic no scoop litter box

Image source/ WalmartDo you have a cat litter tray at home? You'll know just how often they need cleaning... Which is exactly why this automatic no scoop litter box was invented because it does it all for you with its automatic rake. And there's no smell! So, a poop won't be hanging around for a while if you're out at work because it sorts it all for you. It's selling for $179.00 on Amazon.

19. Carpet shampooer

Image source/ wordpressThis carpet shampooer acts just like a hoover but shampoos your carpet to get out the dirt and properly wash it rather than just removing surface dirt. Because if you really want your carpet to look good, then hoovering probably will not surface. They currently cost $99 on Amazon.

20. Blind dusting tool

 Image source/ aliexpressThis blind dusting tool is not electric it's literally just how it looks but it cleans two at a time efficiently with the micro cleaning pads. And it is only around $8 dollars. This is perfect for anyone who loves cleaning or is very particular about their house looking nice.

21. AirCraft PowerGlide

Image source/ amazonThis AirCraft PowerGlide has rotating pads which buff and clean the surface. Then, all you have to do is refill the tank from time to time with cleaning solution and just spray from the tank directly onto the floor. Plus, the micro pads are washable so they can be reused.

22. Microwave cleaner

Image source/ aliexpressMicrowaves manage to get so dirty, so fast. And they're tricky to clean. With this microwave cleaner, you fill it with water it will use hot steam to effectively clean your microwave. It will even remove the tough grease stains from your reheated takeaway and the touch red stains from the passata sauce. Plus, it's just $8.99.

23. Fridge odor remover

Image source/ iRobotThere's nothing that knocks you off your food like opening the fridge to see what you've got to eat and then being hit by a manky smell collecting from a variety of foods all mixing together. The $4 fridge odor remover works by filing it with baking soda and then leaving it in the back of your fridge. It will absorb the bad odours.

24. Green putty keyboard cleaner

Image source/ cooltobuyThis is literally a layer of fun green putty which picks up any bit of crumb or dirt stuck between your keys. There's no need for electric or any difficult contraption. Plus, it's very satisfying to use and appeals to that instilled childhood slime/goo-like substance fascination.

25. OXO Good Grips Electronics Cleaning Brush

Image source/ coolmaterialThe OXO Good Grips Electronics Cleaning Brush looks just like a pen of some sort. It works by removing and cleaning inside little cracks and for removing the dirt in those really tight crevices which you just cannot humanly manage to get into and clean.

26. GlassVAC 

Image source/ Best BuyGlassVAC Set is exactly what is sounds like - a vacuum for glass. So, it can be used for glass or mirrors, which never seem to look properly clean after you clean them because you can see the evidence of where you have wiped. This leaves a seamless finish. You can invest in one for $70.

27. Leaf blower extension kit

 Image source/ thegreenheadOkay this might not sound as fascinating as some cool robot or cleaning gadget - but it's probably one of the most useful. Particularly if you don't want to scale the roof or climb up a set of high ladders. You just apply the extension and blow the leaves right out of the roof gutter.

28. Flexible scoop

Image source/ eBaySimilarly, the flexible scoop may not look like much, but it's surprising how useful it can be. It means that the scoop unlike a normal scoop or dustpan, it will fit right into the shape of your gutter. So instead of picking out leaves by hand you can spool it up and it's only $7.90.

29. Gutter cleaning robot

Image source/ gadgetwowOr, as an alternative, and for a completely cool way to do it - grab yourself a robot. A gutter cleaning robot. This will literally move along your gutters pushing out and cleaning any dirt, or any leaves in its way. In fact, the best part is sitting back and watching it work.

30. Grill cleaning robot

Image source/ robot-advanceNobody enjoys cleaning the grill. The thick, black, greasy grime which seems impossible to shift. No matter how hard you scrub it still doesn't seem to budge. Whereas for the grill cleaning robot it moves around on its own and seems to somehow clean your grill with ease. It's on the pricier side of $75.95. 

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