1. His friends told him his wife was flirting with them

Image Source: Metro

It must be pretty embarrassing when your own best friends have to tell you that your own wife flirts with them…you’d have to be pretty certain this was the case to break this kind of news to your friend, but for this husband it was the final breaking point.

2. She was partying more than an 18 year old

Image Source: Manchester Evening News

Although it can be great for your partner to let their hair down once in a while and spend time with their friends, it might be a bit concerning if you start to never see them anymore because they are out partying…this husband couldn’t put up with the drinking any more and cut the cord.

3. When he felt jealous of his friends divorce

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If this isn’t the biggest red flag that you need to get a divorce, we don’t know what is! This husband admitted that he actually felt jealous that his friend was divorcing his wife, which is the moment it finally dawned on him that his own marriage was over.

4. His wife had let herself go

Image Source: Daily Mail

This one might sound savage, but at least he was telling the truth! A husband admitted that he filed for divorce was because his wife had stopped taking care of her appearance and he didn’t feel attracted to her anymore. Apparently this is a common reason for couples splitting up.

5. His wife made false accusations against him

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There is telling a white lie or over exaggerating a story, but this husband experienced the ultimate betrayal when this wife told their marriage counsellor he had punched her. He was terrified that she could make such an awful false accusation against him and immediately filed for divorce.

6. When his wife staged a robbery at their house

Image Source: WBRE

Watching the person you love commit an awful act is one of the most heartbreaking things in the world. This husband knew his marriage was over after finding out his wife had staged a robbery of their house to sell all of their belongings and claim compensation.

7. His wife was oblivious to any problems in their marriage

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It can be difficult to solve issues within a marriage if one partner completely ignores any problems and wants to pretend that everything is fine…but this can only last so long before things blow up and the other person becomes frustrated beyond belief.

8. When she ignored him during the entire trip across the country

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What made this story even worse is they were travelling across the country for HER sisters wedding! But for some unknown reason this husbands wife completely ignored him for the whole time they were at the airport and on the flight, but pretended everything was fine when they got there…

9. His wife’s children hated him

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Being a step-parent can be hard work as taking on someone else’s kids and trying to build a relationship with them isn’t an easy task. At the end of the day, there is only so much someone can take and this husband struggled to deal with his wife’s children any longer.

10. She refused to let him buy the new Playstation

Image Source: Reddit

Although this may not sound like the end of the world to most of us, this husband felt like this was the last straw in their relationship. He had relentlessly saved up for something he desperately wanted and his wife wasn’t having any of it…sounds harsh to us.

11. When his wife accused him of being inappropriate with their kids

Image Source: SheKnows

A partner claiming that you act ‘inappropriately’ around your own children must be one of the most hurtful accusations someone can make, which is exactly what happened to this husband. When she couldn’t even pinpoint examples of this behaviour, he knew she was just out to get him.

12. His wife made a fool of him when they went to visit friends

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This husband was in disbelief when they landed at the airport and his wife dropped the bombshell that none of her friends knew he was even coming…he then felt awkward and uncomfortable for the rest of the trip and his wife acted like he wasn’t even there, ouch!

13. His 2-year-old kept calling him another name

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This husband knew something was up when his toddler kept calling him another mans name…he questioned his wife about it, but he would later find out it was the name of the man she had a secret relationship with who was always at their house when he was at work!

14. He found her sexting her co-worker on Christmas Eve

Image Source: Internet Matters

What makes this story even worse is this poor husband had already caught his wife sexting the same co-worker in the past, but she had promised they were no longer in contact and she wanted to make things work. What a way to ruin Christmas for everyone…

15. His daughter asked them to stop fighting

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This husband recalls the heartbreaking moment his daughter said to him: “please can you stop fighting with Mummy”. This was the moment he knew the marriage was over and he had to leave the relationship for the sake of everyone involved, especially his daughter.

16. His wife threw a strop after his grandmother had just died

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You’d have to be pretty selfish to throw a strop over something minor like a takeaway order after your partners grandmother has just died…and this is exactly the realisation this husband came to, which is why he divorced her pretty soon after the event.

17. He didn’t care that his wife was flirting with another man

Image Source: Dumb Little Man

This is the moment you know your marriage is over…when you don’t even care that your wife is flirting with another man in front of you! This husband even admitted that he was cheering her on from the sidelines which is when he knew there was nothing left to salvage.

18. His wife tried to claim she was suicidal after being caught cheating

Image Source: Information Nigeria

Although the cheating part probably would have ended the marriage anyway, this husband couldn’t believe that his wife tried to manipulate him into thinking she was suicidal in a bid to save the marriage. After admitting this was all a lie, he was officially done with her.

19. He found pictures of his wife’s lover on her Google account

Image Source: Medium

This poor man was making a scrapbook as a surprise Christmas present for his wife when he innocently logged in to her Google account to retrieve more photos…which is when he uncovered pictures of his wife with another man who she’d been having an affair with.

20. When their sex life became non-existent

Image Source: CBC

Sex is an important part of all marriages and it is one of the most common reasons couples tend to split up. This husband admitted that as much as he loved his wife, her lack of interest to engage in any sexual activity wasn’t enough to keep their marriage going.

21. His wife was mad when he surprised her on Christmas Day

Image Source: Storyblocks

Can you imagine being mad at your husband for turning up on Christmas Day after being away for months with work? Well, that’s exactly what happened to this poor guy as she was furious that he had messed up all of her plans…I bet that wasn’t the reaction he was expecting!

22. When his wife wouldn’t give up her shopping addiction

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Although we should all be allowed to spend our hard-earned cash on whatever we choose, this husband claimed that things went too far when he discovered how deep his wife was in debt. After bailing her out she carried on excessively shopping so he had to leave the relationship.

23. He couldn’t deal with the nagging any longer

Image Source: Gistmania

Nagging is part of most relationships, but there is only so much one person can take…this husband revealed that the nagging went so far that it made him resent his wife and broke his self-esteem. He didn’t feel like the relationship was salvage because he was so unhappy.

24. When he didn’t want to go to therapy to fix his marriage

Image Source: Yahoo News NZ

Although this may seem harsh, this husband admitted that he knew his marriage was over because he wasn’t willing to try and fix it. He declined his wife’s offer to try therapy as he knew there was nothing they could fix and decided to walk away from the relationship.

25. After his friend found his wife’s profile on a dating app

Image Source: The Tab

This has to be the most mortifying thing to happen to anyone…when your friend sends you a screenshot of your wife’s profile on a dating app! After trying to deny it, this husband finally got his wife to admit she had been unfaithful and meeting up with other men.

26. He knew he wanted kids…but not with her

Image Source: Heart

This would be a hard pill to swallow for anyone, but it is better to admit this to your partner sooner rather than later. This husband knew his marriage was over when he realised why he kept putting off having children…because he didn’t want them with his wife.

27. His wife spent the whole family holiday drunk on the sofa

Image Source: Healthline

Holidays are for relaxing and letting your hair down…but maybe not to this extreme. This husband revealed this wasn’t the first time his wife’s drinking habit had ruined family occasions, but this was the last straw for him as she barely spent any time with him or their kids.

28. When his friend thought his wife was just his roommate

Image Source: diply.com

You know the spark has gone when someone asks if you’re just friends…this is what gave happened to one husband which gave him the wake up call he needed after a friend who he had recently met at football asked about his ‘roommate’ who happened to be his wife!

29. His wife controlled every aspect of his life

Image Source: Marriage Radio

We all like to have opinions from our other half and make sure we get their approval, but this can go too far and become suffocating. One husband revealed that his wife became so controlling she even started laying out his clothes the night before…weird!

30. When he caught his wife trying to hack his phone

Image Source: The Mirror

Maybe this wouldn’t be a reason to end a relationship for some people, but a husband claimed this was just one event in a string of occasions of his wife trying to keep tabs on him. He felt like she wouldn’t stop looking for clues that he was being unfaithful and her paranoia drove him to the edge.