Signs He Will Have An Affair

By Anna Collins 1 year ago

1. They have changed up their physical appearance

Image source/ abcThis is a common sign that your partner will have an affair - when they suddenly change up their appearance. This is because they may be doing it to attract the attention of another woman. So, perhaps they have adopted a totally new style or have completely changed their hairdo.

2. They are paying you less attention

Image source/ cbcOf course, a major sign that he will have an affair is if he stops paying you any kind of positive attention. Because this reflects how he is feeling about you. If he is less interested, then he will not be paying you as much attention and could well be about to have an affair.

3. You have stopped being intimate with one another

Image source/ Los Angeles TimesIntimacy is important in a relationship and can take many different forms. It all depends on the couple, and it is also normal in a relationship to go through patches where intimacy naturally wanes for periods of time. But, if this doesn't seem to be a temporary thing, then maybe it's a sign he'll have an affair....

4. They seem more jumpy

Image source/ hashtagchatterSometimes, people start acting more suspicious and jumpier even before they have done anything wrong. This is because in their mind, these ideas may have already started to form. So, they may already start to act guilty or suspicious subconsciously.

5. They are spending more time on their phone

Image source/ filarmoviesPeople are ever more addicted to phones in today's society. Yet, nobody should always be glued to their phone. It is not healthy for the individual or a relationship. It also makes you wonder if he's obsessed with his phone, what's he doing on it? Who is he talking to? Is it another woman?

6. He starts going out more

Image source/ blogspotHe may be spending a lot more time out of the house or hanging out with friends more. This may not be because he is already having an affair, but perhaps he is interested in other people and is trying to seek interest from elsewhere rather than from you.

7. He is defensive

Image source/ popcorntimePerhaps he is tuning out emotionally to you and already putting up defensive barriers. This may also be a way of himself trying to justify his own actions or thoughts, for example, if he has an intention of having an affair, then he may already start acting defensively.

8. Or, things are very different in the bedroom

Image source/ dansmediadigestWe have already covered the lack of intimacy aspect. But another sign is if things are suddenly very different in the bedroom. For example, he seems like a totally different man in that department. It could possibly be a sign that he will have an affair and be looking for someone else.

9. He's blaming you

Image source/ Los Angeles TimesHe may start calling you out for acting different or 'weird'. This is just a projection of their own feelings and actions. Which, they are trying to turn around and blame you for instead. It is also a way to have pointed the blame in their own head on you, for what they might do.

10. He starts talking about another woman

Image source/ TribuneChicagoIf you keep haring a name crop up more and more, it might not of course be a bad sign that your partner will cheat. But if he seems to be talking of her an unusual amount it could be a sign that he is very interested and about to strike up an affair with this woman.

11. He is taking a lot more care of himself than usual

Image source/ TVseriesfinaleIf your man has never been interested in going to the gym, or eating healthy, or shaving regularly - then of course it can be a little bit disarming when he suddenly starts showing an extra interest in taking care of himself. One possibility is that he will have an affair.

12. Your communication is struggling

Image source/ reqzoneCommunication is key, we all hear it so many times, but it is true. Communication is what makes any relationship or marriage work. And so, if this has stopped, then it is an alarming sign. It could potentially be mean that he may have an affair, although of course this is a worst-case scenario.

13. He's buying extra gifts

Image source/ PinterestIf your husband seems to be spending extra or buying cute little gifts and they aren't for you - then he may be having an affair. Maybe you've spotted something and thought it was a surprise only to never receive it? Or maybe you've seen a receipt for a gift you were never given?

14. Secretive activity

Image source/ PinterestNow secretive activity is always suspicious and naturally can make our minds jump from 0-100 wondering why they are acting this way. It is not always a bad thing; it could be a surprise. But on the negative side, it could be a sign that he will have an affair and it is planning secretive things.

15. He has less money

Image source/ datingscoutNow having less money does not necessarily mean he may have an affair by any means. But if his financial situation has not changed and he has less money - then there is a question of why? It could be that he is spending it on other things to do with his potential new affair.

16. He is not appreciating the things you are doing for him

Image source/ RankerIf your boyfriend/ husband is perhaps going to have an affair, then he's probably not showing you any true appreciation anymore. This may be for the things you do for him, even if you are making more of an effort, or just for being you. He will no longer appreciate you for YOU.

17. He has become less affectionate

Image source/ PinterestIf your partner has suddenly become less affectionate then its best to have an open an honest conversation about why this is, perhaps something is bothering him or maybe he has stress going on outside of the relationship. It can of course also be a sign, that he will have an affair - so it is important to discuss the matter.

18. He doesn't seem to notice you

Image source/ blogspotOne sign is that he doesn't seem to notice you. Even if you are really trying to get his attention, for example maybe you have changed up your hair or worn a sexy outfit that usually he loves. But, if this is still not getting him to notice you, then it could be a sign he may have an affair and his attention is elsewhere

19. You don't laugh together anymore

Image source/ fanpopFun and laughter is an important part of any relationship, old or young. This is not saying that this should be continuous because in any relationship or marriage there are very difficult times. But if there is no explanation as to why you are no longer having fun and laughing with one another, maybe he's invested in another woman.

20. They accuse you of cheating

Image source/ TVseriesfinaleNow, we've all heard that partners who are cheating may accuse us of cheating because they assume us capable of the same behaviour, they are displaying themselves. So, if your partner starts accusing you from nowhere, then maybe this is time to look at their own actions.

21. Or act weird when you air your suspicions

Image source/ focusforwardBeing accused of cheating or having an affair is never going to pleasant, but when you air your suspicions, if your partner is guilty, they may start acting very shifty and weird. If you think their behaviour is suspicious at all then this may indeed be a bad sign that they will have an affair.

22. They are more interested in your schedule

Image source/ BustleIf they are going to have an affair, they may become a lot more interested in your schedule. By this, we mean in terms of when you will be somewhere, when you will arrive in the house, at what time are you going out. This is because they may be planning something with heir ither woman.

23. They are more possessive over their things

Image source/ PinterestAgain, even if they have not done anything yet, there is this guilt and secretiveness which cannot be hidden. They may become a lot more possessive over their things, as though you could accidentally find something. If they start displaying this behaviour, then maybe they are hiding a secret.

24. They don't get upset/annoyed about anything

Image source/ New York PostOf course, arguments are a natural part of any relationship and can even be constructive and healthy if done in a calm and considered way. And, as long as they are not all of the time. But when he no longer gets upset or annoyed about anything then perhaps, he has checked out. Which could be an early sign that he may have an affair.

25. They no longer talk about your future

Image source/ wallupIf 'We need to go here together', and 'I can't wait to one day marry you' has turned into 'I might book a trip there one day', then something may be up. If you've noticed we become I and all those future plans you used to talk about seem to have ceased, then this is not a good sign for your relationship.

26. They tell white lies

Image source/ blogspotWhite lies may be small and fairly harmless, yet the more worrying question is why are they telling them? And what will these small lies lead to? Lying to your partner about things is not good and if you have noticed they have started then it could be an indication that your partner has intentions of an affair.

27. You can smell someone else's perfume

Image source/ theaffairreviewYour nose might tell you when something is up, because you become to accustomed to the scent of your partner that as soon as they wear a new after shaving you probably notice. So, if they've been very close with another woman - you are bound to smell their perfume if it rubs off onto them.

28. They have new items

Image source/ wikiOf course, your partner can buy things without it being suspicious. But if they seem to be wearing a new aftershave or a new bracelet that you didn't buy them or you didn't know they bought themselves then the question is - who is buying them? It is especially a sign if these items seem meaningful or thoughtful.

29. They call you crazy

Image source/ fandomIf you notice anything off about your partner's behaviour and you have confronted ed them about it, often their reaction is one of the most telling signs. It is a sign they might have an affair if they were extremely defensive, or if they called you crazy and tried to gaslight you.

30. Your gut tells you!

Image source/ consellingservicesListen to your gut! There's a reason this is a very well-known saying which people repeat on a regular basis. And that is because we should trust our gut and our own intuition. If you have a feeling that something is not right, then listen to that instinct. Perhaps you have a feeling that he will have an affair.

31. He can't look you in the eye

Image source/ thethingsIf you can't look someone in the eye it is usually a sign that you are not being entirely truthful, or you are deceiving that person in some way. So, if your partner cannot look you in the eye, it is definitely a sign that they are hiding something from you.

32. You feel you have no emotional support

Image source/ chicagotribuneEmotional support is part and parcel of a relationship. If you do not have this, then it means you do not have the foundation of a solid relationship. If you notice this has gone from your relationship, then it could possibly be a sign that they will have an affair.

33. They are struggling with mental heal issues

Image source/ stephenmansfieldThere are several reasons why people may have an affair. And one possibility is that your partner may be struggling with a mental health issue that they are not dealing with or are struggling to deal with. It may cause them to seek out an affair as an area of distraction.

34. Or stress...

Image source/ PinterestOr, if your partner has an undue amount of stress on them, they also may seek to find outlets as a way to distract or release this stress, unjustifiably of course - they may do this by starting an affair. This could well be a sign to look out for in your partner.

35. They have an addiction to something

Image source/ RankerAddiction is an illness. And, without the proper support or help, it can destroy lives. If your partner is trying to deal with an addiction or suffering from an addiction it may make them do things outside of their usual character. One of these could be starting an affair.

36. You were experiencing marital issues

Image source/ YelpAre you struggling with your marriage? If you feel like your marriage is breaking down then perhaps your partner may seek the support/ closeness/ bond or whatever it is they miss, in a different person. It is important to talk through your issues and communicate openly.

37. You argue a lot

Image source/ HuffpostArguing can put a LOT of stress on your relationship, and individually on you or your partner. Arguing from time to time is totally normal. But if it's more frequent than not it may be a sign that either you or your partner are being pushed away. So, it could be a sign he will have an affair.

38. They do not confide in you

Image source/ gottmanA good sign of a relationship is open honesty. And if you are close you probably confide in your partner, things you would not confide in somebody else. If they stop confiding in you, then maybe they are starting to confide in somebody else, which could lead to an emotional affair.

39. They are irritable

Image source/ dailystarIrritability from time to time is totally normal. Relationships go through tests and trials and tribulations which is all normal. But, if they have seemingly no reason to be irritable with you but it seems to continue, it could be a sign that they are no longer happy in the relationship.

40. They avoid getting close

Image source/ faithitOne sign that they may have an affair is if they avoid getting close. This can mean both physically close and emotionally close. They may make excuses. Even if it us an excuse such as I can't cuddle, I need the toilet, or I'm a little bit too tired... this is a sign they are avoiding any closeness.

41. They may be acting anxious

Image source/ PinterestSomebody can act anxious for any number of reason and of course it can be a sign that they are struggling. But it could also be as a result of the fact that they wish to strike up an affair. Or it could be a sign that they are anxious because they have already done so.

42. They act bored

Image source/ news.comIf your partner is acting bored of you it can be really damaging to your self-esteem. It is a good idea to discuss if or why he feels this way. A possibility is, that he will start an affair because he seeks the excitement he no longer feels in his current relationship.

43. They don't trust you

Image source/ dailymailAs we are all aware and have all hear time and time again, a relationship is built on trust. And so, without trust...a relationship will not work in the long run. They may also have no reason to trust you. So, one possibility is that they don't trust you because they themselves are not being trustworthy.

44. They start overcompensating with affection

Image source/ zawajOne of the other signs is when he starts acting in the total opposite way.  to appease you and put you off the scent by giving you extra affection. It may feel unnatural or just totally different to his usual style which may make you feel a little bit suspicious.

45. Or gifts

Image source/ reqzoneAnother way he might do this is by showering you with gifts and randomly buying you things such as flowers - when he does not usually do this. It could be their way of buying your affection and trust when in reality, they may have an intention to start an affair.

46. He stops doing his usual hobbies

Image source/ wallupOne way to notice if something has changed is if he stops doing the things he normally does like his usual hobbies. he may replace this with other activities he has never been interested in before. Perhaps because he has met somebody in one of these places.

47. He has a different energy

Image source/ relationshipzoneThey energy of somebody is important. It is what connects people, it is how you sense if they are ok, or something is wrong. Maybe you can sense that the energy in your partner has changed. He may be more excited, more energetic due to wanting to start an affair.

49. They call you the wrong name

Image source/ PinterestWe see it all the time on movies. But one of the biggest tell-tale signs that there is another woman in his life is if he calls you the wring name. This shows that it is them he is thinking about. And perhaps he has become used to calling their name because he is spending a lot of time with them.

50. You catch them having secret conversations

Image source/ datingscoutAnother very obvious sign is if you catch them having secret or whispered conversations. This could be a clear sign of an affair, because he is clearly hiding something that he does not want you to find out about - which could possibly be another woman!

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