The Most Delicious Airline Food Of All Time

By Anna Collins 1 year ago

1. Singapore Airlines, Singapore

Image source/ CNtravelerNow this looks like a gourmet restaurant never mind an inflight meal! If you want luxury treatment aboard the aircraft then it looks like you're heading to Singapore! Not only does this looks absolutely delicious, the presentation here is really on point!

2. France Air, France

Image source/ CNtraveler
Have we stepped into a fine dining institute here? Any white wine with your smoked salmon sashimi, herby mash green salad and fresh bread? Don't mind if I do. The beautifully rolled napkin also gives it a restaurant feel and we're here for it. Five star meal.

3. Turkish Air, Turkey

Image source/ CNtraveler
Wow...this is a feast. And those tiger prawns look impressive. It's very high end considering this is an airline flight. This is the kind of portion we all want. And there's optional sauce served in a beautiful silver dish along with extra seasonings and spices!

4. TAP Air Portugal

Image source/ CNtraveler
Pea soup with crème fresche, sauteed king prawns with Mediterranean vegetables and rice. Okay, sign us up! Because I'd order this array of food any day of the week. And that portion of prawns is very generous. Most restaurants give you three king prawns at best!

5. Thai Airways, Thailand

Image source/ CNtraveler
Steak in peppercorn sauce, asparagus, and potato wedges - not your average economy flight food is it! The best we usually get is a stack of sour cream and chive Pringles and maybe some kind of snack box with dry biscuits and a slice of ham and cheese if we're lucky.

6. Aegean Airlines, Greece

Image source/ CNtraveler
This airline have really taken their time on the presentation and there's even garnish! You know you're in the midst of luxury when there's garnish present. A little sprig of parsley makes all the difference. And those slices of orange with pastrami look VERY tempting.

7. Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong

Image source/ CNtraveler
You've got your classic meat and two potatoes. There's bread to soak up the sauce. There's a bowl with 4 of your five fruit a day in followed by a slice of a very delicious looking dessert. Now nobody can turn their nose up at this airline meal!

8. British Airways, United Kingdom

Image source/ CNtraveler
British Airways have pulled out all of the stops providing a huge bowl of pasta as well as no just one, but TWO scrumptious looking desserts! Now that's what we're talking about. Bring on the carby feast, we will certainly not complain. Oh, we'd love to tuck into this meal.

9. Austrian Airlines, Austria

Image source/ CNtraveler
If ever there was a good breakfast, this would be it. There's a choice of everything. The bacon is crispy and those scrambled eggs look amazing. We'd love to sit back on this flight and tuck into our cooked breakfast. And if you don't want that, tuck into your selection of croissants, fresh fruit or oatmeal!

10. Batik Air, Indonesia

Image source/ CNtraveler
You can't beat an Indonesian coffee. And that chicken and vegetable curry looks unreal. The presentation of the tray may not be as sophisticated or luxurious as some airlines. But, as for the quality of the food, this collection looks absolutely top notch.

11. American Airlines, United States

Image source/ CNtraveler
Presentation may not be as 'fine dining' effect, but this looks like a deliciously hearty meal to tuck in to. Usually, flight meals have that kind of fake synthetic looking appearance sand taste. This looks like it's come straight from your oven, home made!

12. Cathay Pacific Airways, China

Image source/ CNtraveler
Does anyone else have the urge to dive right in to that Chinese soup? No? Just us then. But you can't deny that it looks good. Very good. And if you don't want that for breakfast then you have options of croissants or fresh fruit or granola instead...

13. Korean Airlines, South Korea

Image source/ CNtraveler
Prawn curry washed down by a beverage. We wouldn't say no to this airline meal, in fact we'd love to try it. Yes, presentation may be lacking slightly, but the quality more than makes up for it. That curry doesn't just look passable - it looks extra tasty.

14. All Nippon Airways, Japan

Image source/ CNtraveler
Even the style of the serving dish is traditional to Japanese food, the black square dish with different compartments. And with the three sections to the dish you just know this is definitely going to taste good. Their would be no complaints at all on our end!

 15. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, The Netherlands

Image source/ CNtraveler
There's a reason they're called the 'royal' airline. Just look at that presentation. The multiple sets of silver cutlery! We'd feel like kings and queens being served this anywhere...never mind on a plane. Delicious curry, chicken skewers and cheesecake - it's a crowd pleaser.

16. Uzbekistan Airways, Uzbekistan

Image source/ CNtraveler
One thing's for sure, you're going to be full when you've finished this meal. It's practically a banquet! And aside from the extra generous portion sizes, the quality of the food also looks really good. That beef looks extra tender in a thick flavoursome curry sauce.

17. AirAsia, Malaysia

Image source/ CNtraveler
There may not be the variety that is on some airline meals, but how good does this food look! The sauce underneath looks so thick and rich. And to wash to all down you have some ice lemon soda. Perfect. The only thing would be switch out the plastic cutlery.

18. Emirates, United Arab Emirates

Image source/ Reddit
First things first let's just say what we're all thinking - now that is a LARGE glass of wine. And we're here for it. Emirates are nothing but generous with their business class customers. This is the starter that has been served, smoked salmon, relish and a side salad. Very fancy.

19. Alitalia, Italy

Image source/ Reddit
How good does this buttery ravioli look. Here's a little taste of authentic Italy even before you touch down in the country. Now you certainly can't complain about that! And that white chocolate and raspberry dessert would certainly be happily devoured.

20. Hawaiian Airlines, Hawaii

Image source/ blogspot
Hawaiian Airlines have served up chicken and lettuce wraps with soy sauce and mayo...drool. Not only does it look totally fresh, but it looks like this would taste so good and it's different to the usual kind of plane food you are served. Anybody hungry now?

21. Qatar Airways, Qatar

Image source/ Reddit
10/10 point for the laying of the table. It really is all about the small finishing touches which take it from crammed in your seat with a box meal to feeling like your out for dinner. I mean, look at the little salt and pepper pot too! Qatar Airways have pulled it out the bag.

22. Malta Air, Malta

Image source/ Reddit
I don't know about you but I'm thinking it's worth taking a flight to Malta just to try the food because this really looks like quality stuff. This is just the first course they're only getting started with these lamb koftas. That beer looks tantalisingly refreshing too...

23. AeroMexico, Mexico

Image source/ Pinterest
Look at this bowl of fish carpaccio, now this is a five star meal. Looking at the table layout and the meal there's no way you would ever think this was an airline meal. This certainly wins the presentation award. And look at that miniature bottle of balsamic. How cute.

24. Iberian, Spain

Image source/ foodreview
Steak and salad, a classic combination to please the masses. If you want to get yourself a decent meal then head onboard at Iberian it seems. And that is not just a poxy side salad - it's more than the usual limp leaf of lettuce and an unripe slice of tomato.

25. Aeroflot, Russia

Image source/ freebirdsmagazine
Meat eaters will be happy here because there's not only some kind of curry chicken there's also pork with the salad - there's no holding back. It's also a very healthy collection if food, lots of peppers and colourful salad. And of course a pannacotta to satisfy the sweet tooth.

26. Egyptair, Egypt

Image source/ freebirdsmagazine
That piece of salmon looks very nicely cooked, seared on the outside so that it has some colour. You can tell this food has been nicely prepared, rather than all heated in the oven for too long so that the flavour has drained out of it. There are even fresh herbs sprinkled on top.

27. LOT Polish Airlines, Poland

Image source/ freebirdsmagazine
There are lots of very tempting portions. You've got a cheeseboard, bruschetta, and talk about a nicely cooked tuna. Seared on the outside and rare in the middle. This is five star quality here, no warming up old and dry paninis with a few crackers on the side. This is quality food.

28. LAN, Chile

Image source/ freebirdsmagazine
Have we entered a cooking show or are we just on a plane journey with LAN. Because that main meal looks like it has been prepared b y someone who seriously known what they're doing. There are even edible flowers on the salad! That's when you know it's an expensive flight...

29. Lufthansa, Germany

Image source/ freebirdsmagazine
Borsch, salad and some baked twisted bread. And, what looks like a luxuriously chocolatey slice of dessert. This is certainly not a bad mix of food and flavours and we would be more than happy to get our hands on this meal and give it a try (or eat the whole thing).

30. Ethiopian Airlines, Ethiopia

Image source/ Reddit
Pasta and curry, they're really treating us here. And not only two main courses but also some kind of custard dessert! EthopianAirlines know how to put on a feast. Yes, the packing doesn't look great, but the inside looks tasty and that's all that matters!

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