Photos Taken In Forbidden Places

By Anna Collins 1 year ago

1. Sistine Chapel

Image source/ RedditThe Sistine Chapel is the official home of the Pope in the Vatican city. It is one of the most renowned religious places in the entire world and it is an extremely sacred place. To take pictures inside of the Sistine Chapel is strictly forbidden and it seen as disrespect to it's holy status.

2. Supreme Court

Image source/ YouTube
The Supreme Court is the highest court in the federal judiciary of the United States. Under absolutely no circumstances is it allowed for photos to be taken inside this court, as matters here are reserved for very serious and secret cases. However, this has not stopped someone snapping this photo from the back of the courtroom.

3. Taj Mahal

Image source/ Pinterest
The Taj Mahal is an Islamic religious building and mosque in the Indian city of Agra. It was built by king Shah Jahan in the 17th century. It remains one of the most famous buildings today, and one of the most holy and protected places - hence why photos are forbidden here.

4. Michelangelo’s David

Image source/ farandwide
Italian Michelangelo is one of the world's most famous past artists. His Renaissance sculpture of David remains in the Academia gallery where photos are not allowed as this is a historical piece and even light from cameras flashing is thought to be able to damage it. This person has managed to sneak in a quick snap.

5. Jiangsu National Security Education Museum

Image source/ TheTravel
In China the Jiangsu National Security Education Museum has extremely strict rules. It is often referred to as the spy museum and it shows warfare in disguise amongst other things - such as guns disguised as lipsticks. Unless you can prove you are Chinese, you are not allowed to visit. And photos are an absolute no no - but of course like this person here, there's always that one person to break the rules.

6. Jewel House (home of the Crown Jewels)

Image source/ adventureseeker

Another place where photos are forbidden is Jewel House in London. It is a top guarded area, with 100 guards and even bulletproof glass. Whoever took this photo must have been very brave or foolish to risk facing the wrath of the Tower of London guards!

7. Kumsusan Palace of the Sun

Image source/ neverest
Kumsusan Palace of the Sun is in Pyongyang, North Korea and it is largely known for being a mausoleum of past leaders. It holds great historic significance and there are rarely glimpses of inside because of the fact it's forbidden. Here's a sneak peak caught on someone's mobile phone.

8. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Image source/ dailytravelswith
Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is located in the Northern Territory, Australia. It is a World Heritage-listed park in the central Australian desert. It is so protected that no photos are allowed. However, this has certainly not stopped this lady posing for a photo!

 9. Valley of the Kings

Image source/ blogspot

Here is The Valley of the Kings, another ancient and historical site where this person has managed to give us a look inside when nobody is watching. It can be found in Luxor, Egypt and there are ancient tombs of pharaohs and other kinds of precious artifacts.

10. Golden Gai

Image source/ Reddit

Golden Gai is in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan and it it dates back to the 11th century to the 16th century BC. For this reason, it remains a highly protected place where photos are strictly forbidden and only rule breakers manage to get a picture such as this.

11. The Alamo

Image source/ theculturetrip
The Alamo exists in Texas. It is a historic Spanish mission and fortress compound founded in the 18th century. As we can see by the guards, this place is under constant surveillance. Notice how this picture has been taken the moment the guard has turned away.

12. Westminster Abbey

Image source/ theculturetrip

Westminster Abbey is found in London, UK. It is a very historic church close to the palace. Not only is it a holy place, but it also has historic links to the royal family, with many royal weddings and funerals taking place here. So, no photos allowed (including this one).

13. The Library at the Abbey of Saint Gall

Image source/ Reddit

It is not often that we manage to see inside of The Library at the Abbey of Saint Gall, St. Gallen, Switzerland.  It is a protected medieval monastic library. This person clearly thought the risk of getting a fine to take a picture was very much worth it here.

14. Eiffel Tower

Image source/ Facebook

Here is a selfie in The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. The Eiffel Tower was created by the engineer Gustave Eiffel whom the tower was named after. Despite the fact that photos here are prohibited at certain times, it doesn't stop hordes of people trying to perfect their selfies here.

16. The Louvre

Image source/ dreamstime
The Louvre in Paris is the world's most visited museum. It holds some of the most famous pieces of artwork in the entire world, for example, the Mona Lisa. It is also one of the historical architecture in France. This lady has taken a forbidden photo, which shows more of herself than the famous building!

17. Burning Man Festival

Image source/ Reddit
The Burning Man festival takes place in Black Rock City in north-western Nevada. It is one of the most famous festivals ever, yet the most top secret. There are rules you must adhere to when entering this pop-up city, including no photos! Here's a rare look.

18. Hollywood Sign

Image source/ adventureblogs

You wouldn't have thought it, but it is actually forbidden to take pictures on the Hollywood sign - not that this stops people. This person has actually climbed the world famous sign with his selfie stick. The can't even read the sign from this angle!

19. Sydney Opera House

Image source/ blogspot
The Sydney Opera House is a world famous venue for performance and arts. One of the most famous buildings ever. But, when you enter you are not actually allowed to take a photo. Hence the reason that this person has sneakily took a a photo on their phone somewhere backstage where nobody can see.

20. Ayers Rock

Image source/ YouTube
Ayers Rock is a huge sandstone monolith located right in the middle of the Northern Territory’s. This area is sacred to indigenous Australians and for this reason it remains protected with rules against photography - which, like most places the rules are broken.

21. Fernando de Noronha

Image source/ The Travel
Fernando de Noronha is an volcanic archipelago off Brazil. This area is completely protected. Not only are you not supposed to go here, but to interfere with wildlife is an even bigger violation. The fact that it had been caught on this photo she took, meant that she was landed with a $20,000 fine!

22. Area 51

Image source/ adventureseeker
Area 51 is a highly classified United States Air Force facility within the Nevada Test and Training Range. It is so secretive that many conspiracy theories surround it. Everybody is desperate to catch a glimpse. Hence, this drone which has managed to take a photo above area 51.

23. The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi

Image source/ Reddit
Here is The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi which was erected in place of the leader Ho Chi Minh. It historically stood against revolutionary powers. Even this person taking a photo of the doors is breaking protocol, as you can see by the guards this place is very protected!

24. Sultan Ahmed Mosque

Image source/ YouTube
The Sultan Ahmed Mosque is a working mosque (as you can see people praying) , a sacred place and a place of extreme beauty. It attracts many, many tourists throughout the year, however, it is not allowed to take any photos inside the Mosque as this person has done here.

25. Lascaux Caves

Image source/ Reddit
The Lascaux Caves of Montignac are highly guarded. They are a series of connected caves which include ancient drawings and artefacts of historic importance. It is considered a great treasure and camera or lights are prohibited to protect the paintings and drawings.

26. The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.

Image source/ dreamstime
The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turley is considered one of the most beautiful architectural buildings and designs in the world. It is a real mosque, with people regularly coming to pray. Any photos such as this, are taken against the rules of the mosque.

27. The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia

Image source/ dreamstime
The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia is a museum of art and culture. The museum is guarded because of the precious works of art that lie inside. Photos are not allowed, and this is the closest that someone managed to get, partially inside the museum.

28. The Katskhi Pillar in Georgia

Image source/ adventureseeker
The Katskhi Pillar in Georgia is inhabited by one person. This person has reclused themself from society in order to live here to be closer to God. Therefore, this drone has taken a forbidden photo of the area which has become associated with sacredness.

29. The Peter and Paul Cathedral, Russia

Image source/ Reddit
The Peter and Paul Cathedral is a Russian Orthodox cathedral. Like many cathedrals, as a sign of respect for the sacred, no photos are allowed. However, somebody has managed to capture this beautiful photo on their phone, while no security are around to stop them.

30. RAF Menwith Hill

Image source/ Reddit
RAF Menwith Hill is a Royal Air Force station that is located near Harrogate. As most military bases it is top secret. It is only because a drone has flown over the area and taken this prohibited picture that we can actually get a glimpse inside of the area.

31. United Arab Emirates

Image source:
Photos are strictly forbidden across the board in the United Arab Emirates, and plenty of tourists have had the fine stage completely skipped and sent straight to jail for taking photographs of important places, like embassies and security facilities. The no photography rule here is certainly no joke.

32. The Presidential Palace In Abu Dhabi

Image source:
One of the places you're definitely not allowed to take a photo as a tourist in United Arab Emirates is the presidential palace, located in Abu Dhabi - but that hasn't stopped some people. Back in 2010, it only took one sneaky photo of this palace from an Iranian tourist to be sent to jail for a whole month!

33. The Yas Marina Circuit

Image source:

Another secret held close to Abu Dhabi's no-photography chest is the Yas Marina Circuit, where their Grand Prix is held. You're not allowed to take any photos of the circuit, but that hasn't stopped visitors - including two tourists from Bangladesh who were arrested when taking photos inside the racetrack.

34. Inside The Tomb Of Ramses IV

Image source:

Photography is forbidden all throughout the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, but most notably inside the tomb of Ramses IV. While you're definitely allowed to venture inside the tomb of this particularly Egyptian pharoah, you aren't supposed to take photos - so, naturally, someone did of course.

35. The Dolmabahçe Palace

Image source:
The Dolmabahçe Palace, located in Istanbul, Turkey, was constructed in the 19th century. It was built to be used as the main government building for the Ottoman Empire. These days, it's a place where photography of the grand, vast rooms inside is strictly prohibited - but of course some photos always leak.

36. Rosslyn Chapel

Image source:
Rosslyn Chapel will be very recognisable for those movie fans of the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. The beautiful chapel was used as one of the filming locations, and is based in Roslin, Scotland, in real life. Tourists can visit the chapel in all its glory, but they aren't supposed to take photos... so they do anyway.

37. Vladimir Lenin's Mausoleum

Image source:
The mausoleum of Russian revolutionary Valdimir Lenin can be found as a tourist attraction in Moscow's Red Square. Rather than being in a sealed tomb, Lenin's body is actually on full display after being embalmed. The room is kept dark, and always kept heavily guarded, with photography forbidden.

38. The Library Of Congress

Image souce:
The world's largest library is the Library of Congress, so you can imagine why it needs to be protected. There are around 70,000 books in the main room of the library. Found on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, photography in the library isn't allowed, but there was at least one person who managed to get an interior shot!

39. The 30 Rock Studio

Image source:
The 30 Rock Studio, also known as the studio in the 30 Rockefeller Plaza skyscraper in New York City, is the site of a few different American shows being filmed, including 30 Rock (naturally), The Today Show and also Saturday Night Live. Inside the studio, you aren't supposed to take photos, which is hard with a live audience!

40. Inside Amtrak Train Cars

Image source:
Did you know that photography is actually frowned upon inside Amtrak train cars - only if you haven't bought a ticket? And it only applies to the cars that are in service. The photography ban also extends to the train platforms themselves - but this rule apparently doesn't count for anyone who has bought a ticket.

41. The Department Of Defense

Image source:
It's no surprise that anything to do with the Pentagon and secret departments relating to defense in the US wouldn't allow selfies to be posted to social media feeds! Headquartered at the Pentagon in Washington, DC, this huge building doesn't allow any photos to be taken inside for security purposes.

42. The Eiffel Tower At Night

Image source:

You could actually be breaking the law if you take a photo of the Eiffel Tower lit up at night - which means millions of people have probably already broken it, because that's when it looks the most photogenic. The tower is actually a copyrighted image at night specifically, because when the lights come on it's legally a work of art!

43. Inside The Tower Of London

Image source:

The Tower of London is a famous tourist attraction, so why wouldn't you want to take a snap? Unfortunately this historical place doesn't allow photography inside. This is for security reasons - and don't worry, they'll definitely be tower guards always there to make sure your every move is being watched.

44. Inside Las Vegas Casinos

Image source:
While all of Las Vegas and its iconic strip is some of the most vibrant photography you could ever take, taking photos actually inside any of the casinos is frowned upon. The casinos prohibit photos and filming on the casino floor in order to protect it from a variety of issues, including cheating and risk of robbery.

45. The United States Post Office

Image source:
How many times have you taken a quick snap of your parcel taking it to the post office to prove to yourself you actually remembered to send it? Well photos actually inside the US post office are strictly prohibited. There are very specific rules about it, which include not being able to photograph security cameras, employees or other customers.

46. Neuschwanstein Castle

Image source:
This castle in Germany is one of the most famous, and most beautiful, in the world. You've probably seen a photo of the exterior of this castle even if you didn't know where it is - because it looks like a fairytale. It's one of the most visited castles in Germany, but photography is not allowed inside - but at least it's allowed outside!

47. North Sentinel Island

Image source:
North Sentinel Island in India is actually a forbidden place to even step foot, let alone take a photograph. It's home to one of the few tribes in the world that don't have any contact with modern civilisations. Of course, many people have still passed by the island to try and get a look, and that hasn't stopped people from taking photos from a distance.

48. Pluto's Gate

Image source:
Pluto's Gate in Turkey, also known as Ploutonion At Hierapolis, is located in this Turkish ancient city and forbidden to enter. The danger began as a myth of animals dying if they went inside, but later it was discovered that there is actually a dangerous CO2 concentration beyond the gate that pools at the bottom.

49. The Illegal Part Of The Paris Catacombs

Image source:
The Catacombs of Paris are a famous tourist attraction, and photography is permitted in the official tunnels. But there is a section of the catacombs which is off limits to tourists, so much so that it's illegal to enter, and also forbidden to take photos. This has only tempted more and more people to explore the illegal sections, though - no surprise there!

50. Poveglia Island

Image source:
Also know as 'plague island' found in Italy, this island was once the place that many plague victims were herded to. It remains one of the most mysterious islands in the world, and it's illegal for anyone to go there, with a creepy, haunted history of plague victims and also a mental hospital. But many people have still managed to get there and look around.

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