11 Things You’d Find In The Aisles Of A 1970s Supermarket

By Ange Arnal 1 year ago

1  Bird's Eye Potato Waffles

.....they're totally versatile!  Now we had a proper freezer at home, mum was buying frozen foods.

2  Arctic Roll

A real treat after Sunday dinner.  It made a nice change from jelly and tinned fruit.

3  Findus Crispy Pancakes

With a choice of fillings, meals were getting more exciting!

4  Smiths Crisps

There were always offers on the packet if you sent off tokens.

5  Pyrex Mugs

There was a lot of Pyrex around in the 70s - my mum still has some in her cupboard to this day!

6  Flip Flops

I never expected to get my first pair of flip flops from the supermarket!

7  Colouring Book

Mum probably bought me this to stop me nagging!

8  Wagon Wheels

They were so big, it was like eating 4 chocolate biscuits!

9  Puffa Puffa Rice

I preferred to eat this in the evening, without milk!

10  Sunblest Bread

We never thought of eating brown bread, ever.  There was little choice of bread ad I loved the thick, white slices of Sunblest with Kerrygold butter.

11  Box Of Weekend Chocolates

We used to fight over who was having the candid orange and lemon slices in the middle of the tray!

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