21 Delicious British Comfort Foods That Prove We Make The Best Dinners

By Ange Arnal 1 year ago

1. The chip butty

Otherwise known as chip barm, bap, roll or muffin, the chip butty constitutes one of the great British classics. So simple, so carby, so tasty. Remember to get plenty of butter on their and tuck into this classic. I think if you asked for this outside the UK you'd get a lot of funny looks.

2. Fish and Chips

Maybe Britains most well known specific food around the world, sometimes nothing at all can beat a good old fashioned battered fish and a plate of chippy chips. Chippy chips are entirely different to normal chips, just in case you didn't know, they're so much better.

3. A cup of tea and a rich tea biscuit - or two

There are 165 million cups of tea made every day. Yes 165 million. That's just in the UK too. So if you haven't experienced a tea and rich tea then you are definitely one of the few who haven't, and boy are you missing out big time.

4. A hot sausage roll (or two)

The sausage roll itself is very British, but a hot one? It's British genius. Best make sure you get two cause they always leave you wanting more!

5. Potato waffles

If you never had these as a kid then I can only feel sorry for you, you seriously missed out. For me these were a once a week specialty and I couldn't wait to have them. You can actually make these in a toaster for those who didn't know! I reckon you could replace the bread in a chip butty for two of these bad boys for a sensational meal.

6. Dinosaur nuggets and potato smiles

Why is this meal not acceptable for an adult to have? I want this to be acceptable. For some reason the smiley faces made them all that more tasty and the chicken dinosaur nuggets were seriously dreamy. How can shape affect taste? I'll ask a scientist.

7. Chips and scraps

Maybe a lesser known one on this list, but if you go into a chippy and don't ask for scraps with your chips then you're doing it wrong. If you've never done it before then this is your dinner for the night sorted.

8. Onion rings

Some people aren't a fan of onion rings, but for those who like them, they really like them. They have been scientifically proven to cure any hangover instantly! FACT.

9. Yorkshire pudding

These glorious batter bowls can certainly be described as pudding. Whilst not a dessert they are often left last when eating a roast dinner because they're the best bit.

10. Toad in the hole

If you're a fan of the Yorkshire pudding then you should know all about the combination of sausage and pudding. The two are a match made in heaven and are seriously British.

11. A battered sausage and chips

If you are one of the very few who don't like a Yorkshire pudding but love sausage then the battered sausage is surely for you. The combination of batter and sausage is genius and something you're only gonna see in the UK.

12. Hot buttery toast

When it comes to toast often the best accompaniment is just a bit of butter. For some reason this combination is enough to hit the spot and constitute a serious comfort food.

13. Rice pudding

Rice pudding should remind you of school, if it doesn't then you missed out. Having it as an adult is a cozy reminder of our youngest years.

14. Buttery crumpets

The crumpet is seriously British, like maybe a bit too British. I'm pretty sure one has never left the UK. Sometimes there is nothing better than a hot crumpet smothered in melted butter.

15. Cheese whirls

The cheese whirl is a classic. It might be the earliest party finger food of the 21st century. Even if its not then they are so easy to make and so tasty.

16. Cauliflower Cheese

There's something about adding cheese to this vegetable that takes it from the bottom of the 'Most Liked Vegetable' list to the top. The warm combination hits the spot and is a serious comfort food.

17. Any burger and pint meal deal

Those times when you're out and need a quick, exquisite meal to see you through the night then look no further than this meal deal. Not only is it cheap but its ruddy tasty.

18. A bowl of hot custard

The custard bowl is a nation favourite. Often accompanied by other desserts, this after meal snack can be enjoyed all by itself. If you're someone who likes custard, then no doubt you could plow through a bowl of it pretty sharpish.

19. Triple carb meal form any supermarket cafe

The triple carb meal is a long time favourite of anyone outside of a city. When you've done your big shop there's nothing better than sitting down and getting through this carbelicious feast.

20. An iced bun

I don't know who put the two together but the iced bun is a piece of genius. Thank you to whoever invented it, though I doubt you're reading this. 

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