21 Things That All Girls Should Remember From When They Were Young

By Ange Arnal 1 year ago

1. Von Dutch/Von Bitch Hats

Why did we wear these? Seriously, why did our parents let us leave the house in one of these?! Oh my, remember the diamante ones. What a nightmare.

2. Fuzzy Felt

This was so good! This takes me right back to primary school in reception this fuzzy felt and the sand pit was my absolute favourite. What I'd do to go back to those days. I'd love it!

3. The Queen's Nose

Surely one of the best shows? It used to be on TV every night after school on CiTV.

4. Butterfly Hair Clips

Nostalgia at its finest! The ultimate hair accessory. The more you had in your hair the better you thought you looked. I had a load of blue sparkly ones. Which ones did you have?!

5. Betty Spaghetti

We all had one of these! I got mine for Christmas and my brother smacked me over the face with it. I'll never forget. I loved my Betty Spaghetty!

6. Sky Dancer

LOVED my sky dancer! I had the Ice Dancer one. I could have sat there for hours and played with it it amazed me. For some sad reason.

7. These Cherries

The smell of these was a joke! Did anyone else try and eat these cherries or was that just me being the weird child I was?!

8. Stick On Earrings

SO GLAM! Yet so useless. You would walk out the house thinking you had two stuck on but one of them had fallen off before you had even left your room. Not the best look.

9. Funky Friends

Be honest who had one of these? I used to love going to tesco and seeing the newest funky friends pencil case. I'd literally beg my mum and bug her day and night until she bought me it.

10. Lovable Bears

I was pretty addicted to these. Remember their noses that used to light up? I had a green one. What colour was yours?

11. Polly Pocket

Will never forget! Polly Pocket was the BOMB! I had so many of these. I dropped one of my polly pockets down the sink once and it literally broke my heart. Yes, it still haunts me now thinking about it.

12. Phone Charms

Who had a phone charm?

13. Furby Dolls

I begged and begged my mum for one of these and when I finally got one for Christmas it was the biggest mistake of my life. It did nothing but wake me up in the middle of the night and scare the sh*t out of me!

14. Tamagotchis

So strange! My mum used to feed these! I still feel guilty about letting mine die!

15. This Phone

Strange looking phone this! My friend sat on mine I was so mortified, but it was a blessing in disguise. Such a crap phone.

16. Scoobies

How addictive were these? We all went through a phase where we all took them to school and sat there on our breaks like little old ladies making them.

17. Baby All Gone

AHHHH the classic doll :)Why does it freak me out now though!? It was so ugly!

18. Personalised Stationery

Very strange obsession with these things! Still feel bitter about the fact I never had one of these with my name on it.

19. Rolling Your Socks Like This

Classic haha! Walking around like you had two donuts round your ankles.

20. Inflatable Furniture & Lava Lamps

Strange obsession with these things! Now this was the ultimate 90s kids dream! Inflatable things and lava lamps. I'm in heaven.

21. Groovy Chick Was Life


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