1. It may cause skin cancer

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The UV rays in the sun beds can have truly devastating effects. Research suggests that sunbeds can cause skin cancer. UV rays stimulate enzymes which are supposed to repair the damage. But, some actually mutate which can increase the risk of cancers.

2. And pre-cancerous skin growths

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There is a lot of research to imply the effects of indoor tanning on increasing the risk of cancer. And as well as this, tanning may cause the development of pre-cancerous growths such as actinic keratoses which can turn into cancers at a later time.

3. It might cause serious eye problems

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It’s not just skin that sunbeds affect. UV rays are also dangerous for our eyes. The risk of eye cancer (melanoma)  is thought to increase with overexposure to UV rays. And some research has also linked UV rays with chronic eye problems such as cataracts.

4. They may weaken your immune system

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Too much exposure to UV is thought by some research and experts to weaken the immune system. A weakened immune system means that the body is not able to fight off diseases and viruses as well as it usually would. Which, may increase the chance of catching things!

5. It can age your skin

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Yes, people go on tanning beds to get that tanned looking skin. But at what cost? You can buy all of the expensive anti-ageing skin creams you like but one of the biggest factors may be the tanning bed. Tans and sunburn cause what is called photo ageing, making your skin age faster.

6. They may cause sexually transmitted diseases

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Some people have suggested that tanning beds may even be able to spread sexually transmitted diseases. This is because often tanning beds are not sufficiently cleaned, and UV rays have been linked to weakening immune systems, increasing the risk of spreading diseases.

7. We don’t even fully understand the extent of the effects yet!

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Lastly, this what you are choosing to do to your body. Yet, do we actually even know the full extent of the damage that tanning beds can cause us? They are linked with cancer and other diseases so the likelihood is that there are far more dangerous things we do not know about yet.

8. They might make you faint

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In stand up tanning beds there are multiple accounts of people claiming that they went to stand in a tanning bed and the next thing they know, they are waking up on the floor after having fainted. This is because of the heat in an enclosed environment.

9. You may be 7 more times likely to develop melanoma

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We are all aware of the risks between tanning beds and cancer. But research published in 2012 showed that people who used tanning beds more than 10 times were around 7 times more likely to develop melanoma than those who had never used one before.

10. There could be a much higher risk of squamous cell carcinoma

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Squamous cell carcinoma is the second most common kind of skin cancer. On study measured 3000 Swedish women who had used tanning beds. The research came to the conclusion that those who had used them were 20% more likely to develop this kind of skin cancer.

11. They can cause physical injury

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Again, there are many stories of people using tanning beds who have ended up in the emergency room after causing themselves an injury. This can be falling or slipping inside the tanning bed. Because there is little room, if you fall you inevitably hit something causing yourself harm.

12. Just one tanning session can be dangerous

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Many people will assume that using a tanning bed once or twice cannot have any real lasting effects, or that it will not increase risks of diseases. But it’s not true, even as little as one time has been shown in studies to increase the risk of cancers such as melanoma.

13. You may become addicted

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Getting addicted to tanning beds is a real problem. There is research that has suggested that tanning can be addictive, and so many people will go back to the tanning shop day after day to get a tan – even at the expense of their health and well being.

14. They may trigger claustrophobia

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Being inside a tanning bed can be highly uncomfortable because they are hot, and you are enclosed in a tight space. For somebody with claustrophobia this can be a complete recipe for disaster. It can trigger the condition and cause a someone to panic.

15. It can be six times more powerful than sunlight

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Depending on the bed, how it is used and how long you are on the tanning bed,  the strength of the UV rays depend. However one study claimed that they tested tanning beds for one minute and they were six times stronger than sunlight, meaning that the risks are worse.

16. There are no health benefits!

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There are claims such as tanning beds help with vitamin D. However, research suggests that tanning beds emit UVA whereas vitamin D is converted in our bodies from UVB. So, even the health benefit claims are tenuous and definitely do not compare to the devastating effects!

17. They can not prevent sunburn

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Some people claim that going on a tanning bed before going on holiday for example is beneficial because it creates what is commonly referred to as a ‘base tan’. However, no evidence supports this. And, they do not help to stop you burning there fore people feel safer in the sun when it is actually the opposite.

18. Some people burn

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Some people inside tanning beds go inside the machine for a very long time and end up burning their skin. Not only will this cause permanent damage to the skin but as we know, burning can also lead to very serious and devastating conditions.

19. They can cause serious allergic reactions

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Some people will not know before they go on a tanning bed that it could actually trigger a serious allergic reaction. One way to notice of you are sensitive to UVA and UVB rays is that you may develop a rash. This is definitely a sign that you should avoid tanning beds.

20. The dangers are still present even from infrequent use

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Some people dismiss this information regarding the dangerous and devastating effects of tanning beds because they do not consider themselves a frequent user. However statistics show that suing sunbeds once a month increases all of the ricks we have discussed.

21. If you use them before the age of 30 your risk of melanoma may rise 75%

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The risk of skin cancers, for example, melanoma is thought to increase even more if you use tanning beds before the age of 30 or younger. So, for those people who use tanning beds at a young age it is claimed that the risk of melanoma increases by 75%!

22. It changes your DNA

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Indoor tanning actually changed your DNA. This is one of the reasons that tanning beds may increase the risk of cancers. But this demonstrated how powerful the devastating effects of indoor tanning is. It is not superficial, it is right down to our DNA!

23. You may permanently change your skin

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The tan on our skin will fade…very quickly. But the effects on the skin will last forever. Some you may visibly see, others you will not notice until much later. But these things can never go. And not only will they change the way you look but they may also he dangerous.

24. It could blind you

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I bet nobody at the tanning shop ever listed the devastating effects of tanning. Di you know that the risks on your eyes may be so serious it could actually turn you blind? And what for? A tan that will fade in just a few days. Eyesight is far more precious.

25. It causes irreversible damage

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The damage done on tanning beds cannot ever be undone, it is permanent… It is not something that you can do, and then reduce the effects in some way. The damage you do or the effects that it has will last forever. This is why it is so very dangerous.

26. You may not realise you are burning

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Burning doesn’t happen immediately. It can take hours to become apparent. So while you may by lying or standing int he tanning bed thinking you feel fine, it may not be the case at all. It may be later that you realise you have burned your skin which can cause pain.

27. It may interfere with our chemical processes

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Tanning beds are not natural, neither is the exposure we get when we use them. It is not the same as natural sunlight it is far more severe. And so it may actually interfere with our chemical processes and what is going on under the surface of our bodies which we cannot see.

28. Things can kill us that we cannot see

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When we use tanning beds it is very much about self image and what we see. Yet the things we don’t see as we have discussed can be devastating. The effects it has on us cannot always be seen. This is particularly frightening because it could delay detection.

29. It can cause self esteem body issues

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Many people use tanning beds to feel more confident. They want to get a tan, because it makes them feel better because they personally think that they look better as a certain image – perhaps because of the media. But in reality, instead of making us more confident it can have the opposite effect and make you feel more insecure when you are not using the tanning bed.

30. It can create a lifetime of worry

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Not only are there multiple devastating physical effects on the body, it can also take a huge mental toll. This is because once you understand the effects of tanning beds you should pay extra attention to your skin. So, when you notice a mysterious mark it may cause you worry each time as you get it checked out by a doctor.

31. It Can Put A Serious Dent In Your Wallet

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Apart from all the risks associated with your skin and your health, there’s also the cost factor that has to be taken into account. If you’re using a sunbed constantly for years on year, you’re going to rack up a hefty bill that you probably don’t realise at the time. Not to mention the money you spend if you buy your own tanning bed at home.

32. It Can Be Dangerously Addictive

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Using a tanning bed can actually turn into a serious addiction, and some people just can’t help themselves. Not only is this dangerous because of the skin and health problems it poses, but any kind of addiction is never healthy – and only runs a higher risk of negative impacts from the tanning bed the more you use it.

33. Your Skin Changes As You Age

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Your skin changes as you age, after all, leaving you vulnerable to different things, and needing a change in routine. This means if you’re using a tanning bed over the course of your life at different ages, you might not be aware of all the changes going on, and why you might need to stop using the tanning bed.

34. The UV Rays Are Stronger Than The Midday Sun

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We all know the advice to never go out in the midday sun when it’s at its hottest, and there’s a reason people in hot climates enjoy a siesta indoors when the sun is at its peak. But the UV rays coming off a tanning bed are actually hotter than the midday sun – so you definitely shouldn’t be exposing yourself to that!

35. You Can Age Prematurely

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In this day and age, most people are looking for ways to slow down the aging process, not speed it up! But if you’re using a tanning bed regularly, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing: exposing your skin to premature aging. Your skin may end up looking more leathery and worn.

36. You’ll Make Your Wrinkles Worse

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Using tanning beds might give you that glowing golden skin you’ve been looking for, but the reality is that over the long-term you’re only going to increase the risk of wrinkles happening sooner, or making existing wrinkles worse. So if you’re looking for a youthful look, tanning beds aren’t it!

37. Using A Tanning Bed Isn’t Safer Than Being Out In The Sun

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A lot of people think that using tanning beds indoors is a safer alternative to being out in the sun all day – and while it’s important to avoid being out in the sun in peak times and you’re being sensible saying indoors, using a tanning bed is still exposing yourself to harmful UV rays.

38. You Could Cause Serious Eye Irritation

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There’s a reason goggles are so important to use when you’re considering a tanning bed, and there’s so much irritation you can expect with your eyes. On a base level, general discomfort, but in more serious cases, tanning beds can cause conjunctivitis and also cataracts.

39. If You Have A History Of Sunburn, It’s An Issue

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If you have a very bad history with sunburn, such as always getting severe sunburn as a child even when you tried to be safe, then it’s recommended that you shouldn’t use tanning beds at all. So people who get severely bad sunburn who still use tanning beds are increasing the risk of negative side effects.

40. If You Have Freckles, You Need To Be Careful

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People with freckles and red hair will already know the troubles they get from having fair and sensitive skin when being out in the sun, but that doesn’t change when using a tanning bed – it’s not a safer alternative for your freckles to being out in the sun! It carries the same risks.

41. There’s Always The Risk Of Going To A Dodgy Place, Too

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The trouble with being addicted to tanning beds or always on the lookout for one is you’re likely to randomly go to potentially unprofessional places when you’re out and about, especially in a different country, to top up your tan. With these places comes more risk, because the operators won’t be able to safely advise you about your skin type or length of time on the bed.

42. The Fall Risk

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Tanning beds can make you feel very light on your feet and a little bit dizzy – so the fall risk also counts when you’ve left the salon, too, if you’re walking home or even driving. A lot of people also cram in tanning appointments into busy routines, like rushing straight from work before you’ve had something to eat, making dizziness more likely.

43. The Tanning Bed Is Actually In The ‘Highest Risk’ Category For Cancer

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According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer – the IARC – tanning beds are actually considered to be part of the highest risk category when it comes to cancer. The IARC, part of the World Health Organization, places the risk of tanning beds as very high.

44. Tanning Bed Use Could Actually Cause Death

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There have actually been cases of death relating to regular tanning bed use, with an estimate of around 100 people a year dying from melanoma skin cancers caused by the use of tanning beds on a regular basis. There’s no doubt tanning beds increase the risk.

45. There Is No Safe Limit For UV Exposure

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You might think that the use of tanning beds comes with a guideline, like ‘it’s safe to use them for a few hours a week, but the risks start when you go over (x) amount of time’. But this isn’t the case – the risks of UV exposure on a tanning bed will always be there, even if you only use them for a minute.

46. Eye Cancer Is Even Possible

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With all the focus on skin cancer and skin problems with tanning beds, it’s easy to overlook the risks of eye cancer, too. While we’ve already mentioned that eye problems and irritation are always possible, eye cancer is also a risk that can come with tanning bed use.

47. Tanning Bed Radiation Is Like ‘Extreme Tropical Sun’

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You know when you book that vacation to an extremely tropical place and it’s just unbearably warm that all you’re doing is running to find the nearest spot of shade? That level of extreme tropics heat is what your tanning bed is throwing out every time you use it in terms of radiation.

48. The Visible Signs Of UV Skin Damage Can Actually Take 20 Years To Appear

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You might be continually using tanning beds because you can’t see any change or damage to your skin over the months or after a few years, so likely think everything is fine. But the truth is that UV skin damage could take up to 20 years to show – which is when that leathery look starts to come in.

49. You Likely Get Enough Vitamin D Without Tanning Beds

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A lot of people use tanning bed as a well to get a healthy dose of vitamin D, and it’s completely understandable – vitamin D is important, after all. But the reality is that most people get enough vitamin D just going about their daily routine every day, without the need to ‘top it up’ with a tanning bed.

50. You Might Want To Use Fake Tan Instead

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If you’re really desperate to get a golden glow and won’t be taking no for an answer, you might want to consider switching to fake tan sprays or creams from time to time instead of using a tanning bed. At least then you can get the color you want without the risks!