The Shocking Truth About What Men Really Want In A Relationship

By Juliet Smith 1 year ago

Do men really want what they can't have?

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For a long time, people have thought that men only want what they can't have, and maybe to some extent that's actually true, but not always. A mature, committed man has adulthood goals that he's not going to get by chasing girls around, so drop this theory.

Yes, men do want to be surprised in relationships!

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Listen, it's not just down to your man to treat you with surprises, men like to be surprised too, and we've got facts to prove it. According to a survey carried out by Medium, over 72% of men loved to be surprised by their significant other, so don't overlook this important part of your relationship.

It's true, men do like funny women!

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You've been told for ages that men are so insecure that they don't like a funny woman. Well, you're wrong. There's nothing worse than laughing at jokes that just aren't funny. Men love to have a laugh with their partner, believe it or not, so make them laugh!

Men need space in relationships... fortunately

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While you might think that men act distant or advocate for alone time because they're falling in love with you, it might not be true. To put it simply, space is healthy, and men need it. So, fortunately for you, let your hair down with your girls while your man has a much-needed gaming sesh.

They need you to make them feel like a priority

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If you're making your man feel second-best to your BFF, job, family, or anything, think about what you're doing. Yes, you should always equally prioritize parts of your life, but you can't leave your man feeling like he isn't enough. Make sure to show him some love too.

Men want somebody who is emotional

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You might think that men don't like emotional women. Hell, they might even think that too, but it's not true. What can be said is that a man wants to easily read a woman's emotions. If she's sad, he wants her to show that she's sad. That way, there's no confusion and ambiguity.

They need you to defend them

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While men don't always need defending by their girlfriend, they do like the idea of their girlfriend standing by their side and defending them when they're going through hardships. These could be struggles with family, friends, finances; support your boyfriend and you won't regret it.

Men want a partner who knows how to treat a man

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One of the major things in your relationship is making sure you know how to treat your man. It can come down to a wide array of things, but men expect that their partner knows how to treat them. So ask yourself, do you know how to properly treat your man?

They need someone who will boost their confidence (and ego)

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Men get conscious about their body image too, y'know. Over 82% of men worry about their appearance and stamina, and feel better when women hype them up and make them feel better. So consider giving your boyfriend some positive affirmation next time you're getting ready for a night out.

No, they don't like mysterious women!

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A lot of people think that men love mysterious women, but is that really true? Men like things to be easy, and when you add a mysterious, complicated woman to the mix, it doesn't go down well. Men will get bored with guessing where they stand in their partner's life... so don't leave too much to the imagination!

Men don't like beating round the bush

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Listen, men just need you to say it how it is. Be direct with them, otherwise, they simply won't get it. Well, maybe don't go so overboard that you give them a list of rules to abide by with the boys, but make sure that if you expect something of them, you tell them.

They also don't like losing control too...

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While men like a confident, self-assured woman, they don't like to be manipulated or controlled in a relationship, and they shouldn't be either. Bear this in mind you want to stop your boyfriend from going out with the guys, going down to the gym, or even just going to bed.

Men want their actions to speak for themselves

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I think we can all agree that men sometimes have problems with using their words. Listen, it's not always easy to drop that L bomb. So, instead, nearly 89% of men show you they love you by doing simple tasks. It could be washing dishes, taking out the trash, making you a tea.

One of the main things men want is... TIME

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Men need time to get to know their partner, and time to fall in love with them too. Stereo-typically speaking, women are very in tune with their emotions, so know how they're feeling quicker than what men do. Men may take longer, so don't rush them into making a decision.

Men don't want a woman who acts like one of the guys

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Listen, you've been told for a long time that men want a woman who can act like one of the guys, when actually, that's not true. Yeah, maybe it was the case in college, but come on, college boys are the WORST. Mature, older men are into women who own their femininity. Don't be fooled!

Although, they would like you to share some interests

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While men don't want their woman to be one of the bros, they would appreciate being with someone who shares some common interests in them. It could be a sport, music taste, activity, anything. If it gives you something to share together, it's beneficial.

They really want to be accepted for who they are

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Yep, that's right, men don't want to be with a woman who's goal is to "fix" or "change" them. After all, you should be with that person for them. Be aware of this when you're telling your boyfriend to change his haircut, quit smoking, or change careers. Love them for

They need someone who is secure in themselves

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It's true, men need a woman that is sure of herself and confident. Men aren't here to spend time fixing issues, so they won't stay around for long if they know you have some serious issues with yourself. They like a woman that knows who she is, and owns it aswell!

Do they really want to be intimate with someone?

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This is one of the biggest questions, do men want intimacy with their woman? This doesn't just mean sex, but being emotionally and physically intimate together. The answer is: yes, they do. Don't make them feel ashamed for wanting to be close to you, hold your hand, or play with your hair.

Men want you to do things together

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The more you do stuff together, the stronger and closer your bond is, that's just a fact. So instead of just sitting separately, try to do some activities together. Nearly half of men agree that sharing these experiences with their significant other strengthens their bond.

Believe it or not... they want maturity in their partner!

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Men love a woman who's mature (which is kinda ironic I know). Mature women can make sure that men are on the right path, and give them the sense of stability and security that they need. Ask yourself, do you think you're mature? Or, at least, are you mature around your boyf?

They love stability (so no sudden career changes!)

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While you might think that a man doesn't really care about having a stable life, he does. A stable income, home and family gives a sense of security and growth. So the next time you come home after quitting your job (with nothing lined up), he might not take it too well!

Men want their partner to own up when they need to

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One of the biggest signs of maturity is owning up when you're wrong. While you might feel like you're more often right than you are wrong, admitting when you've messed up will go along way. Not only will it teach you both to own up to your mistakes, but also make him feel grateful that you've apologized.

Men want a woman to be the leader

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A common misconception in relationships is that men should always make the first move, in sex and in dating. But you'd actually be surprised to find that men also like women to make the big moves, nearly 53% to be exact. So don't sit around thinking that he's gonna be putting in all the hard work.

Physical connection is a must for men

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Men want to feel physically connected to their partner. Now, this isn't just sex (but that's important too) but it can be as simple as hugging regularly, holding hands, sharing a kiss. If this is missing in your relationship, you might want to do something about it.

Unsurprisingly, men want to be pampered in their relationship

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Women love being pampered, and men do too! So the next time you're waiting around for your man to come home with a bunch of flowers and give you a back massage, ask yourself, when's the last time you did that for him? Exactly, time to switch it up a bit!

Men really want to be understood by their partner

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Men desire to be understood by their partner on more than surface level. This means that they want their partner to learn the ins-and-outs of their life, their desires, fears, anxieties, joys, memories. Take time to get to fully know everything about your man, it'll definitely help your relationship.

Do they really want commitment?

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Okay, so here comes that trope, *roll eyes now*, not
men fear commitment, but some really do. Is a committed relationship really what your man wants right now? Or is it something you both need to work on? It can be scary falling in love, so don't jump the gun.

Men want to have fun with their partner!

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Yes, yes, yes, fun is such an important part of a relationship, and that goes for men and women! Men want to let loose with their partner. There's a number of ways that this can happen, doing an activity together, drinking together, going on holiday together, just make it happen.

Men need to have their needs met

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Last, but not least, meeting your man's needs is so important. According to Medium's survey, 66.7% of men tend to distance themselves from their partner when their needs aren't being met. These could be love, affection or affirmation, if they're not being met, they're not here to stay.

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