Simple Hacks For Clearer Skin

By Molly 1 year ago

1. Wash your face!

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The easiest and most obvious hack of them all is simply washing your face. Before you try any fancy hack or trick that might help your skin, you need to go back to the basics of washing your face with soap and water. Just washing your face with clear water twice a day can see huge benefits to your skin.

2. Don't pick spots

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Despite how tempting it may seem, resisting the urge to pick spots is extremely important if you want to preserve your skin. Picking and popping spots can cause permanent scaring, not only that, the bacteria and oil from your hands can lead to further outbreaks. No matter how bad your skin may seem to you, you have to not pick at it!

3. Clean up your diet

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You can use all the face products and skin care treatments you'd like, but if you diet isn't in check, it's going to be near impossible for your skin to improve. Diets typically heavy in animal products and processed foods have shown to be detrimental to overall skin health. Fruits, vegetables and lots of water will give your skin that extra glow!

4. Use recommended face washes

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If you're making the effort to improve your skin by washing it, it's equally as important you're using the right products. Some dermatologists have shown that using regular harsh soaps and gels can be a big no-no as they strip the skin of the healthy oils. Therefore, make sure that you're using specialised face washes.

5. Give yourself a face massage

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Celebrity facialist and La Mer global skin-care adviser Georgia Louise is a huge advocate for massaging your face to improve skin care. According to her massaging your face stimulates collagen and activates skin-care products that you use. Massaging your face can also work great against inflammation and improves circulation.

6. Go makeup-free

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It's probably not a massive shock to hear that make up can be bad for your skin. If your job allows you to not wear make up - don't wear it! Keeping your skin clear for prolonged periods of time helps your pores stay clean and prevents bacteria from building up.

7. Switch your pillowcase

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Not trying to add laundry onto your to-do list, but it's essential that if you want your skin to stay as healthy as possible, you need to be changing your pillowcases regularly. Pillowcases can be a haven for dirt, oil and bacteria off your body, which eventually can find its way onto your face and lead to breakouts in acne.

8. Sleep face up

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We shouldn't have to stress to you the importance of sleep, as that should be obvious, but when it comes to your skin, the way you sleep is just as important as how much you sleep. Squishing your face into the pillow at night is the second most common cause of wrinkles after U.V. exposure according to Renee Royleau.

9. Moisturize!

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The best way to keep your skin healthy and hydrated is to make sure your routinely moisturizing it. Keeping your skin moisturized keeps it hydrated and gives it that extra glow. Theres no shortage of moisturizers that you can chose form on the market, just make sure you find one that works well for your skin and keeps it hydrated.

10. Wash your face as soon as you finish working out

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Working out and exercise can be brilliant for a whole heap of things, especially your skin. However, the excess sweat, oil and bacteria produced by exercise can linger on your face and cause acne. Rather than letting it sit on your face until you next shower, you're best to wash it off immediately to prevent your skin from worsening.

11. Regularly clean makeup brushes

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If you're not cleaning your makeup brushes regularly, you're essentially just rubbing dirt around your face every time you use them. Makeup brushes can store all kinds of nastiness for our faces, so if you take your skin care seriously its extremely important your washing your make brushes as often as possible.

12. Keep your hands off your face

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For the sake of your skin its important to keep your hands away as much as possible. The germs collected off the everyday items your hands constantly touch can transfer themselves onto your skin. So to avoid these unwanted bacteria turning into spots, try to avoid any contact between your hands and face.

13. Use Sunscreen

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We all love going out in the sun and getting a tan, that instant glow it gives your skin can be great. The sun however can be extremely damaging over time if your skin isn't protected properly. It is essential that you're always wearing suncream when exposed, not just for the sake of your skin, but to help reduce the likes of skin cancer and premature ageing.

14. Avoid drying your face with a towel

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Similar to your pillowcases, your towel can be a sneaky cause of acne. Bacteria and oil can all build up preventing you from having that glowing skin. Instead of using a bath towel, use a paper towel to dry your face. This is a much cleaner way of drying your face and can significantly improve your skin.

15. Remove makeup before bed

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Removing makeup isn't as easy as it sounds, and the thought of having to do it every night can be a real pain. However, if your skincare is something you like to take seriously, removing your makeup before you go to sleep isn't just advised, its necessary. All the oil and dirt from makeup can lead to bacteria growth, causing your skin to worsen.

16. Don't overuse skincare products

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Sometimes less can be more, and in the case of your skin this can be more than apparent. Using too may products on your skin can lead to irritation, not only that if you're using an excessive amount of skin care products, it's unlikely you're going to know which ones are actually working.

17. Wash your body after shampooing and conditioning

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If your suffering from body acne, one hack that could massively help is shampooing and conditioning your hair before washing your body. As you could have guessed, the oils and dirt from your hair, as well as the emollient ingredients in your conditioner can lead to clogged pours.

18. Add ice to zits

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One very effective hack for if you're suffering from big red zits is adding ice to them. Rather than popping the zit and causing even more destruction to your face, head to the freezer and grab some ice. Adding ice to the zit can act as a numbing effect and also helps reduce inflammation and swelling in the area.

19. Apply skincare products to damp skin

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If you're wanting to make the most out of your skincare products, try applying them to damp skin. Making your skin damp ensues that the skincare products submerge quickly and effectively. However, by damp this doesn't mean dripping wet, just lightly patted with water.

20. Disinfect your phone

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Have you ever wondered how many germs are on your phone? Let me tell you - it's a lot! Your phone is a breeding ground for bacteria. If you notice your skin is starting to worsen, you may be wise to disinfect your phone. This can simple be done by using an antibacterial wipe which can be bought from many stores.

21. Don't punish your skin

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There can be this misconception that in order for your skin to clear up, you need this "no pain no gain" mentality. This is in fact not true at all. You might feel that when your skin burns after applying cream, that it's working how its suppose to, this isn't the case. Theres no benefit to the skin to use skin care products that are causing soreness or inflammation.

22. Avoid salty foods before bed

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Salt is an essential part of our diet and without it we would literally die. Its also extremely important to have it in moderation, not only for your general health but to improve your skin. Having an excess amount of salt in your diet, especially at night, can lead to puffiness beneath the eyes, giving you the appearance of being weary.

23. Place your face in cold water everyday

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Cold water has shown to have a list of benefits for your health, especially the skin. Simply dipping your face in cold water each day or showering in cold water can help reduce inflammation and tension in the skin, which are common causes of wrinkling. Cold water can also help relive anxiety and stress, both of these can take a toll on your skin.

24. Exercise

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Theres no arguing the benefits of exercise, we all should be exercising as much as possible in order to feel as best as possible. Exercise can also be great for your skin, giving it a clear glow. In addition, a study by Dr. Adam Mamelak on women suffering on different levels of acne found that exercise lowered the hormones responsible for acne.

25. Wear hydrating sheet masks while travelling

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This may lead to some funny looks, but applying a sheet mask while travelling is a very effective way of avoiding that dry, flaky feeling which typically comes after a long journey. It will be worth avoiding the impending dryness for the sake of a few minutes of your time.

26. Know when to see a dermatologist

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It's very important to note that all these tips and tricks can be great, but if nothing is getting better and your skin is starring to take a rapid decline, you have to know when to see a dermatologist. If you start to notice deep cysts and persistent acne you should really consider getting medical help first.

27. Use tea bags for puffy eyes

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Tea bags, more specifically green and herbal varieties, can be an effective tool for reducing puffy eyes. By applying tea bags to your eyes your essentially giving your skin that extra glow and shine. Organic tea bags are also recommended to avid any unnecessary chemicals entering your eyes

28. Hang upside down

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Those of you that have tried yoga will likely be aware of the benefits of inversions. These of poses where your head is below your heart and chest, and are known to increase blood flow and circulation and stimulate the body's lymphatic drainage system. This ultimately results in extra blood and oxygen going to the face, hence improving your skin.

29. Stay consistent

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All the hacks on this list can be great at improving and preventing bad skin, but all of them will fail if you're not doing them consistently. Like many things in life, don't expect to see results after doing something once, or twice or maybe even 10 times. The exact same principle applies with skincare.

30. Try using toners

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Toners seem to have a misconception that they are only something to dry your skin out. In this day and age toners come in every shape and size, and some do an excellent job at providing hydration for the skin. Toners can also contain ingredients that are great for our skin such as Vitamin E.

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