The Most Ridiculous Gender Reveal Parties From Around The World

By Anna Collins 1 year ago

1. USA: homemade explosive device killed their grandmother

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Homemade explosives are never a good idea, and a gender reveal in Iowa tragically proved exactly why. The explosive was intended to explode with coloured powder, however essentially it just caused a huge and dangerous explosion which killed the grandmother who was 56 years old.

2. Mexico: the gender reveal party that killed two people on a plane

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Another gender reveal which turned deadly. A small plane was performing stunts for the gender reveal party. But, it crashed and killed two people on plane all because it was flying low, attempting to drop a huge amount of pink water from the plane which caused it to crash due to the fact that the plane could not balance because of the water

3. Canada: caused a wildfire

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A ridiculous gender reveal party set off a firework filled with a colored powder 6 miles away from a protected forest. The explosive spread, and caused a wildfire that grew for kilometres around causing damage to the protected natural area. The couple understandably had to pay pay a fine of $600.

4. Colombia: a HUGE explosion thought to be an earthquake

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In Colombia the parents-to-be were not happy with a small pop of colour. They acquired a huge explosive to fill the air with pink or blue powder. It was so ridiculously big, that the neighbours actually reported that they believed it to be an earthquake. It turns out they were using an explosive that is usually used in firearms practice. It literally knocked the pictures right off the neighbours walls.

5. England: a death and a prison sentence

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In England a gender reveal party turned party when a man died. The reveal was so ridiculous, that a man used a gun to shoot the balloon the balloon. However, he didn't end up shooting the balloon and he accidentally shot his friend instead. He was sent to jail for 3 years as a result.

6. France: knocked out flat

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In France, there was a particularly ridiculous gender reveal in which the father tried hitting the a baseball - the ball had been filled with the coloured powder - and the aim was to hit it powerful enough to break the ball and cause the powder to show. But, he missed the ball, instead hitting his partner in the face which knocked her flat out.

7. India: a caged crocodile

Image source: The Express Tribune 
Gender reveals have become more and more ridiculous around the world as everybody wants to do something more impressive than the previous person. So in India, they uses a crocodile which they had captured in a cage to assist their gender reveal. The video went viral as people were outraged that a wild animal was being used for party entertainment.

8. Philippines: a disappointing result

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You can have the impressive gender reveal party, you can have the camera ready...but the one thing you can't control is people's reactions. In 2021 it was revealed to this couple during their party that they would be having a set of twins, the two babies were different genders. The whole thing had been filmed, and the reactions were of massive disappointment which was clear to see. In fact it caused controversy in the media and an online debate as people disapproved of the unanimous disappointment.

9. Argentina: machine guns and explosives

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A machine gun and a box of colourful explosives - it literally sounds like a recipe for disaster and an especially ridiculous idea for a baby's gender reveal party. This man had a machine gun pointed to a box of coloured powdered explosives and it caused such a huge explosion that is could literally be heard for miles and miles around. Of course, it also caused some injuries - thankfully they were mild.

10. United Arab Emirates: pulled out all the stops with a private jet

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Okay so this person wanted to do one better than the last person and hired a private jet to reveal the gender of their baby. They wanted the gender written in the sky above their hundreds of guests. Sound ridiculous? This was exactly the reaction of the internet when they discovered the extravagant and wasteful stunt.

11. China: using sacred monuments

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Using and wasting your own resources is one thing. But another question entirely is using important cultural and sacred spaces for personal entertainment and use. This couple in China used a religious shrine to hold their gender reveal and incorporated the shrine into the actual reveal. This could definitely be considered culturally insensitive.

12. South Africa: a gigantic reveal

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This gender reveal in South Africa is definitely up there with the most ridiculous. They had a a wild and dangerous animal, a hippopotamus, to assist their gender reveal. The hippo ate the balloon filled with the coloured power for a dramatic reveal. It went to plan, however it raises issues of animal cruelty, using wild animals for our entertainment as well as making them swallow dangerous substances. AND, people could have been seriously injured or worse.

13. Germany: a car burnout

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In Germany a couple used a smoking car to emit the colour of the gender of their baby. What's wrong with a simple confetti popper? And why would a car burnout be a good idea? The couple were accused of damaging public property, endangering pedestrians nearby as well as being an environmental hazard.

14. Turkey: explosions and injuries

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In 2021, a couple n Turkey had a huge balloon which was filled with pink paper confetti to celebrate the news of their new baby girl. But, it exploded too largely and it ended up causing injuries to five of the people who had been stood close to the balloon. It even broke the windows of the nearby houses in the neighbourhood.

15. France: a 3D baby structure

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A couple on France had a a 3D printer create a  sculpture of their inborn baby's face. They then revealed it to their guests who were attending their extravagant party. It was widely criticized as being narcissistic. And however ridiculous it might be, thankfully nobody was injured during this ridiculous gender reveal party.

16. Spain: a bull in the ring

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Now what sounds like an utterly ridiculous gender reveal party? Attaching colored powder to a matador and releasing it into the ring. Just to really take the danger of gender reveals to the extreme, we now have a matador with a powder machine strapped on to it.

17. Russia: a potential 15 year prison sentence

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In 2021, a man in Russia had the fireworks in his apartment ready for the gender reveal party. However, he set them off by accident and the huge fire destroyed all of the buildings in the vicinity, causing injuries to those near and almost causing fatalities. He faced a potential 15 years in prison.

18. South Korea: drones with blue confetti!

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Drones are becoming more and more popular, despite controversy and many people's disapproval. But drones for a gender reveal party? It sounds a little ridiculous if you ask us. The drone dropped a huge amount of confetti from the drone right into the middle of the public park, meaning that it wasn't even private space, and the powder stained the ground of the park for some time afterwards.

19. Indonesia: endangering the lives of the guests

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In 2020 a gender reveal in Indonesia endangered multiple lives by using a homemade explosive. The mechanism exploded before it was meant to meaning several guests were too close and were injures. It also damaged their home as well as the homes of their neighbours.

20. Thailand: animal cruelty

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There was another case in Thailand which also used an alligator for their gender reveal party. They tied a pink ribbon tightly around the snout of the alligator before releasing it into a pond. Of course, this sparked a furious debate and and they were accused of animal abuse.

21. Norway: reindeers and ribbons

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In Norway there was yet another case of using a wild animal for their gender reveal party. The parents tied ribbons signifying the child's gender around the horns of the reindeer before releasing it into the wild. Again, it's a ridiculous concept to use an animal for our own personal amusement.

22. Egypt: a light projection of the Great Pyramid of Giza

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Surely there's something inappropriate about using one of the most ancient landmarks on earth? This couple projected a light show onto the Great Pyramid of Giza, saying 'it's a boy'. The ridiculous ender reveal sparked a debate about the cultural misuse of an ancient artifact.

23. Kenya: using their pet monkey

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In Kenya, a family with a pet money (already a cause for concern considering animal welfare) used the animal to assist their gender reveal. They tied a ribbon to the tail of the monkey who then revealed the ribbon to guest. However, considering the monkey has no choice in the matter, it's another ridiculous gender reveal concept!

24. Wales: the gender balloon flew away

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In Wales there was a hilariously ridiculous gender reveal in which the balloon holding the colored powder inside it flew away in the wind. The couple ran desperately to retrieve it, even trying to jump the fence but they could not catch it. And so, nobody actually found out the gender at the reveal party making it definitely one of the most ridiculous on the list.

25. Brazil: painting a water fall

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This coupe literally had a huge blue waterfall painted in a natural rock area for their gender reveal. It doesn't get much more ridiculous than this. Of course, they were investigated by environmental agencies. Paint can often be toxic for animals and nature.

26. Jamaica: a reggae concert reveal!

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Now here's a cool and interesting concept for a gender reveal party: a reggae concert reveal. The gender of the baby was revealed through the lyrics. The ridiculous part; (aside from the obvious extravagance) the lyrics were quite shocking given the amount of expletives and explicit language used, especially considering it was a baby's gender reveal.

27. Nigeria: a revealing dance competition

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In Nigeria, one family came up with an ultra unique way to reveal the gender of their baby. A dance competition between friends and family. the gender was then revealed based on the winner of the dance. Sounds fun, although some of the dancing wasn't quite what you'd expect for a baby's gender reveal.

28. Japan: gender reveal sumo wrestling

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In Japan, a couple really pulled out all the stops for their gender reveal party by hosting a a sumo wrestling competition. The gender of the baby was then represented by the colour of the sumo wrestler. Now this really is an imaginative idea for a gender reveal party.

29. Holland: faking the gender

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In Holland, a couple revealed their baby's gender with a tree planting ceremony. The idea was that the tree's leaves would represent the colour of the baby. Now this would hypothetically be a very creative and wholesome way to reveal the gender. However it turned out they had been lying, and they had painted the leaves blue themselves and had lied and fooled their guests

30. Ireland: a major rescue mission

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A plane was performing stunts and was going to reveal the gender at this reveal party when it crashed into the sea. The man had to be rescued by numerous people and thankfully he survived with no major injuries. However, it calls into question the waste of resources - all for a gender reveal party.

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