11 Food Pictures That Will Only Make Sense To 90s Kids

By Ange Arnal 11 months ago

Fake Cigarettes

Why did shops even sell these? A weird thing to sell to kids, but we weren't complaining when we felt untouchable pretending to smoke them...

Mini Cadbury's

Why does everything mini just somehow taste better?

Party Rings

Filling your plate with these at a party buffet, before your Mum put a sausage roll on to balance things out...

Mr Freeze

Letting these to melt and drinking the leftovers was a joy like no other.

Iced/ Chocolate Gems

Did anyone else used to pick off the iced bit and eat the biscuit separately? Just me then...

Cadbury's Animals

These were an absolute go-to as a playtime snack- even if you did get about 4 in a pack.

Choc Dips

Running to the tuck-shop after school for one of these was the highlight of the day. They might have been skimpy on the chocolate, but they were good while they lasted...

McCain Micro Chips

These and Fries2Go will forever remind me of childhood, despite them literally just being chips. There's something so nostalgic about these...

Billy Bear Ham

This couldn't be less appealing these days, but back then it made your day having Billy on your butty.


This and artic roll just has childhood written all over it.

Mini Milk Ice Creams

Not being allowed to go to the ice cream van, but having some of these in the freezer was the only compromise .Which brings back the best memories for you?

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